12 School Swag Ideas and Back To School Promo Items

12 School Swag Ideas and Back To School Promo Items

As summer ends, it’s back-to-school time. This isn’t just about getting new supplies. Schools can use this time to leave a good impression with cool school swag and items. These aren’t just gifts, but ways to bring students together and show the school’s commitment to quality education. In this guide, we’ll share 12 great ideas for school swag and items to get students excited for the year ahead.

1. Customized Tote Bags:

Customized Tote Bags - optamark

We’re starting with customized tote bags—perfect for showing off school pride. More than just regular bags, these become moving ads when decorated with the school’s logo, helping to spread your brand all over campus.

2. Stylish Notebooks and Pens:

Stylish Notebooks and Pens - optamark

Navigating the educational landscape with flair, we encounter branded notebooks and pens that radiate school pride. Beyond their utilitarian essence, these instruments stand as living testaments to collective affiliation, adorning the educational voyage with visual markers of shared identity.

3. Trendy Water Bottles:

Trendy Water Bottles - optamark

As we embrace the thirst for knowledge, why not also quench physical thirst with verve? Enter trendy water bottles, emblazoned with the school’s emblem—a convergence of functionality and symbolism that not only hydrates but also kindles an eco-conscious ethos.

4. Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts:

Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts - optamark

Transitioning into the brisker climate, we turn to the cozy haven of custom hoodies and sweatshirts. These garments, bestowed with the school’s emblem, serve not only as insulation but also as a testament to school spirit, evoking unity during both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

5. Tech Accessories:

Tech Accessories

In the era dominated by technology, we pivot to the realm of tech accessories—a domain of great resonance. Phone grips, laptop stickers, and earbud cases branded with the school insignia become envoys of modernity, mirroring the contemporary predilections of students and staff.

6. School Pride Stickers and Decals:

School Pride Stickers and Decals

Simplicity merges with efficacy through school pride custom stickers and decals—a visual language speaks volumes. These modest yet impactful emblems adhere to laptops, notebooks, and water bottles, disseminating the school’s ethos through the avenues of daily life.

7. Inspirational Posters:

 Inspirational Posters

Transcending the tangible, we venture into the realm of inspirational posters that grace classrooms and communal spaces. Embellished with motivational aphorisms and school branding, these visuals inculcate a positive ambiance, galvanizing aspirations for the forthcoming academic odyssey.

8. Custom Lanyards:

Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards, often relegated to functional insignificance, transform into tangible expressions of camaraderie. Customized with the school logo, they not only tether essentials but also exemplify belonging, bridging the chasm between identity and utility.

9. Sustainable Lunch Containers:

Sustainable Lunch Containers

Advocates of environmental mindfulness, we introduce reusable lunch containers embossed with the school emblem. Beyond satiating hunger, these vessels engender responsible consumption, echoing the institution’s commitment to sustainable practices.

10. Drawstring Bags:

Drawstring Bags

Unveiling practicality woven with panache, we present branded drawstring bags—a fusion of form and function. Adaptable to gym gear, sports essentials, or daily requisites, these bags wield the emblem as a badge of affiliation.

11. PopSockets or Phone Wallets:

PopSockets or Phone Wallets

Navigating the digital age, we align with tech trends, where PopSockets and phone wallets emerge as prominent ambassadors. Engraved with the school insignia, they elevate device utility while adroitly amplifying school pride.

12. Colorful Umbrellas:

Colorful Umbrellas

Preparedness takes center stage with vibrantly branded umbrellas—a symbolic shield against inclement weather. Practicality intertwines with symbolism, heightening the spectrum of campus life.


In anticipation of the academic voyage that awaits, the selection of swag and promotional items assumes significance that extends beyond materiality. By orchestrating an ensemble that harmonizes with the institution’s identity, schools invigorate a palpable sense of unity and enthusiasm among students, parents, and faculty. From tote bags to tech accouterments, each article encapsulates a fragment of the school’s essence, rendering the return to school a distinctly memorable experience—where both practicality and passion converge in a symphony of learning.

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