12 Travel Promotional Items Ideas for Companies and Events

12 Travel Promotional Items Ideas for Companies and Events

Travel promotional items are a fantastic way for companies and event organizers to leave a lasting impression on their audience. These items promote brand visibility and provide practical value to recipients. Whether it’s a corporate event, a trade show, or a marketing campaign, travel promotional items can enhance customer loyalty and create a memorable brand experience.

As summer arrives in the northern hemisphere and everyone starts thinking about travel, it’s a great time to tap into this excitement for your brand.

Instead of the usual merchandise like keychains, bottle openers, lanyards, and badge holders, consider more fun and targeted travel swag.

We have a fantastic selection of travel-related promotional items, including:

  • Items for business travelers
  • Gear for adventure travelers
  • Gift sets for luxury vacationers
  • And many more options for other market segments


Join us as we explore our list of ideas.

1: Travel Backpack

First on our list of perfect travel giveaways is the reliable travel backpack.

A backpack is handy for any trip, whether to the beach, city, or mountains, and your recipients will appreciate this useful item.

You have plenty of space to add your branding to the backpack, ensuring your company logo gets noticed wherever it goes.
Include an RFID travel wallet in the giveaway. This will help winners keep their credit cards and other contactless items safe while traveling.
Choose a backpack with lots of pockets for travel essentials. High-quality zippers and slash-proof materials will also be greatly appreciated.

2: Custom Duffel Bag

For an overnight or weekend bag, a custom duffel bag is a great choice for your promo recipients.

It provides plenty of space for packing for a weekend getaway or a business trip by train or car.

Consider creating a personalized travel bag as a special corporate gift for a new client or someone who travels frequently for business.

What to look for: When choosing high-end duffel bags, go for luxury materials like leather and ensure it has a durable lining for long-lasting use.

3: Custom Tote Bags

Lightweight and stylish, tote bags are perfect for carrying essentials. They can be used for shopping, beach trips, or as a daily carry-all.

4: Wellness Travel Kit

A great gift for trade show attendees or your traveling employees is a wellness travel kit.

With the pandemic making us more aware of health while traveling, this kit is especially thoughtful.

Include items like hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and even essential oils for seasickness in your wellness-themed swag pack.

What to look for: Choose unscented and natural products to avoid allergens and make your wellness gift set accessible to everyone.

5: Tech Organizer

Most people travel with their gadgets, so a travel tech organizer makes a perfect promotional item.

Especially with airport security checks requiring electronic removal, having an organizer helps keep everything easily accessible without dealing with tangled cables.

Think about all the tech accessories you take when traveling: smartphone, tablet, power banks, chargers, stylus pen, removable keyboard, flash drives…

People want to keep all their tech gear together, and you can help with a simple pouch featuring your branding, perfect for trade shows or conference giveaways.

Consider including a charging cable and universal power adaptor in the pouch as a nice surprise for the recipient.

6: Travel Adapters

Not being able to charge your tech items or use your hairdryer while traveling can be frustrating, so travel adapters are a perfect giveaway item.

Different electrical outlets around the world can be inconvenient, but travel adapters solve this problem.
When giving away tech items like action cameras or Bluetooth speakers in your travel promotions, include a set of travel adapters to make them more convenient.

What to look for: Provide a complete set of adapters that work across all continents. This will ensure your gift is frequently used, keeping your brand visible whenever someone travels.

7: Travel Pouch

When traveling, you need to keep many items handy, making an eco-friendly travel pouch a very useful giveaway item.

Having your cell phone, boarding pass, hotel room key, credit cards, maps, and other travel essentials in one place makes a travel pouch extremely convenient.

There’s plenty of space to add your colorful logo to the pouch, and if you make it stylish, you might get some user-generated content from social media posts at airports or during travel adventures.
Choose a sustainable, eco-friendly material to showcase your commitment to the environment and promote conscious traveling.

8: Durable Water Bottle

One of the most popular and searched-for promotional items is the durable water bottle. It’s a favorite among swag recipients.

A water bottle is especially useful for overseas travelers in countries where tap water isn’t safe to drink, helping them avoid buying plastic bottles.

Consider offering other drinkware like tumblers or travel mugs for backpackers or those who enjoy off-the-beaten-path adventures, giving them a complete set.

A double-wall, insulated water bottle will keep drinks cold or warm all day, perfect for travelers exploring cities or forests.

9: Reusable Straw Set

Next on our list of travel promo ideas is the reusable straw set.

As people become more aware of the damage caused by single-use plastic, especially those who visit coastal regions and see plastic-covered beaches, a stainless steel straw set makes a thoughtful gift.

These sets come with a cleaner, making it easy to wash them in a hotel sink, and they’re small enough to fit in any daypack or fanny pack.
Both stainless steel and bamboo straws are great choices. Choose a material that can be sourced locally to keep the carbon footprint low.

10:Cargo Box

For those into road trips, camping, and independent travel, a cargo box that packs away flat is a practical piece of travel swag.

It can be opened to hold everything needed for a wilderness trip and barbecue and folded back down for the next day’s hike.

Pair this item with other road or camping trip essentials like a first aid kit or sewing kit to create a truly valuable travel giveaway.

11: Packable Hammock

A hammock is a perfect summer travel item, ideal for stringing up between palm or pine trees, depending on the location.

It offers plenty of space for your branding, and you can expect great user-generated content when people take it on their trips.

Include the right carabiner with the hammock so your gift recipients don’t have any extra costs.

12: Essentials Sleep Kit

Business travelers on red-eye flights will really appreciate a sleep-well travel set.

This set includes items like noise-reducing earbuds and a sleep mask to help them snooze during long trips.

You also have plenty of space on the sleep mask to add your company logo.

Choose hypoallergenic materials for the sleep mask to ensure even travelers with sensitive skin can sleep comfortably.


Travel promotional items are a versatile and effective marketing tool. They increase brand visibility, enhance customer loyalty, and offer a high return on investment.

Choosing the right promotional items requires understanding your audience, aligning with your brand identity, and prioritizing quality and functionality. Distributing them through strategic channels ensures maximum impact.

Incorporate travel promotional items into your marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and foster stronger relationships with clients, partners, and employees. Start selecting the perfect travel items today to elevate your brand’s presence.

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