4 Tips for Using Business Promotional Products Effectively

4 Tips for Using Business Promotional Products Effectively
4 Tips for Using Business Promotional Products Effectively

4 Tips for Using Business Promotional Products Effectively

4 Awesome Marketing Giveaways for Tech Trade Shows

Hey there, quick! Can you grab a bottle opener? How about a drink koozie or a pen?

Chances are, one of these items has a company’s info on it that you’ve come across before. Those little everyday things can be fantastic ways to get your brand right into the hands and homes of potential clients.

Did you know, on average, guys have around 8 promotional caps, have about 5 promotional mugs? And get this, not only do most people have these kinds of promo items, but they also tend to hang onto them for ages. Like, a branded tote bag sticks around for an average of four years!

Next time you’re thinking of promoting your business, consider these useful business promotional items—they could stay with your customers for a long time!

  • Choose the Right ItemsChoose the Right Items

let’s talk about useful stuff like notepads, water bottles, flashlights, and tote bags. These are things people use every day, which makes them perfect for your promotional giveaways.

Choosing these types of items not only reaches the person using them but also exposes your brand to those around them. It’s a significant win for boosting brand awareness!

Here’s a tip: choosing items that match your business makes them even more memorable. For example, a bike shop could give out portable bike-repair kits, while a brewery might go for bottle openers. And how about a dentist handing out wallet-sized floss cards? That’s handy!

If your business is more seasonal, think about giving out calendars with important dates marked. That way, your clients will think of you all year round—and remember to give you a call when they need your services, like during tax season or when it’s time for back-to-school stuff.

  • Make the Connection

Let’s talk about a smart way to use business promo items: making new connections remember you!

Imagine meeting someone interesting at a local event. Instead of just giving them a regular business card, why not offer a key ring with your contact details? It’s much more memorable!

Or think about this: You have a booth at a festival. You give out branded hand-held fans or water bottles. People will remember your business, especially when it’s scorching hot outside!

And hey, if you’re sponsoring a marathon, why not give out sports towels or t-shirts with your logo? Those runners will cherish them as souvenirs of their awesome achievement—and remember your brand along the way.

  • Brand Your Team

Handing out branded stuff like sweatshirts, scarves, hats, or other wearables to your team is a clever move. Why? Because they become walking billboards for your business wherever they go!

Even if they’re just wearing them to jog, run errands, or do some yard work, they’re spreading the word about your brand to everyone they bump into!

And hey, sponsoring a sports team from your company in a local league? That’s another awesome way to get your logo out there and let more people know about your brand. It’s like playing to a bigger audience!

So, deck out your team in branded gear and watch your brand shine everywhere they go!

  • Commemorate Occasions

You don’t have to stick to cheap, generic giveaways when it comes to branded items. Consider using high-quality, special gifts to recognize your employees for their hard work, achievements, and milestones.

Think about classy items like quality drinkware, watches, pens, and other luxury goodies. You can add your brand subtly and tastefully, turning them into memorable, commemorative gifts for your awesome team members.

So, show your appreciation with something special that they’ll treasure!


Having trouble picking the right branded promo products for your company? Don’t worry! The expert marketing team at Optamark Graphics is here to help.

We’ll work with you to develop a solid brand strategy and find the perfect items for your promotional needs. Plus, we can produce top-notch branded goods quickly and affordably.

Even if you have a specific idea in mind that you don’t see listed, chances are we can make it happen!

We’d love to hear from you! Request a quote or schedule a call with our representative by filling out this form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.
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