A Winning Partnership: How Optamark Optimized Major League Cricket’s E-commerce Strategy

A Winning Partnership: How Optamark Optimized Major League Cricket’s E-commerce Strategy

Optamark, a renowned provider of effective marketing and e-commerce solutions, recently embarked on a collaboration with the dynamic professional sports organization, Major League Cricket (MLC). The primary aim of this exciting partnership was to improve MLC’s overall merchandising strategy and enhance their online shopping platform,in line with the sport’s growing popularity in the US, as reported by The New York Times, Variety, BBC, and PPAI Newslink. With cricket being the second most popular sport globally, MLC sought to tap into this potential and bring the sport to the forefront in the US.

Understanding the Challenge

MLC envisioned offering a range of high-quality team merchandise that included jerseys, t-shirts, caps, flags, and banners, with the intention of bolstering the fans’ connection to their teams. They also sought to transform their online shopping experience into a more streamlined, user-friendly platform. Optamark stepped in with its expertise and innovative solutions to bring this vision to life.

The Power of Partnership

Our collaboration with MLC hinged on a shared objective: enriching the fan experience with top-tier merchandise and a user-friendly online shopping platform. Leveraging our extensive knowledge in merchandise sourcing and e-commerce, we fashioned a comprehensive solution tailored for MLC.

Optamark’s Dual-Focused Strategy

Our strategy targeted two key areas: sourcing premium merchandise and creating an intuitive e-commerce platform.

Merchandise Sourcing

With access to an expansive network and robust sourcing methods, we procured superior merchandise that truly reflected each team’s brand and met fans’ preferences. We sourced for the Los Angeles Knight Riders, MI New York, Texas Super Kings, Washington Freedom, San Francisco Unicorns, and Seattle Orcas. Stringent quality control was a priority, ensuring every piece of merchandise met MLC’s high standards.

E-commerce Platform Development

Recognizing the need for a user-friendly and secure online platform to showcase the quality merchandise, we leveraged Shopify’s capabilities to create a streamlined online store for MLC within a week. Every detail, from meticulous product listings to secure payment integrations, was handled with precision to provide fans with an easy and secure shopping experience.

Celebrating the Results

The refreshed merchandise collection and the new Shopify store received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, allowing them to showcase their team spirit with high-quality gear. The significant boost in sales attests to the success of the online store. Notably, MLC’s brand identity has been reinforced, with the unique merchandise of each team enhancing their visibility and fostering greater fan engagement.


The tangible results of our work with MLC underscore Optamark’s commitment to delivering client-focused solutions. We help businesses adapt, meet their customer needs more effectively, and drive growth.

Engage With Us

We invite you to explore the MLC Shopify store and browse the varied collection of team merchandise. If your business seeks to enhance its merchandising and e-commerce strategies, Optamark stands ready to assist. We offer solutions and expertise designed to fuel your business’s growth.

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