3 Graphic Design Ideas That Can Boost Your Brand In 2020

  • 2 years ago
  • By optamarkwp
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In a saturated, digitally-oriented workforce where businesses fighting toe-to-toe to gain visibility, finding ways to give your marketing tactics a competitive edge is crucial if you want to set your brand apart. One of the biggest factors that influence your reputation and ranking is your web design, especially since it impacts the user experience in more ways than one. 


Gone are the days of lack-luster pages and websites filled with texts, links, and little-to-no imagery that catches the eyes. Innovations in technology changed web design over the years, going from pages clad in blue hyperlinks to stunning sites with futuristic compositions and bold colors. 


Minimalism was all the rage for many years, but part of evolving is welcoming new tides and the changes it brings. In 2020, it’s all about welcoming abstract designs and going darker from your usual white space. With that in mind, the list below explores some of the biggest design trends to expect: 


Trending #1: Muted Color Palettes 


There are two types of web design fighting for domination the past few years, both of which are divided between minimalism and loud design. Some like to embrace electric hues and neon colors to give their brands an eye-catching advantage over the rest, while others like to play on adding splashes of neon paired with empty spaces for a more minimalistic touch. 


In 2020, web design is taking a step back from these two extremes by combining the best of both worlds, resulting in a more harmonious pattern and muted color palettes. By infusing dark or white tones, the subtle colors blend flawlessly in neutral backgrounds to give more focus to your core message. 


Trending #2: Color Gradients 


Colors continue to sweep the trends in web design, but instead of focusing on solid hues, 2020 playfully puts a spin by combining different tones to create compelling gradients. This creates a more dynamic texture and provides an interesting focal point, adding more depth and whimsical quality to your web design. 


Trending #3: Abstract Illustrations 


Video and photography took over web design as the visual appeal pushes user engagement off the charts, but the new year is taking on a completely different approach. Instead of editorials and photoshoots, abstract and dreamy illustrations are taking over multiple pages on the web, proving to be the new apple of the modern consumer’s eye. 


While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on photography for backgrounds or headers, using graphic illustrations create an attractive appeal that is truly unique. 


The Bottom Line: Keeping Up With Trends And Taking Your Brand To The Next Level With Purpose-Centered Graphic Design 


Trends come and go, but keeping up with the virtual tide ensures your web design appeals to the current taste of your audience. 


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