3 Important Elements of a Good Packaging Design – Our Guide

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While it would be good to live by the popular idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” people naturally tend to evaluate something based on its outward appearance.

Consumers do this now and then. They are quick to form an opinion on products based on how they are presented. On top of that, they do this even before getting the chance to try them out.

For this reason, you must pay much attention to your product’s packaging. It can heavily influence a customer’s buying decisions, so you need to make sure it presents your offering in the best light.

To help you come up with a design that successfully drives purchases, here are the three essential elements you must incorporate in it:

1. Appropriate Design

People shop with their eyes first. They tend to pick up and examine the product that caught their attention. Considering this, you need a design that will help you stand out on the shelf.

When you were creating your product, you have always put your customers in mind. Now that you are designing its packaging, you must also do the same. It is not enough for you to create an eye-catching design; you should make sure that it appeals to the market you’re trying to reach.

For example, if you are designing a product made for kids, going with bright colors and playful font styles makes more sense. This will be different, however, if you are designing a product created for an older, more health-conscious market. A minimalistic design with plain colors will draw their attention better. Considering this, always remember to design your packaging to appeal to your target market.

2. Great Functionality

There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about the design, but you must be careful not to go overboard. Great design will help you get noticed by customers, but great functionality will encourage them to keep buying it.

To create a functional packaging design, study how your customers commonly use your product. From the insights, you will gather from this, design the product accordingly.

To give you a kickstart, here are some smart pointers worth remembering:

  • Make sure that the packaging is easy to open.
  • Design the packaging to be reusable even after the product is finished. Many consumers today also feel good about buying a product that helps the environment in one way or another.
  • Consider how your customers store your product in their homes and make sure that they fit.

3. Sufficient Information

Consumers today are savvier than ever. They want to know what’s in a product first before purchasing it. Additionally, some want to know where and how the product is made.

When it comes to food products, they are conscious of these products’ nutritional information and possible side effects. They also want to know how the food is sourced.

Because of these, including essential information prominently in your product’s packaging is a must. This satisfies potential customers and empowers them to trust your brand.


Your packaging can make or break your product and brand. It can drive purchases upward or push customers away.

Considering this, it’s a smart move to invest in an excellent packaging design as soon as possible. If you are not sure about your current packaging and do not have the expertise in-house for this, hire a professional to work on this for you. All of these efforts will lead you to a design that will truly work wonders for your business.

Looking for a graphics and printing company to help you with your product’s packing? Our expert designers at Optamark Graphics will be more than happy to help you create a first-class branding experience. Get in touch today and let’s get started on your project!


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