6 Reasons to Use Poster Advertising for Your Media Mix

  • 2 years ago
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In this digital age, you may think that posters are no longer relevant today. Today, it’s common for marketers to use the web to promote their brand and sell their products or services, whether on websites or social media channels. Because of this, they no longer prioritize traditional forms of marketing, such as print, TV, or radio.

However, you might be wondering why you still see posters splattered in many places. The chances are that you see them posted on public surfaces and business establishments to advertise a product, promote an event, or even educate the public. This is primarily because they are still considered powerful forms of print advertising!

If you are still unconvinced of its effectiveness and purpose, here are six valuable reasons you need to employ poster advertising for your media mix and your business’s growth:

1. They are cost-effective marketing materials

When it comes to traditional advertising, posters are considered cost-effective as they cost less when compared to radio and TV advertising. Sure, you may have to pay for the materials and printing, but they still won’t cost you as much as the alternatives mentioned. Besides, they are effective at catching the audiences’ attention and influencing their purchase decision, which is why they are worth the money you spend on advertising.

2. They are highly visible

Keep in mind that there’s a significant difference in advertising in the digital space and the physical world. Being able to see and touch a tangible material can make lots of difference in influencing your target market. What’s also great about posters is that they are highly visible. When incorporated with striking messaging and compelling design, they can take the spotlight and earn your audience’s attention.

3. They can captivate the audience

In line with being highly visible, well-designed posters can immediately grab the viewers’ attention. Whether in shopping centers, washrooms, or pantries, the audience can’t help but take a look at them. They can go as far as stirring the emotion or influencing their purchase decision. If you’re fortunate, these posters can even convince your target market to buy your product, hire your service, or attend your event.

4. They are very flexible

Another benefit of utilizing poster advertising is how flexible and versatile these materials are. Seeing that they come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and styles, you can post a large one, use multiple fonts, play with color psychology, and incorporate effective images. You only have to be creative in incorporating all the visual elements and come up with highly effective materials.

5. They are credible

Posters have long been utilized in the world of marketing and advertising, which is why they have long earned the trust and confidence of the public. This means that viewers can easily and quickly absorb and trust the messaging without thinking twice about a brand.

6. They are a powerful medium

What’s great about posters is how they cause a rapid response in customers. When viewers see them, they are more likely to get interested in what you have to offer. With great visuals and excellent messaging, they are more likely to move your audience and keep them hooked, which may eventually convert them into valuable long-term customers.


Poster advertising has long been proven and tested to be highly effective. As discussed above, they are cost-effective, highly visible, capable of captivating the audience, flexible, and credible. Ultimately, they are considered a powerful form of marketing that you shouldn’t neglect because they can take your business up a notch!

Why not consider employing poster advertising for your media mix? Optamark Graphics specializes in print, promotional, and digital products in the US. If you’re looking to create, design, and print posters for your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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