6 Ways Promotional Products Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy!

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It may sound strange to digest the fact that promotional products play a big role in improving a business’s marketing strategy. How is it feasible that these products imprinted with just the company name and logo can add stars to the marketing strategy and scale the business’s profits? But it is true!

These promotional products are a powerful marketing tool. They can add to the useful marketing strategy that you can think of. To know in detail, let us go through the six ways promotional products can improve your marketing strategy:

1.Connect with Customers Effectively!

Brand awareness of the company is necessary. Nowadays, a company cannot think of running a business without proper marketing and executing it efficiently. Advertising through promotional products is a wise approach to create brand awareness among the customers. These products are cheap but offer great value, unlike the traditional marketing channels like television, radio, magazines, etc.

The customers actively use promotional products such as face masks, custom printed t-shirts and outwears, USB drives, etc. These products usually remain near the customer. Moreover, these products normally last for more than a year. Therefore, the probability of recalling the brand name is high.

As per the research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76.2% of people who got promotional products in the past twenty-four months were able to recall the genuine product, the brand name, and the message correlated with the promotional products. This information is undoubtedly perfect proof of the efficiency of the promotional products.

2.Grows Business Sales!

When customers use a promotional product and find it useful, they are curious to know more about the company and its products. The company logo and the message of the company also persuade them to explore company products. The promotional products act as perfect bait to attract potential customers and form a sales relationship with them for the long term. If the company has worked well in distributing the promotional products, they will surely get the return in the form of a boost in sales.

As per a survey conducted by PPAI, 52% of the recipient of the promotional product engaged in further business with the advertiser. With such a favorable number, it is quite evident that marketing through promotional products works!

3.Creates Favorable Conviction!

It is a known fact that people love to avail of goods or services for free. And to run a business for the long term, every business needs to establish its goodwill in the market. That’s why companies have followed the notion of offering free bait to the customers to attract their potential customers.

With the increase in competition, companies need to offer those products for free, providing them useful service. The free bait is ultimately the basis of forming a long-term relationship with potential customers. If they like the free products, they will surely come back to purchase more products from the company. Otherwise, they will throw the product on the dustbin.

Promotional products are something that the consumers are bound to use. If they use the product and find the product useful, they develop a positive outlook towards the company naturally.

As per the research conducted by PPAI, 52.1% of promotional product recipients have an optimistic sentiment towards the company. With such great numbers, no company would like to miss the golden opportunity of including promotional products in their marketing strategy.

4.Widens the Potential Customers’ Reach!

The promotional products’ reachability is not limited to the consumers and the people the consumer comes across while using the products. Every impression of the promotional product adds to the beneficial marketing strategy of the company.

As people notice the company’s brand name or logo through promotional products, they get curious to know more about the company. They may ask their loved ones or search online about the company. Moreover, suppose the promotional products offer valuable value to the user. In that case, they will surely recommend the company products to others either through one-on-one conversation or by posting rave reviews online. Every reviews or recommendation widen the potential customer reach.

According to a study conducted by PPAI, 55% of the receiver of promotional products retains the products for more than twelve months. With such a huge number and period, the table of brand exposure number grows significantly. The prospects of getting such a huge brand exposure with low investment are always an efficient marketing strategy.

5.Economical and Budget-Friendly!

Before the introduction of the modern marketing strategy, companies used to follow traditional marketing channels. These channels include mediums such as television, radio, magazines, etc. These channels were expensive as compared to the return or sales they bring.

The companies used to invest more to increase the impression. However, with the opportunity of modern marketing channels through promotional products, the companies can generate high sales without investing much.

As per the 2014 Global Advertising Specialist Impression Impressions Study conducted by Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products have a lesser cost-per-impression in the United States than the conventional channels of advertising such as magazine advertisements, radio, or television commercials.

6.People like Promotional Products!

This reason may seem simple, but it is powerful. The customers like to have promotional products. According to research supervised by PPAI, 83% of the American people agreed that they like to receive promotional products. Moreover, 75.4% of the people like to own a promotional product because they find it useful.

The companies have a fair chance to convert those promotional product users to their regular customers. When you provide useful value for free, the prospective users will naturally return to do more business with the company. Offering promotional products for free and then converting the users to your consumer is always a better option than directly cold pitching the consumers to buy your product.


The business world is dynamic. To compete in the market, companies need to follow the trend and maximize the opportunity. The use of promotional products as a marketing strategy is undoubtedly a wise approach.


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