Top 7 Types Of Printing Services That Shops At Norwalk CT Print Shops Offer!

Are you among those badly searching for decent quality printers Norwalk, CT? If yes, then this article is for you.

What is Printing?

Printing is an age-old practice for simulating and arcing any object on paper. In easier words, printing is the best and only way to publish books, novels, newspapers, articles, and research papers. It’s an essential part of daily human life.

Why did Printing services gain popularity?

The earliest popular form of printing was a comprehensive way to apply it on paper. Professionals used it on woodblock printing, which occurred in Chinese countries around eighteen hundred years ago for fabric and textile printing.

Still, it’s better to know that the most Commercial application of printing services started becoming famous around the seventeenth century. It was when Gutenberg invented a modern style printing service in Germany.

Since then, almost all professional sectors have Widely used printing services to accomplish several tasks. From the Industrial Revolution to the First World War, The Russian Revolution to the 2nd World War, printing services have accomplished their intense role in communication, distribution of information, social, political, educational works, etc.

That’s why printing services gained massive popularity among people.

Top 7 printing services in Norwalk CT

Most printing shops offer the leading printing services in Norwalk, CT, Connecticut.

1. Offset a Lithography

Offset lithography is a conventional form of stereo lithography. It is a widely used printing method that offers decent quality arcing. Such printing service involves metallic printing plates. These plates are aluminum-made, which gives the perfect positioning for image stabilization and holding.

Offset lithography incorporates rollers and rubber-made sheets to offset the shifted plates. One of the essential advantages of offset lithography is it doesn’t allow the metallic plates to touch the print media surface. Rubbers and rollers are very smooth and seamless. So, this promoting method goes with any printing machine. Offset lithography works the best with a plain-textured printing bed.

2. Flexography

Discography is a modern-day printing method that firmly prints on unequal and juggling surfaces, unlike the former. It is a contemporary form of the lithographic printing process. If you are looking for the best printing services for packing and tagging, please visit the flexography printing service in Norwalk, CT.

Flexo lithography is also best for wallpaper printing and gift wrapping. Makers have designed such a printing technique that goes with half-liquid inks. That’s why high-scale industries also prefer flexography. Printing plates are inter-linked and rotate at high speeds in the flexography process.

3. Digital printing

If you want to print a newsletter or poster, digital printing is what you need. Digital printing combines several kinds of printing, including laser and injected printing. Most modern-day cyber cafes afford digital printing. One of the critical benefits of digital printing is all the printable files appear on the print surface in digitalized form, such as PDFs, and documents, which positively helps the printable objects to get in touch with the print surface.

Such printing service is much more affordable as there is no need to use a printing plate. Digital printing is fast, and it’s the Best for commercial purposes. If someone can afford to pay for digital printing in the appropriate sector, it can produce high-end and pocket-sized prints.

4. Large format

The name of the printing service suggests its usage. A large format print is best for getting the largest print width. In such an Extensive format printing method, there is no use of single sheets. Instead of single printing paper, large format print involves rolls of printing sheets to gain a more significant amount of prints at one time.

If you are working in advertising agencies or need to print a banner, poster, or hoarding, there is nothing better than custom promotional large format printing.

5. 3D printing

Three-dimensional printing is the best and most professional type in Norwalk, CT, that offers you a life-like print. “3D refers to an object’s three distinct dimensions. 3D printing is a computer animation technique that creates a three-dimensional digital portrayal of any individual sample.

An artist manipulates notes in the digital universe (named vertices) with custom software to create a grid: a catalog of vertices that shape a component.

6. Screen printing

Screen printing is best for printing creative graphics and logos for commercial motives. Sometimes people use screen printing fabric banners and posters too. The ultimate mesh is essential here that helps the image to different components. The whole process creates a screen-like thing. After that, the ink comes out, and the whole printing procedure is complete.


Newsletter, posters, magazines, catalogs, everything is printed using the LED Ultra Violet printing method. The next-gen printing method is highly prominent in commercial sectors for its high print quality. The ultraviolet sensors help to produce dry inks. That’s why it saves excessive consumption of time and focuses on stock printing. LED UV is best for making a simple object eye-catching and lavish.

What can you expect from a top-notch printing service in Norwalk, CT?

You can list many things before you go to any printing services in Norwalk, Westport, Darien, Bridgeport, Greenwich, etc. Here’s what you can expect.

1. A good quality print

Many printing services offer different types of prints such as laser, stereo lithography, Inject, etc. Most standard print services offer laser prints for 300 PPI image resolutions. Check out before you proceed.

2. Decent paper quality

One of the crucial things a suitable print needs is good quality paper. It enhances the printing texture and color. You rarely find that a professional print service offers you lousy paper quality. It’s always best if they offer you A4 paper.

3. Durability

As a pro-level print service in Norwalk, CT uses good quality ink, there is a high chance of getting a durable and solid print quality. Whenever you need to print something that you must keep for a longer time, make sure you afford to pay for a premium printing service.

4. Value for money

A pro-quality printing service near Darrien, Bridgeport, and Connecticut combines perfection, convenience, and vitality. That’s why they charge a bit higher than local printing shops. But, such services are fully valued for money.

Final Thoughts!

There are many options for printing services in Norwalk, CT. The best you can do is make a list of your requirements and go to the print shops.

Technology Promotional Items: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Due to its advantages, nearly all of us nowadays find it impossible to live without technology. Without question, technology makes our lives simpler. As a result, promotional items with a technological theme are some of the most often branded items in daily life. Because technology items are seen as valuable and significant promotional giveaways, you should approach your publicity or buildup strategy with a tech-oriented mindset.

There are a few things to consider before creating or acquiring your tech-branded objects, as well as some arguments for why you shouldn’t ignore them, particularly if you want your marketing plan to be distinctive.

Technology Promotional Products

We undoubtedly live in a technologically oriented culture. It should be no surprise that the most widely purchased promotional technology products are accessories by Optamark Graphics.

The ideal multi-faceted marketing strategy is using promotional tech items. Customers want freebies of technology, but brands also benefit from them since they get the desired results.

Promotional tech items may be transported wherever and everywhere, carrying your Company’s emblem or message. Said, using tech promotional items is a successful marketing tactic.

Promotional tech goods never fail to remind the customer who provided them or what they are affiliated with, whether customized media stands, branded selfie sticks, personalized headphones, or promotional phone stands.

Few people are as knowledgeable about the most recent trends in promotional electronics gifts as we are. To assist businesses in choosing the best tech promotional products, Optamark Graphics brings a knowledgeable staff to the table. We accomplish this while adhering to your particular priorities, constraints, and budget.

  • What are promotional products for technology?
  • Why are power banks the essential promotional technology item?
  • Promotional pen drives: What Are the Advantages?
  • How might promotional headphones help your brand be noticed?
  • How might promotional speakers benefit your Company?
What are Promotional Products for Technology?

Promotional technology products are gadgets or electronics imprinted with your business’s name, slogan, or branding. They are excellent for enhancing your Company’s advertising scheme and advancing your trademark. They are valuable, cost-effective, and can help your business get the susceptibility it desires. These tech promotional items include, for instance, pen drives, cords, Bluetooth finders, power brick, chargers, speakers,earphones and hands-free devices, phone cases, pouches, cameras, flashlights, phone holders, ring lights, etc.

At your following trademark events, including marketing shows, conventions, charitable endeavors, anniversaries, expositions, etc., you ought to consider using tech-branded things as gifts. Tech products maintain their prestige as good-level goods, which are wonderful for your Company’s prestige and brand commendation. They are items that, given that everyone uses them will help you gain the acknowledgment you desire to communicate your message.

Why should you consider Power Banks as an essential Promotional Technology Gift?

We constantly utilize our mobile smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Promotional power bricks are more popular than ever because we rarely leave the house without our phones. Due to their ability to recharge options and portability facility, power banks are vital promotional tech items.

Power bricks, often referred to as “portable mobile phone chargers or batteries,” are excellent for charging many electronic devices simultaneously, including mobile phones, portable speakers, tablets, battery-operated headphones, and more.

The advent of Qi devices is a growing trend that has raised the requirement for wireless charging adapters and portable Qi-power banks. Materials like plastic, metal, fiber etc. may be used to make promotional power bricks. They can also include extra features like integrated cables, rapid charging, wireless charging, keychain integration, solar charging, triple ports, twin ports, and digital displays.

The advent of Qi-gadgets is a growing trend that has raised the requirement for Qi-power bricks and wireless chargers. Materials like plastic, metal, fiber, etc. may be used to make promotional custom power banks. Additionally, they may come with extra features like integrated cords, twin ports, wireless charging, solar charging, keychain integration, triple ports, quick charging, and digital displays.

Promotional Pen Drives: What are the Advantages?

Promo USB sticks are another name for promotional USB drives. These USB drives have a company’s name or emblem printed on them. They are among the greatest business gifts since they provide tremendous advantages.

They make excellent tech gifts everyone would like and are suitable for giving away at conferences and exhibits. It’s much better when accompanied by your Company’s sales booklet or brochure, which is inexpensive, transportable, and easily customizable.

Flexible USB stick options include a variety of colors, forms, memory capacities, and materials, including rubber, lumber, plastic, and metals. These sticks are utilized to save information and data and act as a tie-up for our primary documents and business files.

How can Promotional Headphones help your brand to be noticed?

Headphones are a valuable promotional item that recipients would use and enjoy. This is fantastic news since promotional products are effective when they are used, valued, seen, and recognized everywhere they are carried or used.

Several headphones in various styles, including canal phones and earbuds, to suit the preferences of every user are available today, enhancing their appeal and expanding their visibility. They are an absolute need in the office, are utilized by remote employees for virtual meetings, make a terrific gym accessory, and are ideal for audio calls, music listening, in-car talks, and movie watching.

We utilize them while we walk, exercise, work from home, or travel, demonstrating their great usability and suitability for business usage. The ideal promotional headphones will enhance your brand’s exposure, offer it a positive image, and market it in the most imaginable way.

How can Promotional Speakers benefit your Company?

Another unusual promotional gift you might think about is a promotional speaker. They are a fantastic accouterment and accessory for enhancing the style of both your outdoor and indoor activities. Due to their use in schools, camping, parties, beaches, gyms, homes, workplaces, etc., they are now well-liked by people of all ages.

Similar to other promotional technology goods, speakers have a variety of capabilities, including waterproofing, solar battery, and wireless battery. They come in various sizes and forms and can be manufactured from multiple materials. To increase client retention and raise brand recognition, your Company should use this promotional item.

Giving them out or selling them as branded items in stores is excellent for launching a commerce crusade.


In conclusion, reading this post would have helped you learn more about the advantages of promotional tech goods, including pen drive sticks, earphones with a hearing aid, speakers, and power bricks. Remember that branded commodities are powerful marketing tools that, over time, will increase conversions and support you reach your marketing objectives.

Real Estate Marketing – Using Promotional Products A New Way to Success!

There has been a surge in promotional products in the past decade. These items have always been one of the best strategies to increase the brand visibility of your business or organization. Almost every industry has indulged in using promotional products; therefore, an industry as big as real estate thrives exponentially with this marketing strategy.

Real estate promotional products help customers in being able to recall the name of the business much more quickly, in dire times. There are several benefits in such promotion tactics, where the exposure of your brand increases and helps establish a brand image.

Customized real estate promotional products are a great way of letting the customers get acquainted with the unique factor of your brand. It gives them the feeling that you care for the consumers, which is advantageous for creating long-term relationships with your customers. The competition is always ruthless and fast-paced in the real estate industry; thus, it is crucial to research and invest in proper marketing techniques.

Benefits of promotion products in real estate

Promotional items have been on the market since time immemorial –but lost their effect soon after digital marketing was introduced. Where the entire globe is quickly shifting to digital marketing, the aspect of marketing through physical means has been forgotten. The connection between the client and service or product or provider established through physical contact is undermined.

Nevertheless, one can still see promotional items of businesses from years ago in their houses. Here are some points on how real estate promotional products can benefit you;

(i) It helps in increasing the brand awareness of your business, which will help in more and more people being able to recognize your brand
(ii) Good quality promotional items will ensure a long-lasting marketing strategy
(iii) It will help you in reaching a new audience and widen the horizon of your brand’s scope
(iv) Increases the chances of having a conversation with potential clients, as they become interested in what more your business has to offer
(v) Most importantly, it helps in establishing long-term customer loyalty through
(vi) It makes it easier for customers to recall the name of your brand in times of need

Promotional Products for Real Estate!

Here are some promotional items that would serve the purpose they promise. There are some items one can never go wrong with, while others have to encompass a unique trait that enhances the innovativeness of your business:

1. Tape Measure, with pen, notepad, and belt

When one wishes to shift into a new home, they require a lot of note-taking and even more measurement-taking. A gift like the ingenious combination of a tape measure, pen, and notepad along with a belt – nothing would be better for people indulging in real estate. It is also a creative way of showing how you care about your customers

2. Housewarming Kit

This would mainly include supplies used in the household for daily use. It may seem that the effort would go in vain, but it is more valuable than you think. This kit will be highly resourceful for the newly shifted and will help them know that you are genuine about the services you provide

3. House-shaped Key

A keyring is a classic for promotional items; it is practical and sold quickly in bulk. These are cute little gifts that you can hand out at any fair or trade that you attend – which will help you attract potential customers’ attention. The shape of the house, especially, is an excellent addition to the factor of real estate. It will also be an item that the receiver will be using almost daily and will, therefore, remember the name of your brand

4. Stemless wine glass

After a tiring day of moving in, people who have just shifted would barely have the energy to open the utensils – which are often packed most tightly. The stemless wine glass can be a great promotional item for times like this. And once they use it put it in the wash, they are bound to use it again. This will end up with the name of your brand near them

5. Hot/Cold Pack

In addition to this item, if the pack were in the shape of a house, it would make the marketing aspect even more creative. When investing in promotional items, do not simply go for useful things; measure their resourcefulness, but also check whether it fits the theme of real estate. This is to ensure that the customers can associate real estate more easily with the items they use in their homes for increased brand visibility

6. House clip magnet

A fridge magnet is an item that you can never go wrong with. It’s simple, functional, and will be kept in an area that has almost the most amount of activity around it. This aspect will allow the clients to recall your brand’s name in times of need. Fridge magnets are also helpful for newly shifted individuals who are looking for more and more items for settling in their new home

7. Customized Power bank

Power banks are quite a dire requirement these days, with the increased use of technological items. It is also a great gift to give when a deal has been sealed; it will allow the clients to realize that you genuinely care for them and provide high-quality products along with high-quality services. This becomes a means of engaging in long-term customer loyalty

8. Mini Bamboo Cutting Board

The kitchen is where a lot of time is spent, making it an area with high potential for increased brand visibility. Bamboo cutting boards are environmentally friendly and an excellent gift for newly shifted people who require kitchen items in their less furnished homes.

Final Thoughts!

Real estate has always been a growing business; that’s why you will never be out of clients that require your help. But to gain their attention and pique their interest in your business is an essential aspect of being hired as a realtor or having them indulge in other services you provide; therefore, promotional products are a great way to ensure that you show concern for your customers.

It is also an ingenious way of increasing your brand name’s exposure so that people who need your services will be able to recall the name of your brand more easily.


Tech Giveaways – Everything That You Need to Know!

Branded giveaways are one of the easiest ways to remain in the hearts of your customers. Who loves free things? This applies particularly to everyday technology posts, frequently taken for granted before we get out unexpectedly. You will now come to the aid of your customers by preventing them from pulling pockets for a Thumb Drive or by supporting the telephone against a coffee bug and pouring it all over the CEO due to the absence of a correct telephone base.

Be not only the hero that the customers want but also the one that they need right now. Tech Giveaway will be your company with branded technologies, suitable for business shows, meetings, conferences, or to share their fantastic man, boss-lady, or “man who orders plums and things” with employees. They are the best for your business.

Shopping for a friend or family member fascinated with the gadget? Technical gifts are, beyond any doubt, some of the most common gifts. But suppose you have written off any gadgets this year due to the fear of a sticker shock. In that case, you might think again, seeing our publishers’ innovative ideas about presents for technology fans—some products are even small enough to fit into the Christmas stock.

Our defining list of the best technology donations features functional discovery, including folding keyboards and the new portable devices and gifts that would impress the gifted person who has it all. If you’re searching for cool tech donations for a guy, a mother, or a boy, even the chicest, hard-to-please person on your list can find the best one.


Fatigued that your screen can be removed from your fingers or that you lack the desire to put your phone where a video call or movie is best? Pop Sockets are here with a simple alternative for you; the flat back attaches a rinseable adhesive surface to your telephone and becomes your appliance’s flexible media stand.

On this trendy ‘it’ item 2018, we deliver a 100% fulfillment guarantee and a price match pledge. Shopping on labeled Pop Sockets is only available as donations from licensed suppliers. The price involves a full-color printing process in one place; think of how well your company’s logo would look at the back of the hottest 2018 gift piece. Do not hesitate. Do not hesitate. Today’s Pop Sockets branded shop. There is no need to wait to take advantage of this trend at this time, with just a minimum of 100 colors and a preference of either black or white to display the logo.


USBs are the technology of those with long hair: somewhere, just a minute ago, you know you had one around here… hold on. You can have a thousand now, but you can never find one when you need one, and you can use another completely.

“I’ve got far too many flash drives that I won’t need any in my life” is a sentence that you really won’t hear spoken in any degree of seriousness. Watch customers descend like tween girls on your stand to explore a free hairpin booth at a One Direction concert; choose labeled USB flash drives for your next game.


You were in a phone shop when your bank account rises to four digits, and your teenager needs to get a new telephone, but when you saw that it is another $60 in a telephone situation, you also witnessed the powerless fury.

The sales partner sometimes says that you really wouldn’t want to go astray after two years on a shiny, pricey handset while buying a case. You grind and get to see red. If the business mark is advertised, a proper telephone case will save a costly piece of technology from a crippling crash. Shop an impressive range of different shapes, colors, and fabrics for several telephone types.


Stylus marker, whether the doodler, the carnation, or the guy, is a ground-breaking creation. It cannot stand fingerprint on their beautiful glittering smartphone. The handing out of stylus pens as gifts with a badge will lighten the hearts of your customers.


Several studies plus a history of the use of backpacks, particularly for those in the tech industry, both men and women, have shown a recent movement away from laptop sacks. As backpacks can be costly, a newly bought one will be regarded as beneficial and often used instantly. Imagine a sac with branding replacing an outdated pack with a splash; it will be the perfect way to free advertising by someone dragging it around with a modern, high-quality backpack with the business logo.

It is the employee who could bear your logo and display it dramatically in the metro, an aircraft, a cab, or another country that exposes your name to tens of thousands of people every day. Don’t wait to purchase a supply of this very famous walking ad for your staff or as a great presentation at the next exhibition or meeting.

6. Eero

This smart approach to the router knows that the best possible gift is quick, stable WIFI at this time. Eero’s specialized device protects all locations of your house with a simple plug-in and plays implementation (with backyard included) in a Wi-Fi “mesh.” You can easily solve this technology gift with a simple, user-friendly application or get assistance from Eero’s team, in an average of 60 seconds, instead of contacting the Internet service provider.

7. Brilliant Pad

This “Brilliant Pad” (it’s also certified by Shark Tank!) is suitably called for by dog lovers in their lives and immediately removes dirty pads—no poop bags required. When your dog relieves himself, fluids are converted into a gel while the solids are packaged and sealed to maintain a smooth scent in your home. It also signals adjustments to the telephone frequency and output so you can keep your dog’s wellbeing and bowel movements up-to-date.

8. Sonos Move Speaker

The Sonos Move is strong, robust and powerful, and is perfect for listening to indoor and outdoor. The new speaker from Sonos stands out for its weather-tolerant nature, and you can use your voice to power replay with Bluetooth when Wi-Fi.

9. Meural Digital Frame

This photo frame is one of the strongest presents for grandparents and friends and other socially distanced families if there is no regular interaction with grandmother or grandpa. Net gear is a powerful computer for the Meural WIFI Picture Frame to enable you to share special times, memories, and messages with almost anybody with an Internet link on a simple 15.6′′ monitor. The uploads are encrypted and safe; you can keep your loved one up to date with a few taps on your mobile as much as you want.

10. Canon PowerShot ZOOM Compact Telephoto Monocular

That’s the present they won’t see coming (except if they already have one) because the monocular gadget is an incredibly modern product. The lightweight telephoto monocular Canon power shot Zoom lets the user visit distant sights instantly, reliably, and visibly.

The 3-way switchable button automatically changes the display profile while automatically focusing helps to keep your subjects visible. Capture footage, still pictures, and about all the watchman or nature-lover might ever think of. If you dig this, see the other spectacular men’s presents that make you look like a star.

How To Order The Perfect Custom Corporate Gifts For Tech Professionals?

A Company is incomplete without its employees. A company gets successful because of its employees. So a company should always thank them. A Company should give them a corporate gift beyond paying salary. A Company can also give corporate gifts to their customers, investors, etc.

Corporate gifts

Corporate endowments are the organization logo printed marked blessings. The point of corporate blessings is to pass on appreciation and gratitude to such beneficiaries who help elevate the organization profile.

Corporate Gifts are vouchers, products, or encounters gifted by a firm to their partners (representatives, clients, financial backers, and so on).

Difference between gifts and incentives

Sometimes people get confused corporate gifts with incentives, but there is a huge difference between corporate gifts and incentives. Corporate gifts are given to their employees, clients, investors, etc., to increase their brand image. At the same time, incentives are only given to employees to motivate them.

Gifts are given to their partners (representatives, clients, financial backers, and so on) with no pre-determined condition for achieving goals; while, incentives are given to those employees who achieved targets or organizational goals. Further incentives are given to motivate subordinates to work hard.

Importance of corporate gifts!

Getting a blessing is an amazing encounter; it makes a feeling of association with the provider and can make a good relationship with an individual or a brand.

Organizations and advertisers have since quite a while ago depended on the force of gifting to protect better associations with potential and existing customers, to show appreciation for their business when utilized as a feature of your general promoting or worker maintenance endeavors, gifting can be exceptionally viable regarding ROI and fulfillment.

How to choose a perfect corporate gift

There are tips to establish an incredible connection while gifting your next corporate blessing.

1. Give home use items to employees

Remembering the individual’s name and position for the organization can be a good thought for occasion endowments or affirmations of individual achievements. However, these events are best celebrated by parting with things that representatives would use in their own lives, however, not at performance.

Preserved the imprinted mouse pads for a less-happy event and pick a blessing that will be an extraordinary expansion to the beneficiary’s home, not their office.

2. Give quality gift

Any business blessing you send ponders the picture of your organization. Stay away from lower-quality endowments that can disable your picture. Buy quality items without breaking your financial plan.

3. Pick Gifts to Be Proud Of

Those entrusted with picking corporate presents for occasion gatherings, retirements, or other significant events should pick something they would be glad to possess.

On the off chance that a thing looks like a limited-time cushion to the blessing provider, odds are, the beneficiary will sight it in a similar light. Assume the viewpoint of the beneficiary and attempt to anticipate what reaction various sorts of blessings will inspire; at that point, pick the one that establishes the best connection.

4. Plan budget for Gifts

Corporate blessings aren’t an extravagance for most organizations. They are a normal and acknowledged consumption. They help solidify connections between the organization and its representatives, customers, or accomplices, so it merits saving a piece of the organization’s financial plan to pay for them.

Show them under client maintenance, business advancement, or promoting, yet ensure they make the spending list.

5. Offer Help As-Needed

It’s in every case great to have a reinforcement plan set up. If an organization parts with natural product bins, blossoms, or other short-lived items, there ought to consistently be an approach set up to deal with whatever could turn out badly. Parting with plants requires giving definite guidelines or even one-on-one help with the beneficiary’s curiosity about cultivating.

Gifting electronic things may imply that beneficiaries need assistance setting them up or figuring out how to utilize them. Ensure that the whole interaction goes easily by having an arrangement set up to help the situation.

6. Make it individual

to separate yourself, attempt to give your blessing face to face, with an individual note clarifying why you pick the blessing and why you figured they would see the value in it. It’s stunning how incredible a particularly straightforward motion can be. Individuals need to work with organizations they trust, and that look after them. The uncommon exertion demonstrates the amount you give it a second thought.

Best guidance, don’t disparage the force of adding that exceptional touch by either conveying face-to-face or composing written by hand notes clarifying your aims.

Top 5 corporate gifts that work the best for tech professionals

1. Plants

The popular work area extras light up your customer’s day and help them to remember the development you can accomplish together. Besides, succulents and air plants don’t need a lot of water or upkeep, keeping things simple for quite a long time to come.

2. Compact phone charger or power bank

Convenient phone chargers or power bank makes swarm satisfying presents for customers.

3. Marked Tumblers

An all-around altered marked tumbler to make the most of their number one refreshment in the workplace and past.

4. Marked Clothing

Marked dress is a fantastic method to deal with the individuals in your group, workplace, and away. Marked and customized things like wools, adornments, vests, downpour slickers, and surprisingly comfortable plaid PJ’s can establish an extraordinary connection, keeping them agreeable and showing your appreciation. Need to support your persevering representatives to kick their feet up (on the work area, even!)

5. Eatery gift vouchers

Exploring the most famous new cafes in your client’s territory or requesting areas of interest they’d prefer to attempt and get them a gift voucher. It permits them to loosen up over a decent feast – and your name makes certain to come up before dessert.


Gifts or tech giveaways are intended to show your appreciation for the individual relationship you have with your customers, client, and representatives. The best blessings are the only ones that are utilized daily, make life simpler, and take care of an issue. It’s implied; ensure your blessing has to value underlying. A blessing that can be utilized day by day certainly has a more noteworthy worth than the oddball experience.

A blessing that hits every one of the three spots, day by day use, makes existence simpler, and tackles a typical issue will consistently beat a blessing that has no immediate utility to the beneficiary.

How To Market Your Brand? Top 5 Tips From Advertising Experts!

It takes a lot of time and effort to think of a new item or brand, which regrettably doesn’t end when it’s ready to be launched and promoted. The best new advertising promotional products in the world may not get the attention it deserves if you don’t advertise them correctly.

You may even lose money in the long run. Because so many firms are changing their goods and services because of COVID-19 and are unable to afford the face of setbacks, we felt it was only fitting to provide you with some assistance on this subject.

Tips for Marketing Your Small Business with Promotional Products!

1. Create A Google My Business Profile And Confirm It

A Google Business Profile (Google’s word for a Google listing) must appear on Google Maps, the local component of Google Searches, and the right-side Knowledge Panel when someone searches for your trademark and location. As Google becomes better and better at customizing its results to the searcher’s location, this free Google placement should be the top goal.

To market your company on Google My Company, you first need to ensure the listing belongs to you. It’s possible to boost the visibility of your listing in search results, including more relevant searches after you have complete control of it.

2. Create A Blog For Your Company

Our first suggestion noted that content is essential to SEO since it warrants its area as a marketing strategy. A blog is not LiveJournal for businesses.

In addition to blogging about corporate milestones and events, a successful company blog also delivers educational content in your brand’s voice around questions and terms your prospective customers are searching for on Google.

3. Place Ads on Google

Although SEO is a lengthy strategy, the results might be worth waiting for. Google Ads display organic and local results at the top of every page in search results. It has the most users, and because of its variety, ad-building capabilities, and precise performance indicators, Google is the most popular search engine.

Google offers advertising on both the Search Network and the Display Network. Even if it takes a lot of time and work to create a Google Ads campaign, it will work out in the long run. A step-by-step instruction to use Google Ads may be found here.

4. Focus on Authenticity

Most importantly, we’d want to share this one with you. Increasingly, consumers are acutely aware that the information that firms produce has a predetermined goal in mind. Sales material won’t win over customers, so marketers need to develop new ways to connect with them deeper.

Creating live content is an excellent method to ensure that your marketing is real. Stream a Facebook Live video or a podcast in real-time. The audience will love it if you make errors or go with the flow; you’ll be astonished.

5. Creating Joint Ventures

Increase your audience through advertising on social media and the internet. A strong recommendation from a competent influencer, on the other hand, cannot be replaced. Expand your audience and give your business some social credence by partnering with other well-known companies in your industry.

You may also employ micro-influencers to spread the word about your brand through their networks on social media and blogs.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Company?

Social media is another free way to get the word out about your small business. Twitter and Instagram are the best options for businesses, although there are other options like Pinterest or Reddit.

LinkedIn is a Great Place to Meet New People and Exchange Ideas!

Additionally, you may use LinkedIn to engage in group discussions, connect with potential customers, build new alliances, and perform general online networking.

Prospective customers may research you or your company before engaging in business with you, such as finding out how many employees you employ and their educational and professional histories. It’s unnecessary to openly promote your business on LinkedIn; you may join in group discussions and post relevant links from your website. Please use caution while promoting your work.

Take a Look at Pinterest!

Getting involved on Pinterest may be a good idea if this describes your online habits. As a photo-sharing platform, Pinterest advertising promotional products a unique chance to advertise your company and attract more visitors to your website since your photographs may be linked back to your site. If you want to sell products to women, Pinterest is a great place to start your ecommerce campaign.

Be a Part of Online Groups!

Giving back is a great approach to improve your situation. Join LinkedIn, pages related to your company or sector, and help others with advice and solutions when they run into issues. This is a way of establishing yourself as an expert in your field and meeting like-minded individuals who can help you advance your career.

There is a tendency for things to return to where they came from. Meanwhile, remember that you’re being watched by a thousand other people who see your name or what you’re doing while assisting one person.

Consider Partnering with an Influencer for Marketing Purposes!

Influencers are well-known in your field, and they may help your company connect with customers in a variety of ways. Even though they don’t walk the red carpet or anchor their talk show, these people are well-known, well-respected, and well-trusted authorities in their field. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, requires a lot of thought. Begin by checking out their social media pages; comment, like, and share the stuff they post often; and be sure to ask for something of comparable value in return while contracting out to an influence.

You might, for example, give them a free month of sessions in return for a blog review and social media mentions. It’s also a good idea to offer to make a high blog entry for them on your blog in exchange for a link.


Diversification requires a continual search for new tools and methods to set you apart from the competition. It would help if you had more than merely updating your goals for a successful marketing plan each year. Keep up with the latest marketing and technology trends to stay on top of what is new and significant.


Improve Your Business Strategy With Marketing Promotional Items: Here’s How!

Given that digital advertising has dominated the marketing industry, people may be unsure of the value of purchasing promotional items.

Here are some beneficial promotional commodity uses and their effects on your company’s marketing plan. The reality that promotional merchandise significantly enhances a company’s marketing approach may be difficult to comprehend.

How can these products, which only have the corporate name and emblem stamped on them, boost the marketing plan and increase the firm’s profits? But it is accurate!

These promotional items are effective marketing strategies. They can complement any helpful marketing plan you might have in mind. Let’s go through some ways that promotional items might enhance your marketing plan in more depth.

Make Effective Contact with Your Customers!

In the modern world, a company cannot even consider operating without effective marketing. People need to know the corporation’s trademark. To increase brand awareness among consumers, promotional product advertising is a smart strategy. In contrast to typical marketing methods like television, radio, journals, etc., these items are inexpensive but provide excellent value.

Promotional items like face covers, USB ports, custom t-shirts, outerwear, etc., are vigorously used by consumers. Most of the time, these goods stay close to the consumer. These goods typically survive for longer than a year as well. Consequently, there is a great chance that people will remember the trademark label.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) research, 75.9% of persons who received promotional products in the previous twenty-four months were able to recall the tangible property, the trademark label, and the statement associated with the promotional products.

Sales Growth for Businesses!

The promotional products are the ideal lure to draw potential clients and establish a long-term exchange connection with them. Customers are interested in learning more about a firm and its effects after using a promotional item and finding it useful. They are also persuaded to investigate thecorporation’s items by the logo and the corporation’s messaging.

The corporation will undoubtedly see a recovery in the pattern of increased sales if they do a good job of allocating the promotional welfare. 51.9% of those who received promotional products continued doing enterprise with the advertiser, according to a PPAI survey. It is clear from this positive figure that marketing promotional items are effective!

Positive Conviction is produced!

People enjoy obtaining things or services for nothing; it is a well-known fact. Moreover, any company needs to build its reputation in the market if it wants to succeed over the long term. To draw in potential customers, businesses have adopted the strategy of providing free bait to clients.

Due to increased rivalry, businesses must give away those things to provide customers with a valuable service. Creating a long-term connection with prospective clients ultimately depends on the free bait. They will undoubtedly return to the business to buy other things if they enjoy the free samples. If not, the item will be placed in the trash.

Consumers will inevitably use promotional merchandise. If customers use the inventory and find it useful, they will inevitably form a favorable opinion of the business. According to a PPAI study, 51.7% of people who receive promotional products have a positive view of the business. With such large numbers, no business would want to pass up the chance to incorporate promotional derivatives into their marketing plan.

Expands the Potential Customer Base!

The customers and those they come in contact with while utilizing the promotional materials are only a small portion of the target market for the products. The corporation’s effective marketing plan is benefited from each opinion of the promotional merchandise.

Through promotional commodities, consumers become aware of the company’s name or emblem and get interested in learning more. Inquiries regarding the business can be sent to family members or online. Then, they will undoubtedly tell others about the company’s offerings, either in person or online, by way of glowing recommendations. And let’s say the promotional items provide the user with something worthwhile.

The consumer pool is increased with each analysis or suggestion. In a PPAI survey, it was discovered that 54.7% of recipients of promotional commodities keep them for longer than a year. The trademark susceptibility number table expands dramatically with a large quantity and time frame. An effective marketing tactic is always one that has the potential for obtaining such significant brand exposure for little financial outlay.

Promotional Goods are Popular among Consumers!

Consumers enjoy having promotional goods. Although it may appear straightforward, this justification is strong. According to PPAI-supervised research, 82.7% of Americans concurred that they want to receive promotional goods. Additionally, 74.3% of respondents choose to acquire a promotional item since they find it beneficial.

It moves quickly in the business world. Businesses must adopt the fad and seize the chance if they want to play against it in the market. It is without a qualm a sensible plan to incorporate promotional products in your marketing.

The procedure of marketing a business or organization is ongoing. Television, print, and billboard advertisements’ themes and subjects are subject to change. However, selling promotional items that have been created once might be manufactured repeatedly for years to draw in modern clients.

These are practical techniques for explaining the advantages of your goods or services to the consumer. It makes long-lasting marketing possible, attracts new clients, and aids in achieving goals and making money.

Little, useful objects loudly communicate the brand message. Regardless of their diminutive size or packet size, promotional marketing substances have the power to raise brand attention, convey pertinent information, drive more customers to a business, enhance sales, and create consumer silhouettes.

Branded tangible goods are durable. Spend money on promotional things up front, and let the rewards flow for years. It is a quick and easy method of making a good impression and fostering relationships with clients. Optamark Graphics is a leader in giving aid in creating the best-designed marketing promotional items thanks to years of background.

How To Advertise Promotional Items For Your Business?

Whenever we get promotional products, undoubtedly a big smile comes up on our face. Promotional products can act as a catalyst in our promoting process. By giving out promotional products, your customers will remember your brand name for a long time. It is too obvious to expect a great return while investing in promotional products. On the other side, it is much harder to keep track of the ROI on the promotional products.

Be very wise while selecting promotional products. Always go for the product that represents your company and can draw the attention of the audience thereby converting them into interested consumers. Here we are to suggest to you some amazing ways for advertising promotional products. Here you go:

  • Online promotion: In today’s world, the best way to promote any kind of thing is to go online. Nearly 60% of the total population can’t live without the internet. As soon as you think of advertising promotional products, go on for online promotion. You can immediately reach millions of people at a time without spending much. Also, you can make a link that can provide detailed information just by clicking on it

  • Stores can be a great choice: Stores are being attended by thousands of people every day. All you have to do is to create an eye-catching banner in which major things are being written in large print. Audience while seeing the banner will immediately think of asking as to how they can get it. This is how you can reach out to a large number of target audiences in a very short period of time. You can even make them fill a form to follow them up in the future for your product.

  • Contests: One of the fun ways to invite the customers and promote your products in a super exciting way is to organize a contest. People love games and will show interest immediately seeing your stall. You can engage them by making them do fun games and giving them your promotional products after winning. Also, you can offer to get more superb products on purchasing or giving them huge discounts on the purchase of any of your products.
  • Banners: Displaying banners with a large print where you can think of finding audiences can assist you a lot in advertising promotional products. You can use the appealing feature to draw the attention of people passing by. This may be termed as traditional method but it is still proving to be effective. You can’t even think of the number of persons that will see your display in a single day and will convey this information to their family and friends.
  • Interaction through emails, messages: In today’s world of technology, if you want to pass on the information to persons without much investment, go for advertising through emails, messages. Nowadays even a child has his/her own phone. You can put some gifts on sign up. To connect with more people think of providing discounts on purchases on every referral by any customer. This way person will show high interest instantly.
  • URL can prove effective: If you have any product in the market, you can simply make use of it in advertising promotional products. Just add a voucher or URL to the product in which just by scanning customers can keep a track of your activity. This way your promotional products will be advertised thereby increasing the sale of the product. You can make t interesting by attaching different amounts of discounts on every URL. This will help you to keep a record of the ROI.
  • Include in marketing products: The major task is to make your customers keep your promotional product for the longest period of time. For this, you can put a voucher code on the product that can be used later on. Physical vouchers can be misplaced in a very short span. To make your product more durable make the voucher multi usable. This way customer will be bound to keep it for a longer period of time. Also, try to keep the quality of the promotional product durable so that whenever their mind strikes of your brand name.
  • Think about giving goodie bags: If you want to do some out-of-the-box thing and really want to put some impression on your audience, you can think of distributing a goodie bag. This goodie bag can have your promotional product, your business information, contact details, feedback form, vouchers on another purchase, etc. this can prove to be a little expensive but it’ll make your customers remember your brand name for a very period of time.
  • Trade fair: Trade fairs provide a boost to your promotional activity by interacting with common consumers. Make use of the trade fairs to make your consumers know about your product. They provide exposure at a very large scale and don’t even think of losing a golden chance. Some of the reputed trade fairs have international audiences. Prepare a strategy to take their feedback after some days and improve your product accordingly. Organize some kind of game or interact with the end-users on a personal level to make them win the promotional product. These small steps will make them your loyal customers.
  • Employees: Make your employees feel special by providing them with the promotional products. You can make them wear shirts of brand name written on it. If your promotional product can be used daily by the employees, make them use it. This way the product will be advertised to so many people and you’ll also get to know the drawback of it if any.

    It is very difficult to keep yourself at the top spot in this highly competitive market. Marketing is the oxygen of your business. a little mistake can make your ideas flop instantly. Try to adopt new ways in order to attract more and more customers. Be loyal to them and always encourage them to give their precious feedback. Advertising promotional products are one of the most successful methods to make your audience try your product.

    This method is a little expensive but can prove wonderful for the future of your work. We hope this information has cleared all your queries and had given you fantastic options. Wishing you all the very best for your business.

How To Impress Professionals With Promotional Giveaways?

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How Can You Boost Realty Professionals With Real Estate Promotional Products?

Real estate agents deal with land and property and help people to buy or sell them at a good rate. But there is a lot of competition out there between these real estate companies. Of course, everyone wants to be on top, have a maximum number of customers, and have their brand promoted most among the people to get to know about their business more. There are many real estate companies in a vast market, and hence the competition rises every day.

In this situation, real estate companies need to promote their brand name by correct and effective strategies to reach your targeted audience easily. Real estate promotional products have been seen of great use for this purpose. A study showed that if people find your promotional products useful and feel engaged, they will show more interest in your company and brand.

It has been observed that people tend to go for those brands that offer useful promotional products in their giveaways to their consumers. Around 90% of the people use your promotional product in their kitchen. Around 81% of the consumers use these promotional products at their workplace, like office, and around 50% of the people use them in their bedroom. So, to target your audience and make the most out of it, you should strategize your promotion merchandise on a profitable budget to boost your real estate business.

We have concluded some top of the real estate promotional products that you can consider for an instant boost in your real estate business while engaging your customers more in your brand.

1. Water Bottles :

You can use this item as your promotional product for people to show interest in your company. Water wares are of great use, and people seem to use them almost everywhere they go. It is the best giveaway option to merchandize your brand. As it is of great use, people will feel engaged as your brand name is around them most of the time. Reminding them of your brand name can surely develop a high interest in your real estate business.

2. T-Shirts :

This item is also one of the best promotional products you can use to enhance your business knowledge among people. People tend to like to get an imprinted t-shirt with your company name, your company’s logo, and a great message from your company on it. It can work to your benefit as when people wear these t-shirts, your brand name will automatically be in peoples’ eyes. They will become a walking advertisement for your brand resulting in more interest of many people towards your company.

3. Key Chain with Customization :

It has been seen people tend to keep elegant and beautiful key chains with their home, office, cars, or bikes’ keys hanging on them. An elegant and sleek, the designed key chain will be with them most of the time. It is a great way to promote your brands’ name by making your brand’s name visible in people’s eyes every time. You can gift different designed key chains to your customers with your brand logo printed on them.

4. Tumblers :

A travel tumbler with your brand logo, company’s name, or a beautiful message from your company can do wonders in promoting your brand to the highest. People use travel tumblers for easy hot beverage sip while they are traveling. Give your customers a beautifully designed tumbler so that they can show them to everyone attracting the eyes of people. It is the best giveaway gift for your potential customers to bring people’s interest in your company.

5. Personalized Pens :

Pens are being used everywhere, like the workplace or home, for several purposes. Every person loves to have a beautiful pen with a brand name on it. It is a basic necessity for everyone; even though everything is shifted online, they still use pens for their tiny work, like signing papers at their workplace. A high-quality personalized pen having your brand logo on it is a very good idea for gifting people. If people find it useful, your brand logo will attract people’s interest in a couple of minutes and be highly useful for boosting your real estate business.

6. Power banks with Customization :

A good quality power bank is the basic necessity for all people today. Almost every person has a power bank to charge their smartphones, and many of them also carry their power banks with them while traveling to avoid any inconvenience. If your brand logo is printed on high quality, sleek designed, highly useful power bank, it can attract many people’s interest. As your customer will use the customized power bank having your logo in front of many people, it will be visible to people most of the time.

7. Products for home and offices :

Home and office use products are in great demand. Many businesses use them as their promotional products. Having your company’s logo and a short yet beautiful message printed on these products like a mouse pad, steel lockboxes, clips for bags, and so on. Your company’s name always stays in people’s eyes because of their use in daily life. Everyday exposure to such items having your brand on it can help people show more interest in your business.

8. Magnets :

People use magnets to stick their important notes on the fridge at their home or on their office wall to remind themselves about important meetings. Giving your customers a stylish magnet with your brand logo printed on it will help them to remind your customers about your brand. Whenever they come to get a reminder about their meeting or important work, side by side, they automatically will get a reminder about your company.

9. Calendars :

Wherever you go, you will find a calendar hanging on a wall or placed on a table. People use calendars to check important dates, scheduling their work according to days and dates. And having your company’s name, contact details, and address will enhance your customers’ interest. Gifting your clients a beautifully designed calendar in a giveaway will be a great option in a cost-effective way.

Promotional products are of great use for expanding your business. These products help to advertise your brand in front of your audience in a very cost-effective way so you can get the best out of it. You need to first strategize well for what kind of promotional product can promote your real estate business well.

The Real Estate market has great competition. So, to stay on top or to boost your business, you need to look for the best merchandise item fitting your business and targeted audience. These were some of the best promotional products you can surely consider for uplifting your real estate business and start boosting up your business today itself.

How To Create Custom Promotional Products That Don’t End Up In Trash?

Were you thinking of circulating promotional products? Wondering if it’s still wise to distribute a line of promotional products that may be chucked to the bin right after being given? This is a common fear among businesses who seem to want to use promotional products as a means of marketing. But does this mean it is the end of an era and there will be no more promotional products from companies? Absolutely NO!

While all fears about custom promotional products being thrown out stand strong as people continue throwing out products, they remain part of the larger appeal of companies and a major marketing solution.

Companies need to pedal promotional products to their customers and prospective customers. Not only does this technique attract new people to your goods and services, but it also shows them that you are dedicated to your business and are ready to go above and beyond for the sake of your customers.

It is extremely important to please your customers and prioritize their demands and needs; promotional products should also be products that may like and have real utility. While it is almost impossible to create a balance, invest wisely while also pleasing customers on a budget allotted to promotional products.

In this article, we list all the methods you can employ to make your promotional products stand out and for them to stay in people’s houses instead of their trashcans. Read the methods listed below and make sure you jump on the trends that you need to follow.

Ways to Continue Using Promotional Products as Marketing Techniques!


It is of utmost importance for your company and brand to be distinctive even in the way they promote themselves and make themselves stand apart from the crowd of all other companies delivering the same product. Many use promotional products to make themselves more remarkable than others, but the promotional products themselves have ended up in the trash in the recent past.

To prevent this, it is important that the issues with this technique are recognized and a solution is reached through multiple creative ideas to make your promotional goods work, even if it’s a simple custom promotional shirt. Here are ways that can help you do so:

1. Make sure to aim for quality, creative styles, and practicality of use

The first thing that distinguishes normal promotional products – those that are thrown out after a few uses from those kept and used for a long time are quality, the creativity of design, and practicality.

Most people keep promotional products that are more handy and minimalist closer and use them more often than other less useful items in their day-to-day lives. It is important to pay attention to the needs and keep the designs of the items such that they can be used more often than not.

2. Create custom apparel

Custom apparel is never a bad idea, especially when you’re on your way to making your brand more prominent than it is or to keep your company in the game. Custom apparel, especially custom promotions shirts or t-shirts with catchy one-liners or other jokes, make the rounds and are always a crowd puller anytime.

If you decide to create custom apparel, remember to put your company’s logo on the items of clothing and other markers of your company’s goods and identity. Think of promotional t-shirts for bands, etc., and draw inspiration. It is however, important that you remember all these clothes are supposed to be designed so creatively such that most people who have the products also make the most of them instead of pushing them to the back of their closets.

3. Make sure you advertise your brand with trendy promotional accessories

Promotional accessories like custom apparel will be a big hit if used and promoted properly. Custom tote bags, stationery, hats, scarves are all items that people like to use and carry around.

These are all accessories that are used widely; hence they will immensely increase the public’s engagement with your brand. While necessary and handy, these products are also things that all sexes can use; therefore, they are more amenable to people than others options may prove to be.

Remember, however, that it is still extremely important to keep your customer’s needs in mind while promoting your brand in whatever manner. For instance, if your brand is popular in places where sun caps are required, you might want to use those as promotional products and capitalize on them while also fulfilling your customer’s needs.

4. You should also experiment with artwork if that suits your company image

Like other experimental options, promotional artwork is inspired by the current trends while also remaining important cultural items. These can add value to your brand as your customers recognize your dedication to them.

Artwork is always a safe option as it continues being valued and used by most people; it may range from priceless work from artists to stickers and small pictures created by content creators that are now popular.

5. Use common products like home and living items, so your products are visible everywhere

They say mugs are the most ubiquitous promotional product used widely to date. They are a classic product that most people will choose to keep and use at some point in time.

If you wish to merge the classic with the contemporary, you may also choose to get customized mugs with phrases and other items that match the pop culture and other things you might want to align with.


Promotional products work best when they are products that the people want to use and have been using. It is important to keep in mind that the needs and demands of people are also aligned with trends, not just what you and your company think they have to offer.

Make sure your products are trendy while staying true to what you are and will deliver. Well, thought-out products will always grab people’s attention and help you gain visibility and engagement from people. Just find the right balance and keep evolving with the needs and feedback.


How Can Healthcare Promotional Products Work for Medical Facilities?

If you are engaged in providing medical facilities, you need to brand your healthcare practice. And the most cost-effective way of doing it is to start your marketing campaign by giving away promotional products relevant to your healthcare business. It is very pertinent that the promotional products recipients are in an easier position to connect the promotional products with the type and category of service you provide.

Promotional products Generalized

These are items of everyday utilities, usually of smaller monetary value and given away free by the promoter of any business to all those connected with that particular business. Such items carry the imprint of logos, brand message, slogans, or websites of the promoting company. These can be termed business gifts, awards, and commemorative items and are used in marketing and communication campaigns.

Promotional Products, Healthcare

A study made by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) shows that the healthcare industry ranks among the top 10 for using promotional products. The study conducted by Georgia Southern University reveals that those who receive healthcare promotional products have a better positive perception. Once convinced, they are more likely to recommend your business to others.

A study of PPAI shows that 58% of the recipients use the promotional products once a week for four years because of the attractiveness and utility value. Your promotional products display your name, logo, and message consistently for four years. This is a reasonable time for creating a strong impression and opinion about your healthcare practices.

Healthcare Marketing Points

You can give healthcare promotional products to patients after their completion of certain healthcare and rehabilitative milestone. You can also distribute healthcare promotion products during events such as health fairs, screenings, community events, sports, athletic screenings, trade shows, and conferences.

Don’t select the items that you like but you believe your target audience will like. The products must have utility values for them.

Identification of a Dealer of Promotional Products

After selecting a few promotional product distributors, you may ask for a sample of the items, quotes, and payment terms. After making a comparative analysis, you can finally select one and ask for samples with the names and logos imprinted on the items. Distributors don’t maintain an inventory of all the items they offer for sale. Rather, they have arrangements with several other suppliers from whom they procure the items and make them promotional by imprinting your names and logos on them. In case your requirement is too large, and you need the innovative type of healthcare promotional products, you may opt to obtain the same from corporate-sector distributors of promotional products.

You may seek references from your friends and relatives to know the records of the distributors that you have shortlisted. Besides quality, you can also get price preferences. You can also depend on Google search for Promotional Products Distributors.

Common Promotional Products

1.Artwork: Make artwork of different formats and sizes. You can submit artwork electronically by uploading online. If you lack innovative ideas, you can the artwork was done by some freelancers. A few notable are Upwork and Fiverr.

2.Color: To maintain cost-effectiveness, standard colors are used for promotional products. Thus, colors may not match the color of your company. You may have to pay a little higher to pay and exactly matched color.

3.Overruns and Under-Runs: Sometimes, you may not get the exact quantity you ordered for. This is because while imprinting on the items, the machine has accounted for potentially defective items. The actual quantity may be slightly lower or higher. But, before packing your order, the distributor will invoice you for the actual quantity shipped. This practice is generally accept4ed in the industry.

4.Production Time: This is when you place the order; the manufacturer produces the same to your requirement and ships the products to you. The order for the items must be technically and commercially clear and acceptable by both parties. After getting the order, the manufacturer has to get the samples approved by you. Only then the product comes to the production schedule of the manufacturer. Hence, place your order sufficiently ahead of your actual need. This will take care of any unforeseen eventuality that might hinder your marketing campaign

The Proof

A proof is the replica of the product you’ll get on a mass scale after you have approved it. Always insist on proof and see that the ordered supplies have all features matching with the proof. You have the option of changing the proof thrice. Retain a copy of the approved proof.


The more the quantities ordered, the less will be the unit price of the product. Usually, the minimum quantity varies between 500 and 1000 units, as otherwise, it won’t be cost-effective for the manufacturer. Unit and bulk rates vary according to the quantity ordered. Hence, ask for quotes for 500/1000/20000, particularly if you think there will be subsequent needs.

Order for small quantities is always associated with financial disadvantage. However, sometimes, you may like to obtain un-imprinted products and stick on them a label or imprinted tag by hand. In such a case, you may go in for small quantities. Ultimately, your product is promoted.

Setup Charges

These charges include the cost of preparing the machine for imprinting. If you reorder within 6 to 12 months, you may not have to bear the setup charges.

Product Ideas

A Google search for healthcare promotional products will take you around different kinds and categories of products. After ascertaining these products’ relevance with the kind of health services you are rendering, you need to consider the following.

  • Tagged or quoted prices
  • Utility and longevity
  • Any special featurec
  • Reviews of satisfied customers
  • Quantity discount
  • Suggestion from your colleagues and product distributors.

Giving away promotional products for healthcare services is a must for initiating and boosting any marketing campaign. You would like to embrace patients, medical service providers, Para-medical facilities providers, pharmacologists, and other closely associated stakeholders.

How Can Educational Promotional Products Help Children To Excel In Academics?

Via high-quality education services, educational institutions establish their brand name. But institutions pay attention to business campaigns, which often target prospective clients, pupils, college teachers, sports competitions, and conferences, fresh and other activities. Due to the influence of advertising items, advertisers use the goods to support companies and educational institutions.

The world of the industry now well recognizes the importance of advertising goods. Many figures have shown how entrepreneurs have gained over the years from advertising items. In 2011, advertisers were buying a range of commercial materials for over $18 billion.

Apparel such as suits, blazers, headwear, neckwear, and coats became the most sought-after promotional items. The second-best item was the writing of tools such as pencils and a stylus. Also, trendy favorite promotional gifts were drinks, luggage, office, and company accessories.

Recently, the International Promotional Product Association [PPAI] conducted a survey and produced useful statistics which reaffirm the value of the donations for the marketing and brand construction of products.

According to the survey, 76% of advertising receivers will remember the company’s name or advertiser’s name, although just 53.5% of those who responded could recall the advertiser from a printing journal. The importance of a retail ad is very important for the growth of a company. The survey showed that 500% more advertising items were produced by companies.

Advertising goods catch consumers in the much-needed repeat market. The survey shows that advertisers’ receivers were 75% more susceptible to the buying-and-patronage company than 49% of the advertisers. 73% of promoted goods receivers reported that they use the objects at least once a week, and 45.2% use them once a day. This very high exposure level results in very low packaging printing costs.

The receivers have long been maintaining advertising materials. In reality, 55% of the surveyed consumers maintained their promotional items for more than a year, while 22% retained them for a minimum of six months.

Salespeople have a lot to do with references. The distributors of promotional products were able to gain 22% more references than those that did not sell the promotional goods.

This and even other statistics also apply to the education sector. According to, in the United States, a typical person spends 15%-29% of his life in schools, including higher education. According to the statistics above, your educational organization or company will quickly create a stable foundation of true consumers. Therefore, advertising goods are a major brand awareness opportunity. However, it can be avoided that simplistic and cliched sales goods are available as the people are no longer eager to receive these presents. Instead, your school should carefully choose the valuable, special and amazing things.

List of Top Promotional Products that Help Children to Excel in Academics!

1. Notepad with Sticky Notes

Personalized notepads and sticky notes attract schools to commodities. These little spiral jotters are lapped up as the students search for material for hurried notes. They also use sticky note memoranda to arrange the notes.

2. Round Eraser

To attract your organization and company, you can give schools customized round erasers for innovative promotional items. Also, faculty members are allowed to distribute these items. Everyone in schools has pencil erasers. Make sure the eraser is appealing in color. Do not hesitate to place the gift pieces with your educational logos.

3. Carabiner Highlighter

Students want to get packaged carabiner as a treat, so the backpacks and pencil cases can be stuck to them. The carabiner is difficult to lose and secure for the eraser. The cap can be locked on something. For school and university students, the commodity is an efficient gift.

4. Clear Drawstring Backpack

Clear Drawstring Backpack is chic advertising goods. Compared with traditional custom string bags, it’s an innovative product. These simple fabrics are loved for convenience and elegance by students, teachers, and others in conventional backpacks.

5. Supply Case

The Supplies Case is a handy way for students to include their markers, penalties, clips, highlights, and adhesive notes during the day. When you buy the supply box, the educational logo and marketing message has been adapted to it.

6. Hand Sanitizer

In cold and flu seasons, students are susceptible to the capture of germs. Using a hand sanitizer is a safe way to keep germs hidden. The sanitizer is supplied in a simple container for transport. Purchase a sanitizer flask with a personalized sleeve that will print the training logo. During the flu season, this item can particularly be distributed.

7. USB Flash Drive Bracelet

To conveniently move the files, students and members of the faculty require a USB flash drive. But make sure you personalize it if you purchase the wristband for a present. The bracelets come in different colors, but choose the one that fits the brand consistency of your school emblem colors.

8. Promotional Planner

Students get duties, but it often becomes a boring chore to track them perfectly. Your donation to the advertising calendar will help you log tasks and deadlines to remember the next dates for the contests and exams. At the beginning of the school year, the right time to offer this promotional offering.

9. Retractable Badge Holder

Retractable tickets allow the school administrators to locate students and professors on the premises and create a better atmosphere. Any student and faculty member shall wear the badge to identify the approved people. Your logo on inscriptions will still attract attention to your educational company, and it is also important that you create your education logo by professionals. Please note that during launch and coffee breaks, teachers and students can wear badges.

10. Stylus Screen Cleaner

As part of education in emerging technology, many high school students and universities have iPads. Stylus display cleaner is a handy advertising tool to navigate games, computer files, and services without having to leave any chaotic fingerprints on the device. This means students can also use their gloves and fingernails to navigate their applications etc. Put your educational logo on it, customize the stylus screen.

Healthcare Promotional Products – Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Promotional products are one of the best marketing strategies to increase the reach and exposure of your business or organization. Every industry requires a method of marketing, no matter what their products or services are.

The same goes for the healthcare industry; one may think that people would indulge in healthcare despite being marketed to them or not, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For the sake of both the consumer and the producer, marketing with healthcare promotional product tends to be highly beneficial. They show that your organization cares for its consumers and helps people be more aware of the aspects of well-being.

Having promotional products as a marketing strategy makes your brand logo or brand name more familiar to the target audience. This way, when they require services that you avail, it will be easier for them to recall your organization’s name.

Healthcare promotional products serve the same purpose but require a slightly different approach. The promotional products usually involve daily-use items such as pen, bottle, notepad – however, for the healthcare industry, it’s important to go an extra mile.

Are promotional products beneficial?

A simple answer to that is yes. Promotional products can be considered one of the best strategies for promoting your organization – it helps increase the exposure of your brand name or logo and establish the brand image. Here are a few of the significant advantages you will experience if you opt for healthcare promotional products:

1. It helps in strengthening customer’s loyalty; because they feel cared for when they receive the items, especially if they are resourceful products
2. Increases the exposure of the logo or name of your organization and create a brand image through brand visibility
3. It helps in keeping your customer engaged with your organization for an extended period
4. They subconsciously create a reason in the mind of the consumer to be interested in your organization and see what more you have to offer
5. It will help consumers remember the name of your organization, which will allow them to connect with you more easily in dire times

Marketing in Healthcare Industry!

Promotional items should not be limited to product-based businesses only. When consumers are mentioned, it could be individual buying healthcare products, medicines, or a patient. These items can be given as an incentive to complete rehabilitation or specific health centers for discharged patients or a thank you gift for visiting the organization or clinic.

Other ways for marketing with this strategy can be attending events like sports functions, health fairs, community events, trade shows, conferences with other businesses, etc. In the circumstances, you can distribute the promotional products to engage more people in what you offer.

This will also help them recall your organization’s name when the time comes, especially if you avail items that are ingenious and will be helpful for people. You may want to choose promotional items you like and would use, but it is advised not to do so.

Every individual has different likes and perceptions of what is resourceful for them. It is, therefore, crucial to research the trends of the market based on what is currently in demand. You can go through promotional products that other organizations and businesses avail, and check if they would be relevant for your brand.

Finding a Distributor for Promotional Items!

Across the globe, there are more than thousands of promotional product distributors – some of them are independently owned on a small scale, some are large scale and operate on a higher level. Distributors are the backbone for the promotional products industry, as, without them, it would be nearly impossible to get good items for marketing.

They will help you find the products you are looking for and discuss how much you need them; depending on the availability of their resources and your budget, distributors will fix a price and time on when they can deliver the order.

Product samples are a mark of an experienced distributor. It allows you to test the quality and usefulness of the item you wish to invest in for marketing. You can go for word through the mouth sort of recommendation by contacting other businesses that you know who use promotional products. The majority of companies go for distributors in their locality to support their community.

When you go for distributors in your area, it becomes easier for transportation and helps you meet them in person and build a stronger connection for a long-term deal. You can search for distributors by doing a simple google search on what type of items you have finalized that you will require.

Promotional Item Terms…

In most of such promotional items, there are some standard terms that you require to know, which can be applied to healthcare promotional products.

  • Color: The shade in which your product is being given away is essential – you may think that it is not an important factor, but it increases the appeal of a product
  • Underrun and Overrun: This refers to the proper stitching done during imprinting to decrease the causality of defective products
  • Production time: It is imperative to consult with everyone involved in the making and deliverance of the promotional items, on the date due which you can receive your order
  • Artwork: It is crucial to provide proper artwork of the logo or design you need to be printed

As mentioned above, it will be helpful for you to get a product sample as proof of the quality and look of the promotional item. Ensuring that the order quantity has been appropriately set about how much you require is also essential.

Healthcare Promotional Product Suggestions!

You can never go wrong with certain promotional items that can be used for healthcare promotion as well, such as – pen, notebook, mousepad, bottle, keyring, fridge magnet, and more. Some ideas for popular healthcare promotional items are:

  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes
  • Sanitizer
  • Aromatherapy pack
  • Bandage dispenser
  • First-aid Kit
  • Stress ball, or exercise gym ball
  • Cooling gel
  • Duffel bag
  • Stopwatch
  • Jar gripper
  • [Towel ]()
  • Yoga Mat


These are a few of many items that are sure to increase the exposure and popularity of your brand name and be resourceful for the people who are at the receiving end of it.

How Effective Are Promotional Products For The Education Industry?

Establishments with the primary objective of providing education are comprised of the Education industry. But, what includes in the educational industry? Let’s understand this concept first.

Education Industry

These may be institutions for-profit, public or non-profit. They include elementary & secondary schools, colleges, and universities, departments of education, or ministries of education. Yet other categories of modern education include online academics, charter schools, corporate, educational support, and vocational centers.

While considering promotional products for these organizations, we need to focus on the teaching personnel. Junior or senior teachers instruct students; lecturers and professors recommend undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students at college and university levels. At vocational centers, instructors teach students technical skills.

Reasons for giving Promotional Products

The above factors play significant roles in determining promotion products for the education industry. At this juncture, we may consider various events that necessitate the distribution of the promotional product.

These events include National Library week, Teacher Application Week, Academic awards ceremonies, Bullying Prevention Month, School fundraising, fun for Field day, and stocking the school store. You can choose promotional products for volunteers, teachers, students, and administrative staff. The promotional products may be customized.

Events & Occasions

The educational establishments establish their brand image by imparting high-quality educational services. But they adopt an appropriate marketing strategy for reaching out to the students, college professor’s participants of sporting events, seminars, and first-year student’s orientation.

Promotional products having the power of enticing freebies can draw the attention of potential customers. The administration could be judged from a study that showed that 76% of the recipient of the promotional products could recall the company’s name distributing the freebies. On the other hand, only 53.5% of respondents were able to identify the advertiser seen in print media.

The existing customers of the recipients of the promotional products firstly have a feeling of psychological satisfaction that their dealings with the advertising company have drawn due recognition.

As a result, 75% repeat business is ensured. This may finally lead to brand loyalty as the clients will not switch to other clients. A survey conducted on the impact of promotional products reveals that 500% more referrals are generated because the referring person feels a sense of patronization for that particular brand. 55% of the surveyed persons retain the promotional items for more than one year.

For the Promotional Products to Be Effective

1: Utility Value

Pick up a product that has a utility value for the relevant recipient. You should consider if it is used only once or can be kept for a long time. If it is meant for students, think of a product that is helpful for their day-to-day life.

Here, you can differentiate for elementary, secondary, or high school students. You may pick up a piece of drinkware that includes has a printed message inside that advice on healthy eating or staying hydrated. Similarly, you can pick up a notebook for university students with calendar reminders.

2: Event-Focused

The products should be event-focused such as alumni events or orientations, fundraisers. The distributors should know what their clients want and the message they want to convey through the products. Having accessed these factors, the supplier of promotional products can take an informed decision.

The products may vary according to education levels and the categories of schools. At the same time, you should take care of the outside obvious. These include board gifts, recruitment, alumni networking events, open-house events, and enrolment giveaways.

3: Competitive Admission

Supplying promotional products to prestigious schools may be a competitive affair. You should be in a position to bid the school’s reputation, mainly if the schools are of more enormous regional or national importance.

You may face a significant challenge concerning price because numerous suppliers are bidding on each other. Your effort can be effective if you can set yourself apart creatively through supplier alliances. If there is a rush order, you must be able to get the products in time. Lead-time opportunities give an edge over competitors.

4: Benefits of Promotional Products

1. Increase the visibility of your brand

a. Freshmen orientation kits with more prominent space for writing
b. Welcome kits, with logos, brand, and message of your school and colleges
c. Goodies meant for annual cultural functions
d. Standard apparel wearable every day for school staff
e. Blazers and jackets for uniforms and special occasions
f. Certificates and awards for outstanding performances by teachers and students
g. Variety of stationery items that carry your logo, such as eraser, pencil, cutter, etc.
h. Computer and electronic gadgets
i. Laboratory apparatus carrying your logo
j. Bookmarks, bookstands, or pens
k. Trophies for Inter-school or inter-college sporting, academic or cultural competitions

2. Educational Giveaways for Marketing Strategies

a. Writing accessories
b. Drinkware
c. Notepad with sticky notes
d. Drawing backpack
e. Supply case
f. Highlighters
g. Masks
h. custom Hand Sanitizers
i. Barricade Cover
j. Disinfectant wipes

5: Digitalization

Parents and students expect a seamless online experience. Now that digital marketing is dominating the market of educational promotion products is becoming more complex and competitive. As a supplier of educational products, you need to evaluate the following factors regularly.

i.  Consider key timings: Irrespective of your budget, work on your marketing strategy, keeping in view the future candidates
ii.  Understand Social media: Students expect a strong presence on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik Tok. If you are present on these platforms, you can better understand your audience is looking out for. Accordingly, you can devise your promotional products that suit their taste.
iii.  Rank high on Google: Parents and students usually search on Google search engine. If you are on top of the search result, you can get good traffic to your website.
iv.  Make a multi-channel approach with your printed prospectus on your digital communications and promotional items. Join up your theme so that you make the best of your investment.
v.  Acquire some credibility by getting some positive testimonials from your past students.

How Can Promotional Products Help The Real Estate Industry In 2022?

Residential, industrial, and commercial segments of the real estate market contribute billions of dollars in annual income. For real estate experts, competition is fierce in such a large market.

Custom promotional materials are an excellent method to spread the word about real estate services. This one comes in at number eight among the top ten industries that buy promotional materials.

What exactly is a Promotional Product?

Promoting a company or a brand may be accomplished via promotional products. Many individuals turn to their respected real estate agents and others for items they may need in their everyday lives. When it comes to pleasing clients, gaining their confidence, and retaining them, promotional items are an old trick.

Pens, custom backpacks, calendars, travel mugs, caps, notebooks, sets of goods, etc., are some of the most frequent promotional products. This isn’t an all-inclusive list; things may be tailored to suit your specific job requirements. In light of everything we’ve learned about promotional items, we must grasp the significance of their use.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite best real estate promotional product for real estate professionals for housewarming presents or to say thank you. As a bonus, their clientele will be able to remember their name or company should they need them again in the future!

1. Key Ring Shaped Like a House: Giving a happy buyer the keys to a new house is a beautiful experience. This house-shaped keychain is a great way to remind your consumers to utilize these essential branding possibilities.

2. Culinary Tool for Making Pizza: You probably don’t feel like unpacking your kitchen supplies and starting a meal if you’ve just moved. That means it’s pizza time! Offer this stainless steel pizza cutter to real estate clients searching for a thoughtful present for their clients. It is guaranteed to see a lot of use at the kitchen table for many years to come.

3. A House-Shaped Gel bead Cold/Hot Pack: Moving may cause a lot of stress. This practical promotional item provides your customers with a low-cost yet long-term chance to promote them. Customers will keep this promotional item in their medicine cabinet for a long time. The marketer of a special offer that customers received in the previous two years may be remembered by 89% of consumers.

Using Them to Promote Your Business!

Businesses are now vying for client loyalty because of the digital revolution. It doesn’t have to be an all-out commercial campaign to have a better return on investment. As a result of how they influence the public, promotional items still have a high return on investment in marketing.

Consumers may still be impressed by brand items, per an ASI case study from 2019. According to the findings, consumers are roughly 2.5 times more likely to associate a brand’s actual items with favorable feelings than commercials. Furthermore, promotional materials might stay in the hands of the receiver for an average seven-month period of time. As long as your branded products are well-made and helpful to the intended audience, they may continue to generate impressions for your business.

Using Real Estate Marketing Products is a Good Idea for Several Reasons!

Promotional products may seem pointless at first glance, but there are many reasons and methods to back them up. Logically, you’d want to give certain advantages that your customers may readily and swiftly benefit from in a world constantly converting to digital methods. It’s always nice to have tangible promotional materials during trade fairs, exhibits, and other public events.

This will offer you an advantage and give your brand a personal touch. Additionally, they may be used in various scenarios, including direct mail and marketing. The following are some of the benefits of using promotional products:

  • It may assist you in raising your brand’s visibility and exposure

You may be surprised by how many advertisements you view in a day. How long do you think you’ll remember any of them? Is the product or company the ad was promoting appealing to you? Possibly not! There are a lot of people who do. The product advertised here is likely to be a factor in determining the outcome.

This has become a recurring theme. As a result, realtors who operate in a fast-paced environment might consider employing real estate promotional materials. These make an indelible impression on potential consumers and clients about your job and presence. These things make it easier for others to remember you and your work, which may significantly impact your career chances.

  • Secondly, it might assist in building consumer trust

When you’re merely advertising yourself and your job via promotional items and gifts, you shouldn’t anticipate any form of reciprocation from your potential clients and consumers. On the other hand, promotional items foster a sense of familiarity and trust with your brand, encouraging customers to return. When these individuals need your services or refer you to others, it’s a good bet that they’ll turn to you.

  • Enhance your talks with potential customers with the aid of this tool!

To begin, most individuals distribute business cards so that others they meet may use them to get in touch with them later if the need arises. However, business cards might be misplaced or mixed up with other individuals.

If this is the case, promotional items may save the day and serve as a terrific conversation starter. Customers may be interested in learning how your job is related to the product or how you do things. This makes it easier for them to get to know you and, as a result, helps you out even more.

  • Your marketing materials will last longer if you do this

Your marketing plan will endure a long period based on the life of your promotional goods. As an example, you may hand them a calendar to your customers, and they’ll likely glance at it many times before deciding whether or not to contact you.

People will learn about your company and your brand, increasing the likelihood that they’ll use your products or services in the future. Other long-lasting goods, like calendars, may extend the life of your marketing materials by a full year.

  • It will allow you to connect with a new demographic

It’s not only about keeping consumers and spreading the word to new ones; promotional items are a terrific way to communicate with a new audience. It’s possible for a new client who spots the reusable bags you’ve handed out to your present customers to get in touch with you. It’s impossible to think of a single usage for promotional materials.


As a real estate agent, promotional materials help you maintain your brand and yourself current and up-to-date. They’ll help you stand out more since they provide a personal touch and tangible reminders of your dedication and hard work that others may utilize.

If you want to be at the top of your game, promotional items are just what you need. Your brand or Real Estate Company may benefit from this, and you may even be able to market your business more widely. In addition, this will aid you in your endeavors and offer value to your efforts.

How Are Promotional Items For Marketing Highly Useful?

A promotional product, or maybe a few, can be found everywhere. This marketing product is increasingly widespread in today’s culture, allowing firms to get significant views at a relatively nominal cost. To some extent, this is because these promotional gifts are accessible to the receiver.

Promotional items in the U.s have been around since the late 19th century. When they were first introduced, the first firm to create these items opened the door to use promotional products as an advertising and marketing strategy.

Today’s companies and organizations have figured out how to get the most bangs for their marketing buck by using promotional products. Since then, the marketing promotional items have risen at a breakneck pace. According to the Promotional Products Association International, this market generates more than $23 billion in yearly sales (PPAI).

What is the Purpose of Promotional Products?

Promotional goods are objects that may be branded and given out to clients and other parties as a form of advertising. Promotional goods have permeated every facet of contemporary business, from garments to office supplies to kitchenware. Latent impressions may be left on prospective consumers over time, allowing them to become more acquainted with a company’s name and goods.

Prospective students may be issued a t-shirt or drawing implemented with the school’s logo during a campus tour. They may be found almost wherever in modern culture. Custom t-shirt cannons shoot promotional items into the crowd during sporting and entertainment events. On occasion, a “swag bag” containing company-branded things likes a notepad, water bottle, or cap is given to new workers. A USB charger or a drawstring bag is common giveaways from trade fair sponsors.

There are innumerable instances of how businesses may benefit from promotional and marketing items when taken as a whole. In addition, corporations have a great deal of say in how promotional products are used to boost sales.

We have previously discussed a few of the reasons why firms throughout the globe rely on promotional materials. Promo items are an effective way for businesses to market themselves and increase in size, in our opinion. There are four reasons why promoting goods could be beneficial to your company that we’ll cover in-depth. Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit of giving out promotional items printed with your company names, such as totes, mousepads, or bespoke face masks.

Boost Brand Recognition

In the first place, small companies may benefit from promotional gifts and other products to promote themselves to new prospective clients and consumers. To increase the efficiency of their marketing initiatives, corporations use promotional freebies and swag boxes that are meticulously prepared.

The Advertising Specialty Society (ASI) recently completed research on 2019 ad impressions, and one of the key findings was that the great majority of recipients of promotional items recall the advertiser. With garments and gadgets being the most recognizable swag, 85% of the world’s customers would remember being given a product by an advertiser.

Engage with Your Staff Members

We firmly understand the power of marketing materials because they help foster relationships between employers and workers while increasing customer loyalty to a particular brand.

If a firm invests in solid company gifts, it’s simpler for workers to connect with it and feel valued when they get thoughtful, helpful presents from their employer. More than half of the American workforce would remain with a firm that provides its workers with branded goods, according to the Promotional Items Association International (PPAI).

Repeatedly Promoting Your Brand is a Great Way to Build Brand Awareness

Promotional items increase brand awareness by reiterating the company’s message. This implies that even if you’re not proactively talking to your audience about your brand, they’re still interacting with it via the use of an object that conveys your message. It’s as simple as handing out a personalized coffee cup or conference swag when greeting someone at a trade show.

Even after the conference, that individual will still have a memento of your company’s presence. After the event is finished, they’ll have a product that will serve as a constant reminder of your company’s name.

As an alternative, even if your company was not remotely located, you may have had to change how your staff operates in 2019 and 2020. Your workers are likely to associate your firm with a desk accessory if you provide them with a work-from-home kit and offer them a reminder of the organization they work for in a meaningful manner.

Keep Your Audience Interested and Committed to Your Brand

Keeping your audience interested and loyal is another reason why promotional materials are so vital – and so valuable to your company. When it comes to interacting with your workers and building brand awareness, this is a straightforward answer.

Promotional items may be practical marketing tools that help you build long-term relationships with your customers and a pleasant brand experience for your customers. As a result, you’ll have a devoted client base that will continue to support you, give your company recommendations, and many other excellent advantages when you stop employing any strategies that don’t supply your viewers with value and instead provide them what they need.

We’ve come to the end of our discussion on the importance of promotional merchandise. We hope you’ll be pleased to learn about more popular promotional goods for companies of all sizes.


The industry, organization, and recipient all play a role in determining the finest promotional materials. Marketing goods should be aligned with an organization’s strategy, branding, and commercial approach. A well-executed promotional product may impact the customer long after receiving the item.

The bulk of the most popular and successful marketing promotional items are clothes and another wearable. Any firm may use these promotional goods, regardless of industry, which is undoubtedly a factor in their popularity.

When it comes to making a lasting impact on customers, everything they can put on their person from bags and bags to headwear and clothing like caps, t-shirts, and jackets usually does well. In addition to garments and accessories, there are nearly limitless promotional things firms might choose.

9 Top-Trending Promotional Product Ideas For Real Estate Industry In 2021!

The real estate industry contributes significantly to the revenue generation in industrial, residential, and commercial sectors. The major stakeholders in the real estate business are homeowners, investors, and renters. Real estate agents are the persons to undertake these promotional activities. To get an edge over your competitors, you must establish a good personal relationship with all the stakeholders. There is no better method than to offer them house- warming and eye-catching gifts. The following are the 9 top trending promotional products. The real estate promotional items are handy, affordable, and useful, customized, and display your company’s particulars.

1. Housewarming Kit Bundle

The kit contains a 100% tote bag, 100% cotton apron, two quilted cotton canvas Potholders, 6″ Bag clips, and 7-in 1 Party Buddy, Cutting Board in a protective sleeve, Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener. The tote bags come in orange, Royal Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, and Navy. The Big Clip comes in solid, white, and Translucent Blue. The potholders and Apron come in colors of Royal Blue, black, red, or natural. All the items have a Skill Screen imprint. You get the following Imprint Areas: Tote Bag: 8″ W x 8″ H, Apron: 6″ H x 4″ H, Bag Clip: 3″ H x 1/2″, Cutting board sleeve 4″ W x 3″ H.

2. 129 Pieces Household Tool Set

The most commonly used tools come in a blow-molded case of 10-5/8″ H x 8-7/8″ Wx 2-1\4″ D.

  • Fastener Kits: 80 Numbers
  • Bits: 20 Numbers
  • Metric Hex Keys: 8 Numbers
  • Imperial Hex Keys: 8 Numbers
  • Screw Drivers: 4 Numbers
  • Crimping Tool 8″: 1 Number

Other tools include Diagonal Pliers 6″, Nose Pliers 6″, Screwdriver Handle, and 6″ Adjustable Wrench, hammer, knife, PVC Tape, and 8″ level. You get an imprint area of ¾” H x 1-7/8′ W on the center of the tool case.

3. House Clip Magnet

Held to a magnetic surface, this magnetic clip holds every kind of paper and documents. The black rubber grip on the roof comes with green, blue, white, and red colors. Whether as an outright buyer or a renter, a new occupier of the home will find such a gift most useful for clipping and preserving the recently acquired documents. Your clients can retain their business cards on their customers’ fridges that serve as a reminder of their business or as a referral for passing on to friends and family. The magnetic characteristics of the clip make it innovative and worth-possessing.

4. Arrow Yard Sign 24″ x 17-½”

An arrow sign is the indicator of a direction of a particular location. Real estate promotional products based on this concept make your clients quickly aware of your message. An arrow sign is die-cut on a standard, lightweight, durable rectangular corrugated vinyl of 4 mm thickness. These are available in custom shapes. While one side is imprinted with high-quality waterproof ink, your message is printed on the other side. You have the option of getting “H”-shaped metal yard stakes and brass grommets.

5. Customized Key Chains

Key chains are constant companions of people. They need key chains for homes, cars, bikes, drawers, offices, and cash-box and tool bags. Most people tend to dangle keyrings to pass on their extra energy. This creates constant visibility for your business, imprinted on it. Thus, while the key chains serve your clients’ utility, they advertise your real estate logo. Key chains made of metal are more durable and can be retained by your clients for a longer period. Promotional key chains are available in various shapes such as house-shaped, stress-ball, measuring tape. You can put the logo of your organization on both sides of the imprinting areas.

6. Home and Office Products

There are wide ranges of office and home products that can draw the attention of customers. It is not only the price of the products that impress your clients. Rather, it is the specific utility they get suiting their requirement. After choosing the products, you can put your logo and brand message on them. You may choose a house-shaped bank, stress balls, mouse pads, T-shirts, umbrellas, bag clips, and so on. The main advantage of home or office products as real estate promotional products is that your brand gets visibility, increasing its marketability.

7. Customized Power Bank

There may not probably be a single moment when a user of a Smartphone without it. And imagine his predicament if the power is fully discharged and an urgent call is required to be made. It will be your best decision to select a customized Power Bank as a real estate promotional item. It would help if you gave particular attention to the style and design of the power bank. Your real estate clients may then prefer to carry it while traveling. They then pass on the message of your brand to other prospective customers.

8. Multi-Purpose Phone Wallets

People keep money in their wallets because it is their frequently needed item, particularly when they are out of the home. Mobile phones are required all the time. Simultaneously, in the present-day busy life, there is every possibility of the Smartphone being misplaced or forgotten. Therefore, a Multi-purpose phone Wallet will be one of the best real estate promotional items. It will serve other purposes: putting cash, business cards, credit cards, and ID cards. While using the wallets, the user exposes the visibility of your real estate logo.

9. Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set

This gift set is one of the most popular real estate promotional products. To make and have your popcorn while watching a movie is fun, worth memorable. The set is kept in a natural cotton reusable tote bag with your log on it. Verified Popcorn kernels are packed within along with Popcorn Popper. Various flavors include White Cheddar, Chili Lime, and spicy Sriracha.

Real Estate business needs a personal relationship with customers, both before and after the sale deeds are performed. Therefore, real estate promotional products have very important roles to play both in the short term and the long term.

Benefits Of Using Promotional Items For A Successful Business!

The usage of business promotional products can help businesses increase their brand recognition, generate leads, and build consumer loyalty, among other things. What looks to be a specific promotional item such as a branded bag, mug, or t-shirt is a brilliant and effective advertising strategy.

Instead of simply being “things,” these are tools that will assist your company is expanding and being relevant in the thoughts of customers. Extensive market research and an in-depth understanding of your target audience are essential components of developing an effective promotional item plan.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that promotional products and branded merchandise have considerable advantages over other forms of advertising. According to recent research, the following are the top eight advantages. Why are promotional materials so often used to advertise companies and businesses? It is because of their popularity among marketers.



Using promotional products has several advantages, and we’ll go over a number of them in this article; find here:

1. Promotional Products cover a wide range of consumers

Using promotional products is an excellent method to get your message out to a large audience. While traditional types of advertising such as television commercials and billboards are intangible, promotional gifts act as constant reminders of your company’s existence. Between one and ten promotional items are owned by 80 percent of consumers, and 50 percent use them regularly.

It is also worth noting that promotional products, rather than a catchy song or creative campaign, are a simple yet effective way to leave a lasting impact on people. Personalized pens and mugs are typical examples of these kinds of promotional giveaways. Once you see or read an ad, your interaction with the brand is gone.

After receiving a promotional item, consumers may remember a brand’s name for two years. Compared to other forms of advertising, this is incredibly low-cost; nevertheless, we’ll get to the statistics in a moment.

2. They have a real staying power

Consumers do keep promotional items, as evidenced by the data. As an illustration, consider the prevalence of magnetic refrigerator magnets, workplace calendars, and USB flash drives in business traveler’s bags. As compared to past kinds of advertising, this one has a much greater ability to engage with customers and provide value.

Only 15% of recipients return promotional gifts, according to studies. The remaining 85%? Either way, your company’s name, and message get out there more. Furthermore, here are some other unique data to back up this: In the kitchen, 91 percent of consumers have promotional products, 74 percent in the office, and 55 percent in the bedroom. Individuals do keep promotional products, as evidenced by these statistics.

3. Promotional Products have a long lifespan

The more valuable a promotional item is, the more likely it will be preserved and used regularly. This means that the ad’s message is more likely to stick in mind than a glance at an ad in a magazine or a quick dismissal of a leaflet.

BPMA members rated “usefulness” as the most significant feature of promotional gifts in their 2017 poll. It is more likely that a product’s branding will be observed when used frequently, and this effect is heightened when the product is stored for a long time.

4. Many people may see promotional Products

We’ve discussed how promotional materials attract, enthrall, and retain customers. The likelihood of seeing a promotional item in action is multiplied by the average time it is kept. As a result of wearing or using your branded goods, you become a brand ambassador and assist extend your reach (whatever you have branded).

As a result, public items are more visible. 6,000 imprints per garment! Bags still make 3,000 impressions (and are significantly less expensive as promotional items than coats, making them a highly valued promotional item)—T-shirts and caps average 3,400 images. Each pen imprints roughly 3,000. No wearable is required for maximum impressions.

5. They reward customer loyalty

Customers appreciate it when businesses give those presents to say “thank you” for their business and strengthen ties with them. The BPMA found that customer recognition was the second most prevalent application for promotional material. In contrast, the PPAI found that 83% of those surveyed stated they were more likely to do business with firms that had given them promotional products.

6. There is a wide variety of Promotional Products

Promotional items are appealing because of their wide range of shapes. Branded things range from inexpensive pens to cutting-edge technology. So there’s something for every budget and occasion.

Premium products are great for advertising high-end businesses or giving corporate gifts in small quantities; whereas, entry-level goods are best for large-scale campaigns since the things are more likely to be thought disposable. With current technology breakthroughs, practically any surface may be digitally printed, whether by transfer film, doming, or direct digital printing.

7. They increase resonance

With branded items, firms can establish an emotional connection with their customers. People in the PPAI Consumer Study reported that they were delighted to get promotional products. As a result, 83% of those polled said that their perceptions of a brand had been improved.

To increase the likelihood of a customer buying into and developing a positive brand perception, it is essential to establish emotional resonance.

8. They are tactile

This is a more subjective than objectively measurable argument. Still, we can all agree that a tangible product is more enticing and leaves a lasting impression than a transient printed image or onscreen advertisement. People enjoy holding tactile objects, and haptic media wonderfully fits this category.


Business promotional products could be a gold mine for your marketing strategy if you know where to look. An excellent approach to integrating your brand into people’s daily lives is known as “stickers.” Compared to a 30-second commercial (assuming the viewer doesn’t just click through it), a magnet, pen, or t-shirt can be used for up to a year before being recycled and given to a new owner.

It may come as a surprise to individuals who have not previously heard that promotional products are a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising strategies. They are well-liked by consumers, and they are effective.

Attract More Patients With Healthcare Promotional Products In 2022!

Healthcare is one of the most important requirements in life, especially in this day and age when even a little mishap may result in a big medical bill that is out of reach for most people without any viable means of payment; however, given the importance of coronavirus in our lives, its relevance becomes much more compelling.

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our family safe, even if it means spending more money than we had planned. The best extra incentives you may acquire from this sale are little healthcare promotional products that may prove to be important in the long term. These are the best additional incentives you can receive, but guess what’s better? It’s like the cherry on the cake when you receive them as free promotional products.

Promotional Products for the healthcare industry may have a significant impact. You may use the correct swag products to engage your brand in distinctive ways, from rewarding frontline workers to developing inventive methods of keeping staff and patients safe.

For healthcare marketing, it’s important to set you apart from everyone else and avoid employing the same inexpensive promotional materials as others. Your health and wellness company’s promotional items would be more memorable, helpful, and effective if they were designed with that purpose in mind from the start.

What does healthcare marketing rely on?

The only way to stay on top of the market is to keep up with and remain one step ahead of your competitors, which is not always easy. If you want your company to succeed, you must invest money in traditional and digital advertising. This will help you build your firm, popularize your brand, and create leads. It makes more sense to cover all of your marketing bases in this digital era and not to be conservative with your marketing decisions.

We well understand the importance of standing out in a crowd. While all of this is fine, it will be much better if your patients receive the care they require from you. If you’ve already made a name for yourself in your field, these are some more trade techniques. When you’re in a good position to compete, it makes sense to attempt your best. It is equally crucial to have a product that distinguishes your company from the competition.

What are the proper healthcare promotional products in 2022?

Your style and promotional items reflect your company’s quality, whether you’re choosing them to show appreciation for employees, attract customers, or generate referrals. So, what are the best health care products to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace while also boosting employee morale? Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Double-wall Tumbler

Healthcare professionals are always on the go. Getting a glass of water isn’t something they can frequently do. This double-walled stainless steel custom promotional tumbler is a great way to keep your people hydrated and content at all times.

It can keep beverages cold for 12 hours and hot for seven hours… In addition, it comes with a metal straw for easy drinking.

2. Mega Power Bank

In the healthcare industry, there’s never a quiet moment. In most cases, these aren’t folks who sit in their cubicles all day and wait for their devices to charge. That’s why we’re such big fans of this power bank.

It allows workers to be productive at all times without tethering them to their desks. Even a tablet may be charged at the same time with this charger.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stylus Pen

In hospitals, germs may spread quickly and easily. Showing your company’s concern for its employees and patients by providing them with branded clothing is a good first step. This pen is ideal when you need a rapid dose of hand sanitizer.

Nurses or doctors who are constantly monitoring unwell patients would find this useful. The sanitizer’s shelf life can be extended by restocking it.

4. Stress Buster Ball

It’s impossible to avoid the stress of the workplace. Things may get hot and quick in the medical industry as well. Nothing is exciting about stress balls. It’s a rubber ball filled with gel beads and topped with a soft lemon emoticon or other fruits you prefer.

An excellent approach to stimulate and encourage peers or patients while also providing a nice way to alleviate stress is to use this technique. You may also get your company’s logo to appear on the tag of the stress ball.

5. Polyester Mask Purse

Everyone at a medical facility must wear a face mask. Patients and even doctors still use masks in the medical field, more so after the brae of the pandemic. The “mask keeper” is a convenient way to store everyone’s face masks close to reaching.

Plastic bulldog clips on the 16-in polyester rope hold your mask in place but out of your way when you’re doing something more important.

Why do these small things matter?

Patients’ expectations of a good healthcare experience have shifted as retail models for healthcare have evolved due to shorter waiting times, more flexible systems for scheduling appointments, and much easier access to doctors and medicine.

Your services and products may be outdated, and it may be time to make some changes to your clinic or hospital to keep up with the times. For your patients, even the smallest shifts in how you provide healthcare may make a big difference.

You must investigate suitable innovative technology, other systems you may prefer, and procedures to reduce waiting time in the healthcare business. It is of utmost importance to improve your website’s usability by adding intuitive navigation and the ability to schedule events easily online.

Ensure that your receptionists receive regular training. Even if it’s just a tiny amount, incorporate tele-health. If you cannot provide this as the main service, consider using a service like Spruce that allows patients to text or for them to talk to doctors directly in case of emergency follow-ups, etc.



It is possible to locate a wide selection of healthcare-related promotional materials, whether you’re looking for creative methods to express gratitude to staff or want to activate your company’s brand. Choosing items that emphasize and support your goals and ideas is vital.

Products that promote healthy living and keep recipients happy and healthy benefit any company. We hope this article helped you narrow down your choices and manage your expectations, and all you can by as healthcare promotional products that are the best for your company’s value and your employees.

7 Different Types of Promotion in marketing

Promotional strategies have developed over time in order to be able to create the space you’ve always wanted for your business. By creating communication between the seller and the buyer, promotional activities are quite useful for a business’ growth. Depending on the promotional strategy that you find appropriate for your business’ growth, you can choose to go for general advertising through posters with the help of Stamford’s printing services or social media marketing with the help of portals like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every promotional strategy is formed as the outcome of a mix of a few different types of promotions. Based on the outcome you’re hoping to receive out of the plan, you need to work out the best strategy for you. The 7 different types of promotions in marketing :

Personal Selling

The very first form of promotion. With the help of person to person conversation, products and services are sold with the help of persuasion through either phone calls or face to face interaction of a company’s representative with a consumer. While cars and office equipment are sold through telemarketing, call centers are the perfect example of inbound marketing.

Digital Promotions

All forms of promotion found on the internet are part of digital promotions. Online advertisements through SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, etc. are all part of digital promotion. Although these tend to be cheaper and faster to create, the impact created by this form of promotion can take time to be impactful.

Public Relations

The maintenance of a public image with the help of non-paid media is known as the process of performing promotion with the help of public relations. Press releases are the most common method of announcing news, however, it isn’t the only way. These help in protecting, enhancing or even rebuilding the reputations of an individual, company or brand.


Sponsorships are some of the most common forms of promotions. Every public event is supported mainly by sponsorships. In a sponsorship, a company provides resources and money for an event or to an individual in order to receive publicity and advertising for the same. These are a great way of taking up ‘paid ads’ to the next level since you are able to get the credibility of a celebrity through the same. For example, if a new and upcoming brand were to sponsor David Beckham, their sales would easily reach millions the next day.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotions follow the process of limited time offers, which tend to leave the customer in a position where they need to take immediate action. These include giveaways and sales, which leave customers tiptoeing throughout the process. Whether it’s a free item or an item on sale, most customers are likely to be attracted to a sale if they are shown that they need to pay less than the original price. Too many of these can ruin the excitement, so you should know your limit too. Companies like Optamark Graphics help in getting the best of all promotional products in order to assure that you get the quality you want for the price point that you set. As a screen printing franchise, they can help you get any and every design you need on the product of your choice.

Direct Marketing

While following through with a promotional strategy of direct marketing, the company reaches out to its potential clients by itself. With the help of emails and other forms of media, the company can inform the client about their ongoing offers and promotional details, etc.

General Advertising

General advertisements place brands on common ground. Without concentrating on simply one company, with the help of mass media like newspapers, magazines, TV spots, and billboard posters, several companies can get within the eye of the public with the help of general advertisements. Though these are not targeted, these can help with brand awareness on a more widespread scale.

There are a lot of different ways to combine the different types of promotions in order to make the most out of your strategy. Depending on your targeted audience and what you’re hoping to receive out of the plan of action, you can pair up 2 or even all 7 strategies to get your business recognized.

6 Ways Promotional Products Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy!

It may sound strange to digest the fact that promotional products play a big role in improving a business’s marketing strategy. How is it feasible that these products imprinted with just the company name and logo can add stars to the marketing strategy and scale the business’s profits? But it is true!

These promotional products are a powerful marketing tool. They can add to the useful marketing strategy that you can think of. To know in detail, let us go through the six ways promotional products can improve your marketing strategy:

1.Connect with Customers Effectively!

Brand awareness of the company is necessary. Nowadays, a company cannot think of running a business without proper marketing and executing it efficiently. Advertising through promotional products is a wise approach to create brand awareness among the customers. These products are cheap but offer great value, unlike the traditional marketing channels like television, radio, magazines, etc.

The customers actively use promotional products such as face masks, custom printed t-shirts and outwears, USB drives, etc. These products usually remain near the customer. Moreover, these products normally last for more than a year. Therefore, the probability of recalling the brand name is high.

As per the research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76.2% of people who got promotional products in the past twenty-four months were able to recall the genuine product, the brand name, and the message correlated with the promotional products. This information is undoubtedly perfect proof of the efficiency of the promotional products.

2.Grows Business Sales!

When customers use a promotional product and find it useful, they are curious to know more about the company and its products. The company logo and the message of the company also persuade them to explore company products. The promotional products act as perfect bait to attract potential customers and form a sales relationship with them for the long term. If the company has worked well in distributing the promotional products, they will surely get the return in the form of a boost in sales.

As per a survey conducted by PPAI, 52% of the recipient of the promotional product engaged in further business with the advertiser. With such a favorable number, it is quite evident that marketing through promotional products works!

3.Creates Favorable Conviction!

It is a known fact that people love to avail of goods or services for free. And to run a business for the long term, every business needs to establish its goodwill in the market. That’s why companies have followed the notion of offering free bait to the customers to attract their potential customers.

With the increase in competition, companies need to offer those products for free, providing them useful service. The free bait is ultimately the basis of forming a long-term relationship with potential customers. If they like the free products, they will surely come back to purchase more products from the company. Otherwise, they will throw the product on the dustbin.

Promotional products are something that the consumers are bound to use. If they use the product and find the product useful, they develop a positive outlook towards the company naturally.

As per the research conducted by PPAI, 52.1% of promotional product recipients have an optimistic sentiment towards the company. With such great numbers, no company would like to miss the golden opportunity of including promotional products in their marketing strategy.

4.Widens the Potential Customers’ Reach!

The promotional products’ reachability is not limited to the consumers and the people the consumer comes across while using the products. Every impression of the promotional product adds to the beneficial marketing strategy of the company.

As people notice the company’s brand name or logo through promotional products, they get curious to know more about the company. They may ask their loved ones or search online about the company. Moreover, suppose the promotional products offer valuable value to the user. In that case, they will surely recommend the company products to others either through one-on-one conversation or by posting rave reviews online. Every reviews or recommendation widen the potential customer reach.

According to a study conducted by PPAI, 55% of the receiver of promotional products retains the products for more than twelve months. With such a huge number and period, the table of brand exposure number grows significantly. The prospects of getting such a huge brand exposure with low investment are always an efficient marketing strategy.

5.Economical and Budget-Friendly!

Before the introduction of the modern marketing strategy, companies used to follow traditional marketing channels. These channels include mediums such as television, radio, magazines, etc. These channels were expensive as compared to the return or sales they bring.

The companies used to invest more to increase the impression. However, with the opportunity of modern marketing channels through promotional products, the companies can generate high sales without investing much.

As per the 2014 Global Advertising Specialist Impression Impressions Study conducted by Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products have a lesser cost-per-impression in the United States than the conventional channels of advertising such as magazine advertisements, radio, or television commercials.

6.People like Promotional Products!

This reason may seem simple, but it is powerful. The customers like to have promotional products. According to research supervised by PPAI, 83% of the American people agreed that they like to receive promotional products. Moreover, 75.4% of the people like to own a promotional product because they find it useful.

The companies have a fair chance to convert those promotional product users to their regular customers. When you provide useful value for free, the prospective users will naturally return to do more business with the company. Offering promotional products for free and then converting the users to your consumer is always a better option than directly cold pitching the consumers to buy your product.


The business world is dynamic. To compete in the market, companies need to follow the trend and maximize the opportunity. The use of promotional products as a marketing strategy is undoubtedly a wise approach.

10 Highly Inspiring Giveaways For Professionals In 2022!

Giveaways are promotional items and carry human emotion along with them. They are the striking chord for encouraging entries. Consumers want feel-good emotions and instant gratification.

Why Giveaways?

Professionals are more likely to have more innovative and sophisticated items. They recall the companies by the names and logos over them. The following are the main benefits of giveaways.

  • Brand awareness
  • Community Building
  • Increased sales
  • Improvement of your position on SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Giveaways don’t imply some prized items to fashionable items to be given away occasionally. Mainly, if they are meant for professionals, they should be kept in mind that they are impressive, eye-catching, and worth possessing. The planned giveaways must emphasize the promotion of your products or services.

Virtual conferences and corporate gift boxes have enhanced the trends of promotional corporate giveaways. Delight your customer with high-quality professional promotional products as listed below.

1: Desktop Vacuum, Crumble

The priority of working professionals is the cleanliness that could be taken care of in a miniature vacuum in a diminutive size named Crumble. The vacuum is wireless and can be held precisely within your hand. Recipients will like to use this product on daily basis for cleaning their documents, and working desks.

It is designed to rotate 360° and reach remote and tight corners. Powered by AA batteries, it offers a life of 100 minutes. When the vacuum is filled, you can empty the contents by popping off the bottom.

2: Snack Cube

This gummy cube is a safe, safe, and hygienic container of snacks offered to attendees in the trade shows. While the trade show activities are progressing, attendees could enjoy the pleasure of edibles without having to engage their hands.

The remaining snacks in the cube remain protected from germ-filled hands. The cube is well-designed and nicely printed. The 2.3-inch sized cube is worth possessing for reuse for containing other edibles. It showcases the brand of your logos and has snacks of your choice.

3: Mindfulness Box

Every professional in an office will search for a mindfulness box after consistent and stressful workdays on debit & credit on your ERP or Tally. What you need is the delicious and healthy snack items of your choice. They can nourish their body with quality ingredients.

The lunch box provides only that much of the well-prepared and nourished goods that you require. Professionals need to take time to meet their deadlines. With a pocket journal, they can scribble the essential features.

4: Tommy’s Margarita. PATRON

You will have fun with this DIY kit by adding a little buzz. This particular mix has become popular because of its celebratory and warm flavor. The ingredients contained in the kits are homemade agave nectar, lime juice, and silver PATRON.

The kits contain instructions for making the jigger for measuring the cocktail, plastic cups of ideal sizes, and the exact way of mixing the drinks. While blowing off some steam, the cocktail kicks the feet up.

5: Branded Journal

Despite rising technology, professionals still use notebooks and planners for jotting down their daily professional activities. Retailers like Michaels and Target have established this trend by increasing their production. A combo of a journal and a pen nicely fitted to it will be an excellent attraction for professionals.

With a hardcover bound, the journal has an elastic closure. A color-matching pen loop along with a ribbon page marker with your logo or a message will be a great gift for professionals.

6: Water Bottle, Customized

It is a staple for tradeshow giveaways. Attendees of tradeshows need something premium, which the 18/8 stainless steel water custom bottle will fulfill. It is both durable and sturdy. The insulated threaded lead is designed to maintain the coolness of the beverages.

Because of the powered coated finish, the bottles are of pop colors such as navy, white, red, black, storm, and gray. For personalizing the same, you can print your log, name, and message with the glitz option of imprint.

7: Stress Ball, Customized

The stress buster is a stress ball that will make your giveaway stand out from other items because of its unique utility. It is designed to look like an emoji or an avocado. It is made from thermostatic rubber balls and is filled with gel-filled beads.

When the beads inside are squeezed, it gives a messaging feels drawing your attention to the message. Virtual sitting is sure to create stress. The buster keeps the participants engaged. During the Zoom calls, the ideal hands are busy. Print your logos through pad print technology.

8: Stylus Pen

A pen gives shape to your thoughts and can also be the perfect giveaway for tradeshows. A pen is not just a pen-like an ordinary pen. It is their constant companion. The clip, the body, the flow of ink, the writing portion to hold it are various features that make a pen perfect giveaway for professionals.

The stylish metallic pen helps your brand activation. Silver ring accents adorn the soft touch. You can choose from three colors: silver, gold, and gunmetal.

9: Mental Wealth Box

This curated box of 4×6 items gives tools and practical activities for finding their mental journey. Each pack contains journals, essential, oils yoga techniques, meditation, herbal tea, and educational books for healthy growth.

These elements could fight depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental challenges.

10: Wooden Rocker Board

It is meant for sport-loving professionals and is the best for maintaining physical fitness and helps in improving physical fitness. Hence as a giveaway, they will like it the most. The rocker board made of wood will suit their requirement.

11: Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This is a gift to your professionals for rejuvenation of body and mind. There is no need of any pointed acupressure needles. Your professional will need it just for a nap as it is covered with linen. You can sleep on it by putting your back on the protruded plastic points…

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A tool for the perfection of your user onboarding.
A tool that is very simple to handle and prepare modals and tips to prompt the right in-app experience to the users at their different stages of the journey. The design and the interface are very much eye-appealing and friendly to use.

Create your best-affiliated program
FristPrompter not only helps you to create the best-affiliated program within minutes but also allows the SaaS companies to track and manage their referral-based optimal marketing programs easily.

Best Analytical tools for your problem-solving

Road to interpretation!
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A high tech calendar for your business!
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Fe International
They aim at cultivating long-term relationships and to deliver safe and successful deals to different investors and clients. they will provide you the best price for your SaaS. You will be provided a free evaluation on the amount you will get paid from selling your product online!

The Evolution of Print – Why It Still Stands in 2020

The world is going through a technological revolution and shifting all kinds of processes online. Whether it be local governments, businesses, or even entire states, the online world is the future of how everything will be run. Artificial intelligence is bumping up its presence, while cloud computing and online communication apps are becoming essential goods.

Given the extent to which technology is making the world a better place, it is common knowledge to think that things from the old world are obsolete and no longer have a place. This is visible in the way most print media has been phased out in favor of digital marketing services and other online platforms. Social media is now a giant force that plays into the success of a business. However, print still has its applications in today’s world—just not in the usual ways that it used to be.

The Use of Print Has Evolved

While fliers are not exactly effective as a tool for physical marketing for a business, print has evolved to serve a different purpose. Not everyone will want to hold on to a large flier while walking around, but it has been found that in certain cases, print has a significant impact.

In the form of business cards, brick-and-mortar store signs, and optional flyers people can take, print can be used to showcase the best practices of a business and add contact information. Newspaper ads and magazines may not be around as often anymore, but with smaller pieces of information that people can take with them, these have a chance to have better reach.

People can pass on photos of a business card when someone is searching for a specific service, or even pass the flyer they received on to a relative. The print industry is still a great way to remind people that they receive pieces of information and that it can be passed onto others easily.

Avoiding Print Is Bad for Business

The field of business means exhausting all feasible options in the efforts to extend reach. This means utilizing digital marketing techniques and other kinds of advertising methods. For international businesses and online retailers, print marketing products may not be a need, but local brick-and-mortar businesses can still benefit.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of print media depends on a business and their target market. Businesses that operate locally and have physical locations can do well with graphic design elements for print. Additionally, depending on what the business sells, print elements can be made to showcase a menu or catalog with a price list and contact numbers for easier transactions.

Overall, the thing to remember is that almost all people will understand the old world methods of physical print over the growing number of people using the internet. Print meets the needs of all clients, young and old, meaning that having good designs for your cards and signs is inclusive in terms of marketing and development.

Print Designs Have to Be Well Thought Out

It goes without saying that when doing anything to make money, the product has to look professional and visually appealing. This means that a quick design done on the paint application on your computer may be okay for conceptualizing, but the finished product must be done by a professional. Any design needs to be well thought out to ensure that it piques people’s interests and makes them want to learn more about your business.

Think about the goals you have set for your business because these will determine the foundations of your designs made. As part and parcel of branding, design elements will be the tool that brings your business to the top, so be sure to invest in professional graphic design services.


Print forms of media are still popular when it comes to the marketing and advertising scheme of any business. Just like every other kind of business element in the 21st century, these have evolved significantly and have a different kind of impact on modern enterprise operations. By investing in good graphic design for thoughtful projects, better returns on investments, and overall marketing reach are achievable.

Optamark Graphics is the premier brand management company that focuses on consistency and brand integrity as the foundation of graphic design for businesses. With better web-to-print procedures, your business will have more thoughtful designs made to expand reach and visibility. Contact us to know more about building your branded storefront.

3 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Way Brands Market

If you want your brand or product to be a success, you should ask the millennials. Millennials are now taking over the market. According to a 2019 report, millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest living adult generation living today. That means they comprise a substantial percentage of the consumer market today, and they now have the biggest purchasing power.

Before you make any business move, you should consider this generation’s thoughts and preferences, especially if they are your target audience. To help you out, here are three facts you should know on how millennials are changing the market:

1. They prefer sustainability and recyclability

Millennials are also called the “green generation.” Having a green lifestyle is at the forefront of their choices, and they are said to be the generation most concerned about social and environmental issues.

According to one survey, 73 percent of millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable products. With them becoming the generation with the most spending power, the consumer demand for sustainability also rises. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, consider letting your products meet this growing need.

By 2025, the millennial generation will likely represent three-fourths of the workforce in the US. That means their spending habits will become more influential then. Matching their expectations for sustainability and recyclability can give your products a competitive advantage over others.

2. They prefer customization

Anything that validates their sense of self appeals to millennials. With customization and smart use of technology, companies and brands can provide more value and meaning to their consumers.

This generation knows when a company is paying attention to their needs, and because this generation grew up in a society more diverse than preceding generations, it affected the way they perceive consumer goods. They want diverse representation, and they desire customizable features that will give them access to exclusive perks or entertainment.

If you want to break into this market segment, you will need to prove that your product is not for their parents, but for them. They love having the power to control the process or the product or service itself.

3. They love the experience

The millennial generation appreciates the full customer experience. Let us take an Apple store, for example. It is not always that customers will just enter an Apple store, grab what they need, and leave. They want to experience the product, another reason why the store is designed with no traditional cash register in plain sight. Instead, the products are displayed for people to grab and explore.

Brands that can recreate this kind of experience leave a positive impression on this generation. It is one of the reasons they keep coming back for more.


Besides being the generation next in line, millennials are digital-savvy consumers. They love to tell their friends about the products and brands they enjoy and will even convince others to try their recommendations. These are the facts that you should not take for granted. Get to know your target audience well, and everything else will follow.

Do you need help with branding or packaging ideation? We can help. We are your all-in-one solution from ideation and sourcing to quality control and end-to-end delivery. Optamark Graphics is America’s most innovative and disruptive printing company with years of experience, whether for promo products or print products. Connect with us today.


3 Important Elements of a Good Packaging Design – Our Guide

While it would be good to live by the popular idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” people naturally tend to evaluate something based on its outward appearance.

Consumers do this now and then. They are quick to form an opinion on products based on how they are presented. On top of that, they do this even before getting the chance to try them out.

For this reason, you must pay much attention to your product’s packaging. It can heavily influence a customer’s buying decisions, so you need to make sure it presents your offering in the best light.

To help you come up with a design that successfully drives purchases, here are the three essential elements you must incorporate in it:

1. Appropriate Design

People shop with their eyes first. They tend to pick up and examine the product that caught their attention. Considering this, you need a design that will help you stand out on the shelf.

When you were creating your product, you have always put your customers in mind. Now that you are designing its packaging, you must also do the same. It is not enough for you to create an eye-catching design; you should make sure that it appeals to the market you’re trying to reach.

For example, if you are designing a product made for kids, going with bright colors and playful font styles makes more sense. This will be different, however, if you are designing a product created for an older, more health-conscious market. A minimalistic design with plain colors will draw their attention better. Considering this, always remember to design your packaging to appeal to your target market.

2. Great Functionality

There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about the design, but you must be careful not to go overboard. Great design will help you get noticed by customers, but great functionality will encourage them to keep buying it.

To create a functional packaging design, study how your customers commonly use your product. From the insights, you will gather from this, design the product accordingly.

To give you a kickstart, here are some smart pointers worth remembering:

  • Make sure that the packaging is easy to open.
  • Design the packaging to be reusable even after the product is finished. Many consumers today also feel good about buying a product that helps the environment in one way or another.
  • Consider how your customers store your product in their homes and make sure that they fit.

3. Sufficient Information

Consumers today are savvier than ever. They want to know what’s in a product first before purchasing it. Additionally, some want to know where and how the product is made.

When it comes to food products, they are conscious of these products’ nutritional information and possible side effects. They also want to know how the food is sourced.

Because of these, including essential information prominently in your product’s packaging is a must. This satisfies potential customers and empowers them to trust your brand.


Your packaging can make or break your product and brand. It can drive purchases upward or push customers away.

Considering this, it’s a smart move to invest in an excellent packaging design as soon as possible. If you are not sure about your current packaging and do not have the expertise in-house for this, hire a professional to work on this for you. All of these efforts will lead you to a design that will truly work wonders for your business.

Looking for a graphics and printing company to help you with your product’s packing? Our expert designers at Optamark Graphics will be more than happy to help you create a first-class branding experience. Get in touch today and let’s get started on your project!

How Graphic Design Affects Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Running a successful digital marketing campaign relies on various combined efforts. It requires the leadership of a marketing specialist with the assistance of a dedicated creatives team. Above all, you’ll need a skilled graphic designer to make your campaigns pop out and reach the right audiences.

The role of graphic design in digital marketing

You can trace graphic design’s impact from way back, from traditional advertisements to mainstream media. Anything from poster designs to packaging layouts comes from extensive research and graphic designers’ experience in the commercial industry.

Graphic design’s importance in creating effective marketing campaigns is even higher since businesses are switching to digital platforms. You should be aware of how its impact contributes to the success of our attempts to expand your company’s profit margins with today’s competitive market.

In this article, we will share three ways graphic design affects your digital marketing campaigns.

1. Promotes brand consistency and awareness

Brand consistency is essential not just for your digital marketing campaigns but for your company’s authenticity and credibility. Any content you release to the public is an extension of your business’s name, whether it’s your social media posts or your product packaging.

The combination of colors, icons, and typography in a coordinated layout creates cohesion and consistency for your brand. The uniformity of these allows your brand to have better brand recall among potential customers. The more times they interact with the same elements over and over again, the more they retain your brand in their minds. This is why social media channels are excellent avenues to present your brand’s striking design options.

2. Increases your customer conversion rates

Modern consumers’ affinity to easily detect visual elements is one of the many reasons why the transition from print to digital media is inevitable. The almost limitless ways that a brand can interact with online users through digital platforms make digital media a compelling marketing platform.

Effective graphic design is responsible for navigating your customers around your websites and leading them to your CTAs. Professional graphic designers know the best way to present the visual elements on your pages, including your marketing copies, headings, brand logos, and CTA buttons. Hiring a capable graphic designer can significantly decrease your bounce rates by optimizing your site while improving your customer conversion rates.

3. Makes your content easily digestible

As stated above, the modern consumer’s attraction to visual information is why many brands are favoring graphic-based content over text-based material. Although content marketing strategies use blogs and articles, these are usually paired with compelling visuals to maintain a user’s attention. Visually-oriented advertisements are becoming more popular in digital spaces.

Consider how many brands and businesses only use short and compact messages and taglines on their homepages but use plenty of expressive and interactive images. Online users want to experience visual engagement since it’s easier to digest and understand. This is why graphic designers do market research on color combinations and symbolic imagery to tell a brand’s story. They do this by curating just a few images instead of paragraphs of text.


The participation of your creatives team is the backbone of your digital marketing campaigns. This is why you should look for the best of the best who will develop your marketing collaterals. Thankfully, you can outsource and collaborate with digital agencies to provide you with the creative assistance you need.

At Optamark Graphics, we help businesses develop their visual identity through graphic design services, ranging from UX design to web design and logo design. Contact us now, and we’ll help you reach your business’s branding potential!

3 Graphic Design Ideas That Can Boost Your Brand In 2020

In a saturated, digitally-oriented workforce where businesses fighting toe-to-toe to gain visibility, finding ways to give your marketing tactics a competitive edge is crucial if you want to set your brand apart. One of the biggest factors that influence your reputation and ranking is your web design, especially since it impacts the user experience in more ways than one. 


Gone are the days of lack-luster pages and websites filled with texts, links, and little-to-no imagery that catches the eyes. Innovations in technology changed web design over the years, going from pages clad in blue hyperlinks to stunning sites with futuristic compositions and bold colors. 


Minimalism was all the rage for many years, but part of evolving is welcoming new tides and the changes it brings. In 2020, it’s all about welcoming abstract designs and going darker from your usual white space. With that in mind, the list below explores some of the biggest design trends to expect: 


Trending #1: Muted Color Palettes 


There are two types of web design fighting for domination the past few years, both of which are divided between minimalism and loud design. Some like to embrace electric hues and neon colors to give their brands an eye-catching advantage over the rest, while others like to play on adding splashes of neon paired with empty spaces for a more minimalistic touch. 


In 2020, web design is taking a step back from these two extremes by combining the best of both worlds, resulting in a more harmonious pattern and muted color palettes. By infusing dark or white tones, the subtle colors blend flawlessly in neutral backgrounds to give more focus to your core message. 


Trending #2: Color Gradients 


Colors continue to sweep the trends in web design, but instead of focusing on solid hues, 2020 playfully puts a spin by combining different tones to create compelling gradients. This creates a more dynamic texture and provides an interesting focal point, adding more depth and whimsical quality to your web design. 


Trending #3: Abstract Illustrations 


Video and photography took over web design as the visual appeal pushes user engagement off the charts, but the new year is taking on a completely different approach. Instead of editorials and photoshoots, abstract and dreamy illustrations are taking over multiple pages on the web, proving to be the new apple of the modern consumer’s eye. 


While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on photography for backgrounds or headers, using graphic illustrations create an attractive appeal that is truly unique. 


The Bottom Line: Keeping Up With Trends And Taking Your Brand To The Next Level With Purpose-Centered Graphic Design 


Trends come and go, but keeping up with the virtual tide ensures your web design appeals to the current taste of your audience. 


If you’re looking for a graphics design agency in the US, we’re the best professionals to call! We offer graphic design services that can improve your website’s appeal and performance in more ways than one – from increasing engagement, improving navigation, to mobile responsiveness. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Our Guide to Making Promotional Mugs as a Business

Is your business shaping up to be the king of promotions? If so, then you have got to get into producing your own promotional mugs for your clients. When it comes to making something memorable and highly personalized, this product is your perfect cup of tea. There are many viable benefits of producing promotional mugs, and it’s much easier now to make it happen!
As you pour in your time and resources into this project, remember that your goal here is to successfully pull the customers or clients in with your product and branding. In this article, we will guide you through each step of the promotional mug production process as you take on this next stage of your business:
Benefits of Producing Promotional Mugs
As you venture into this new promotional aspect, take note of the following benefits to help set your goals for this project:
1. Personalized marketing: With so many businesses going through digital marketing and other viable mediums, you can stand out from the crowd by starting more personalized and specific projects. By producing promotional mugs, you can effectively make connections with your customers as they enjoy your unique branding identity. By buying into your signature style, you also are able to effectively pull customers in to continue supporting your business.
2. Effective branding: Having your own line of promotional mugs is like telling a story to your customers. You are able to identify more with specific customers, such as among employees enjoying coffee in the break room. With your recognizable design on the cup, branding opportunities are made more effective as they attract customers to your business. You could also take a look at custom branding options like stickers with your mug packaging to make it stand out.
3. Fast and easy to produce: Compared to the more traditional time of manufacturing, now is the perfect time to make use of state-of-the-art printing technology. You can now come up with more signature designs for promotional mugs without stepping into the factory. You can do it through your computer screen with a web-to-print portal, all thanks to the professional help of brand management companies.
How to Produce Promotional Mugs
Now that you know more about its benefits, take note of the following steps to produce your promotional cups successfully:
1. Know what your clients want: Your first priority is going through background research on your customers or clients. You can do this effectively by having a focus group discussion or through surveys to get a feel for the overall taste and preferences of your customer/client base. This will help you come up with great designs for your promotional material.
2. Come up with designs: Now that you have some ideas about what the product may look like, be sure to come up with a few sketches or design boards to effectively make your vision come alive. Don’t worry if you are not as creative or artsy. There are viable tools and experts who can help you flesh out your vision.
3. Partner with a brand management company: If you want to effectively come up with promotional mug ideas for mass production and excellent branding opportunities, have a professional team back you up. With the help of a brand management company, you can easily frame the success of your venture into promotional mugs.
4. Make viable prototypes for testing: Before you start mass production, you need to first come up with prototypes of your promotional cups. This will help you to effectively refine your final product if there are any errors to be corrected.
5. Get feedback from your clients/customers: Using your prototypes, you can get the opinions of clients or customers about your product. This will help you to also get a hold of the demand for your promotional mugs – it’s like having a pre-sale.
6. Mass produce the mugs: It’s now time to print out and produce your mugs! Get into mass production mode and shipping with your brand management company by your side to effectively oversee the success of the finished product.
At this point, you now know the benefits and methods of having promotional materials for your business. With the previously mentioned benefits and process in mind, be sure to produce quality and unique promotional mugs today to take your branding and business forward.
Are you hoping to produce high-quality promotional products? We at Optamark Graphics can assist with that. We have a professional web-to-print portal to help your product vision come to life. Consult with us today to produce highly marketable promotional mugs!

Elements That Improve Your Ecommerce Site, Besides Design

Having a great web design for an eCommerce website is one way to attract online shoppers’ attention, but it is not everything. Different factors still contribute to how your site and business perform. More than the visuals and promotions, the online store experience should also be improved.

If you want to be on par with other online stores, here are the different elements that can help improve your eCommerce site’s performance:

1. A Clear Purpose

Buying and shopping are two different things. As an eCommerce site owner, you should know its difference. Buying is a more intentional type of purchase. People already know what they are looking for when they buy. They make fast transactions, they are all about convenience, and if they need to make choices, it is all about assortment.

Buying is different from shopping, which focuses on the experience. People who shop takes more time to find the right item. They need to ask questions, touch the products, inspect, and check more options.

Amazon, for example, is optimized for buying. If you assess Amazon’s site, you will notice that it does not offer the most user-friendly experience. However, it does not matter because they are a site for buyers, those who already know what they will get.

Be clear about what type of experience your shop offers. If your online shop offers high-end items, maybe you should invest in giving your site visitors excellent user experience. If you target the lower end, you understand that they are mostly on budget, so they often know what they are looking for.

2. Emphasized Key Drivers

You probably have heard this a lot of times, but your website reflects your business. It is the extension of your brand and the items you sell. Your website acts as a display of your brand promise.

If you think that product images are your edge over other eCommerce websites, consider experimenting with 360-degree photo functionality. If you believe people prefer your site because of your more affordable pricing, highlight it, or make a price comparison.

Apply this important strategy, especially when battling with giants like Amazon. Because you are aware that you cannot compete by offering your customers free shipping or the lowest discount, you can focus on what you have and design your site experience based on it.

3. An Experience for Your Site Visitors

According to, is the best brand-oriented e-Commerce platform. It is because their website reflects the personality and promise of their brand. Their website is so sleek and streamlined that it solidifies the brand’s image.

Apply the same principle to your site too. Your website’s aesthetic is not only about the logo or the colors you used, but also about the feeling or after-thoughts that your site visitors would get after interacting with your brand.

4. Alignment and Integration

One way to make your store better than others is by giving a good service. That can be translated into how both your online and physical store functions.

For example, a customer would like to buy the dress you put on sale on your website. However, there are no more stocks of the size she wants. She did her research and saw that your physical store still has a supply of the same dress on her size. She mentions the discount your eCommerce store offers, and the store manager allows her to make the discounted purchase.

There is no line or disintegration between the two stores, and it gives a better buying experience to the customer. Not all is about the brand visuals; consistency among different channels is also crucial.

5. A Clear and Transparent Message

An excellent eCommerce store would not only bombard people with the products they sell; they also tell them why they do it and how they can help. It is vital that every website, even an eCommerce site, have their “Mission” or “About” pages. That way, you can communicate your objectives clearly and transparently.

Also, produce blog content for your website, even if you are an eCommerce site. Apart from acting as a traffic driver, it is one way of owning what you sell and the industry you are in.


Your eCommerce site is how customers get to know your brand, so it is vital that you improve it in all of its aspects. Having an online store, especially when you also have a physical store, should not be limited to your site’s appearance. Be well-rounded and consider these five elements we mentioned.

When it comes to brand consistency and integrity, having a graphics team that can also translate your brand message to your storefront can significantly help. If you need a brand management company that prioritizes your success, you are in the right place. Contact us today, and we will help you get new customers, build sales, and more.


6 Branded Merchandise Ideas to Use Amid the Pandemic

In this trying time, you have no choice as a business but to try to find a silver lining if you want to maintain your operations. Despite the global pandemic threatening life as you know it, you can still find ways to rise above this unpleasant situation. As the economy reopens and businesses are encouraged to run with strict safety measures, you should look for a way to promote your business.

One way to do so is to come up with branded merchandised items and have them sold or distributed. However, be sure that these items are relevant to the current plight and use them to send a strong message of hope, resiliency, and positivity.

If you are not sure how to proceed with your branded merchandise, here are six practical ideas that you can consider:

1. Custom t-shirts for powerful statements

Topping the list is a custom t-shirt that you can print with a powerful statement, as people love to wear strong words up their sleeves. This is a straightforward yet the best approach to convey a message about the COVID-19 crisis that can resonate well with your customers. At the same time, be sure to incorporate inspirational or funny messages relevant to the global pandemic.

2. Color-coded necklaces for emotional representation

It is understandable that people may find it hard to decipher and unleash their feelings during this challenging time. The chances are that they’re faced with pent-up emotions, such as stress, confusion, and anxiety. You can help your customers identify their feelings and release them by wearing color-coded necklaces. Be sure to incorporate proper color representations and let your customers wear them based on what they feel.

3. Keychains for heartwarming quotes

When it comes to branded merchandise, keychains are the most utilized among businesses. Why not use them during this global pandemic? To make them more personalized, be sure to attach or engrave warm quotes to boost your customers’ spirits. The more heartfelt and authentic they are, the better it will be to comfort them!

4. Puzzles for creativity

Now that most family members are confined in their homes’ comforts, let them take a break from hooking up online. One bonding activity is playing puzzles as a way to kill boredom and bond with the family. As a business, you can create fun and unique puzzles and sell them to various households. At the same time, be sure to incorporate proper branding on these items.

5. Umbrellas for social distancing

Umbrellas will undoubtedly work for your branded items. To stay relevant, however, it’s best to have umbrellas to encourage social distancing. Take, for instance, a village in India that had 10,000 umbrellas for the residents where everyone’s required to use them along with their masks. Why not do the same for your local business? Distribute them in your locality as you do your part in helping your community!

6. Coloring books for therapy

Did you know that coloring is actually therapeutic? It can allow people to release their emotions through colors. That said, what better way to help ease anxiety levels than to design coloring books for your customers? Doing so can be a great way to promote your business while giving your customers some form of therapy.


This list of six branded merchandise ideas can help you promote your business in the face of a global pandemic. At the same time, they can help uplift your customers’ spirit despite the ongoing crisis. Whether it’s a t-shirt, necklace, keychain, puzzle, umbrella, or coloring book, you can take your business up a notch while increasing your relevancy and taking the utmost social responsibility!

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the best way to promote your business is by distributing branded merchandise to your customers? As we specialize in print, promotional, and digital products in the US, we can help with your branded merch efforts – get in touch with us today!

6 Reasons to Use Poster Advertising for Your Media Mix

In this digital age, you may think that posters are no longer relevant today. Today, it’s common for marketers to use the web to promote their brand and sell their products or services, whether on websites or social media channels. Because of this, they no longer prioritize traditional forms of marketing, such as print, TV, or radio.

However, you might be wondering why you still see posters splattered in many places. The chances are that you see them posted on public surfaces and business establishments to advertise a product, promote an event, or even educate the public. This is primarily because they are still considered powerful forms of print advertising!

If you are still unconvinced of its effectiveness and purpose, here are six valuable reasons you need to employ poster advertising for your media mix and your business’s growth:

1. They are cost-effective marketing materials

When it comes to traditional advertising, posters are considered cost-effective as they cost less when compared to radio and TV advertising. Sure, you may have to pay for the materials and printing, but they still won’t cost you as much as the alternatives mentioned. Besides, they are effective at catching the audiences’ attention and influencing their purchase decision, which is why they are worth the money you spend on advertising.

2. They are highly visible

Keep in mind that there’s a significant difference in advertising in the digital space and the physical world. Being able to see and touch a tangible material can make lots of difference in influencing your target market. What’s also great about posters is that they are highly visible. When incorporated with striking messaging and compelling design, they can take the spotlight and earn your audience’s attention.

3. They can captivate the audience

In line with being highly visible, well-designed posters can immediately grab the viewers’ attention. Whether in shopping centers, washrooms, or pantries, the audience can’t help but take a look at them. They can go as far as stirring the emotion or influencing their purchase decision. If you’re fortunate, these posters can even convince your target market to buy your product, hire your service, or attend your event.

4. They are very flexible

Another benefit of utilizing poster advertising is how flexible and versatile these materials are. Seeing that they come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and styles, you can post a large one, use multiple fonts, play with color psychology, and incorporate effective images. You only have to be creative in incorporating all the visual elements and come up with highly effective materials.

5. They are credible

Posters have long been utilized in the world of marketing and advertising, which is why they have long earned the trust and confidence of the public. This means that viewers can easily and quickly absorb and trust the messaging without thinking twice about a brand.

6. They are a powerful medium

What’s great about posters is how they cause a rapid response in customers. When viewers see them, they are more likely to get interested in what you have to offer. With great visuals and excellent messaging, they are more likely to move your audience and keep them hooked, which may eventually convert them into valuable long-term customers.


Poster advertising has long been proven and tested to be highly effective. As discussed above, they are cost-effective, highly visible, capable of captivating the audience, flexible, and credible. Ultimately, they are considered a powerful form of marketing that you shouldn’t neglect because they can take your business up a notch!

Why not consider employing poster advertising for your media mix? Optamark Graphics specializes in print, promotional, and digital products in the US. If you’re looking to create, design, and print posters for your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

3 Steps to Design a Shirt to Increase Brand Exposure

There are many ways you can increase your business’s brand exposure. You can go about it digitally and set up a social media account to interact with your community. You can also use physical solutions, such as setting up billboards and posters to tell people all about your business.

That said, one of the best ways to expose your brand to the public is through business events, conferences, and even charities. You can go to these events and hand out flyers, but one way to really draw attention is by giving out t-shirts with your design!

A great t-shirt design can spread awareness of your brand for many years. It encourages people to wear them multiple times to different places, which equates to free, long-term marketing for your brand.

So, how do you design such a t-shirt? Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Understand the shirt’s purpose

The first thing you need to do is understand what you plan to do with your shirt. Obviously, you want to use it to gain exposure for your brand, so the design has to reflect your brand’s identity.

Start with the right logo placement, as you want this to be clearly visible. Next, pick the right colors that complement your logo and draw attention to it. All the elements of the t-shirt must work together to achieve the intended purpose.

Step 2. Pick the right shirt

While the shirt’s design is critical, the type of shirt you choose is also important. For example, if your business is based in a hot climate, you want to opt for light materials like cotton to keep the wearer comfortable. On the other hand, if you’re in a colder climate, you may opt for shirts with long sleeves or thicker material.

Either way, you must pick the right type of shirt to work with. That way, people will be more likely to wear your shirts and spread awareness about your brand.

Step 3. Create a stunning design

Once you have the purpose and the type of shirt sorted, now is your chance to create a design that will give your brand the exposure it needs.

You can take inspiration from many sources, such as social media platforms, art websites, and even your business’s logo. What’s important is that you gather ideas from as many resources as possible. That way, you and your team can find the best choice and develop unique designs that will work perfectly on your shirts.


With the designs ready, now’s the time to have the shirts printed. There are many printing services out there, and some specialize in t-shirt printing. Take time to select the right service providers to work with, as the quality is vital to expose your brand the right way. You wouldn’t want the design to start falling apart after a few uses. You want it to last for many years so it can continue spreading awareness about your brand and attract interested individuals to your business.

Are you looking to have your designs printed on quality shirts? Optamark Graphics can offer you the shirt and print quality you need to boost your brand. Get in touch with us today!

5 Effective Print Marketing Materials to Utilize

Despite the rise of digital marketing in recent years, print marketing is still seen as an effective method. It’s easy to think that printed marketing materials have become obsolete due to the rise of technology, yet other forms still outperform some of the latest methods. Print marketing materials can even generate higher results compared to an online strategy. One of the reasons is that people consume information on paper differently, in which they get to focus more on what’s written and understand it on a deeper level.

If you want to implement print marketing in your business, here are five effective materials that you should utilize:

1. Business Cards

Business cards may seem invaluable, yet they have a significant impact on your marketing efforts. In fact, well-designed cards are very effective as it is one of the easiest ways to promote who you are as a company. Wherever you are, whether at an event or at a restaurant, handing out your business card to a potential client can bring plenty of opportunities for your business. This is because these cards let you connect personally that you don’t get from online marketing. Also, the more you become personal with clients, the more powerful your promotion will be.

2. Brochures & Flyers

Despite the power of online marketing, not everyone trusts what they see online, which is also the reason businesses online have strategies in place to build trust. Brochures and flyers are an effective way to gain customer trust, especially in physical spaces where people don’t have access to computers. These printed materials will help you build credibility and trust not only online, but also as customers talk about you through word of mouth.

3. Banners

Banners, such as pop-up ones or even table-stand ones, can easily catch the eyes of potential clients. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that you can place outside your building to bring awareness to your business, product, and location. On top of that, you can also use banners for your events and trade shows to introduce to passersby of what you do or offer.

4. Physical Promotional Products

Physical products for promotion, such as pens, power banks, or thumb drives are excellent ways to build and spread brand awareness. You can place your brand name and your logo on these products to be brought home with your potential clients. Make your promotional products useful, so when a potential customer uses it, they will be reminded of your brand and what you can do to help them.

5. Postcards

Similar to brochures and flyers, postcards will let you promote your brand and build engagement and trust with your customers. However, this type of printed tool targets a specific audience: those who look forward to their mail. This means that you need to dive deeper into your customer base and identify the individuals who are still relying on direct mails as a means of communication with a business.

Additionally, this material allows you to get more personal as you can send a greeting card on a holiday or a thank you message to those who have chosen to work with you.


With the digital world getting overly crowded, marketing through printed materials is a great way to reach your audience. The five print marketing materials mentioned are those you need to consider investing in if you want your business to grow. At the same time, keep in mind that the design of your physical marketing materials is crucial, which is why you need to find an excellent graphics company to make your printed materials stand out.

Optamark Graphics is recognized as an innovative brand management company that focuses on lasting relationships and collaboration. If you are looking for effective print materials to increase brand awareness, and ensure business growth, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Graphic Design

As a small business owner, your days are usually filled to the brim with never-ending tasks to finish, calls to be made, and concerns to be addressed. The list can just go on!

With a lot of things happening here and there, it’s easy to forget about some aspects of your marketing and digital presence, like your graphic design. For some, this may seem like something needed only after the business has expanded and become more popular. The truth is that whether you’re just a small business starting out or an established and immense corporation, graphic design matters when it comes to your success.

In the sections below, we’ll be going through some compelling reasons why you should invest in a professionally made graphic design.

1. It Helps You Create a Solid Brand Image

Along with your name and the quality of the product or service you provide, one of the things that people will remember about your brand is your logo design. This is also what people usually see first during their initial contact with your business. Considering this, hiring a graphic designer can help you achieve one that is memorable and truly representative of who you are.

Moreover, investing in professional graphic design ensures that all your graphics and images published on your website and social media pages are on-brand. Content with the same feel, voice, and style helps you solidify your brand identity and promote recognition.

2. It Helps You Make a Good Impression

More often than not, consumers don’t buy a product or service right away. They spend as much time as they need to do their research before deciding to purchase. On your end, this means that you have to do whatever it takes to nurture them.

One step to do this is to make sure that you leave a good first impression.

First-time visitors are likely to simply navigate your website and interact with your online content. To encourage them to stay or come back to get to know you more, you have to make sure that these first visits are a pleasant experience for them.

Having a professionally made website design helps you do just that. A well-designed website means having all the necessary links and buttons in the right places. It also means having important information in the most noticeable areas.

Ultimately, it means having a website that is designed according to your branding, story, and purpose.

3. It Makes You Memorable

Due to the plethora of digital content published and shared every second of every day, your small business has to be attractive and unforgettable.

Sadly, without professionally made graphics—or any graphics at all—you’ll automatically fail in the first one. And if you can’t even captivate people’s attention, how can you make your brand memorable?

If you want to stand out from competitors, it’s not enough to have better products or services—you must also surpass them when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Craft a solid content marketing strategy and create a thoughtful yet attractive design that will go with it. These two go hand-in-hand and help you captivate more people.


Graphic design plays a significant role in your business’ branding and image. That said, it’s not a smart practice to simply pass this task on to a marketing assistant who’s available at the moment. Your graphic designs are what will face your consumers—and the wrong material can seriously harm your businesses’ reputation and credibility!

Considering this, it’s a smart idea to hire a professional graphic design agency to take care of this for you. They will be able to handle all your graphic needs and deliver the best quality—thus taking your business to the next level.

Are you looking for a digital agency that provides solutions for your graphic design, printing, and promotional merchandise needs? Optamark is a brand management company helping businesses across industries create a first-class branding experience. We provide full-service solutions—which means that we’ve got you covered in design and content! If you’re ready to start collaborating with us, get in touch with us today!

How to Choose a Custom Printed Box for Virtual Event Giveaways?

As every moment passes, 2,760 packages are delivered worldwide, which means approximately 16 billion packages are shipped every year. Such growing popularity of mailed gifts has made it challenging for companies to think out-of-the-box for gift ideas that need to be mailed.
The fact is that the challenge is only intensifying with virtual event gift boxes turning increasingly popular. The question arises, how can you make your business catch-the-eye then? The answer to your question is the Custom Gift Boxes.
In case you are organizing a virtual event or considering sending a holiday or thank-you gift box to your buyers, a customized gift box will help you stand out and put your company’s action better than several other parcels that appear at the recipient’s doorstep.
Custom Gift Boxes – Why?
Custom gift boxes help to add a flywheel approach to your promotional product list. One benefit of changing your package into a gift is that this creates great enthusiasm for your company that people enjoy to share, and this results in creating brand ambassadors who boom your brand’s exposure. It’s the ability to build satisfied consumers and use that same tempo to compel recognition, which helps actuate the company.
So, let’s look at why a custom box is so significant and how it can set your company apart from others.
Make Your Box a Gift!
To start with, the complete purpose you are shipping a swag box would be to either give or praise your candidates or event attendees. These days, consumers are doing their maximum shopping online; they order a box for themselves almost every day. Therefore, to make your gift sense like a gift, the easiest and best way is to make it appear like one.
Let’s illustrate it in this way. When you buy a gift and bring it to your friend’s birthday party, do you carry it in a traditional brown bag, or do you cover it in a pleasant wrapping paper, perhaps with ribbons and bows? I’m quite sure it’s the latter.
You can make your swag box a perfect gift by simply following the same procedure. Certainly, shipping gets a little bit in the way of stuff; however, you can still make shipping boxes amusing and customized. It’s the way to make your swag box seem like a gift.
Promote Excitement
Getting ready for an event? I presume the entire aim of your swag box is to make people enthusiastic about it. Or if you are only shipping out gift boxes, then the aim is to get people fascinated about your business and your brand. Well, nonetheless, it all comes down to inciting sentiments.
So, assume this. You’re going to your doorstep to grab your mail from the mailbox, and you see two stuffed parcels inside. The one you see is a regular shipping box that is likely to hold one of the many household objects you just bought online. While the other is a beautiful textured box, branded on its side with a fun phrase. It will stand out, and ironically, it won’t look like anything that you ordered.
Now, can you decide which one you’re going to open first? I know I’ll go to the second one.
Let’s take a more practical example. What if you are a user of a monthly subscription box like Birchbox or Hello Fresh? These are boxes that you are keen to get in the mail every month. The reason behind why they look so attractive is that they are made with elegant colors and branded logos.
That is the strength of the custom boxes. People are drawn to the glitzy and flashy things as consumers. As per a market research company Ipsos, 75 percent of customers are concerned about product packaging design. That’s a completely astonishing percentage, but it’s not a waste of time to concentrate on your package’s look.
Increase Brand Exposure!
Did you even know that if they can, 90 percent of customers will reuse a package box? I’m the living example of that percentage.
I attended a virtual conference recently organized by Commonsku. Sending out virtual event swag boxes to a range of registered attendees was the part of their event plan. I was among one of those lucky winners of a custom-designed box that had different promotional products included. The box was indeed beautiful and was crying to be reused. Now, it is the happy new keeper of my very expensive tea collection. Whenever I brew a new mug, it reminds me of Commonsku’s event and the unforgettable experience.
That is the strength of a custom swag box for your event or company. It’s all about making an impression that lasts. And a custom box will help you to spread the word if you are organizing a virtual event.
Just imagine-because of your custom packaging, 40 percent of customers are more likely to share pictures of your brand on social media. To increase exposure to your event in a cost-efficient way, custom packaging plays a major role. It creates something share-worthy for your already committed attendees.
Three Steps to Sending a Custom Gift Box!
So, are you willing to invest in your custom swag box, but where to start? Fortunately, the process isn’t that complex at all! However, before you start buying, it’s good to have a strategy in mind. To help get you moving in the right direction, here are a few steps.
1. Identify and Consider Your Budget
The first step to consider before making any purchase is to decide your budget. As far as customization goes, the double-edged sword of customized boxes is that there are no limits or restrictions, but like everything else, the more you do, the more costly it will become. Therefore, determining your budget will help assess how far you can go with the customization and how large you go with the box size.
Firstly, decide whether a custom box would make sense for your situation. We’ve already outlined the advantages that one can have, but there are scenarios where the budget is not wise. And that’s all right, as long as you make a good decision for your business. We recommend that at least 100 custom boxes should be ordered to be worth the price. Nevertheless, you can also buy as few as 12-15 custom boxes. In that case, a standard white box could be a decent purchase if you plan on buying just a small number.
In case you have a very broad recipient list, then custom is the path to choose. When you determine the total quantity you will need, always bear in mind that custom boxes are usually retailed in increments of a dozen.
The next step is to access the size that would work best for you. You will need to keep two things in mind while choosing the ideal size:
a. The type of products you are going to put in your custom box
b. The shipping costs.
Every brand has a different swag box, but we have a few recommendations based on our experiences. Bear in mind that the typical swag box has 2-6 products inside. We recommend going for the following three sizes:

2. Plan your Timeline
Planning properly is an extremely important consideration for shipping custom boxes, and we can’t emphasize this enough. Are you planning for an event or sending a gift for a particular holiday? Then keep in mind that you have a very crucial deadline for your custom box arrival.
If you are thinking of sending a custom box with swag items inside, then it is vital to know that the whole project takes about seven weeks from start to finish. This also comprises the boxes’ printing process, which takes about 15-25 working days or sometimes a month.
Keeping this in mind, it is advisable not to hurry when it comes to Custom boxes. The more time you spend, the better the outcome will be, and the less tension you will suffer in the end. With a decent amount of time, the procedure would be closer to perfect.
3. Create your Design-Plan
After determining the budget and planning the timeline, then comes the time for the most interesting part, the design. Certainly, it is significant to plan how you want your custom box to look like.
Don’t fuss about your lack of Photoshop skills, as you don’t have to stress the actual design process. This is what our DMG crew is here for. But considering that only you know your clients, prospects, and event attendees best, the box’s overall idea and design would be most useful from you.

  • Come up with a few bright and pleasant colors that will match your organization or event brand.
  • Utilize the innovation of the brand of your company by incorporating your logo.
  • You can come up either with a branded hashtag or expression for your gift box. This will also help in better interaction at social media as people will have a primary spot to post about your box-related content.
  • To help fund your custom box and attract sponsors, an excellent way is to open the ability to have their logos displayed on your box.

Our team will do the rest once you finally decide the appearance of your box. Our brilliant team of graphic designers will coordinate with you to build a look that portrays both your business and your event. Here’s a look at the work we did for CSTA, a customer who hired us to build their virtual event swag box strategy
Now Take your Call!
We believe most of these tips have helped boost some creativity for your gift campaign or virtual event. Swag is indeed a very effective tool to communicate with your audience, but then something that is sometimes ignored is the delivery method. Once you integrate a custom swag box into your promotional product strategy, you’ll reach one step closer to communicating well with your customers or event guests in the most intimate way possible.
Please remember that the purpose is not to let your ability to organize a successful virtual event be disrupted by a custom swag box, nor will it get in the way of any other task. And for this exact reason, our skilled team is here to guide you through the entire process. It will help develop a personalized technique that will be designed just for your organization and its objectives.


4 Types of Fonts- How to Choose Fonts for Promotional Materials

One fallacy in marketing and communication that has definitely been relegated to the past is that content is much more important than aesthetics. Current consumer practices show that this could not be further from the truth, as many people come to value the manner in which a message is presented almost as much as the message itself.
After all, a truth, poorly expressed, is a lie. Whether this expression is in the clarity of the words used or in the design of its presentation, one thing is certain: design and delivery matter.
One crucial consideration in graphic design is fonts. What fonts should I choose? How big should the text be? In this article, we will go over these questions and more so that you can make better decisions about the design surrounding your messaging.
The Four Font Families
There are four major font families, and they are characterized as follows:

  • Serif. Serif fonts include older styles, such as Times New Roman and Baskerville. They are characterized by the little tails at the end of each letter, with the belief that these little tails actually increase readability. They are often used to give a sense of formality to the body of the text.
  • Sans serif. Sans serif fonts are known for their straight lines. Verdana and Helvetica are some examples of these fonts. These days, they are growing in popularity because they are versatile and positively received. They are also regularly used as titles and headlines because of their boldness.
  • Script. Script fonts look like natural handwriting. Some of the most popular examples are Snell Roundhand and Brush. These are normally used for more creative businesses and establishments, such as coffee shops and bakeries, as they bring a sense of the familiar and casual.
  • Display. Display fonts include all those highly decorative fonts you see, and they are used very sparingly unless appropriate. Wingdings is a special example of display fonts. Other fonts of this family have seen use in horror movies and science fiction.

How to Choose a Font
Every graphic design project relies on a certain tone or mood, so the fonts and typefaces you choose should match the mood you’re trying to achieve. As such, horror fonts like Chiller wouldn’t really fit the promotions of a medical blog, but they might be appropriate for the promotions of a horror podcast.
Make sure to examine a font on its own and against the rest of your materials to make sure it’s an appropriate fit. If you are still not sure, show it to someone else and get their opinion.
Now, depending on how you intend to deliver your message, try to look at it from different angles. If it’s meant to be used for a billboard or poster, try looking at it from a distance. Does it look too bland? Is it difficult to read? Does it stand out too much?
The right font will give you satisfactory answers to all of these questions and deliver your message with ease.
Final thoughts
Whatever message you hope to deliver, and whatever industry your business is operating in, it is critical to employ good design techniques in all of your promotions and related materials. Choosing the right fonts, sizing them correctly, and positioning them well are all elements of good graphic design practices.
If you’re looking for a graphic design partner for your business so you wouldn’t have to worry about fonts at all, send us at Optamark a message. We have the expertise and experience needed to help deliver your message accurately and beautifully.


Graphic Design is the Future of Marketing – Here’s Why

With the growing prominence of online content and digital marketing, graphic design continues to take the internet by storm with its appeal to the general browsing public. But it also has to be said that the whole allure for visuals also dominates the offline world as well, with many street billboards becoming viral and also store packaging riding eco-friendly niches. Definitely, there’s more than meets the eye.

This article is here to let you know why investing in graphic design services for your overall business. Its versatility in different vital business components such as branding and customer acquisition is the driving force behind most big and small companies and businesses. And graphic design is also the main reason why impactful visuals are the next reality in years to come.

Why is Graphic Design The Future of Marketing?

The reason behind this perceivable future is actually due to the greater development of mobile technology and online-mediated communication. The Internet is not only a fun place to be, it has all the things we need.

To add to this, humans since birth have always been accustomed to associating colors and symbols to making decisions. Decisions and behavioral patterns then turn to opinions. It’s just how we have been hotwired to act.

The key here is to understand that content is king. We aren’t just talking about pictures but the way the text is smartly embedded in the visual. This killer visuals-text combination has always been foundational to your development since birth, and the internet is a feast for these natural senses. And online businesses actively take advantage of this.

For instance, scroll down through Facebook and see it for yourself. Small time merchants and conglomerates alike are realizing that a picture can truly paint a thousand words with much revenue and leads generated. With the tap of a button, you can find things that cater to your needs or interests. And the world continues to see this norm in its future.

Graphic Design’s Key Niches

With the landscape of business being largely visual now and in the near future, take a look into these key niches to elevate your marketing strategy and generate leads for your business:

1. Website: SEO and pay-per-click campaigns aside, making conversions from browsers to buyers is all about getting them hooked from first glance. Graphic designers usually have visual cues and certain color patterns in mind that allure certain markets or your specific niche. The pull of websites with high-quality e-commerce catalogs and impactful landing pages for example are just a few examples here.

2. Brand Identity: Who you are as a business or organization largely depends on the visual impact you have or your overall image. The right visuals paired with a striking message or slogan make graphic design hand in hand with branding or image building. This is often seen in your business logo or business cards.

3. Packaging: To get grocery shoppers to buy your product, your packaging has to nowadays be visually impactful and straightforward. They have to gravitate towards it even when they see it amongst other products. Having a strong graphic design background can greatly solidify your presence in this space.

4. Advertising: Digital marketing largely consists of building online content like blogs and informative articles. With the perfect blend of pictures and layouts, browsers and customers alike can be pulled in. Traditional T.V. advertisements and billboards are of course still largely a graphic designer’s job.

5. Social Media: As previously mentioned, Facebook is a melting pot of different visuals and content made for making a business presence felt. Other visual-centric platforms like Instagram and Twitter add to the validity and need for a strong graphic design plan.


With graphic design not slowing down in its propensity in the world, make sure you invest in professional services and key marketing tactics to secure your niche and rise to be a top player.

Are you in need of professional graphic design services for your business? Take the lead with us from Optamark Graphics. We have the deep industry knowledge and professional staff that can pull off your next big push for growth and marketing. Consult with us today!

5 Major Ways to Use Graphic Design for Digital Marketing

Content is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. However, visual appeal is just as important as content, and by showcasing captivating graphic designs, you can attract the attention of your target audience and convey your message effectively. To learn more about using graphic design to boost your digital marketing strategies, read the list below:

1. Invest in the right tools and resources

The key to creating an effective digital marketing strategy is by utilizing the right tools and taking advantage of the best resources. When you are armed with these, you can ensure your success with graphic design in digital marketing by reaching your target audience, expanding your reach, and enhance your sales.

To make sure that you are using the right tools, hire talented graphic designers who can help you execute your vision successfully. They have the skills, experience, and know-how to deliver your marketing strategies in the most visually appealing way possible.

2. Establish a solid brand identity

Whether online or in-store, shoppers are overwhelmed with a huge number of brands they can choose from. To stand out from the shelves and get your business noticed by the consumers, make sure to establish a solid brand identity and graphic design that helps you become distinctive from your competitors.

Get started by creating a logo and choosing a color scheme that expresses your marketing messages consistently. With an established brand identity, you can raise your brand awareness and recognition among the public and connect with your target market.

3. Utilize color theory

The colors you use in your product packaging, website, ads, logo, and other marketing tools and strategies affect your sales more than you realize. Be sure to understand the role of colors in psychology and the purchasing decisions of your customers by studying and utilizing color theory. This is a vital aspect of graphic design in marketing that, when used properly, can encourage your target market to do your desired response and respond to your call to action.

4. Try a minimalist approach

As they say, less is more. At present, many businesses apply this old adage in graphic design and their business marketing tools and strategies. Using a minimalist approach is all the rage nowadays. To achieve this successfully, turn only to a digital marketing agency that specializes in graphic design. They can create a minimalist design that works best for your digital marketing tools and strategies.

5. Make your website accessible on mobile devices

More and more users use their mobile devices to access websites or do online shopping. Because of this, it’s important to optimize your website and have it mobile-friendly. Work with a skilled graphic designer to ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly design and guarantee a positive user experience for your visitors.


Driving your marketing strategy effectively can be successful by following the best practices in graphic design. Keep in mind the mentioned tips above to utilize proper graphic design and collaborate only with talented graphic designers to create the look and feel that you are going for and the designs that work best for your business.

Optamark Digital is an established digital marketing agency that offers top-quality digital marketing services, including graphic design, video production, email marketing, and more. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!


3 Reasons Graphic Design Benefits Your Online Business

The success of your online business is highly dependent on the quality of your visuals. If they are thoughtfully and creatively designed, then they effectively communicate to your customers the seriousness and credibility of your business. As your online business means you don’t have the opportunity to sell at a brick and mortar store and personally interact with your customers, graphic design has become a primary means of attracting customers.

Effective graphic design throughout your company website and social media, coupled with well-written copy, is what pulls potential customers towards your business. It makes them curious enough about your products and services to go to your website, which presents a prime opportunity for conversion.

Here are three reasons attractive graphic design is highly beneficial to your online business:

It Boosts Sales

Graphic design can actually make or break your business’s sales. If you have an outdated or clunky graphic design on your website or promotional materials, it tells customers that you’re not in touch with their needs or tastes. Conversely, if your graphic design is uniquely and outstandingly crafted, then it conveys to customers that your business delivers high-quality services or products.

Even though the quality of a company’s products or services is not always accurately reflected in their marketing—bad marketing doesn’t immediately correspond to poor quality services—graphic design helps convince customers to engage with your business. This will help your company grow while boosting sales.

It Establishes Your Brand

Your brand helps set you apart from your competitors as it comprises visual elements that represent your business. This affects both industry and customer perception of your business and helps you become more recognizable in the field.

Graphic design is crucial to establishing your brand. For example, your business’s logo is representative of the values and services of your business, and the way it’s designed is also indicative of your business’s personality and tone. If it is uniquely designed, then it will be easier for people to remember your logo and associate it with your business.

With creatively designed social media graphics, promotional materials, or even a business card, you’ll catch the attention of your customers and establish yourself as a different but competent player in the industry.

It Fosters Loyalty

Employees will feel more confident and proud to work for a company with stellar graphic design and marketing. Having well-designed promotional materials and a website is something that your employees will deem worthy of sharing among their friends and family, which will boost the visibility of your brand. They will also feel united with the consistent graphic design and company brand throughout your communication materials and even your office.

Appealing aesthetics is the quickest way to draw the attention of people no matter their background or industry, and they’ll be interested enough to browse your website. This will also foster loyalty in your customers because of the shareability of your website and graphics. Additionally, good graphic design conjures specific emotions in your customers through the strategic use of colors, shapes, and typefaces, which will also help build brand trust.

Bottom Line

These three reasons prove that good graphic design is essential to an online business’s success. With a thoughtful logo, brochure, and website design, your company will establish itself as a modern, competent, and creative contender in the market.

The well-crafted graphic design demonstrates the careful consideration you’ve put into properly representing your business. This tells your customers that you’ll put the same care and attention into your products, services, and even customer care. With excellent graphic design, you’ll launch your online business into a success.

Optamark Graphics is a full-service design studio in the US that has global partners in China and India. We produce visually arresting promotional products, merchandise, and packaging that create powerful and memorable statements for your brand.

Is Print Advertising Dead? 5 Facts To Know

While digital advertising and social media are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, print media is still a dominant avenue for promoting brands. The internet and social media are powerful tools to wield, but if you don’t know how to manipulate them to your advantage, you won’t achieve much success.

When we talk about print advertising, it doesn’t just refer to the flat photo ads embedded in newspapers or magazines. Print media is everywhere in the real world, in the letters you receive in the mailbox, the logos and taglines plastered on brand merchandise, and the posters and billboards you see when you walk around your city.

There is still an argument to be made for print media and all its iterations. If you are wondering if it’s still worth investing a portion of your marketing budget for offline ads, here are five facts that may help you decide:

1. Conversion is still higher with print

Americans spend an average of two and a half hours a day on the internet and social media platforms but only 45% said they would act on digital advertisements that they receive. Conversion is still higher with printed media, with 79% of consumers saying they will respond to direct mailers. What this means is that you may spend the same amount of marketing budget on both avenues but you will probably get a better return on your investment with print.

2. Print reinforces online advertising

We may make the mistake of thinking that print and digital media work exclusively. Statistics show that a combination of print and digital advertising can improve an online campaign by 400%. There is a greater chance of success for your marketing strategy if you utilize both avenues.

3. Consumers still trust print media

While it may seem like we are consuming all of our information online, 82% or four out of five American consumers still trust ads in print media in contrast to 25% of who say they trust digital advertisements. The volume of advertising may be increasing online, but at the end of the day, print still offers a high level of credibility that is crucial when swaying purchase decisions.

4. The print is more memorable

According to a study by a Canadian firm, they found that a person’s ability to recall a brand’s name based on a printed ad received by direct mail was 70% than a digital one. The study supposes that it may be because direct mail requires 21% less brainpower to understand

5. More people are likely to ignore an email

While email marketing can reach millions of people with a single click, it doesn’t guarantee a response. Many users have boxes filled with spam mail that usually go directly to their trash. Statistics show 80% of snail mail is opened while 80% of electronic ones are not.

In conclusion

It isn’t time to rule out print advertising just yet. We don’t spend our entire lives on the internet, and not all of our purchase decisions are influenced by digital ads. There is still plenty of opportunities to capture customers’ attention through printed media. So until we are all glued to a digital screen 24/7, print advertising isn’t dead.

Are you looking for a printing shop for your marketing needs? We offer services to create high-quality promotional and merchandising materials to promote your business. Browse our portfolio online and order your new


Designing Letterheads Right: A Simple Recipe For Success

While some business operations warrant more effort than others, it’s imperative every aspect should be treated with the utmost priority. As an entrepreneur, you must treat your business like a machine—once you deem that everything is working, it will work as intended. The simplest parts, such as your business letterheads, are part of these seemingly insignificant details.

Letterheads used to conduct business with potential partners, as it presents your company in the best possible way. They need to be well-designed and equipped with the right elements, especially since visuals convey a thousand words.

To ensure that your business invests in the right letterhead, here are the three most important elements you need to incorporate:

1 .  Your company name

The purpose of your letterhead is to let the reader know about your company. Leaving your letter blank is like sending an anonymous letter, which can be frustrating to read. Without an identity imbued in the letter, how do you ensure that the contents deliver the right impact?

Ensuring that your company’s name is presented warrants as a compelling introduction, but more importantly, it lets the receiver know that your business is real. With that being said, place your company’s name at the top of your letterhead. This allows the receiver to know that you mean business, thereby urging them to read further.

2.  Your logo

The most successful businesses are identifiable due to their logos and slogans. A bitten apple, for instance, signifies the technology-driven Apple. The fast-food giant Wendy’s offers a red-headed girl, which people now recognize as their ultimate symbol. To distinguish yourself from the rest, a well-made logo must be present.

The top of the letterhead is the ideal place for logos, just beside your company’s name. Others find that using logos as watermarks work best, but the idea is to place the logo on the most visible spot. This boosts brand awareness, further prompting the receiver to read the contents of your letter.

3.  Contact details

Your letter will likely be a proposal for partnership—in case the recipient is interested in engaging with your company, your contact details should be ready. Your contact information should be readily available on your letterhead, as with your email address and website. Your social media channels will also help. Not only will they be able to successfully contact you for concerns, but showcasing that you have multiple contact details assuages any doubts. With such a secure company, they’ll be convinced that they’re in capable hands.

Designing It Simple But Compelling

Given that letterheads are incredibly important to business, most make the mistake of creating an overly complicated letterhead. Keep in mind that intricate isn’t always effective—while ensuring that the receiver is provided with enough information about your company, proceed with caution and don’t overwhelm them with information and design.

Letterheads should have information neatly arranged, preferably in designs that are easy to grasp. With that being said, make sure to proceed with simplicity in mind. Your main goal is to convey a message, after all—never deter them from focusing on the message!

For compelling letterhead designs and other visual projects, Optamark Graphics is the place to call. We offer you compressive digital marketing solutions across the United States, deeply rooted in industry knowledge and experience. Allow our experts to futureproof your business—reach out to our team today.

3 Strategic Locations for Distributing Promotional Flyers

While many people move mostly in a digital space, physical marketing is still important in the promotion of a brand. Small- or mid-sized businesses especially benefit from the distribution of flyers and other such promotional materials. Also, the distribution of flyers also accounts for that small portion of the population that is not on the internet, which is still around 30 million Americans.

There are few things that can match a well-designed and informative flyer. Not only can it capture members of your target market that are more difficult to find, but it can also promote your brand and business in unique and inventive ways. However, even the best-designed flyer won’t be effective without proper distribution channels.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best places you can distribute flyers to promote business. Here are some of them:

Local newspaper distributors

Even if the majority of the news is now distributed online, newspapers are still a popular choice for most people. However, taking out a full-page (or even just partial ads) can be expensive for a small business.
As such, you can go to your local newsstand and leave out your fliers, which costs nothing if you’ve built a solid relationship with your local news distributor. If you’re lucky, they might even agree to let you insert your flyer into their publications before they are sent out.

Other businesses

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the local economy stays strong is for local businesses to band together and form great relationships. If there is a business nearby that provides goods or services that relate to your enterprise (that do not necessarily compete), it might be good to carry flyers and pamphlets promoting each others’ businesses.
It can even be as simple as placing one of them on a corkboard in another person’s business. It doesn’t stop there, as you can put up flyers in your local coffee shops, gyms, community centers, and so on.

Go door to door and car to car

In small communities, going door to door and leaving flyers on the windshields of cars can be effective ways to raise awareness of your business. This is especially important if the business caters to homeowners and their houses. Not only would they be getting information about a beneficial new business in their area, but they would also be getting it from the most reliable source.
However, before distributing in public spaces, make sure you know the rules regarding the handing out and hanging up of flyers. Follow the rules and regulations strictly, so your business does not get a bad rap.


Whatever industry you might serve and whatever your target market might be, it is important to consider every option when it comes to marketing.
Yes, having an online presence might benefit you, but there are many instances and circumstances that require more traditional means of advertising, such as flyers and pamphlets. Keep the tips above in mind so that your business doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to gain more visibility.
If you need help designing your flyers, send us at Optamark a message. We have experience in various fields and methods of marketing as well as graphic design.

Why Product Packaging Matters in Marketing

Attaining success in the world of business relies not just on the quality of your product. Product packaging also matters, and this impacts your customers’ purchasing habits and decisions more than you might think. Because of this, it can be said that your packaging is as crucial as your product itself.

To help you learn more about why you should take your product packaging seriously, here are some of the reasons why your packaging matters in marketing:

1. It serves as an effective marketing tool

Your packaging has a more important role than ensuring that your product retains its excellent quality when your customers consume or use your item. It says a lot about your brand and your product at a glance—even before your customers get to try what you offer.

Your well-made packaging can act as a marketing tool that can help you promote your offerings with the power of in-store advertising. Therefore, it’s important that your packaging conveys the message and values of your business.

2. It affects the purchasing habits and decisions of your customers

Color psychology plays a major role in marketing. This is because your brain responds to colors in various ways, which is why the colors of your product packaging can highly affect the purchasing decisions and habits of your customers. Because of this, you have to choose the colors of your packaging wisely.

To ensure that your product packaging’s colors reflect your message and brand, it is best to work with an experienced designer from an established digital marketing agency to help you decide on the color scheme for your product packaging. You may look into photos of various product packagings for inspiration and do your research on color psychology.

3. It makes your brand easily distinguishable

Every successful brand is considered memorable because of how it stayed true to its branding and delivered its vision and values well to its packaging.

When designing your packaging, make sure that your business logo is placed front and center. Use your signature color scheme to allow your customers to remember your product every time they are shopping.

Avoid making big changes in your packaging unless necessary. As much as possible, make only minor changes in case you need to revamp or refresh the look of your product packaging.

4. It sets your brand apart from your competitors

Stores’ shelves are filled with lots of products that are competing against one another to capture the attention of customers. To make your product stand out from the shelves and get it noticed and recognized by shoppers, make sure that your product packaging is unique, eye-catching, and can easily be set apart from your competitors.


Failing to recognize the importance of your product packaging to your business could mean setting yourself up for failure. This is because effective product packaging can act as a marketing and communication tool for your business. Therefore, when trying to come up with the look for your product packaging, work only with a reputable digital marketing agency.

At Optamark Graphics, we offer digital marketing services that can boost the growth of your business. Get in touch with us for a free digital audit!


Be Professional by Using Presentation Folders

Nothing annoys a person more than being presented with disorganized documents and materials. Nothing screams unprofessional more than looking like you aren’t prepared for the day. What is the use of dressing professionally and looking the part when your presentation materials are chaotic?

Presentation folders are a fantastic tool you can use to help organize your marketing materials and to present accurate information and documents to your colleagues, clients, and other professionals.

Here are some reasons your company should use presentation folders:

It’s a great company tool to present to clients

Whether you’re in a tradeshow or a meeting, having a presentation folder to give to your clients is a great way to start a conversation. Ideally, you would want your presentation folder to have complete information about your company and the products and services.

The great thing about giving presentation folders to clients is that they will have a physical copy of the information they need from you and could look for a digital copy as well. Presentation folders are meant to act as an offline version of your website and should be more accessible to your clients in the appropriate moment.

It’s an excellent hospitality gesture

Giving out presentation folders during meetings and trade shows are an excellent way to make a client or potential lead feel welcomed. It’s a better way to share information about your company and services rather than bombarding them with information by saying too much. Sometimes it can be challenging to absorb spoken information, which can easily be forgettable. So handing out presentation folders are vital because it will help your clients remember your company and your services.

It holds all the necessary documents

Presentation folders can also be used during seminars and training sessions. Handing out these folders to participants will make it easier for them to digest all the information during the conference. Should it be challenging to take down notes, presentation folders should provide all necessary learning materials.

During meetings, presentation folders are a huge help so that clients and other colleagues can keep track of the flow of your presentation. The best thing about it is they can look back at it without the hassle of having to go through you to get the digital copy of the documents. It is a convenient way to pass information to your clients and colleagues.

It represents your company’s image

An essential factor to consider when creating your presentation folders is that it needs to look professional and show your company’s image well. Working with the right graphic designers to help you build these folders and files will help convey your company’s message correctly.

Expert graphic designers should know what kind of design works for different industries so that your clients will adequately understand your company’s image and branding and potential leads.


Presentation folders shouldn’t be ignored because they are among the best traditional marketing tools many companies use. With these folders, you are disseminating proper and curated information for your clients to absorb more efficiently.

At Optamark Graphics, we offer digital marketing services that can boost the growth of your business. Get in touch with us for a free digital audit!


4 Tips To Make Your Business Greeting Cards Stand Out

They might seem out of place, but personalized greeting cards can have many positive effects in any business setting. Business owners can send cards to customers on special occasions to make them feel valued, or to suppliers to show appreciation and a willingness to continue working together.

However, sending a business card has to be done with careful thought and specific purpose. After all, you want the gesture to mean something so that it doesn’t just get tossed aside. To help you craft genuinely thoughtful business greeting cards, here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Customize It

Instead of sending out generic holiday cards, use custom greeting cards to make your message more meaningful. You can order customized greeting cards that feature your business logo and a heartfelt message to express your sentiments.

By sending out customized business greeting cards, you get to make the reader feel more special. Moreover, they’ll know it’s from your brand, which helps to strengthen your image. You don’t want your greeting cards to get lost in the sea of greeting cards your customers get, especially during the holiday, so take the time to make yours stand out!

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

There’s no need to write a paragraph-long message for your business greeting cards. Instead, keep it short and sweet. However, your message should be sincere and reflect your company culture. If possible, hand-sign each card and include all the key members of your staff. Doing so will show the reader that you took the time to send a card because you truly value them.

3. Get Creative

It’s easy to place the greeting card in an envelope and send it. As mentioned, the people your business may be sending it to may already have a lot of cards to open, and it could get easily lost if you place your card in a generic envelope. That’s why you need to be more creative. Make the envelope stand out by adding colors, graphics, and so on. If you can do more, why not send a small package along with the greeting card? That way, yours will definitely stand out, and the recipient will take the time to read your message.

4. Send It With A Purpose

Let’s face it—these business greeting cards are still a form of marketing. There’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation while also making an impression to do more business. You can do this by adding a call to action, such as a discount for future orders. You can also add your personal business card or even offer a reward for referrals. There’s nothing wrong with marketing a little with your business greeting cards.


Business greeting cards are not only great for showing your appreciation, but they are great marketing tools as well. That is why you also need to put some time and effort into it to yield better results for your business. After all, you’re already investing in these greeting cards; so why not get something more out of it?

Keep your business greeting cards creative by following the tips listed above. Make sure that they stand out so that they don’t get lost.

Let us help you make business greeting cards that will stand out. Here at Optamark Graphics, we can make creative greeting cards for any use and occasion. Contact us today.

Why Custom Envelopes Help Grow Your Brand

With the thousands of insincere and largely monotonous online customer chats and emails that are becoming common in today’s world, the emergence of custom envelopes and business letters are beginning to break the trend. As a step to innovate, businesses are creating more meaningful methods to communicate with customers.

Custom envelopes are like the perfect gift wrapper to a treasured surprise. But why exactly is it more preferred today, and why should it be your next investment as a business?

To answer those questions, this guide contextualises the allure and sheer originality that it provides towards sharing your unique business message with your customers.

1. It Provides Personalised Branding

As earlier mentioned, online messages and emails that are sent to customers might be numerous and structured, but they still fail to get the point across. The sheer volume of messages reached online is already a definite turn-off. It makes businesses seem impersonal and far-removed from their customers—making it a poor image for your brand.
With custom envelopes, you’re setting the image that you want to make an effort to sit down with your customer and connect with them. The letters that you put in each envelope can make your business more personalized in branding, giving your clients more time to really savor your business’ message. Thus, it will have great returns on investments as it is a cost-effective method of getting your point across.

2. It is a Daring and Original Form of Communication

Another advantage of using custom envelopes is its very daring and creative approach, especially amidst all the technology that customers are bombarded with. Imagine the shock and amazement customers will feel when they reach your letter—it catches them off guard, thus maximizing the emotional impact between you and your consumers!
The letter also becomes a keepsake, in a way, as it reminds them why it was the right choice to enjoy your business. It makes them realise that you are not afraid to think outside the box and be intentional as a brand.
Aside from the daring and originality, custom envelopes are also legitimate means of communicating nowadays with customers. It may seem ironic that the rise of letters is more effective in communicating than with a text message or an email. The fact remains, however, that people are becoming tired of the internet. There are even individuals who do technological detox and deactivate their social media accounts because of its toxicity.
The solution then is through custom envelopes and letters. It not only infiltrates the digital space wall, but it’s also perceived as more “gutsy,” which is highly appreciated among your receivers. It’s friendly too—it’s essentially like saying “I want you to enjoy my business. Here are some things that I know you will love. Hope to see you soon!”

3. It Invites a Positive Customer Response

As a result of the daring communication and personalized approach to branding, the positive customer response it results in can also be considered another benefit. Custom envelopes and business letters let the customer know that you care about them. It makes them feel appreciated and happy—in fact, it could even be a highlight to their dreary workday! Thus, it reawakens them to buy more products or get more services from your business again.
Customer satisfaction will be at an all-time high as well, and you can also bet that more will follow. Your custom envelopes will make you memorable, which the customers you send it to will surely take note of. It’s almost like having physical proof that you really care for customers, which is something people in today’s age hold in high regard!


Custom envelopes are the perfect wrap-up to your core message as a personalized, customer-friendly brand. If you really want to stand out as a business, consider acquiring custom envelopes today!
Do you want a professional touch to your custom envelopes? We can provide you with stellar graphic design services to effectively get your message across. Get in touch with us today and find out how you can reach out to your consumers even better.


6 Common Promotional Product Mistakes To Avoid

There are plenty of marketing tools to use these days that help spread a business’s influence. One of the most popular ones that tend to attract a significant amount of clients is the use of promotional products.

Promotional products are an excellent marketing tool because they can be customized and distributed creatively. As such, it provides marketers with more choices to approach advertising—which unfortunately also leaves room for errors to happen.

To make the most out of the products you use, these are the common mistakes to avoid with your promotional materials.

1. Lack of Purpose

It’s easy to see a product lacking purpose, and when customers see this in yours, you’re in trouble. That is why before you launch a product in the market, you must have a clear purpose for it. When you know exactly what you want to achieve, it will influence your choices as you create and distribute your products. Without a clear purpose, your marketing campaign will likely fail even before they begin to take off.

2. Lack of a Distribution Plan

Having a lack of a distribution plan spells chaos for your business. When you have the purpose all sorted out, plan out how you will distribute the product. Keep in mind that handing out the product to everybody you see could be a waste of time and money! Instead, target the audience that factors in a greater deal with your brand’s image. Your distribution plan plays a significant role because it will help point you towards the path to achieving your goal.

3. Not Considering What Your Customers Like

A lot of business owners have done this—selecting a promotional product that they like without factoring in what their audience likes. Avoid this by considering what will be well-received by your target audience with your campaign—simply put, know and understand what your customer wants.

Remember that just because a product is relevant to your business doesn’t mean it’s something that your customers will want. Doing some basic research on your audience’s interests and hobbies and find the right product that will resonate with them and further spread your business’ influence as your promotional items intend to.

4. Going For the Cheapest Ones

It’s natural to want to save more money when it comes to promotional products—however, spending your money on cheap items doesn’t mean you get a quality product in return. When it comes to promotional products, quality is just as vital as it would with your own products and services.

It would be much better to spend more to establish your brand rather than spend so little and get a poor quality product in return. Keep in mind that when it comes to promotional products, you get what you pay for. As such, loosen up the purse strings a little, and invest in quality products that will really wow your clients.

5. Sticking To Generic Design

It’s common for some business owners to approve a promotional product with a generic design. While it might be a common practice, it can become even more problematic because people are less likely to respond to the uninteresting design. Aside from making your brand more recognizable, put some effort into investing in a good design that will catch the attention of your clients.

6. Putting Generic Information

It’s not all about the design when it comes to promotional products. The product should also contain direct and valuable information. Since you only have a limited space to work with, make every word count. When writing product information, consider the goal of your campaign and include information that will be most effective towards making it a reality.


Creating, buying, and distributing promotional products are challenging—but it’s achievable. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches, while simultaneously helping structure your promotional campaigns even better.

Are you looking for a digital marketing service in the United States to help you with your promotional products? Optamark Digital is your digital experts that deliver results. We will help you optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us today!

4 Reasons You Should Use Promotional Products To Advertise Your Business

Ever thought about different ways you could promote your product or business all the more? Going traditional may not be such a bad idea—there’s a reason these strategies have persisted for a long time.

Even though the promotional landscape has drastically changed within the last decade, many businesses have succeeded in getting new customers through promotional products. You won’t have to worry about waste, either—customers usually use these, and if not, they tend to give it to their friends or family.

Here’s why you should consider using promotional products to advertise your business:

It’s Budget Friendly

You might think that shelling out extra money for promotional products is expensive, but they’re actually quite affordable. Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional products are a cost-effective way to help you advertise your business over a period of time—usually months. Integrating this into a well-structured marketing plan will guarantee you a wider and more sustainable way to get in touch with your customers. The products don’t have to be large to make a statement. It could be anything from a business card to a sample of your product.

It Makes Your Customers Come Back

Distributing promotional products to customers, especially on a regular basis, will encourage your customers to choose your business over any other brand. It also communicates to your audience that your business isn’t afraid to spend a little to give customers a free taste of your products.

You can also opt to reward loyal customers through special gifts or personalized products—a customer that feels taken care of will genuinely see a reason to keep doing business with you. This will not only encourage customer loyalty but establish a good relationship with them.

It Generates Quality Leads

Sending out promotional products can actually give you quality leads, as they have the power to convert people into returning customers. Sample-sized products are a fantastic way to convert since it allows them to try it for free and see how much they like it. To encourage the recipients of your promotional products to come back, make sure to include links to your website and social media profiles so they can find out more about your products and services. This will also increase the traffic to your website—hitting two birds with one stone.

It Boosts Brand Awareness and Visibility

One of the most potent benefits of using promotional products to advertise your business is that it increases your brand visibility. Many people may have heard of your company for the first time upon receiving the products, which is important—this means more and more people are hearing about you! Using relevant promotional products to promote your business, like a free tumbler if you’re a company that sells organic juices, will make it easier for people to recognize your brand.

Final words

Marketing your business using promotional products is one of the most effective ways to reach your intended audience. Even if an uninterested person gets a hold of your product, they’re likely to know someone who will appreciate it and hand it over to them instead—giving you a new and potential customer.

Need print and promotional products for your business? Optamark Graphics is a full-service brand merchandising company in the US with global partners in China and India. We help you reach your target audience by supplying eye-catching merchandise and products. Get in touch with us and we’ll love to help you out!

8 Design Trends in 2020 – What to Incorporate in Your Brochure

Even in the digital era, many businesses still harness the power of print marketing. Whether roller banners, posters, or flyers, they are great promotional materials that can market your brand as well as promote your products or services.

Brochures are effective marketing tools that continue to remain relevant up to these days. When it comes to these, you may think of photos with brief descriptions of your products or services printed on your brochures.

If you want your brochures to work, here are 2020 design trends you can incorporate for highly effective and compelling marketing materials for your business.

1. 3-D features

We’re used to seeing conventional brochures with two-dimensional designs, but now is the perfect time to explore the three-dimensional features of brochures. Not only do they look visually appealing, but they also look more modern and add a feeling of depth into your design.

2. Various types of typography

You can use various typefaces for your brochures. You can be a little experimental and creative by using large and bold fonts for the cover, stylish ones for every page, and varying ones for the headings, subheadings, and body text.

3. Breaking the rules of grid

You can now break the rules of design grids. While this rule of thumb may be strictly followed for logo creation and digital graphic designs, you can certainly bend the rule to give way to your creativity more for your brochures.

4. Use of bold and bright colors

When it comes to graphic and digital designs, the minimalist approach may be more appropriate, which means you must use neutral tones. With your brochures, though, you can employ bold and bright colors to make your promotional tools more vibrant and attractive.

5. Various geometrical shapes

As far as geometrical shapes are concerned, you can be a little experimental with your brochures. You can use odd and irregular shapes, such as rectangles and squares. Brochures may also use octagons and hexagons.

6. Illustrations

Illustrations are an effective way to capture the viewers’ attention and stir their interests. When using illustrations, make sure to have creative pieces of work as a way to convey your brand’s message. They’ll resonate well with your target audience.

7. Animated retro

Don’t forget to incorporate the retro looks into your brochure design. For this, the animated retro design can be your best bet. It does provide depth to an otherwise flat illustration and subtle design movements.

8. Artful imagery

When it comes to brochures, photos are a must, so be sure to breathe life into your images. Take advantage of artful photography to kick your pictures up a notch. You can tap the expertise of professional photographers to do that for you.


Brochures never go outdated and continue to serve your marketing needs. To make them work, incorporate the following design trends—3-D features, various types of typography, no grids employed, bold and bright colors, geometrical shapes, illustrations, animated retro, and artful imagery. All these will bring out the best in your brochures that can promote your brand and take your business up a notch.

Optamark Graphics specializes in print, promotional, and digital products in the US. If you’re looking to print brochures with 2020 design trends incorporated, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


Promotional Products Trending in 2020 / That People Actually Want to Keep

Selecting Promotional Products that are trending in 2020 requires time and skill. You want to always make sure that you have a product with your brand that creates a positive and long-lasting impression. Hence, you need something nice and quality. The best promotional products for businesses/startups/employees start with some eyecatching product. For example, take a look at HolidayCatalog

The market is ever so changing so think about now having Covid related products to what the market was demanding before!  Even think opposite as now travel is less so what can you give that can CREATE IMPRESSION. It’s all about IMPRESSIONS.

Companies that have multiple employees, inventory needs, online ordering function can have the ability to get a custom branded storefront experience. An example of what this would look like would be the ability to have the catalog (mentioned above) with the ability to take those products with a highly custom-branded storefront experience.

*Example of a Custom Branded Storefront with our 2020 Holiday Products:

In evaluating the options available for companies to have a highly customized storefront, we have the options to produce not only promo but also commercial printing, apparel, packaging. We want to be able to be a one stop shop for our clients to be able to secure anything and everything “brand”

To help, here are the most trending products as per our assessment in the market:

1. Smartphone & tech accessories.
2. Drinkware, Water Bottles & Promo Tumblers.
3. Apparel, Bags & Accessories.

If your interested in learning more about promotional products trending in 2020 and more, shoot us an email at support@localhost

The Best Ways to Feature Your Custom Packaging in Your Ads

One possible but not often taken route to ensure a product will sell better is the quality of its packaging. Custom packaging can maximize the presentation and highlight the value of both your product and brand. It can add to the overall selling power and appeal of any product under the right circumstances.

The pandemic doesn’t have to hold back your business

Many large brands rely on in-store purchases from brick-and-mortar businesses, like grocery stores and retail outlets, for their revenue. In the wake of the coronavirus, extended stays in quarantine have forced them to pull back marketing on all fronts.

That has led to a boom in business for smaller online companies, as the digital space expands to become the largest in terms of customer interaction. Many businesses figured out models of operation that work for them, maximizing their profits and giving them a firm foothold.

In the age of online shopping, though, most customers are only able to enjoy your luxurious packaging once it arrives at their doorstep. If marketing and branding were the purposes of the packaging, then it hasn’t been given a chance to do its job.

That’s why it’s best to include your packaging in your ads

Various marketing campaigns on Facebook have shown that showcasing your custom packaging in all its creative glory has resulted in lower costs per acquisition and higher returns.

Now more than ever, cutting costs and improving your profits are important. It is a strange time, though, because online businesses are booming intensely and online commerce is more competitive than it has ever been.

Make an unboxing ad

An unboxing video can take your possible customers on a journey to enjoying your product. Such videos are often a taste of what it’s like to buy or own the product you’re selling.

There is a simple power in taking a flat-lay video that features everything that comes in the box. Choose a background color that is pleasing and relevant to the colors of your brand or logo, lay the box out, and film its inspection while music plays in the background.

All this is far more effective if your packaging is unique and creative. It can serve as an additional selling point and added value.

You could also let an influencer or YouTuber open your box

There is a lot of controversies when it comes to the effectiveness of influencers, but a paid collaboration with a respectable influencer can be a mutually beneficial partnership. Make sure to highlight in your agreement with your influencer the need to focus on the packaging.

The selling point of using an influencer to market your product is their closeness to your target market. They often serve as ambassadors or representatives of your target market who have built up credibility as consumers. Lending this credibility to your product and its magnificent packaging can help it go a long way.


These days, the unboxing video is an important way for people to determine whether something is worth buying. That’s because the insights of a skilled video blogger or influencer can bring up product features that your customer might not have noticed. It can let potential customers experience your product before they even buy it.

For more information on creative packaging and video ads for your product, get in touch with us. We at Optamark have the digital marketing resources and expertise you need to take your business to greater heights.

E-commerce – How to Make Your Product Packages Shipment-Ready

One of the most crucial aspects of e-commerce industries is how a package is delivered and received by their customer. If you don’t invest in error-free shipping practices, you may end up paying a hefty price from your logistics budget, whether you ship in-house or outsource your courier services through third-party logistics providers.

Physical concerns for digital platforms

Dealing with e-commerce’s business operations requires just as much work on the tangible aspect as it is with its digital platform. Product packages play a vital role in delivering quality customer service, which is why online retailers need to be familiar with the right packaging practices to ensure that they’re making their customers satisfied with their products.

In this article, we will share three tips in making sure that your products’ packaging is shipment-ready to arrive safely at your customers’ doorstep.

1. Pack your products in light packages

Making use of light materials can reduce your shipping costs since covering for the load weight of your shipment will dictate how much inventory you can pack. Before heading on to shipping containers, know that postage rates will depend on the dimensions of your products and their overall weight. This is why using light packaging materials, or even on your products’ components, can save much on your logistics expenses.

2. Lessen your box’s unused spaces

Choosing the right box dimensions helps ease up space for your shipment’s item count and prevents you from incurring additional fees. Using a box that’s one or two inches too big can also quickly add up into unused space when you’re packing bulk orders.

Extra space inside your boxes, whether it’s your products item box or shipping box, needs to be minimal at most. The best way to reduce package dimensions is by ensuring that your product can be packed tightly within its container so that it won’t need too much stuffing or cushion.

3. Invest in durable packaging materials

Sending your products out for shipment can easily cause you to feel anxious because there’s no telling if the shipment personnel will treat your packages lightly or roughly. Human error is also a factor that you need to consider in choosing your packaging products.

Most packages arrive safely with little to no damage as long as you choose the right shipping partner. However, falls and accidents can still happen, and you need to make sure that you’re prepared for these instances. Make sure that the box for your product can handle at least a four-foot drop. If you’re shipping fragile items, use a corrugated box paired with lots of packing material to increase its shock resistance.

Too much reinforcement on your packaging’s safety can save the issue of having product returns. Unfortunately, this will be a costly expense on your part. This is why you should learn how to balance the right durability for your packaging without sacrificing too much of your item’s shipping weight.


As a product seller, you need to make sure that your products are in good condition when they reach your customer’s doorstep. Besides reinforcing your packaging, you should also use the physical transaction of sending packages to include marketing materials that your customers can appreciate, such as promo announcements or discount vouchers.

At Optamark Graphics, we manufacture different types of print promotional products to help businesses expand their branding potential. We also manufacture branded coffee mugs, apparel, tech items, and more. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you conceptualize retail-ready goods for your company!

6 Business Card Trends for a Great First Impression

The business card is a pocket representation of your business. These little squares of paper can pack a punch in making a stellar first impression. They haven’t lost their charm even as industries are increasingly turning digital-you can still meet potential customers in person, after all!

As much as it tends to be important for a business operating online to be backed by a reputed IT firm (similar to BedrockIT, for instance), so is a business card for both online and offline enterprises. Creating an excellent first impression is extremely important in customer conversion. A boring, black and white business card with awkward typography immediately tells a potential customer that the business probably isn’t very modern and up to date. On the other hand, a bright business card with arresting visuals immediately communicates to the customer that the business is fun and engaging but highly professional about their work.

Here are six business card trends that could immediately transform your business’ image at first sight:

1. Fun-Shaped Business Cards

Having differently-shaped business cards would be the fastest way to make an impression! The standard size for business cards in the US is 3.5 x 2 inches and generally have sharp corners. Consider changing things up a little by rounding the corners or making it circular-shaped-but still keeping it small enough to fit in a wallet!

There are no limitations to your business card. The more creative you can get, the better.

2. Textured Business Cards

Instead of having a smooth and clean business card, play around with the texture of your card’s surface. This is sure to grab your customer’s attention-especially if they fish for it from their wallets!

Whether it’s etching the text on your business card or using a different kind of card stock, this will definitely invite your potential customer to revisit your card. After all, that will make your card more memorable-and your business will be too!

3. Hand-illustrated Business Cards

Having personal and unique illustrations on your card tells customers that your business is a highly approachable one. These illustrations tend to soften the usually stuffy nature of business cards, transforming what is typically a transactional item into something more intimate and unique.

4. Minimalist Business Cards

Minimalism had its moment in the early 2010s, but it definitely still has its appeal. Clean and attractive symmetry with some geometric motifs tends to grab the attention of your customer, especially when pertinent information is presented without any obstruction. Colors tend to be kept at a minimum and are complemented by sans-serif fonts. If you want to convey the dedication of your business to its craft while remaining visually appealing, this trend is your best bet.

5. Monochromatic Business Cards

Similar to minimalist business cards, these involve crisp lines and congruity, but these use only one color. The timeless black and white is still an option too, as this will never go out of style. Sticking to several shades of one color will allow you to emphasize other design elements of your business card while still keeping it interesting for your clients.

6. Brush-stroked Business Cards

Another way to add a pop of character to your business card without obscuring information is by adding colorful brush strokes. This adds a layer of warmth and personality to the cards, reminding your customers that they’re also dealing with humans. It definitely tells people that your business is fun and engaging, too!

Final Thoughts

When promoting your business during networking events, an attractive business card is a surefire way to make people remember you. It’s basically a foldable piece of advertisement-one that could give you more business with its use!

Optamark Graphics is a full-service online printing and marketing agency with offices in the United States and India. We offer all types of printing, promotional, or signage product needs. Have anything we can help you with? We have global support around the clock, so be sure to drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help!


Optamark Launches Cloud Based Brand Management System

New York, NY (Oct 1, 2020) –Optamark, a cloud-based brand management tool for sourcing print, promo, digital marketing, as well as order management for promotional product professionals, announced this week that its platform will be provided access to qualified individuals and distributors looking to grow and scale their business. In the first six months, the system has seen instrumental growth with a massive user demand from those who are looking to increase their business and other opportunity areas outside of the core promotional products base.

“We have seen steady growth in the range of our products from initially adding printing, to then integrating promotional products, to then integrating apparel, but the surge we see now is a response to the vastly improved user experience at every touchpoint in the supply chain,” said Tarang Gosalia,
Optamark’s CEO. “With COVID, The need to be able to adapt effectively reselling any sort of product needs to be systematized and scalable. That’s exactly what we’re intending on doing with some of the best distributors in the market looking to ramp up their existing business.

Tarang Gosalia

Optamark’s CEO, Tarang Gosalia

Optamark’s principals said that new features such as back-office support, order processing, printing, promotional products, company storefronts, as well as a whole new range of digital marketing products and services for distributors to resell will keep a focus on both online and offline marketing Optamark’s CEO, Tarang Gosalia channels for effective business owners looking to add impact to their existing clients. “The new developments are certainly playing a role in growing our distributors’ sales and in overall growth,” said Gosalia “but it’s the end-to-end workflow experience where we’re finding the strongest response.”

In an era of being content-rich, Optamark is looking to enable its tool and empower those looking to build their existing businesses or new business as a key advantage to those they’re looking to upsell additional products and services. The product is one of a kind in being able to accommodate virtually any online and offline brand management requirement with a sleek, modern, simple, and straightforward design for the end-user.

The OptaHub (the brand management software) began as a software their team developed to power, a Manhattan-based distributorship that Gosalia founded. Making the Inc500 two consecutive years in 2015, and 2016, Gosalia quickly realize that there’s a gap between commercial printers, promotional product distributors, and agencies. The gap is the supply chain, sourcing, and the ability to be process orders with ease and adapting to our current market conditions.

Optamark recently opened a new headquarters in Connecticut to accommodate supporting ongoing users as well as franchisees that participate in their platform and system. The selection process is determined based on certain factors of your experience within the industry and your ability and interest in wanting to grow your business. Entrepreneurs are what Optamark seeks and Gosalia has been focused on bringing on quality members.


5 Easy Ways to Know if Your Website is Optimized for SEO

Now more than ever businesses need to compete to win the attention of Google. Whether your a small business or enterprise company, everybody needs to be the google loving!!!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to earning relevant traffic for your website. If your website is Google/Bing and most important SEO friendly, your site is much more likely to rank higher in SERPs.

To put it simply, in order to “do better” in Google or other search engines, your site must be SEO friendly! It’s not just that but it needs to be optimized for mobile, quick, and effective in being able to get the user to “get what they want” quickly and easily.

The primary concerns regarding SEO are both on-site and off-site. Your on-site SEO is the things that someone can control or change whenever needed like the images, content, number of words, details. Your off-site SEO are things that are not totally in your control or on your website that you don’t have that same control over immediately, such as links from other websites to yours.

In this quick video, we cover the basics for someone whom is part of our Optamark platform to effectively SELL SEO services to small businesses. In this video, we quickly cover the basics of using a tool called SEMRush which is commonly used for Digital Marketing Agencies to better understand the performance of how a company, site, actions are online as it relates to the domain. In this detailed breakdown below, after we complete our AUDIT of the site, we will discuss ON PAGE related SEO which can be helpful for your to begin to understand the performance of your business.

Here are 5 key Easy Ways to Know if Your Website is Optimized for SEO


Content is King for SEO. No content, no appetite from Google. This is one of the most important contributors to SEO, and it’s also one of the most common errors that pop up in site audits. The semantics of how many words you should have on your pages tend to change frequently, as do many “SEO Best Practices”, but staying current will be key for you to stay ahead of the crowd.

Page Titles

There should be a page title on every page, and every page title should be unique and relevant to the page associated with it.  You need to be extra careful with this especially if it is an e-commerce site.

If you have a CMS such as WordPress or HubSpot, you have easy access to editing page titles and corresponding meta descriptions that are set up to keep you within the confines of the current best practices.


Headings work side by side with the way you build your content, creating relevant separations between sections is essential and needs to be done. There should be a heading that leads into your content, almost like the chapter of a book. You can make adjustments to these within your CMS. We use WordPress, but there’s a ton of options out there.

An added bonus of headings, especially H1 headings is that they are a great opportunity to implement keywords that further break down those within your page titles.

Page Speed

It seems like common sense, but if your website is slow, your user experience (UX) is going to be significantly worse. In this digital age, users don’t want to wait around for a page to load. Low-speed time, no users. You gotta also be mobile-friendly.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great tool for determining both your desktop and your mobile site speed. Not only will it provide the actual loading speed for each, but it will also offer suggestions to help improve your page speed, often ranging from errors like broken links, to redirects, all the way to improperly sized images.

Some of these fixes pertain to on-site SEO, and some pertain to off-site SEO, so be sure to recognize the difference between issues you can fix on your own and those that will require outsourcing.

Mobile Responsive

It’s 2020 – people are most likely looking at your website on their mobile device. Whether it’s a phone or a tablet, ensuring that your site performs at the same level of quality on smaller devices as it does on a desktop is paramount for improving UX, overall SEO, and site health.

Making sure that your menus are condensed and aspects like phone numbers and email addresses are large enough and clickable will help immensely when trying to improve overall UX.

Complete an SEO Checklist

If you read through this post thinking, “I still don’t have a clue” – don’t worry. All hope is not lost for your website. You can download our SEO checklist by clicking the image below, and use that to analyze all the aspects of your site that affect SEO and site health.

Even better…we’ll complete the SEO checklist for you! Schedule a consultation with one of our SEO Specialists and we’ll walk you through it, one step at a time.

Wholesale Channel Letters Near Me

It’s extremely important during these uncertain times to be able to have the opportunity to effectively make sure you’re messaging, visual noise, representation in public, and your logo stands out from the crowd. Especially with valuable real estate for your businesses exterior signage. This is only a challenge for retailers such as restaurants, franchisors, local businesses, Everybody needs signage but what type? What method? What material? What style?

Signage is complicated.

For example, do you know the difference between reverse-lit channel letters, channel letter signs, reverse channel letter details? This all sounds complicated. But not to worry, our experts at Optamark have a lot of experience in working with franchisors, landlords, commercial property owners not only in the design but the fabrication, build, as well as expertise in installing the signs as well. Need help with permits? We got you covered with our nationally insured installation network.


Optamark Starts Franchise Business Off With A Bang: The Artcraft Company Officially Joins Franchise

New York, NY (June 16, 2020) – Optamark, a New York-based brand management company, announces the official signing of a franchise agreement with The Artcraft Company, a Boston-based full-service solutions provider.

For over 75 years, the most demanding industries have entrusted Artcraft to efficiently execute the full spectrum of client-facing print and promo materials. Optamark’s resources and marketplace technology, coupled with Artcraft’s 40,000+ sq ft production capacity allows Optamark and its franchisees to enhance? traditional brick and mortar print shops. Optamark has created lightning-fast brand management tools to provide its users with a unique franchise opportunity that is purposely built with a “remote” working culture.

“Artcraft is a rapidly-growing distributor serving the most demanding industries and global brands,” said Optamark CEO Tarang Gosalia. “John Dumochel and his team have built Artcraft on creativity and exceeding client expectations, and we appreciate their trust in Optamark’s ability to help them continue their impressive growth. Our goal is to leverage the best practices of both Artcraft and Optamark for the benefit of the valued clients of both organizations.” Dumochel will continue to lead Artcraft, which will also remain based out of Boston, MA, with its current team in place. “There is mutual respect between Optamark and Artcraft,” said Dumochel, ”We have known each other for several years and recognize the amazing synergies our two companies share and what this collaboration could achieve.

Optamark’s financial strength, digital marketing arm, and business development tools will allow us to expand our reach with our clients and key prospects. Optamark’s ability to offer enhanced creative and digital marketing services, deeper supplier relationships, robust e-commerce and technology, and distribution capabilities will help expedite Artcraft’s timeline in reaching their goals. Optamark’s client-first and innovative approach aligns with the expanding needs of our clients and industry.” Gosalia and Dumochel are both on prior Inc500 “Fastest-Growing Private Companies”, a definitive ranking of the most influential people in the business model.

About Optamark

Optamark, based in New York, NY, is an industry-leading provider of print collateral, branded merchandise, and digital branding solutions. With an international salesforce, Optamark helps businesses of all sizes by providing innovative branding solutions priced competitively and supported by world-class technology and operational expertise.

About Artcraft

Since 1939, Artcraft continues to provide world class, innovative print and promotional product solutions to the world’s most prestigious firms.

Our client-centric strategies allow for a single source for comprehensive print programs, including corporate business cards and stationery, POD marketing collateral, diverse specialty printing, as well as exceptional promotional items and impactful campaigns. Artcraft is headquartered in Boston, MA.


9 factors to consider when choosing to own a Franchise

When considering starting a business venture, one may also have to consider owning a franchise as a way of avoiding some disadvantages that accompany starting a business from scratch in the real sense of it. So you need to know the factors to consider when choosing to own a franchise.

There are a lot of advantages to owning a franchise. One attractive reason is that you would be building on an already developed and established, tested, and trusted structure as opposed to starting out your business and struggling to carve a niche for yourself. Brand reputation takes a lot of time, energy, and experience (good and bad) to build. Starting out by owning a franchise means that you are given a head start in your chosen industry.

Another advantage of starting a franchise is that there are so many options in every industry to choose from. You wouldn’t need to stick with a brand that doesn’t suit your every need just because there are no alternatives.

After deciding to own a franchise, the next hurdle to cross is what franchise to choose. Owning a franchise without considering a lot of factors to know if it suits your business goals would mean shooting yourself in the leg in the long run. One thing to note is that franchisors are mandated to file with the relevant Federal and State authorities. To make sure you’re on the right side of the law, remember to always refer to your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for guidance when choosing your franchise.

Below are a list of 9 factors to consider when choosing a franchise:


You need to make reference to Article 21 of the FDD to look up the financial standing of your potential franchise. Be sure to confer with your accountant too to make sure that the franchise is in a good place financially.

Background checks

You would need to check the history of the franchise to understand where they are coming from and to know if they are a credible and reliable brand to work with. Articles 1, 2 and 3 would provide guidelines on this.

Market Information

Before you decide to own a franchise, you should have credible information on how profitable the market would be in the long run. There is no use starting a franchise on a dwindling market structure.


Serious franchises place certain restrictions to protect their brand identity and ensure brand uniformity across all borders. You should understand these restrictions to know if they suit your business needs and goals.


Article 6 of the FDD would come in handy here. There are certain payments you’d make in the form of royalties on a continuous basis, even after you have paid the initial lump sum. Understand how these royalties are calculated, the durations you need to pay them and if the arrangement is something you can conveniently work with.


Article 6 of the FDD would come in handy here. There are certain payments you’d make in the form of royalties on a continuous basis, even after you have paid the initial lump sum. Understand how these royalties are calculated, the durations you need to pay them and if the arrangement is something you can conveniently work with.

Support Structure

Does the franchise have the right structure to provide support for your business whenever you encounter problems? How willing are they to help you through crisis situations? You should consider these.


How much can you invest in the franchise and how much is required for you to invest? Consider these to know your financial standing after you purchase the franchise.


Look at your interest, needs and abilities and see if the chosen franchise would align with what you want for yourself in the future. Is that particular franchise something you would find fulfillment from in the future?


Article 12 of the FDD would help you with information as to what territories your franchise would thrive in.

Take advantage of the opportunity Optamark gives to own a franchise that is well-founded, has a reliable market structure and is ready to support you all the way from start to finish.

Printing, marketing and signage: The three pillars of a business

There are many pillars of business success chief among which are printing, marketing and signage. They can be regarded as the 3-in-1 business success factor because they are interrelated and work together to ensure that businesses thrive and achieve the goals for which they were set.

Optamark understands the importance of these 3 factors in business growth and development and as they have done for years, continue to strive to ensure that quality printing, marketing, and signage projects are not only accessible to large, medium and small-scale business but are also delivered in time. At Optamark, we are in the business of providing quality printing, marketing, and signage services to ensure that your brand gets the needed visibility.

What’s more, to enhance your experience with us and to make our services more conveniently available to you, we have launched our online portal to your advantage.

The Optamark Portal…

Our Optamark portal links you directly to Optamark graphics services, with personalized features that help you gain access to our various services. On the portal, you can easily request for any of our printing services and other various marketing materials of your choice.

The portal is so user-friendly that it gives the same effect as though you were speaking directly to one of our seasoned customer care agents. Its self-explanatory structure ensures that you never have to get hooked or at sea at what the next step to take is.

All you need to do is login into the secured portal, state your needs, and watch us do the best we can to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

We bring your printing ideas to life…

Our portal/online printing functions is a convenient way to print out your great designs without any hassle and in as little time as possible.

To print, you just need to log in your details on the Optamark portal, upload the file you wish to print, and then submit it to the nearest Optamark graphics center. We would take up the process from there.

After vetting it and ensuring that it is perfect for printing, we immediately take it for printing, and shortly thereafter, you would have your fresh, well – printed materials in your hands. This is by far, a stress-free, time-saving and cost-effective means of printing when compared to traditional printing processes.

We enhance your marketing experience…

We all know how difficult and time-consuming the traditional marketing process is. Optamark comes in to simplify the process for you. When you need to host business campaigns or whatever type of marketing activity you want to engage in and you’re looking for a fast, reliable and cost-effective way of having your marketing delivered to you on time, look to the Optamark portal.

With just a click to order on our portal, you would have your quality marketing materials delivered to you in the speed of light.

Improving your signage…

Signages, no matter where they are placed or seen tell a lot about your brand. They tell your brand story. It is up to you to determine what idea prospective clients have to tell about your brand when they see your signage.

With Optamark online portal, you can plan, design, and execute your signage ideas from start to finish. You are also afforded the opportunity of consulting with our experienced graphics specialists whenever you need to.

Redefine business success; work with us…

As you already know, printing, marketing, and signage are a 3-in-1 factor to ensuring business growth. To excel in this area, you need to work with an experienced graphics brand like Optamark to bring your business goals to reality.

6 Mistakes commonly made with Structural Packaging

Beyond selling their products and making a profit, brand owners find a great sense of purpose in adding more value to their customers and the society at large. Nothing does this job better than structural packaging. The best brands are the ones that always understand the important role of structural packaging. It plays in boosting its market position, visibility, and creating value in the lives of their customers. So beware of the structural packaging mistakes.

Brand owners want their packaging to be more than just that- packaging. They want their packaging structure to tell their story and to leave a positive lasting impression. It is not on just the individual consumers but their environment and economy also. For example, some brands have through their packaging, provided means to enhance economic, environment and social stability.

More than ever before, brands are increasingly looking up to design agencies for their structural packaging projects. While this is a good thing, brands need to be careful while choosing agencies to work with. There are a lot of complexities involved in structural packaging that if not handled with care, may frustrate the project and give rise to losses that would have easily been avoided if due care, expertise, and skill were utilized.

For example, when it comes to 3D capableness, many brands assume that the ability for an agency to successfully handle 2D branding translates to an ability to handle 3D too. Unfortunately, they soon come to realize that 3D branding require much more skill and expertise than they anticipated after the damage has already been done.

To avoid these terrible situations from occurring, below are six of the very common mistakes brand owners and agencies alike make while working on some structural packaging projects and avoid structural packaging mistakes.

1. Underestimating the complexities involved in structural

One common mistake branding agencies make is underestimating the difficulties involved in 3D projects and as a result, leaving the projects in the hands of freelancers.

Freelancers are not always the best hands for all aspects of 3D projects and because the best 3D freelancers are usually difficult to book due to their tight schedules, agencies may have to opt for the less experienced ones who may not end up doing the perfect job.

Agencies who have no choice but to use freelancers should ensure that the necessary arrangements are made as early as possible and that these freelancers work only as important supports in the project team.

2. Using 2D companies to handle 3D Projects

Many agencies describe themselves as “multi-disciplinary” when in fact, all they specialize in is 2D alone. As a result, they end up deceiving brands to let them in on their 3D projects when they don’t have the requisite structure and expertise for it, leading to project failures. Brands should employ due diligence in ensuring that they only hand their 3D projects to companies that have the capacity to handle them instead of relying solely on the presentations of the design agencies.

3. Neglecting the importance of transparency in communication when working on projects

Transparency in two-way communication is very important especially with 3D structural packaging projects.

To achieve the best results, promote loyalty and trust, and to ensure that the result is exactly what was intended, all parties involved must ensure that communicator lines are kept open and transparent and that there is constant liaison between all parties from start to finish.

4. Skipping the gun

Agencies may present visual representations that are so good and high in quality, that clients may be so excited and assume that these representations should go into production straight away. Clients should understand that the visual representations, no matter how good, still need to pass through complex processes before final production.

5. Confusing top graphics design agencies with 3D

Clients should understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to 3D projects. Not all top graphic design agencies have the necessary skill and expertise to work on 3D projects. Clients should beware.

6. Comparing 3D project timelines and designs with those of 2D

3D project timelines and designs are by far more complex than that of 2D. Clients and agencies should avoid assuming they are the same in order to achieve lasting success in their 3D structural packaging projects.

Increase your Customer Base through Employee and Brand Culture

Mr. TED Talk, Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why.: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action once implied that your culture is your brand. And we say that no truer words have been spoken especially as it relates to the business world. In other words to Increase your Customer Base through Employee and Brand Culture. following is the idea.

Your brand culture (as reflected by your employees) is simply the values and knowledge that is shared by your employees. There are so many factors that are responsible for rapid business growth – employee culture remains among the top 5. It’s basically a factor you simply can’t ignore if you want your business to not just survive but thrive.

Employees carry in their hands, the power to make or mar your brand. This is why every prudent business brand ensure that they invest in employee communication and in nurturing a good working relationship with the employees. By doing this, you can easily develop your brand culture and ensure that your employees absorb it for the growth and development of your brand.

How you can achieve

Rob Gray, a formidable business writer, and consultant once discussed. How important it is for brands to invest in their relationships with their employees and customers. According to him, “Businesses exist to make money. But in order for a company to turn a profit, its employees must be clear as to what is being asked of them. And motivated to work in the right way to achieve those objectives.” Gray says this can be achieved by giving your employees a sense of purpose and promoting certain values that help your employees grow personally and impact the business positively.

Again, the brand should establish easy-to-understand core values that reflect the characters of the brand. And tells everyone what the brand stands for, how they operate their business, and what they expect from everyone they intend to work with. For example, at Optamark Franchise, their core values are seen to be transparency, trustworthiness, respect, and passion.

Like Optamark, the core values shouldn’t just be written for people to see. It should be obvious to everyone, even strangers, the first time they walk into the brand’s office environment.

Here are 4 ways to bring value to your brand:

  • First, create the leadership values that you wish to grow into your brand culture
  • Constantly communicate and re-establish these values until they stick
  • Commit to the values yourself – lead by example
  • Enforce penalties and disciplinary actions against defaulters

In all these, it is important that we emphasize the importance of communication in achieving a positive brand culture. Communication should not be by words alone but by actions too. By doing this, you’re creating a culture of positivity and passion for your employees to work with and for your business to thrive. Hence, you can increase your customer base through employee and brand culture

The benefits of franchising with Optamark.

As a leading brand in graphic communication and marketing, Optamark offers you and your brand the best services. With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, and with a reestablished brand structure, Optamark is the “go-to” for anything related to graphics communication and marketing.

Franchising with Optamark means that you are partnering with an industry leader with relevant industry experience and an unbeatable track record in performance and profit-making. Optamark leads to visual communication and marketing. Their stability and reliability over the years have endeared them to the hearts of their teeming customer base that spans over 600 locations, cutting across North America and the UK. To know more about franchising with Optamark, simply fill out the form.

Why the New Year is the perfect time for remodeling your business brand

It’s 2020 already and you’re probably working towards your New Year resolutions. Resolutions help you restructure your life and change your life’s trajectory. You can do that with your business too. You can take advantage of the unlimited possibilities the New Year has in store for you to remodel or rebrand your business so that it fits with your current goals. Let us tell you how you can remodel your business brand in these easy steps.

Rebranding your business affords you the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors, helps you to reflect the changing goals, values, vision, etc. you may have for your brand, helps you stay innovative and up to date with current trends and helps your target audience find a connection with your brand. All you may need to push your business to the next level in 2020 is a rebranding and restructuring process.

When you have finally made the decision to step out of your comfort zone to rebrand your business, here are some things you need to take note of for the prices to go on smoothly and remodel your business brand:

No half-baked job

Don’t fall into the trap that a lot of business owners make when they say they’re rebranding–changing the logo or color scheme and that’s all. Rebranding your business is a whole process and changing logos is just a small aspect of it.

To effectively achieve the aim of rebranding, you have to go the distance. It starts with knowing why you want to rebrand and making sure that those reasons are reflected in every single facet of the rebranding process. Let your employees, partners and clients know what to expect and what changes will come with the process. Be careful with your choice of words, especially when drawing up things like your new motto, etc. Working with a marketing team like Optamark Print and Promotional can help alleviate some stress during the rebranding process.

Have your rebranded materials ready to meet up with your deadline

Whether you are a small business, a startup, or a large business, early in the year is the perfect time to execute your rebranding plans and to set you on the go. It helps to take advantage of the fresh start a new year provides. Rebranding processes may be more complex for large businesses than it is for small businesses and you may need to elongate your rebranding timeline to accommodate.

If you’re rebranding for a large business, it’s okay to roll over plans to the mid-year, using the early part of the year as a time to kickstart planning.
If you want to start your rebranding process but you have, it’s best you talk to Optamark Print and Promotional, the best team in the design and marketing game.

Optamark Print and Promotional have experienced consultants and advisors who will guide you through the process of rebranding your business.

What Promotional Products Will be Trendy in 2020? See Our Predictions Here!

What promotional products are going to be hot trends in 2020? 2020 is here and we are so excited to see what promotional products it has in store for us. Will the 2019 trends still be hot, or should we expect other new products to spring up and take the top spot? What will happen with Pop Sockets or custom socks? What promotional products are you really hoping to start trending in 2020? Only 2020 knows what it has in store for us, but we have compiled a list of 5 promotional products that we think are going to be popular for giveaways and office gifts in 2020 Let us have a look for trendy promotional products in 2020.

Wireless Earbuds

You definitely knew this already, right? Wireless Earbuds have so much potential in 2020. They are so cool, it’s being rocked (yes, we know what we said–it doubles as a fashion item) by people everywhere now.
Wireless earbuds are an easy pick for promotional products because of the branding advantages they offer. Customers love the earbuds for a gift, and since those earbuds go with the customers wherever they go, it helps your company’s brand awareness and visibility. See? It’s a win-win!

Re-useable Straws

Re-useable straws were the winner of the 2019 Promo Item of the Year, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. This handy drinking tool, which can be made of glass, stainless steel and bamboo, doesn’t seem like it’s backing out from the 2020 spotlight anytime soon.

Stainless steel Drinkware

Stainless Steel Drinkware will likely be a top promotional item for a long time to come. Manufacturers are very innovative and keep on pushing these products through constant repackaging. The manufacturers also try to improve their quality by making it more cost-effective and useful.
Stainless Steel Drinkware, just like the earbuds, are very good products that customers love to get as gifts and also show off company branding well. This drinkware has been in the game for a very long time and hasn’t lost its luster so far, so we believe that it’s going to continue that hot streak in 2020.

PopSockets and Phone Wallets

If your brand wants a promotional gift option for teenagers and young adults, PopSockets and phone wallets are here for them! With these, you can easily appeal to a group of younger would-be customers that you may not otherwise. We know that brands will continue to use these products as incentives to attract their target audience in 2020.

Custom Socks

Everyone loves custom socks! Their beauty and expression of creativity is something to really admire. Those cartoon characters and other beautiful designs can help spice up even the most boring outfits. Custom socks are suitable for fashionable and fun dressers and have a high probability of still being among the too promotional items for 2020.

So there you have it! Our predictions of trendy promotional products for 2020. If you would like to purchase any of these really cool products and or see a sample for marketing purposes, be sure to contact Optamark Print and Promotional to improve your chances at business/brand growth.

The 7 Different Types of Promotion and How They Can Impact Your Business

Promotional strategies have developed over time in order to be able to create the space you’ve always wanted for your business. By creating communication between the seller and the buyer, promotional activities are quite useful for a business’ growth. Depending on the promotional strategy that you find appropriate for your business’ growth, you can choose to go for general advertising through posters with the help of Stamford’s printing services or social media marketing with the help of portals like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every promotional strategy is formed as the outcome of a mix of a few different types of promotions. Based on the outcome you’re hoping to receive out of the plan, you need to work out the best strategy for you. The 7 different types of promotions that are followed in the process of building a brand’s image are:

Personal Selling

The very first form of promotion. With the help of person to person conversation, products and services are sold with the help of persuasion through either phone calls or face to face interaction of a company’s representative with a consumer. While cars and office equipment are sold through telemarketing, call centers are the perfect example of inbound marketing.

Digital Promotions

All forms of promotion found on the internet are part of digital promotions. Online advertisements through SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, etc. are all part of digital promotion. Although these tend to be cheaper and faster to create, the impact created by this form of promotion can take time to be impactful.

Public Relations

The maintenance of a public image with the help of non-paid media is known as the process of performing promotion with the help of public relations. Press releases are the most common method of announcing news, however, it isn’t the only way. These help in protecting, enhancing or even rebuilding the reputations of an individual, company or brand.


Sponsorships are some of the most common forms of promotions. Every public event is supported mainly by sponsorships. In a sponsorship, a company provides resources and money for an event or to an individual in order to receive publicity and advertising for the same. These are a great way of taking up ‘paid ads’ to the next level since you are able to get the credibility of a celebrity through the same. For example, if a new and upcoming brand were to sponsor David Beckham, their sales would easily reach millions the next day.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotions follow the process of limited time offers, which tend to leave the customer in a position where they need to take immediate action. These include giveaways and sales, which leave customers tiptoeing throughout the process. Whether it’s a free item or an item on sale, most customers are likely to be attracted to a sale if they are shown that they need to pay less than the original price. Too many of these can ruin the excitement, so you should know your limit too. Companies like Optamark Graphics help in getting the best of all promotional products in order to assure that you get the quality you want for the price point that you set. As a screen printing franchise, they can help you get any and every design you need on the product of your choice.

Direct Marketing

While following through with a promotional strategy of direct marketing, the company reaches out to its potential clients by itself. With the help of emails and other forms of media, the company can inform the client about their ongoing offers and promotional details, etc.

General Advertising

General advertisements place brands on common ground. Without concentrating on simply one company, with the help of mass media like newspapers, magazines, TV spots, and billboard posters, several companies can get within the eye of the public with the help of general advertisements. Though these are not targeted, these can help with brand awareness on a more widespread scale.

There are a lot of different ways to combine the different types of promotions in order to make the most out of your strategy. Depending on your targeted audience and what you’re hoping to receive out of the plan of action, you can pair up 2 or even all 7 strategies to get your business recognized.

Benefits of Promotional Products and Franchise- Reap from Optamark!

For a business, it can be strenuous at times to arrange financing for advertising. But just because your rivals spend millions, does not mean you too are required to do that. One can even benefit from various economical and effective forms of advertising. One such field of marketing is a fully promoted franchise.

Promotional Products are especially noticeable with an advertiser’s logo, name, or message imprinted to increase brand awareness among customers. Promotional Products are the most powerful advertising tool as they allow a brand to interact directly with the target audiences. It is the only marketing exercise that allows your brand to have direct physical interaction with people, promotional products create the most indelible brand experience.

A study confirms that about 90% of the product recipients remember the name of the advertiser’s brand. About 80% of them do business with the advertisers and 85% of people love receiving them. Promotional products do work!

Optamark Graphics provides commercial merchandising for brands to create a remarkable image in the industry. We provide a full range of branding products services for your business growth. Optamark serves cutting-edge printing, branding, and promotional products needed by the business to create a remarkable statement of your brand. We create eye-catching visual design and content though our promotional products which will boost your brand image.

We believe “products are made in the factory, but the brand is created in mind.” The human eye catches more than human ears strongly adhering to this, we create the best visual appearance of the brand, which will result in customers visiting your brand again and again. The design industry has changed tremendously and is continually evolving with the latest technology and equipment. Optamark is proud to have an avid interest in staying up to date with all the latest innovations, to ensure we leave no loophole in promoting a business through top-notch branding solutions.

Almost anything can be branded with the company’s name or logo and then used for promotion, right from a pen to a handbag. Optamark offers you a variety of promotional items such as bottles, eye mask, selfie stick, mugs, plastic bags, journal book, bags, sunscreens, umbrellas, and many others for you to choose the right product for your audience. Promotional products are the best tool for boosting user experience and interaction with your brand and eventually your business.

Advantages of Promotional Product Advertising:

  • Amplified image marketing
  • Promote better relationships with customers
  • Budget-friendly marketing tool
  • Boost brand visibility
  • Lead generation
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Ability to stand out among your competition
  • Reach beyond your intended audience
  • Favorable ROI

Why Choose Optamark?

  • The one-stop destination for design and content
  • America’s fastest-growing company
  • 3 decades of expertise and experience
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Custom solutions to individuals

Optamark welcomes the ones who looking to start their own business with the fastest growing industry. We welcome you to own part of Optamark and efficiently run your own business. As an Optamark franchise owner, we take your success as our priority and to stand by you in your journey with Optamark. We efficiently deliver results that make the brands shine. With the highest quality printing and promotional products can fuel your brand reputation. Whether you are a product manufacturer, graphic designer, promotional product distributor, we have your back when it comes to delivering a wide spectrum of commercial branding products may it be postcards or any other branding products. No matter what size company you have, we can achieve everything your business needs to be highlighted. In Stamford, promotional products have been served from a home-based service franchise, you can contact us today! With Promotional Product advertising, create a brand experience that lasts.

Screen Printing Franchise – A Good Small Business Franchise

Screen printing is the method of printing onto fabric through a mesh stencil also known as a screen. The way it works is ink is pushed through this mesh stencil to aid with the printing process. The stencil will have a cut out as per your design and also create a small opening in the mesh to allow the ink to fall through and create the design of your choice. This type of printing allows only one color at a time and is usually meant for simple designs. It is possible to use for multiple colors, but this method of printing is usually selected for single color printing and large orders.

This article is a valuable insight for those who are interested in starting a screen printing franchise and how promotional products are growing in popularity.

Starting a Small Business

It is a dream for many to start a small business of their own; opting for a small business franchise is the best method of doing this. Having a business of your own means you do not need to report to anyone and there only self-made milestones to follow. On the other hand, running a business of your own also means you need to be self-motivated with high ambition and determination to succeed.

Providing promotional products to meet the marketing requirements of businesses is one of the simplest franchise businesses. A screen printing franchise is a good small business option since it is simple to set up, operate and does not require a big working space.

Benefits of Starting a Screen Printing Franchise

The importance of screen printing is on the rise with more demand promotional advertising in many different industries. A large number of businesses prefer to make use of promotional products especially printed products like t-shirts, mugs, and banners with custom printing on them. In fact, posters, banners, and custom clothing some of the most effective methods of creating brand awareness or improving brand recognition.

It is amazing how effective a good slogan or logo can be and if printed on promotional material like a t-shirt and other products. The fact that it is also cost-effective, simple and quick is an added advantage. Promotional products produced in this method can be used at company events, distributed amongst employees, used as giveaways at an exhibition, etc. This type of business does not require a great deal of technical expertise although it does require you to have expert sales, marketing, and management skills

Promotional Products Franchise at Optamark Graphics

Optamark Graphics has been delivering creative and innovative promotional products for over 30 years with a full range of marketing products essential for brand marketing. Our main intention is to offer a business the complete solution by meeting their requirements for stunning and highly effective promotional products and merchandise.

We offer marketing solutions in Stamford, for promotional products. In fact, we are located in several cities in the USA and have our presence in China as well. At Optamark Graphics we help simplify the process of printing supplying promotional products to meet business requirements of any type of business. We help y ou every step of the way while you attempt to succeed at becoming an Optamark franchisee.

We help you start your screen printing franchise and grow to succeed at it. We also help you evolve an existing business and co-brand your business offering immense opportunities including international opportunities. Taking up our franchise is highly rewarding and is a lot of risk business since providing support to your franchisees with the help of our extensive support network who are aware of every aspect of our business.

Let Them Know That They Matter: Promotional Products For Your Clients And Employees

Just like handmade goodies have their own essence because they have a personal touch. Customized promotional products are the same. As the year 2020 begins, it can be a kickstart for your organization by giving token of appreciation to your clients and customers. You might have certain goals and plans for the new year. Then why not appreciate the people in your organization who are going to help you to achieve those goals? Needless to say, nothing motivates employees more than recognition and sense of belonging. Giving them awards, certificates or trophies has been an age old method to appreciate the efforts of the employees. This year, go the extra mile and give your employees something customized exclusively for them. We can help you customize some promotional products for your business which can be gifted to your employees and clients.

Why Promotional Products?

Whether it is a pen or just a T-shirt, items with your business logo printed on them along with the respective person’s name for a more personal touch to it. Promotional products are not only a powerful marketing tool but they are also a way to connect with your employees and clients at a personal level. People are always grateful for free products. Especially products that they can use in their daily lives. When you want to create a brand appeal, there is nothing as assuring as promotional products. Compared to other forms of advertisement, promotional products are a great value for money. According to a survey, 50% of the people who receive promotional products use it in their everyday lives.

With promotional products, you don’t have to use annoying means of advertising to stay in customer’s mind. Unlike pop up advertisements that can be irritating for your customers, promotional products can remain in the homes, office or cars as they gently remind people of your brand as they look at those products. Seeing your brand everyday as a product will be more likely to attract the customer’s attention and remind them of your brand.

Enhance Customer Loyalty and Brand Recognition

Promotional products bring in strong retention rate and bags loyalty towards the brand. With the help of well-planned gift items you will be able to target the right niche of customers and create a significant impact on the target audience. Promotional products with a simple message like ‘ Thanks for being a part of our journey’ or ‘ Thank you for being a loyal customer’ can make them feel valued. You can precisely target the type of customers and then distribute products accordingly. This will help you to keep your name in front of the network and sales contacts. Rather than using mainstream mediums like television, radio or web; going for promotional products can provide more return on investment.

Give Your Marketing Campaign a Unique Flair

In this highly competitive era, customers are looking for something new everyday. If you are not unique then your business will not stand out in this competitive market. Promotional products can be for motivation or for marketing. Both ways, it suffices the purpose effectively. Looking for quality promotional products for your business in Massachusetts? Get in touch with us and we will help you to create promotional products for your brand according to the kind of audience you want to target and your preference.

Know How to Promote Your Brand: The Importance of Promotional Products

For the consistent growth of a brand, the promotion of their products is one of the most important parts of the process. Promotion can help inform and influence the customers in a way that leaves them wanting the product, even if they thought they didn’t actually need it. In Stamford, promotional products, advertising, and publicity are some of the top ways of working for the success of your business.

Promotional products are materialistic items that are imprinted with either the name or the logo of the respective brand in order to create more awareness of the brand’s image and have a more physical reach amongst the audience they’re aiming to serve. Since promotional products fall under the category of advertising that is physical and actually ends up interacting with the user on a more personal level, they are more likely to create a memorable impact on the person than the publication of a simple ad statement. With a consumer reach of almost 80% and above, you can be assured that a promotional product falls under the best forms of marketing for your business.

Besides the extensive reach that you are capable of achieving with the help of promotional products, they can also have the following advantages for your business:

  • Low-cost, effective marketing

    Most businesses keep the actual cost-levels of the products in order to be able to distribute the items at a large scale, however, the impact caused by them is much larger than the money you’ll end up investing.

  • Brand recognition

    If you are given a product, a mug, for example, and it holds the name of a particular company or brand, you are likely to remember the name even if you don’t want to. The name becomes a part of your subconscious as a result of its consistent presence. Brands that advertise their logos, Starbucks, for example, can easily be recognised by even just the colours of green and white.

  • Greater exposure

    As mentioned before, if you were to see an ad statement made on a billboard or even a newspaper, it’s not likely to create as much of an impact on you as a T-shirt that has the company’s main slogan written on it could. While a statement on a billboard is a passing thought, a T-shirt is an item that stays with you, an item that you wear, needless to say, the impact is much larger than a vague image in your head.

  • Builds customer loyalty

    If you were to invest a little more money in your product, or find a promotional products distributor that is reliable, and can be trusted to give you the best quality product, any customer that receives your product will associate it with the quality of the products you’re looking to sell. A good marketing process assures a good customer buildup. Optamark graphics is a company that can help you advertise your business with the help of quality promotional products. With 30 years of experience and a wide clientele ranging from universities to companies, your product will not only be top-quality but also be delivered right on time, if not before.

The distributor is as important as the advertiser. Since promotional products are known to create a memorable impact on any consumer, you wouldn’t want any potential customers to be driven away by the distribution of a promotional product that isn’t even satisfactory. If you can, for optimal satisfaction, advertise with the help of a product that is similar to your actual range of products. For example, a mug with the name of your company or its logo would be perfect if your brand sells coffee.

How to Create a lasting Impression on Your Clients Through Gifts

Gifts are a way of showing appreciation to your clients for being the driving force that kept you in business all year round. Clients are an integral part of any business and determine whether a business outfit grows or declines. To create a lasting impression on your clients through gifts, be sure to select the best holiday gifts that they will really appreciate for a very long while.

How to Create a lasting Impression on Your Clients Through Gifts

  • Be Unique: You don’t need to be conformist when it comes to giving out valuable gifts to your clients. Be creative. Don’t just go out to any gift outlet to purchase gifts for your clients, show them how much you really appreciate them by branding gift products with your name or even customizing them to suit your client’s taste.
  • There’s no use in giving out gifts if they can’t serve a purpose apart from providing aesthetic value. Let your gifts be something they can use or something that adds value to their life.
  • You can kill two birds with one stone and give branded gifts. Create a win-win situation by giving your clients thoughtful gifts that make them feel loved and appreciated, while also spreading your message to potential clients through gifts with your business’ branding. Adding your logo or other unique visual designs on the gifts will ensure that everyone knows they come from you, thereby improving your brand awareness.
  • Another idea is to use your gifts to help the less fortunate. Here at Optamark, for example, a percentage of gift card sales are donated to charity. Everyone loves to be associated with a thoughtful brand that has the best interest of the public at heart.


We hope that you can incorporate some of these ideas into your holiday’s gifts to your clients. Giving something that they will love and appreciate will impress them and ensure ongoing stability and visibility for your brand.

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy Through Print

In today’s business world, digital marketing has taken over the marketing industry. Companies are fast dropping the established ways of traditional advertising to include the use of social media to market their brand. While this is certainly not a bad strategy, it is easy to sometimes forget that traditional method of advertising. Digital Marketing is fast-evolving, too, and could be combined with digital marketing measures to bring about better results.

How digital marketing helps in growing business

  • To drive traffic to your social media pages, include your social media URLs in your printed materials. Like business cards, magazines, labels, etc. The more places you make your social media available, the more people see it.
  • Social media pages don’t always give you the desired effect when it comes to brand visibility. Particular posts and contents that attract high commitments do so for just a short time. To bring about best results, you can direct traffic from your social media to your prints that produce a much constant effect.
  • Talking face-to-face and giving out prints to possible customers is still a very effective way of marketing your brand. It affords you the opportunity to create a personal connection with your customers. It can help you see their feedback as you talk. You can promote your social media on your prints for better results.
  • You can use prints to produce traffic to your social media accounts and improve brand awareness by creating images and videos. Encourage users to share them on their personal accounts with hashtags to create trends on social media platforms.
  • Take advantage of social media’s cost-effectiveness to carry out research on the general acceptability of your products and then adapting the results from this research into producing catchy prints for your events.
  • Social media platforms have many “influencers,” popular accounts that have a lot of sway with a large audience. You can increase your chances of being noticed by high-profile digital influencers by mailing them creative graphical representations of your products. If they like your products, they may mention your business on their social media accounts and could encourage their audience to become your customers.


These are some benefits of digital marketing for any business. If you have some more points, let Optamark know about it and we will spread it. After all, knowledge should be free.

How to Produce Impeccable Designs for Print

Many designers encounter difficulty and make a lot of mistakes when designs to print. The majority of these errors occur because of the conflicting settings that printers and digital screens have. These blunders are, however, avoidable if designers can take care to follow these guidelines at different stages of designing.

Factors responsible to produce impeccable designs for print

  • Color Conversion: Digital screens have a different color mode from printers and designers who want to sustain a particular color scheme encounter challenges when converting from RGB to CMYK (a conversion that is inevitable). To avoid this problem, designers should take care of convert from RGB to CMYK at the very last stage.
  • Resolution: The higher the pixels per inch in an image resolution, the better the quality of the image produced. It achieves the best results, images that are viewed at shorter eye range should size about 300 pixels per inch while 150 pixels per inch should be used for wide format printers whose prints would be viewed from a long distance.
  • To sustain quality when printing, large format designs should be done in vector art
  • For ensuring that your prints reach the edge of your work, include bleeds on your file. To achieve this, print on an oversized sheet and then trim off the excess to achieve the desired result.
  • Designers should attempt to mark out extra layers for their art files to enable them a coat and apply spot inks where necessary.
  • Designers should increase their pages by 4 when they want to create stitched booklet. This also ensures that you produce neat work in the end. Even when smudging occurs when the pages are joined together, you can easily trim off the excess areas that were smudged and still get a perfect result.


Be sure to follow these instructions when designing to ensure that your work comes out perfectly within the desired period.

Using Promotional Products To Elevate Your Sales And Developing a Strong Customer Base

Question: How can you use your current customer base to increase sales and build your future customer base?

Answer: By using the most cost-effective form of advertising in Stamford, Promotional Products!

By giving promotional items to current customers, you will create long-term relationships with them. You will create new customers by word-of-mouth advertising from your existing customers by handing these out. You will increase sales by using them as a giveaway when someone buys a specific product. It will also increase return visits from your current customers.

First, you got your customer to most likely buy a product or service or spend more money that was not their original intent when they walked in your store. Then this offer creates an “upsell”, and you accomplished it without pressuring your client.

Second, you just gave away a promotional product that is reusable for your customer, and in many cases even longer since it is something they can use. It is more “free advertising”.

Customers love to get something for free, especially when they were planning on buying something from your store in the first place. This helps you in creating repeat customers for your business. Now you have “upsold” two customers, possibly created free “word-of-mouth advertising”, and picked up a new customer who will likely help you to gain more new customers down the road. And the process continues on and on. This is only one of many scenarios that could take place with just one promotional product you hand out.

You could give a promotional product for each holiday throughout the year. On Valentine’s Day, try handing out a heart-shaped box of candy. St Patrick’s Day is always a perfect time to try a beer mug or shot glass. Then you got your final Holiday ” Freebie” of the year, where you can print “Seasons Greeting or Happy Holidays on so many different cool things to hand out. Every time you hand out a promotional product, you just gave a current or new customer a valid reason to continue to choose your business over your competitor’s. You have created more sales by offering a special that most likely was not on your customer’s list to buy. What’s exciting is that you will begin to build and maintain a customer base that will look forward to doing business with you for years to come, and maybe even make a friendship or two that will last for years.

When you sit down to plan your advertising budget for your business this year, think about what a simple promotional giveaway can do for your business. Be creative and use promotional items and apparel that do the following;

Will appeal to your customer base? Is it a product that your customer can use more than just once, and is visible to other potential new customers?

Does it fit with what your business has to offer? If you have an auto repair business, try a License Plate Frame, Pocket Screwdriver, LED flashlight key chain, or Ice scraper.

Think about how many Promotional Products you will need to order. How many people visit your store on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Figure out how many are usually return customers and how many are potential new customers. This way when you order for a particular special giveaway like a “January Special” or Holiday, you have enough to hand out throughout the entire month. Always ask your Promotional Merchandise Sales Person to give you ideas and figure out these questions if you need help. If you have an experienced sales person who knows what they are doing and wants to keep you as a long-term client who continues to re-order, then they will be happy to help you.

If you are looking for useful quantified promotional products distributor or quality printables in Stamford, we highly recommend you to browse the services of Optamark.

Digital Or Traditional Printing Methods: Factors to Consider

Having to choose between digital and traditional offset printing methods isn’t as easy as it may seem. When juxtaposing the many benefits of both methods, it can seem like having to choose between 12 and half a dozen. Because you must make a choice to enable you to progress quickly. We have come up with factors you should consider to help you facilitate your decision-making about digital or traditional printing methods:

Factors responsible to choose between Digital or Traditional Printing

  • Cost effectiveness: Because you are a business aimed at profit maximization, you should be able to draft your budget. And choose a printing method that best suits that budget. You don’t have to bore holes in your pocket just to print. In this light, it is advisable you go for digital printing as it has a reputation of being cheap. In comparison to offset printing although, traditional methods become cheaper as the quantity of your prints increases.
  • Time effectiveness: If you’re on a tight schedule, digital printing is better for you. As offset printing takes a lot of time to produce.
  • Customization: If you intend to create a personalized effect with your prints by customizing them. To suit individual preferences, digital printing is the way to go. As traditional printing methods don’t offer you this opportunity.
  • If you are big on sizes, then you should consider traditional printing methods. As they don’t limit the sizes of prints you can produce. Unlike digital printing that restricts the length of prints.
  • You should also consider making your choice on digital or traditional printing by the type of design you want on your prints. If precision and uniformity are important to you, you should consider choosing offset printing methods. Digital printings are impossible to achieve some types of unique inks like fluorescent inks, etc. Traditional printing methods also help to bring special finishing touches to your prints that you can’t get via digital printing.
  • As regards using some kind of paper for printing. Digital prints cannot work with certain kinds of papers and you would have to stick with offset printing. Quality-wise, traditional methods are better too.


Optamark helps you achieve your printing aims to a very high degree of precision whether you finally decide on digital and offset printing.

The Power of Promotional Products: How Can You Make Your Business a Brand?

Promotional products are one of the greatest ways to make your business stand out. Promotional products can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. They have an impact that will allow your business to reach great heights. This is why a lot of businesses these days prefer using promotional products instead of traditional marketing tools.

Whether you have a small or large business you need to recognize the importance of promotional products. It is a tool for reaching out to an increasing number of people in a highly competitive market. Everyone loves gift items with high-quality product packaging. These products have a logo and brand message of the company printed on them. This will help in drawing attention to a company’s business.

The aim behind giving away promotional merchandise is to drive customer’s interest in the business.

For better results, marketer’s use branded promotional products that the receivers can use for many months. Good quality and durable products will help keep consumers engaged with a brand. This means that the one-time distribution of the gift items is enough to engage customers with your brand for months.

However, before you think of associating with a promotional products franchise, you need to make sure whether or not your investment will be fruitful. In this blog, we have gathered some of the major points that will help you understand this in a better way.

How Can Promotional Products Help You Boost Your Business?

Promotional products customized for your business give a unique and creative flair for advertising campaigns. These types of promotional products are unique because they give a personal touch to the customer and are a rare form of advertising that does not disrupt a consumer’s day. As they are unique, promotional products will help your company to stand out from your competitors. When you provide a promotional item to a consumer it will leave a long-lasting impression. If the item is something that can be used regularly they will see it frequently and think of your brand whenever they use it.

When customized promotional items are compared to other forms of media like television or radio, promotional products are much more effective. For a normal investment, let’s say a small company that wants to advertise effectively; exposure can be obtained by using customized marketing products.

Promotional products are tangible. This means people can keep your piece of advertisement with them for future reference. The usefulness of promotional products goes beyond the person who initially receives the items. Sometimes these insignificant products are frequently passed along to others who might use them even more. This allows for your promotional item to reach consumers beyond your intended audience.

Promotional products are flexible, as they can be matched to a theme of an event or whatever your new campaign or strategy is. Marketers will be able to get a more favorable ROI from advertising specialties. This is because customized products are more popular advertising media than any other medium of marketing. Using promotional items strategically can help you build a campaign around and increase leads, brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty.

The benefits of the promotional products are very clear to the end-user. They can become more aware of the brand and your products. If you are looking for afully promoted franchise who can provide you with quality products, make sure that you get in touch with us.

Choosing the Best Promotional Products

Promotional Products in marketing is moving toward being one of the best ways to receive large amounts of consumer interaction. It’s simple – people like to receive free things a.k.a.Promotional products. Promotional products are a great way to spread your brand. Handing out a few  t shirts at events or even handing out a pen to someone who comes into your storefront will have a huge impact on your customers.

According to research by the Advertising Specialty Institute, one third of consumers said that they are more likely to do business with a company after receiving some type of Promotional item than they were beforehand. Consumers mentioned that they not only remembered the name of the advertiser, but they also felt more positive about that company. According to the Promotional Products Association International’s 2017 Consumer Study, “promotional products were ranked highest by consumers across all generations as the most effective advertising vehicle.”

Wow, Like we said – people like free (promotional) things. Taking all this data into consideration, businesses like yourself, need to ensure that you chose the best promotional product for your target consumers.

Here are some tips for choosing the best promotional products:

1. Consider Functionality.

The main reason people keep promotional products is because they’re functional! Consumers  think of functional as something that has  multiple purposes or has one purpose that can make a task easier. Consumers can use your functional product daily, so that your company will always be in reach.  No matter what your business is or what size it is, a functional promotional product will always be a successful option for marketing.

2. Consider what’s trending.

Another big reason people enjoy promotional products because they fit their style or personality. To help customize common marketing campaigns, it’s important to keep up with industry and retail trends. In the now promotional items attract people to your brand through popular colors, textures and construction! Everyone likes to be in trend, and will usually keep promotional products that are “trending”.

3. Consider the location or event.

Handing out promotional products at events, conferences, concerts etc. is a great way to promote your company. Choose promotional products that relate to and can be used at that specific event or location. Have a booth at an outdoor event, pass out hats and sunglasses. At a concert try light up gear, fun flags, tattoos and even portable chargers. Not only will consumers use your product that very moment, they’re also more likely to keep them because they are tied to an experience.

Using these tips and Optamark’s amazing selection of promotional products, incorporating promotional products into your current or new marketing strategy will be a breeze!

How to Boost Sales Between Christmas and New Year’s?

Christmas and New Year happens to be the perfect time around the globe to shop your heart out. What make it even perfect are the gigantic discounts that await every shopaholic to satisfy their shopping cravings. Other than the conventional shopping outlets, online stores too leave no stone unturned to bring most promising and enjoyable discounts to the shoppers. There are some incredible ways that are followed by online stores to boost their sales between Christmas and New Year. Let’s unveil what they are:

  • Re-craft

    Well, don’t you think that people like it more when they get a newer version of your website? I personally love it. So website owners, all you need to do is to re-craft your website with merry new designs and vibrant new concepts that welcome the shoppers in a delightful way and add more shopping zeal into them. You just have to embrace the holiday spirit.

  • Extra Benefits For the Loyal Customers

    After making repeated purchases at your website, a shopper becomes a loyal customer to your website. Don’t you think that they deserve an extra slice of benefit while they shop with you in the holiday season? You can make Christmas and New Year extra special for your loyal customers with the delightful gifts and benefits.

  • Repeated Restocking

    Since it’s going to be a mammoth of crowd at your website for the holiday purchases, it is your responsibility keeping everyone happy. Don’t let your web store go out of stock. Even if it does, make sure of restocking and informing the interested buyers about the availability of the products.

  • Developing Gift Guides

    Its holiday season and people buy gifts for their loved ones. It can be of great help if you create gift guides for the buyers and assist them in selecting right gifts for the people they love. Make sure of adding unique ideas to help the buyers in the best way possible.

These are some of the ways that will surely bring more people to your website for holiday purchases. Follow the methods and enjoy hefty sales.

P.S- Happy New Year!


7 Interesting Facts About Printing

  • The global print industry is estimated at USD 898 Billion!It is estimated to be 8 times bigger than the video game industry and even rivals the auto industry. The global printing industry is forecast to reach $980 billion by 2018, driven by growth in packaging and labels, rather than graphic applications.
  • The USA is the world’s biggest print market. As per statistics, Japan is the next in line for its vast print market, followed by China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Canada, India. The future landscape in printing for India is expected to change within the next five years.
  • Direct Mail Marketing encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. The response rates for direct mail marketing are 37% higher than email marketing response rates.
  • Printing has been found to be 43% less annoying than the internet. Customers are often perturbed by the large number of promotional emails and messages. Surprisingly, they now appreciate a nice catalogue or a thank you note in their mail.
  • The retail cost of black printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet, far exceeding oil. Infact, it even exceeds the costs for the space shuttle fuel (on a per gallon basis). The black printer ink costs over $2,700 per gallon!
  • A 22 page Japanese book containing pictures of the flowers of the four seasons holds a Guinness World Book of Records entry. This is no ordinary book; it’s the world’s smallest printed book, 0.74 x 0.75 mm (0.0291 x 0.0295 in).
  • Chef Homaro Cantu, of Moto in Chicago, started printing out delightful sushi entrees using a Canon i560 inkjet printer with edible ink in 2005. His customers find his imagination admirable – so much so that they’re willing to pay upwards of $240 for his experimental tasting menu.

Optamark Approved As Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) / Womens Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) / Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Having a highly regarded and well known DBE/MBE/ WBE organization like Optamark listed in your proposals may give you a competitive edge in your contract negotiations. In any event, all levels of governmental bodies look favorably upon organizations that foster regular and ongoing relationships with certified MBE/WBEs and especially DBE.

Organizations using Optamark come back time and again for a number of reasons. Some other points to consider:

  • We are prompt when filing MBE/WBE-related paperwork to government agencies, thus speeding project initiation.
  • In addition, Optamark is known for filing timely and accurate monthly status reports to monitoring government agencies.
  • We do our part to protect your projects from bureaucratic snags and snafus.
  • Beyond this, we are told we deliver a higher level of service professionalism as compared to many DBE/MBE/WBE companies.
  • Government contractors and nonprofits will tell you that we go out of our way to deliver superior quality and faster turnaround.
  • We always deliver what we promise. That is why so many organizations begin by using us to fulfill their contractual requirements, and continue using us because we are a committed and responsive vendor.

Given that we have several resources who are focused on specifically working on contract/government work, our ease of communication, understanding of paperwork and processes, billing terms, and ability to have a huge product range allows you to stay focused on quickly getting orders out to a dedicated vendor without having to second guess or continue bidding to alternative vendors.

Printing Technology at a whole new level

With the rising advancement the printing thoughts have boarded another skyline. The thought of 3D printing has effectively bombarded the market. This is a remarkable method for expression that draws out the things in the 3 dimensional impacts. 3-D printing is driving a tremendous unrest in the realm of configuration and innovation. All the while, it is changing the way we consider the configuration, prototyping, and assembling of pretty much everything. The new approach exploits a generally better approach to make 3-D prints. All in all, these articles are made one layer at once by intertwining powder or setting down expelled plastic. Neither one of the approaches gives anything other than simple control over an object’s shading. 3D Printing is all the more usually eluded to is the procedure of making three-dimensional articles from a filtered or advanced document. The main procedure is making a virtual configuration of the item to be delivered. If the item to be made as of now exists and a duplicate or reproduction is required, then a 3D scanner picture of the item and CAD programming is utilized to make the outline; if, notwithstanding, the article to be made is another one, then a 3D displaying system and CAD programming make the virtual configuration. The product then breaks the last model into level layers. This record is then stacked into the 3D printer which prints the item layer by layer. The 3D printing makes the article by mixing every layer together consistently without the layers being noticeable separately; the finished result is a three-dimensional item. In spite of the fact that 3D innovation more likely than not been all that much in the vision of innovation for a considerable length of time, the advancement added substance producing hardware and materials started just around the 1980s. No two 3D printers are indistinguishable; there are contrasts in the way material layers are based on upon the other to make the last protest. A few strategies include liquefying or softening material to deliver these material layers.

Uses of 3D printing stretch out to a few zones like structural planning, wrongdoing scene examinations to reproduce proof, outline representation instruction, stimulation, scientific pathology for recreating tissue and bones and so forth, social insurance & medicinal, modern, retail, assembling, individual, and numerous others. This innovation in printing was in effect broadly concentrated on by biotechnology organizations and researchers for utilization in tissue building applications which could then create body parts and organs for therapeutic needs without the requirement for a contributor or live cells. The potential outcomes in therapeutic science for 3D printing are essentially immeasurable in light of the fact that it opens an entire new line of reasoning into restorative medications for illnesses and wounds where appendages and organs of the body are squandered and can’t be supplanted. Later on, it is anticipated that the innovation of added substance assembling will affect society and change the way business is finished. In the most recent year or thereabouts, precisely this innovation now showcases. It works utilizing various inkjets that set out an item, bead by bead. These beads are in a flash cured by UV light to frame a strong. The capacity to consolidate translucent and murky inks ought to try and make it conceivable to recreate the surface appearance of numerous organic materials that are additionally semi-translucent. That’s captivating work. It will introduce another era of printing application. Also, it will make the present era of printers look completely dated in only a couple of years.