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The magic beans for your business.
GIST not only provides you flawless collaboration with your customers and builds your chatbot in the way you want but also is a master in capturing leads and automating your marketing strategies. If you want to increase your sales, GIST is the only option you have!

Build up your pages
Here is for you an ultimate page builder site that creates landing pages, sales funnels, and full websites in an eye-appealing and easy way! If you’re searching for an extremely flexible way to create your page, KICKPAGE is the one you choose!

A road to digital marketing!
Are you searching for the best site for automation marketing? For enhancing your customer experience, Active Campaign provides you the best ways for email-marketing with CRM tools. It is used for digital business, B2B Companies, and helps in reaching the customers smoothly and effectively.
Take your business to the sky!
It’s time to boost up your business and reach the zenith of success with the help of these tools!

SAAS Launchpad
A Launchpad that will enhance and perk up your Software as a Service helping in earning higher revenues is like having the moon in your palm. SAAS Launchpad is a go –pro in providing all these you need.

SAAS Accelerator
Scale your performance two times faster!
If you want to catalyst your business’ performance, you need a SAAS Accelerator. It is our supreme level coaching program that will scale your performance twice faster than normal software.

Right deals need laser focus attention and PIPEDRIVE is the only tool you have got. It not only helps you to prioritize your deals but also provides options for tracking and predicting revenue earned by your business. This is the best you have got to generate leads and automate your company’s growth!

When Email is just not enough!
If you are searching for a cold emailing tool, Mailshake is just the kind for you. it not only is an email generating site but also boosts your sales performance. Mailshake helps in sending personalized emails and engaging with prospective clients over an effective communication platform.

The key that unlocks growth!
If you want to unlock newer opportunities for growth at every stage of your journey, here is a tool for you that will help you to deliver a personalized in-app experience to perk up your growth metrics and every level of your journey.

When LinkedIn gets a new dress!
This is a new well modified, highly demanded tool which works just like LinkedIn and connects you to a whole lot of new potential customers for your business. It grips artificial Intelligence on LinkedIn and boosts up your sales performance by reaching millions of target leads with automated power.

A magnet for creating leads!
This will help you in capturing leads just as a magnet captures small iron chunks. It is a fast tool to transform your blog content into something that the visitors can find more attractive and downloadable. As a result, the more the visitors visit your blog, the more leads get created!

A tool for the perfection of your user onboarding.
A tool that is very simple to handle and prepare modals and tips to prompt the right in-app experience to the users at their different stages of the journey. The design and the interface are very much eye-appealing and friendly to use.

Create your best-affiliated program
FristPrompter not only helps you to create the best-affiliated program within minutes but also allows the SaaS companies to track and manage their referral-based optimal marketing programs easily.

Best Analytical tools for your problem-solving

Road to interpretation!
If you have a lot of data and you are incapable of interpreting it, then this tool is for you! Innertrends transforms raw data into comprehensible insights which lead to higher engagement for customers and the growth of your business.

Free tool for your SaaS revenue Operations
This tool is an expert in growing your subscription. They not only provide you analytics for free but also helps you to strategize your monetization and positive engagements between the customers and the sellers. They provide accurate real-time reporting for free!

A business grows only when the customers are happy.
Tools for optimization customer success!

Live Chat
Chatting with your customers can help in solving their issues faster and more accurately. LiveChat is a tool that helps you in engaging with your customers more effectively all day round the year.

A single workplace that provides you very easy to use robust tools for your digital marketing and increasing your sales and managing your support teams.it delivers the best omnichannel communication experience.

A place for your documentation
A very simple flexible lucid knowledge-based tool for you to create a self-service knowledge-based platform to scale up your SaaS sales. This tool creates instantly beautiful SOPs for inline user guides and other employees and clients.

A place for meeting your clients face to face!
Host a meeting with your juniors or your seniors and clients at Zoom anytime anywhere on any operating system. Zoom doesn’t require anything to download, just register into it and start your video calls.

A high tech calendar for your business!
For scheduling all your meetings, workshops, and other activities you can use Calendly which is the most recommended scheduling app in the group.

The roadmap you need to move ahead!
You might have some ideas to submit or some discussions to make. ProductFlare is the best tool that provides the roadmap for your team to acquire whichever feature they want to achieve with an instant notification when you release it. this improves work satisfaction and removes churns.
Boost up your productivity with these tools!

A brain to manage your life perfectly!
All the works that are to be processed first go to the WorkFlowy as the first list then move to Google Docs to get expanded. This tool is the fastest and easiest way to graph your ideas and keep track of everything including the ones you cant remember. Just like our brain!

Hub for business management
A versatile tool to store client data, process es, make meeting notes and is the root for forgetting. It stores everything systematically so that we can find it when we can need it. the best tool for managing business selectively.

A place to edit your videoes
This tool is best for your promotional features. It helps in creating a short engaging video of your products of how it will be beneficial to the common man. You can add animations, transitions, and effects to it for more enhancement. Then publish it for the customers to view!

Video calls on social media
For more promotion of your products, you can stream live videos to Facebook and then upload them to youtube and other places where you can get most of the customers willing to buy your product. This is the fastest way to get more followings and followers of your brand.

1 Password
A tool to manage your password
Often we tend to forget our passwords to different sites. We either write them up in a very insecure way either in diaries or in spreadsheets. Now the time has come to use a better tool for managing your passwords. Instead of storing them in spreadsheets and a document, simply uses the 1password and share it with your teams and outsourcers.

Manage your projects effectively
One cannot find a better tool than this to manage tasks, projects, and various other to-do lists from various outsourcers and team members. Tremendously flexible and easy to use, although this tool is new in the market but is already creating a rampage everywhere.

Manage your finance and payments with effective tools!
Perfect for your bills!
This tool is perfect for your billing system with a great API and too flexible to use. This tool not only helps in beating frauds and globalizing the payment procedures and send invoices but also manage the expenditures of your business and issue virtual physical cards and much more!

Tool for billing your subscription!
Pay kickstart takes care of all your subscription billing, shopping cart management, and affiliated programs into one single key. For billing your SaaS this tool is a must for you!

Reduce churning!
If you don’t want to lose your users then opt for this tool who will help you by reducing churning and provide you scope to gather insights to improve your position in the ranks of business. Churn helps you to make sense of your data and retain the users to an easy eye-appealing dashboard.
Tools to assist you in outsourcing!

This tool is a masterpiece in connecting the sellers with high-quality developers and marketers that you will be needed in developing your business. It’s not easy to find the right teams to outsource the work, and TrustShoring does the perfect job in finding out the best ones fit for outsourcing!

Hub for customer support
XFusion has a team of expert staff who will handle your customers and solve all the issues that are faced by them. You don’t need to do customer support yourself, XFusion is there for you.

A place for assisting your customer virtually
Many customers are in a requirement for part-time assistance for helping them in utilization of the product. From creating FB accounts to crating graphics content, Vasumo is a master in everything. It’s like the jack of all trades and performs all work s like advertisements, editing videoes and much more in a lucid attractive way.
Sell your business online with this tool!

Fe International
They aim at cultivating long-term relationships and to deliver safe and successful deals to different investors and clients. they will provide you the best price for your SaaS. You will be provided a free evaluation on the amount you will get paid from selling your product online!


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