How Can Healthcare Promotional Products Work for Medical Facilities?

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If you are engaged in providing medical facilities, you need to brand your healthcare practice. And the most cost-effective way of doing it is to start your marketing campaign by giving away promotional products relevant to your healthcare business. It is very pertinent that the promotional products recipients are in an easier position to connect the promotional products with the type and category of service you provide.

Promotional products Generalized

These are items of everyday utilities, usually of smaller monetary value and given away free by the promoter of any business to all those connected with that particular business. Such items carry the imprint of logos, brand message, slogans, or websites of the promoting company. These can be termed business gifts, awards, and commemorative items and are used in marketing and communication campaigns.

Promotional Products, Healthcare

A study made by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) shows that the healthcare industry ranks among the top 10 for using promotional products. The study conducted by Georgia Southern University reveals that those who receive healthcare promotional products have a better positive perception. Once convinced, they are more likely to recommend your business to others.

A study of PPAI shows that 58% of the recipients use the promotional products once a week for four years because of the attractiveness and utility value. Your promotional products display your name, logo, and message consistently for four years. This is a reasonable time for creating a strong impression and opinion about your healthcare practices.

Healthcare Marketing Points

You can give healthcare promotional products to patients after their completion of certain healthcare and rehabilitative milestone. You can also distribute healthcare promotion products during events such as health fairs, screenings, community events, sports, athletic screenings, trade shows, and conferences.

Don’t select the items that you like but you believe your target audience will like. The products must have utility values for them.

Identification of a Dealer of Promotional Products

After selecting a few promotional product distributors, you may ask for a sample of the items, quotes, and payment terms. After making a comparative analysis, you can finally select one and ask for samples with the names and logos imprinted on the items. Distributors don’t maintain an inventory of all the items they offer for sale. Rather, they have arrangements with several other suppliers from whom they procure the items and make them promotional by imprinting your names and logos on them. In case your requirement is too large, and you need the innovative type of healthcare promotional products, you may opt to obtain the same from corporate-sector distributors of promotional products.

You may seek references from your friends and relatives to know the records of the distributors that you have shortlisted. Besides quality, you can also get price preferences. You can also depend on Google search for Promotional Products Distributors.

Common Promotional Products

1.Artwork: Make artwork of different formats and sizes. You can submit artwork electronically by uploading online. If you lack innovative ideas, you can the artwork was done by some freelancers. A few notable are Upwork and Fiverr.

2.Color: To maintain cost-effectiveness, standard colors are used for promotional products. Thus, colors may not match the color of your company. You may have to pay a little higher to pay and exactly matched color.

3.Overruns and Under-Runs: Sometimes, you may not get the exact quantity you ordered for. This is because while imprinting on the items, the machine has accounted for potentially defective items. The actual quantity may be slightly lower or higher. But, before packing your order, the distributor will invoice you for the actual quantity shipped. This practice is generally accept4ed in the industry.

4.Production Time: This is when you place the order; the manufacturer produces the same to your requirement and ships the products to you. The order for the items must be technically and commercially clear and acceptable by both parties. After getting the order, the manufacturer has to get the samples approved by you. Only then the product comes to the production schedule of the manufacturer. Hence, place your order sufficiently ahead of your actual need. This will take care of any unforeseen eventuality that might hinder your marketing campaign

The Proof

A proof is the replica of the product you’ll get on a mass scale after you have approved it. Always insist on proof and see that the ordered supplies have all features matching with the proof. You have the option of changing the proof thrice. Retain a copy of the approved proof.


The more the quantities ordered, the less will be the unit price of the product. Usually, the minimum quantity varies between 500 and 1000 units, as otherwise, it won’t be cost-effective for the manufacturer. Unit and bulk rates vary according to the quantity ordered. Hence, ask for quotes for 500/1000/20000, particularly if you think there will be subsequent needs.

Order for small quantities is always associated with financial disadvantage. However, sometimes, you may like to obtain un-imprinted products and stick on them a label or imprinted tag by hand. In such a case, you may go in for small quantities. Ultimately, your product is promoted.

Setup Charges

These charges include the cost of preparing the machine for imprinting. If you reorder within 6 to 12 months, you may not have to bear the setup charges.

Product Ideas

A Google search for healthcare promotional products will take you around different kinds and categories of products. After ascertaining these products’ relevance with the kind of health services you are rendering, you need to consider the following.

  • Tagged or quoted prices
  • Utility and longevity
  • Any special featurec
  • Reviews of satisfied customers
  • Quantity discount
  • Suggestion from your colleagues and product distributors.

Giving away promotional products for healthcare services is a must for initiating and boosting any marketing campaign. You would like to embrace patients, medical service providers, Para-medical facilities providers, pharmacologists, and other closely associated stakeholders.


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