How Do Promotional Healthcare Products Make A Difference?

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With the multi-specialties healthcare center dominating the healthcare market, it has become imperative to launch promotional healthcare products for frontline workers, staff, and doctors. Free promotional products act as great incentives for the recipients.

Digital and traditional advertising are the means of launching your marketing campaign. If you take this advantage, you make a difference in keeping them satisfied with your company’s services. Similarly, existing and prospective customers will be attracted to come to your health center.

Promotional healthcare products connect your healthcare practice and facilities to prospective clients. The generalized promotional products are of smaller monetary value and carry your logo, slogans, brand message, and particulars of the website. This information facilitates establishing contacts with you. These business gifts are given away when rewarding or commemorating any event. They are used in marketing and communication campaigns.

Healthcare Promotional Products

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A study by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) evidences that the healthcare industry stands among the 10th rank using promotional products. A further study by Georgia Southern University shows that the recipients of the healthcare promotional products develop a better perception of the giving healthcare center.

When positively convinced, they recommend your business to others. Another PPAI study reveals that because of the utility and aesthetic value of the promotional products, the average recipients use them once a week for four years.

Healthcare Marketing Point

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After completing any continued healthcare or rehabilitative milestone, you can pass on promotional products to inpatients. Other occasions to give away promotional products are healthcare fairs, community events, athletic screenings, sports, conferences, and trade shows. The choice of the products should be made what the target audience needs and would like to use and retain.

Benefits of Promotional Products

  • It helps in increasing your brand image and brand reputation. It establishes your brand name and logo and leaves a permanent imprint on the minds of the recipients.
  • The recipients feel that their contribution has been duly acknowledged and rewarded. So, they develop loyalty for your brand by availing of their services from your healthcare centers. But the promotional item should be resourceful and have proper utility and desired functionality.
  • Your customers keep engaged with you for an extended period.
  • The promotional items develop an emotional attachment to the brand. At the same time, customers are urged to reciprocate on receiving a gift by visiting your center as and when the need arises.
  • The recipient of any resourceful item may like to present the same to some of their friends and relatives. Thus, your brand gets more exposure and visibility.
  • Satisfied customers may like to give referrals of your organization to others. This increases your clientele and the consequent revenue.

Selecting the Products

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In the healthcare industry, gifts may be required to be given to individuals purchasing healthcare products or medicines, patients, or pharmacists. These items serve as an incentive for rehabilitation, for discharged patients, and as a token of thanksgiving to revisit your health center or clinic.

Every individual has their likes and dislikes; therefore, you should conduct consistent research to determine which promotional products are currently in demand for any specific audience. The ultimate choice is it must be relevant to your brand.

Selecting a Distributor

There are a plethora of distributors in the promotional product market. Some are small with limited items, and some operate on a large scale, claiming to have “anything that your want.” Whomsoever you select, you should give due consideration to the following factors.

  • Varieties of items, traditional, technological, and innovative
  • Quality of the items and quality of printing the logos and brand
  • Themes of items, innovativeness, and variety should be taken into consideration
  • Adherence to supply deadlines
  • Quoted and tagged price
  • Quantity Discounts and other incentives
  • Exchange and replacement facilities
  • Referrals and reviews
  • Utility and longevity
  • Customer care and after-sales services
  • Samples and adherence to it while actual supply
  • Word of mouth or consultation with your friends and relatives
  • Location; you may like to encourage local dealers. Moreover, carriage and freight may be comparatively less
  • You can establish a long-term connection with a local dealer. Google search will help you in this context.

Common Promotional Product

1. Artwork: You can upload artwork electronically or obtain it from freelancers such as Fiver or Upwork. A good logo or brand artwork should be printed on the visible space of the promotional products.

2. Color: Standard colors are used, keeping in view the cost-effectiveness. Color matching your company may cost more.

3. Overruns and underruns: The quantity may be higher or lower than the requirement. Due care is taken for proper stitching at the time of imprinting. This decreases the chances of the products getting defective.

4. Production Time: Due consultation should be made with everyone connected with the promotional products. The deadline should be indicated so that the products are available to you before being distributed.

5. Sample request: You should insist on a sample of the promotional product for which the quotation has been received. They should be compared on receipt to see that the quality conforms to the sample submitted.

Suggested Items

Traditional items include key rings, pens, notebooks, fridge magnets, mouse pads, water bottles, mugs, and hats. In addition, you can consider giving the following popular items:

  • Hand and spray sanitizer
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes
  • First-aid box
  • Cooling Gel
  • Aromatherapy pack
  • Bandage dispenser
  • Exercise gym ball or stress ball
  • Towel
  • Duffel bag
  • Jar gripper
  • Yoga Mat


Health and education are the two major areas where people are prepared to spend money. But with the uprising of many health care centers, large and small, you must take appropriate measures to establish your brand in the market.

The best means of achieving this objective is distributing appropriate healthcare promotional products. They will make a difference when considering enhancing your marketability and revenues.


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