Real Estate Marketing – Using Promotional Products A New Way to Success!

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There has been a surge in promotional products in the past decade. These items have always been one of the best strategies to increase the brand visibility of your business or organization. Almost every industry has indulged in using promotional products; therefore, an industry as big as real estate thrives exponentially with this marketing strategy.

Real estate promotional products help customers in being able to recall the name of the business much more quickly, in dire times. There are several benefits in such promotion tactics, where the exposure of your brand increases and helps establish a brand image.

Customized real estate promotional products are a great way of letting the customers get acquainted with the unique factor of your brand. It gives them the feeling that you care for the consumers, which is advantageous for creating long-term relationships with your customers. The competition is always ruthless and fast-paced in the real estate industry; thus, it is crucial to research and invest in proper marketing techniques.

Benefits of promotion products in real estate

Promotional items have been on the market since time immemorial –but lost their effect soon after digital marketing was introduced. Where the entire globe is quickly shifting to digital marketing, the aspect of marketing through physical means has been forgotten. The connection between the client and service or product or provider established through physical contact is undermined.

Nevertheless, one can still see promotional items of businesses from years ago in their houses. Here are some points on how real estate promotional products can benefit you;

(i) It helps in increasing the brand awareness of your business, which will help in more and more people being able to recognize your brand
(ii) Good quality promotional items will ensure a long-lasting marketing strategy
(iii) It will help you in reaching a new audience and widen the horizon of your brand’s scope
(iv) Increases the chances of having a conversation with potential clients, as they become interested in what more your business has to offer
(v) Most importantly, it helps in establishing long-term customer loyalty through
(vi) It makes it easier for customers to recall the name of your brand in times of need

Promotional Products for Real Estate!

Here are some promotional items that would serve the purpose they promise. There are some items one can never go wrong with, while others have to encompass a unique trait that enhances the innovativeness of your business:

1. Tape Measure, with pen, notepad, and belt

When one wishes to shift into a new home, they require a lot of note-taking and even more measurement-taking. A gift like the ingenious combination of a tape measure, pen, and notepad along with a belt – nothing would be better for people indulging in real estate. It is also a creative way of showing how you care about your customers

2. Housewarming Kit

This would mainly include supplies used in the household for daily use. It may seem that the effort would go in vain, but it is more valuable than you think. This kit will be highly resourceful for the newly shifted and will help them know that you are genuine about the services you provide

3. House-shaped Key

A keyring is a classic for promotional items; it is practical and sold quickly in bulk. These are cute little gifts that you can hand out at any fair or trade that you attend – which will help you attract potential customers’ attention. The shape of the house, especially, is an excellent addition to the factor of real estate. It will also be an item that the receiver will be using almost daily and will, therefore, remember the name of your brand

4. Stemless wine glass

After a tiring day of moving in, people who have just shifted would barely have the energy to open the utensils – which are often packed most tightly. The stemless wine glass can be a great promotional item for times like this. And once they use it put it in the wash, they are bound to use it again. This will end up with the name of your brand near them

5. Hot/Cold Pack

In addition to this item, if the pack were in the shape of a house, it would make the marketing aspect even more creative. When investing in promotional items, do not simply go for useful things; measure their resourcefulness, but also check whether it fits the theme of real estate. This is to ensure that the customers can associate real estate more easily with the items they use in their homes for increased brand visibility

6. House clip magnet

A fridge magnet is an item that you can never go wrong with. It’s simple, functional, and will be kept in an area that has almost the most amount of activity around it. This aspect will allow the clients to recall your brand’s name in times of need. Fridge magnets are also helpful for newly shifted individuals who are looking for more and more items for settling in their new home

7. Customized Power bank

Power banks are quite a dire requirement these days, with the increased use of technological items. It is also a great gift to give when a deal has been sealed; it will allow the clients to realize that you genuinely care for them and provide high-quality products along with high-quality services. This becomes a means of engaging in long-term customer loyalty

8. Mini Bamboo Cutting Board

The kitchen is where a lot of time is spent, making it an area with high potential for increased brand visibility. Bamboo cutting boards are environmentally friendly and an excellent gift for newly shifted people who require kitchen items in their less furnished homes.

Final Thoughts!

Real estate has always been a growing business; that’s why you will never be out of clients that require your help. But to gain their attention and pique their interest in your business is an essential aspect of being hired as a realtor or having them indulge in other services you provide; therefore, promotional products are a great way to ensure that you show concern for your customers.

It is also an ingenious way of increasing your brand name’s exposure so that people who need your services will be able to recall the name of your brand more easily.



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