Optamark Launches Cloud Based Brand Management System

New York, NY (Oct 1, 2020) –Optamark, a cloud-based brand management tool for sourcing print, promo, digital marketing, as well as order management for promotional product professionals, announced this week that its platform will be provided access to qualified individuals and distributors looking to grow and scale their business. In the first six months, the system has seen instrumental growth with a massive user demand from those who are looking to increase their business and other opportunity areas outside of the core promotional products base.

“We have seen steady growth in the range of our products from initially adding printing, to then integrating promotional products, to then integrating apparel, but the surge we see now is a response to the vastly improved user experience at every touchpoint in the supply chain,” said Tarang Gosalia,
Optamark’s CEO. “With COVID, The need to be able to adapt effectively reselling any sort of product needs to be systematized and scalable. That’s exactly what we’re intending on doing with some of the best distributors in the market looking to ramp up their existing business.

Tarang Gosalia

Optamark’s CEO, Tarang Gosalia

Optamark’s principals said that new features such as back-office support, order processing, printing, promotional products, company storefronts, as well as a whole new range of digital marketing products and services for distributors to resell will keep a focus on both online and offline marketing Optamark’s CEO, Tarang Gosalia channels for effective business owners looking to add impact to their existing clients. “The new developments are certainly playing a role in growing our distributors’ sales and in overall growth,” said Gosalia “but it’s the end-to-end workflow experience where we’re finding the strongest response.”

In an era of being content-rich, Optamark is looking to enable its tool and empower those looking to build their existing businesses or new business as a key advantage to those they’re looking to upsell additional products and services. The product is one of a kind in being able to accommodate virtually any online and offline brand management requirement with a sleek, modern, simple, and straightforward design for the end-user.

The OptaHub (the brand management software) began as a software their team developed to power, a Manhattan-based distributorship that Gosalia founded. Making the Inc500 two consecutive years in 2015, and 2016, Gosalia quickly realize that there’s a gap between commercial printers, promotional product distributors, and agencies. The gap is the supply chain, sourcing, and the ability to be process orders with ease and adapting to our current market conditions.

Optamark recently opened a new headquarters in Connecticut to accommodate supporting ongoing users as well as franchisees that participate in their platform and system. The selection process is determined based on certain factors of your experience within the industry and your ability and interest in wanting to grow your business. Entrepreneurs are what Optamark seeks and Gosalia has been focused on bringing on quality members.