Should you (and your employees) wear your own branded clothing?

Having company branded clothing is an effective and easy marketing tool. Customers who purchase your branded clothing work as walking advertisements for your company. Even better, the more people who wear your company branded clothing means that more people are seeing it and wondering where/how they can get their own hands on that item. But, should company branded clothing be worn by only consumers who purchase them? The answer is no! Everyone should be able to wear company branded clothing, especially those who work in that company from the employees all the way to the big boss.

Wearing your company’s branded clothing tells your consumers that you are not only stylish but that you believe in yourself and is proud of your company. Here are some other reasons why you need to include your own clothing into your wardrobe:

1. Promote Confidence

Having confidence and pride in your company shows your customers that you, the owner, cares. Often the stigma is that company owners or leaders only care about the profit. By proudly wearing your own brand, you are showing others that you care about the company and them. Not only that, but it helps convince customers that you are prepared to invest time and attention into them.

2. Promotes Trust

Wearing branded clothing around your customers shows to them that you are a well-established company and that you take your business seriously. This encourages them to trust in you and your suggestions when dealing with customers. Customers need to know that the person or company they are doing business with is credible and legit, and wearing branded clothing can assist in establishing this.

3. Showcases Teamwork

When your entire staff wears your company’s branded clothing as a group, it shows that your company is very unified. Customers will be greatly impressed with the level of cohesiveness your company possess. Not only that, but customers will view this as a level of professionalism and will expect that whoever they interact with on your team will treat them with the same respect and professionalism they portray.

Use these tips to help increase your brand awareness and make lasting impressions on the customers that you interact with daily. If you don’t already have branded clothing for your company, let Optamark help you! Click here to check out all our promotional products including a wide variety of clothing options.