Why does Corporate Gifting Become Essential For Most Businesses?

In the present-day world of stiff competition, every business is trying to attract customers to its brand. Among various means of alluring customers, one of the effective ways is the gifting of tangible and intangible products.

The corporate sector is one step ahead in this business concept. It creates a touch-point with clients, employees, or prospects by gifting tangibles such as clothing or intangibles such as concert tickets or airfare.

The Importance!

It creates a personalized connection between the giver and receiver of the gift who gives away corporate promotional gifts, highlighting a specific brand of product or service. It creates a feeling of satisfaction among the employees and clients as a token of appreciation. It generates a powerful experience.

Consequently, the employees give the best of their efforts, and the clients don’t switch to other products. In both cases, an atmosphere of “loyalty” is established.

The Psyche behind Corporate Gifts!

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Every human action is guided by the psyche working behind it. In the case of promotional gifts, the recipient acquires a sense of ownership over a tangible or intangible product. This, in turn, triggers the psyches of reciprocation and trust, resulting in the endowment effect. An obligatory feeling urges the recipient of the corporate gifts to stick to the existing brand and become loyal to it. New clients receiving the grants will go in for the product.

Reciprocation of Prospective Customers!

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Prospective customers have the option to go to any brand. But, once they have a personalized experience with you by receiving and utilizing corporate gifts, 80% of them would prefer to do business with the gifting company. The gift becomes a great motivator if given in the desired shape and form at the right time.

Reciprocation of Existing Clients

Reciprocation of Existing Clients - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

The existing clients realize that their loyalty has been acknowledged with appreciation. They will be urged to continue business by becoming brand evangelists. A study shows that consumers having an emotional attachment to a brand tend to have a higher lifetime value of 300%. The gift strengthens the current relationship.

Reciprocation of Employees

Employees are the most valued assets of any corporate organization. Their best contribution leads to the success of the business. When they receive well-designed and exclusively-personalized corporate gifts, they become assured that their employer has appreciated their efforts. The sense of belonging motivates them to add to their productivity and the company’s success.

Once the employees are motivated, they do the job of motivating external stakeholders such as existing and prospective customers. The corporate gifts could be given away on the following occasions.

1. Company Events include Recognition of Service Levels, Years of Service, Milestone years, or completion of skill-up gradation program.

2. Personal Events such as completion of a degree or certificate program, Personal members or new family member, specific personal achievements, or a new home.

3. Special Recognition rewards an employee who went the extra mile to achieve the company’s goal. This may include a suggestion in the process or operation of a machine or procedure that yielded substantial savings in cost.

Statistics Related to Corporate Gifting

There are many reasons for the effectiveness of Corporate promotional Gift. Direct mail has drawn the personal attention of the recipients and triggers psychological and emotional attachment. The following five points show how corporate gifting brings about positive effects.

  • Almost 81% of the receiver of emails open, scan, and go through their emails.
  • About 75% of the recipient of mail has a strong emotional expectation of receiving something special; hence, they scan the direct mail.
  • 79% of clients find it convenient to read mail rather than going online.
  • 38% of the recipients of mail confirm that the physical contents of the mail give an opinion about the sender. The production values of mail constitute the value of a brand intuitively and more deeply.
  • Compared to campaigns without mail, sales campaigns that include direct mail have 27% more chances of delivering a top-ranking performance. Similarly, they have 40% more chances of delivering acquisition levels of top rankings.
  • The endowment effect emerges from physical contact. This is because a sense of ownership is established, which translates into a higher valuation.

Clients Sharing Statistics

1: Alleyoop

It is used for small gifts such as branded socks and eGift cards to increase sales and phone connection rates. They achieve a 20% increase sales by sending a gift before a scheduled call. Moreover, they increased the meeting completion rate by 20%. Inspired by this result, they initiated sending direct mails on behalf of their clients. The result was a 45% reply rate and a 25% conversion rate.

2: AlterG

It is a medical device Company. It sent promotional tumbler and Amazon gift cards to prospective customers. The small gifts generated an ROI of 4347%. This initiative resulted in 34 new opportunities and a pipeline value of more than a million dollars.

3: Live Ramp

This company used Sendoso for adding touch points to their event invitations. Their response rates increase by more than 30%. There was also a decrease in response time by over 90%. Their conversion to meetings increased to 35%.

Trends of Corporate Gifting!

Corporate gifting is further evolving with the growth of direct mail marketing and sending gifts. The following are the specific areas of growth and change.

  • The B2B sector will grow almost ten times on investment.
  • Gifting to employees and prospective customers will consolidate into a single brand initiative. This, in turn, will improve brand perception and recognition.
  • Gifting may move into other departments of the corporate sector, such as HR and Customer Care.
  • Growth will be supported by automation and improved personalization. Moreover, the items selected for gifting will be more sustainable and inclusive.

Legal Aspect of Gifting!

Due consideration should be given to the mandatory value of the gifts for government employees. Similarly, due care should be taken for guidelines and policies set by employers.


Corporate gifting is oriented towards internal as well as external stakeholders. It has tremendous power for increasing your sales volume and the consequent profitability. It would be best to plan your sales campaign by consulting your marketing division, HR, and Customer care departments.

Why Are Business Promotional Products Crucial In 2022?

Any business organization is not charitable; therefore, you cannot think of giving away something without getting something.

Why is Corporate Gifting Crucial?

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Corporate gifting is a long-term business benefit disguised as “charity.” This is where the concept of corporate gifting may be subjected to question. What tangibles will you get immediately in return for a corporate gift. You may also ponder over how much you should spend in the shape of Business promotional products.

How do the Benefits Come?

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Nothing comes free in this world; therefore, if you are parting with any freebies for Business promotional products, you establish your entity and identity with the internal and external business stakeholders. As Internal stakeholders, employees play the most crucial role.

The external stakeholders are existing and prospective customers. On receiving the gifts, they adherently or inadvertently reciprocate by adhering to your brand or opting for it. Consequently, your sales, profitability, and ROI increase. The ultimate benefit in monetary terms may be in multiple of your investment on freebies.

Purpose of Corporate Gifting

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Business thrives on the relationship based on the concept of “give and take.” The medium is distributing presents of different prices, forms, and styles. In 2017 alone, corporate gifts totaled $22 billion. This has an increasing trend. The facility is given as a token of what benefits have been received or are expected. The personalized gift is a touch point of the company’s connection with the customers or employees.

December is the end of a calendar year, followed by New Year’s Day; it is chosen for corporate gift-giving. This period marks the signing of any new commercial deal or contract. Corporate gifts are also distributed when a new product has been launched, or unique market regions have been approached. Besides, donations can also be given away during the trade fair, exhibition, workshop, or other business events.

Corporate gifting also encompasses employees for commemorating an important event, remarkable achievement, or suggestions for cost reduction. While gifting government employees or high-profile corporate executives, the policy or ethics underlying gifting should be kept in mind.

1: Improves Customer Relationships

To keep yourself abreast of your competitors, it is rather a need for your business to grow by retaining the existing customers and alluring the prospective customers. The current customers realize that you have acknowledged their adhering to your brand. Similarly, you get introduced to the prospective customers and continue the relationship for further business.

Corporate gifting may also be taken as a means of thanksgiving for the patronage you received from your existing customers and employees. A personalized note tagged with the gift enhances the value of giving manifold. To a conscious mind, any favor becomes obligatory to return. This subliminal desire to produce leads to mutual trust and dependability. The stronger the relationship, the higher will be your financial return.

2: Increase Productivity

Most employees have the attitude of “let go.” They put the minimal effort as will be officially required of them. But once they receive a corporate gift for their hard work, they contribute the best of their actions. Besides inspiring the rewarded employee, the gift becomes a motivator for other employees. The productivity and consequently the profitability will increase.

The motivated employees will provide improved customer service, generating more satisfied customers. When employees wear or use a uniform promotional item, they feel the organization’s sense of belongingness. Their common pride causes the feeling of community living and deepens the bondage of togetherness. The cumulative effect is the increase in productivity of the organization.

3: Publicity of the Company

Gift-giving always goes with a “giver’s image” and thus increases the image of your company. The brand and logo of your company on a gift box are exposed not only to the recipients of the gift but also to the onlookers who happen to be near or around them. The recipients may present the gift to some friends and relatives. Thereby, your brand gets more exposure and publicity.

You can send promotional items to prospective customers by mail or in person. It is observed that after a year of receiving the gift, 66%of the recipients recollect the name of the brand featured. Similarly, 24% of prospective customers are converted into new leads while pursuing new businesses.

4: Boosts Your Company’s Reputation

A gift recipient develops an emotional attachment with your company and your brand. Thus your reputation as a considerate and compassionate organization is established. Therefore, it is a smart move to launch corporate gifts and establish your reputation in the market. This, in turn, adds to the credibility and marketability and the consequent profitability.

Words of mouth spread faster than any other advertising medium. Once people are aware of your reputation, they recommend to their friends and relatives to opt for your products besides becoming loyal to your brand. They may also come forward to give positive reviews in the media, which will attract other customers.

One of the best marketing strategies is “referral,” which increases revenue without financial involvement. One who refers also does not have to spend anything. This is where the “brand reputation” works. Statistics reveal that 27% of the recipients of corporate gifts unhesitatingly extend references for branded products.

Those who work hard for the organization expect that their extra effort is recognized and rewarded. When you give gifts to such employees, you establish a kind of goodwill with your employees. Therefore, the proficient professional will be attracted to join and work for an organization having a good brand reputation.


Give and take, or “reciprocity,” is the primary corporate giving concept. It becomes obligatory to return in some form or other when you receive something. Just as you get the self-satisfaction of giving, the recipients satisfy their “ego” by receiving something tangible or intangible. In the case of corporate gifting, they return by buying your products and service.orpor

Corporate Promotional Gifts Are Important For Businesses Today: WHY?

Corporate giving is very important in the business world. Corporate gifting is a clever way to improve business relationships in every circumstance, whether you want to thank your staff and clients, inspire them, or engage them.

It improves the return on investment for a firm and fosters strong relationships between loyal customers and employees.

Giving makes a favorable impression on the recipient and builds a long-lasting business relationship. Branded corporate gifts help businesses stand out to draw in customers and clients and keep partners and staff. Giving gifts at work can make everyone happier.

Giving gifts to employees at work encourages engagement and boosts productivity. Giving business gifts serves two functions:

A. Long-term partnership
B. Joyful workplace

Reasons in Favour of Corporate Gifting!

1. Morale within the Corporation

Morale within the corporation - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving gifts to employees at work is a great method to boost morale. It is a wonderful way to express gratitude to your staff, creates a friendly environment, and strengthens team ties. Corporate promotional gifts can be personalized and tagged with the employee’s name and the organization’s emblem to increase brand loyalty.

2. It is a token of Deference

it is token of deference - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving clients, vendors, and staff branded corporate presents shows that the company values and appreciates its commitment.

Both in their personal and professional lives, it should be beneficial to them. Examples include travel bags, power banks, Wireless earphones and many more items that can come in handy in daily use.

3. Be distinct from the competition

be distinct from the competition - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving designer labels to B2B companies and staff will help the business stand out from the competition. The team needs to be recognized with practical gifts rather than just a pat on the back. They will want to offer the company repeat business as they grow to value it more.

4. They are a great way to express gratitude to loyal customers

Long-term clients can get custom gifts as a token of appreciation for their ongoing patronage. Although it is not necessary to give them gifts, they will recall that the company cherishes working with them. As a result, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation and encourage them to keep doing business with you.

5. Improve sales

Giving branded and personalized business presents to staff and customers directly influence sales and income. Additionally, they will feel more appreciated if the presents are tailored to their preferences.

They will also realize that purchasing the company’s services can benefit them. By doing this, people will feel they are getting a tremendous return on investments and are more inclined to return.

6. Increasing the positive vibe at work

When business presents are given out, the workplace atmosphere improves. Giving corporate gifts raises the mood of an organization. This is because customers and staff feel appreciated, and the company is dedicated to collaborating with them.

Giving clients business presents with your logo will encourage more candid communication. They will be more likely to conduct business with the firm.

7. Exposes the brand well and raises awareness

Sending presents to your company contacts is one of the finest ways to raise awareness and increase brand recognition. These business presents can be personalized to the recipient’s preferences.

Additionally, it may bear the name of the recipient as well as the emblem of the business. Since it shows the brand’s healthy work environment, especially when the presents are used in a public setting, this results in favorable brand promotion.

8. Lower expenses

Giving branded, promotional gifts is one of the least expensive forms of advertising that provides a quick return on investment.

Corporate gifts are a wonderful advertising way because they typically contain useful items. This demonstrates your organization’s degree of dedication and may also benefit you with outside business.

9. Encourages team unity

Giving corporate gifts to employees and clients is a great way to forge deeper company ties. One of your goals when presenting a gift should be to set the recipient apart from others and show your appreciation for who they are.

10. Chance for constructive dialogue

The clarity in communication is recognized to be fostered by businesses that use corporate promotional gifts to stay in touch with their clients and staff. Employees are more likely to trust their employer and provide candid feedback if they get corporate presents. The success of the organization depends on this input.

Between managers and employees, a corporate giving culture fosters trust. Additionally, it inspires confidence in customers, who will become devoted to the business.

Corporate Promotional Gifts!

Corporate gift-giving enhances relationships between managers, staff, distributors, suppliers, and customers and has numerous advantages that can help your company accomplish better.

You will start to recognize the ability and strategic significance of gifts and branded items as you learn how to use them effectively throughout your company. When it comes to creating a brand on a tight budget, the tried-and-true corporate promotional gifts is your best corporate giveaways have the important function of keeping your brand in your customers’ minds for a very long period. Here are some alternative approaches and advantages to employing corporate presents in your company.

Promotional corporate gifts, regardless of their shape, color, or material, are essential for retaining the brand’s name, logo, and messages in the recipient’s mind. Promotional products for businesses, such as t-shirts with company slogans or coffee mugs with logos, boost sales and elevate the brand’s value.

Corporate promotional products that are entertaining and useful are affordable marketing methods and ways to distinguish in a fiercely competitive business environment. Regardless of the type and scale of the business, it has become a very effective worldwide advertising method. Corporate promotional gifts have repeatedly been shown to be a game-changer and a money-spinning tactic for various firms.


The significance of gift-giving in business culture should now be clear to you. After all, for any corporation to succeed at a high level, strong team bonds and fruitful commercial partnerships are crucial. To demonstrate the business connections, you care about, distribute gifts on various occasions.

Choose from culinary delicacies, personalized household products, electronics, or intangible gifts like gift cards or vouchers.