8 Design Trends in 2020 – What to Incorporate in Your Brochure

Even in the digital era, many businesses still harness the power of print marketing. Whether roller banners, posters, or flyers, they are great promotional materials that can market your brand as well as promote your products or services.

Brochures are effective marketing tools that continue to remain relevant up to these days. When it comes to these, you may think of photos with brief descriptions of your products or services printed on your brochures.

If you want your brochures to work, here are 2020 design trends you can incorporate for highly effective and compelling marketing materials for your business.

1. 3-D features

We’re used to seeing conventional brochures with two-dimensional designs, but now is the perfect time to explore the three-dimensional features of brochures. Not only do they look visually appealing, but they also look more modern and add a feeling of depth into your design.

2. Various types of typography

You can use various typefaces for your brochures. You can be a little experimental and creative by using large and bold fonts for the cover, stylish ones for every page, and varying ones for the headings, subheadings, and body text.

3. Breaking the rules of grid

You can now break the rules of design grids. While this rule of thumb may be strictly followed for logo creation and digital graphic designs, you can certainly bend the rule to give way to your creativity more for your brochures.

4. Use of bold and bright colors

When it comes to graphic and digital designs, the minimalist approach may be more appropriate, which means you must use neutral tones. With your brochures, though, you can employ bold and bright colors to make your promotional tools more vibrant and attractive.

5. Various geometrical shapes

As far as geometrical shapes are concerned, you can be a little experimental with your brochures. You can use odd and irregular shapes, such as rectangles and squares. Brochures may also use octagons and hexagons.

6. Illustrations

Illustrations are an effective way to capture the viewers’ attention and stir their interests. When using illustrations, make sure to have creative pieces of work as a way to convey your brand’s message. They’ll resonate well with your target audience.

7. Animated retro

Don’t forget to incorporate the retro looks into your brochure design. For this, the animated retro design can be your best bet. It does provide depth to an otherwise flat illustration and subtle design movements.

8. Artful imagery

When it comes to brochures, photos are a must, so be sure to breathe life into your images. Take advantage of artful photography to kick your pictures up a notch. You can tap the expertise of professional photographers to do that for you.


Brochures never go outdated and continue to serve your marketing needs. To make them work, incorporate the following design trends—3-D features, various types of typography, no grids employed, bold and bright colors, geometrical shapes, illustrations, animated retro, and artful imagery. All these will bring out the best in your brochures that can promote your brand and take your business up a notch.

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