Screen Printing Franchise – A Good Small Business Franchise

Screen printing is the method of printing onto fabric through a mesh stencil also known as a screen. The way it works is ink is pushed through this mesh stencil to aid with the printing process. The stencil will have a cut out as per your design and also create a small opening in the mesh to allow the ink to fall through and create the design of your choice. This type of printing allows only one color at a time and is usually meant for simple designs. It is possible to use for multiple colors, but this method of printing is usually selected for single color printing and large orders.

This article is a valuable insight for those who are interested in starting a screen printing franchise and how promotional products are growing in popularity.

Starting a Small Business

It is a dream for many to start a small business of their own; opting for a small business franchise is the best method of doing this. Having a business of your own means you do not need to report to anyone and there only self-made milestones to follow. On the other hand, running a business of your own also means you need to be self-motivated with high ambition and determination to succeed.

Providing promotional products to meet the marketing requirements of businesses is one of the simplest franchise businesses. A screen printing franchise is a good small business option since it is simple to set up, operate and does not require a big working space.

Benefits of Starting a Screen Printing Franchise

The importance of screen printing is on the rise with more demand promotional advertising in many different industries. A large number of businesses prefer to make use of promotional products especially printed products like t-shirts, mugs, and banners with custom printing on them. In fact, posters, banners, and custom clothing some of the most effective methods of creating brand awareness or improving brand recognition.

It is amazing how effective a good slogan or logo can be and if printed on promotional material like a t-shirt and other products. The fact that it is also cost-effective, simple and quick is an added advantage. Promotional products produced in this method can be used at company events, distributed amongst employees, used as giveaways at an exhibition, etc. This type of business does not require a great deal of technical expertise although it does require you to have expert sales, marketing, and management skills

Promotional Products Franchise at Optamark Graphics

Optamark Graphics has been delivering creative and innovative promotional products for over 30 years with a full range of marketing products essential for brand marketing. Our main intention is to offer a business the complete solution by meeting their requirements for stunning and highly effective promotional products and merchandise.

We offer marketing solutions in Stamford, for promotional products. In fact, we are located in several cities in the USA and have our presence in China as well. At Optamark Graphics we help simplify the process of printing supplying promotional products to meet business requirements of any type of business. We help y ou every step of the way while you attempt to succeed at becoming an Optamark franchisee.

We help you start your screen printing franchise and grow to succeed at it. We also help you evolve an existing business and co-brand your business offering immense opportunities including international opportunities. Taking up our franchise is highly rewarding and is a lot of risk business since providing support to your franchisees with the help of our extensive support network who are aware of every aspect of our business.