How To Market Promotional Products In 2022 Like A Pro?

When launching a new product or service in 2022, you should act as a professional; otherwise, you may miss availing of the beneficial aspects of marketing promotional products. Why? Because there are many of your competitors that are equally striving to win over prospective customers.

You should design and distribute promotional products so professionally that you steal the opportunity to your advantage. Depending upon your audience, industry, and offerings, there is a low cost of promoting new products or services in the following 12 practical ways.

1: Offering Exclusive Preview

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Your new customers may intend to recommend your products or service to their network of friends and acquaintances. As a pro, you need to adopt a customer engagement strategy by organizing an in-person or virtual launch party, demo, online tour, or preview of your offerings.

You can also ask them to test the products and furnish their feedback. This in-person contact reinforces how much you value them, thereby acquiring loyalty.

2: Make an Earmarked Introductory Offer

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This offer may include the following.

  • Discounts on tagged prices
  • Vouchers or coupons accompanying purchases
  • Complimentary business encouraging joint promotions
  • Reduction of rates on package or bundle
  • Doubling the points in loyalty programs
  • Offering freebies that could be used for referrals

Customers having limited purchase power due to the limitation of time or inventory will have a more urgent sense of urgency to buy.

3: Adopting Google My Business

adopting google my business - marketing promotional products - Optamark Graphics

On the GMB dashboard, create an offer or “What’s new” post, which expires every seven days. If you have a special introductory “offer,” you should set a time frame. On both posts, you should ask for CTA and include a picture.

You can also upload photos of new products or services to your Business profile through the Photos tab of GMB. Follow the guidelines of Google for sizes of photos and optimize your Google listing for getting maximum visibility. You may post some FAQs on the Q&A section of the GMB account.

4: Adopt email marketing

Statistics reveal that 76% of email subscribers respond to the email message and make purchases. For email marketing, you may announce the launching date in advance. It may be a customer-exclusive or subscriber offer. Tips for email marketing are below:

  • Highlight your offer in the subject line.
  • Instead of its features, emphasize the ultimate value.
  • For increasing open rates, use pre-header text.

5: Run a Social Media Contest

Facebook contests bring an average of 34% new customers. The winners of Facebook and Instagram should be given the product/services free or at a discounted rate. The particulars of such contests should be announced across all your marketing channels, such as your email newsletters, websites, social media channels, and paid ads.

The contests become better ways of fun and engagement for your new offerings. Consequently, they will drive more traffic to your website.

6: Write a Blog Post

Post a landing page on your website wherein you can make your new offerings or upgrade to an existing platform. Your objective might be to keep your existing customer engaged or to re-engage your sleeping customers.

A blog post on the newly-launched item may include features, technical particulars, and benefits. Besides including it on a landing page, you may share the link through social media channels or your emails.

7: Host an Event

Events generate opportunities of interacting personally with new prospects. This creates an atmosphere of better understanding and mutual trust. The events may be as simple as open house information sessions at fitness centers, salons, spas, yoga studios, and retail stores. If other businesses are located in your location, you may opt for sidewalk sales to draw larger crowds. The following virtual events are compelling.

  • Demonstrate your products along with their features on Facebook Live session
  • Run a recorded or live Q & A session
  • An influencer centering the event

8: Allowing Trade-ins

A trade-in program will be more appropriate if your new product is an up gradation of an older one. In this program, consumers may buy a new product as a token of possessing a similar product.

You may also resale the trade-in products provided they have appropriate utility value. You may use such items for your future giveaways.

9: Offering a Complimentary Upgrade

The utility value of a product may get diminished on use, but service-based organizations may not face this constraint. Therefore, if your service-based organization, such as a salon, gym, spa, or consulting firm, you may offer a gradation of your existing service. For instance, you may add a new facial or massage at your spa.

You may add new fitness gear to your existing gym. You may provide a complimentary but probably temporary upgrade for your existing customers.

10: Sharing Customer Reviews

Utilizing customers to promote your products is a tactical way of marketing your products and services. You can take advantage of this by upgrading your product or offering the products for a free trial. After that, you can ask such a prospect to write an online review for your product or service. This will be the best testimonial in support of your product/service.

11: Post on Social Media

Post advertisements about your new products/services on your social media and share them with their profiles. It builds an organic FAQ and enables prospects to ask questions and get satisfactory answers. You can use a custom hashtag if you have a loyal following and a niche audience. The user-generated content can be used to draw more people to your new product.

12: Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has billions of active users daily and thus is an excellent window for exhibiting your new products or service. The personalized data provided voluntarily help target specific audiences, with various factors such as age, gender, location, marital status, profession, interest, and many more. You can get options for the budget, type, and duration of the campaign to accommodate your goals.


Promotion of a new product or service should not be just a matter of pushing some promotional products; instead, it should be designed and distributed with the incorporation of all professionalism as explained above.