Top Tech Giveaways For Your Next Conference Event!

Conferences and events are an ideal platform for businesses to promote their products and services. A conference brings together a diverse group of organizations and individuals who are interested in learning about what your business has to offer. It’s important to remember that while these types of events are an excellent opportunity to generate leads, it’s unlikely that customers will make a purchase on the spot. However, by providing them with a useful and memorable item, they are more likely to remember your company and consider doing business with you in the future. Providing a useful and memorable resource, such as a branded notebook, pen or a tote bag can serve as an effective way to promote your brand and keep your business top-of-mind with potential customers.

Promotional products can be an effective way to generate interest in your business and stand out among competitors in a conference setting. The variety of options available for giveaways is vast, but it’s important to keep in mind that the competition at a conference event can be intense, with many companies vying for the same audience. In order to make a lasting impression, it’s crucial to choose a promotional item that aligns with your brand and will be perceived as valuable by the recipients. This can include items such as custom-branded tote bags, pens, or even tech accessories. By investing in unique and interesting promotional products, you can appeal to potential customers and establish your business as a competent player in the competitive conference landscape.

Tech giveaways are often highly sought-after by customers at conference events, as they are functional, innovative, and demonstrate that the company providing them is forward-thinking and has a lot of potential. These types of promotional products can range from practical tech accessories like power banks and charging cables, to more creative items like custom-branded Bluetooth speakers or headphones. By providing these types of items to customers, you can showcase your company’s innovative side and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Benefits of Tech Giveaways

1. Increase Exposure

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Giving away innovative and imaginative promotional products to potential customers can increase their interest in your business and lead to more people talking about your brand. This increased interest and buzz around your brand can ultimately lead to more exposure and recognition for your business. By providing customers with unique and valuable gifts, you can leave a lasting impression on them and make it more likely that they will think of your business in the future. This is a great way to create more brand awareness and to be memorable among your target audience.

2. Get ahead in the competition!

get ahead in the competition

With numerous companies and organizations attending or hosting conference events, it’s essential to stand out from the competition by selecting the most effective promotional items. One effective way to do this is to offer tech giveaways as part of your marketing strategy.

3. Long Lasting Impression

Providing customers or potential customers with a useful and intriguing tech product can have a lasting impact, as they will be using it regularly and becoming familiar with your brand name. This increased daily usage and familiarity can make it easier for them to recall your business name when needed.

Top 8 Tech Giveaways

1. Stylus Pen

A stylus pen is a simple yet imaginative design that can be used on any touch screen device, making it easy to navigate through notes, drawings, or other tasks. It’s a versatile tool with multiple uses and is preferred by many for its convenience.

A stylus pen is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways, and many people prefer to use this handy innovation over other options. In conference events, a stylus pen can be an extremely useful gift for attendees as it allows them to work on their touch screen devices without having to use their fingers constantly.

2. Adjustable Vanity Light

Having good lighting when using a phone camera for online meetings and work is crucial, as poor lighting can leave a negative impression on others on the video call. An adjustable vanity light is an extremely useful device that can solve this problem. It is especially important in the current era of virtual meetings and work.

Investing in a unique and practical product like an adjustable vanity light demonstrates the importance placed on creativity and usefulness. Additionally, since the vanity light is placed directly at the phone camera, customers will always associate the company that provided the resourceful item with their video call or meeting experiences.

3. Cable Organizer

Tech enthusiasts know the struggle of managing the numerous cords and cables in their possession. From a cord for a device, to a charger for another, to a pair of earphones and beyond, it can be challenging to store them in an organized manner.

A cable organizer is a lifesaver for those who find themselves overwhelmed by the number of cords and wires they need to keep track of. It’s a highly valuable product for tech-savvy individuals and your company can offer it without them even having to ask. Providing customers with such a useful item will leave a positive and lasting impression of your business.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most effective promotional items you can give away. It’s a universally appreciated item, regardless of whether the recipient is tech-savvy or not. Everyone can appreciate a Bluetooth speaker, regardless of their background or age. Oftentimes, Bluetooth speakers become a staple household item used by everyone.

Having a custom Bluetooth speaker as a promotional item can help customers remember your brand’s name more easily and recall it when needed. Furthermore, providing a high-quality Bluetooth speaker will leave a positive impression on them, which can lead to a heightened interest in what other products or services your business has to offer.

5. Pop socket

Although it may seem like a common item, pop sockets can wear out quickly in today’s world, where people are frequently using their phones. Offering a high-quality and durable pop socket as a promotional item will be highly valued by customers and potential customers, as well as increase brand exposure as it will be prominently displayed on the back of their phones.

6. 3-in-1 Charging cable

Having the ability to charge three devices simultaneously from one outlet is a convenient and efficient solution, especially without the need for a large and cumbersome extension cord. A 3-in-1 long charging cable can accomplish this task by plugging into one adapter.

7. Wireless Earphones/Earbuds

Wireless earphones or earbuds are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. While they may be on the pricey side, if you run a medium to large-scale business, you can afford to give them as gifts to loyal customers or even use them as incentives for your employees. They are practical and desirable items that will be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives them.

8. Power Bank

It can be frustrating when the battery of your device dies in the middle of use. The solution is a power bank, which is a portable charging device that can be used with various devices and is extremely useful for those who frequently use those devices.

How Are Educational Promotional Products Effective For Businesses?

When creating a business or organization, the success of selling products and services largely depends on how they are marketed. Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of any enterprise, whether it’s a small or large scale operation. One of the most effective ways to promote a company and its offerings is through the use of promotional products.

Promotional items serve as an excellent means of staying connected with current customers and attracting new ones. Studies have shown that these products are highly effective in appealing to customers. Additionally, they provide a great way to show customers that their patronage is valued and appreciated. They also serve as a great incentive for employees.

With the vast array of benefits that promotional products can offer, it can be challenging to develop a strategy for how to best utilize them for your business. Additionally, the wide range of options available can make it difficult to decide which products to incorporate into your marketing approach.

Despite the many choices, education promotional products have seen a steady increase in popularity and likability among recipients. To understand how they can be effective for your business, it’s essential to examine the effectiveness of promotional products in general.

Benefits of Promotional Products!

1. Personal Touch

PERSONAL TOUCH - Educational Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

In today’s digital marketing era, it can be challenging for companies to create a personal connection with customers and assure them that they are valued. Promotional products provide a tangible reminder that a business cares about its customers.

These items become an integral part of customers’ or potential customers’ daily lives, making it easier for them to remember your company’s name when needed. When someone receives a valuable item from your business bearing your company’s logo or mark, it leaves a lasting impression on their minds.

2. Increase Exposure

increase exposure - Educational Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

As more individuals use promotional items from your business, it increases your brand’s visibility. Someone who is not familiar with your company may see someone using a unique, eye-catching product bearing your organization’s design and become curious to learn more about what you have to offer.

Therefore, it’s crucial to include relevant information on promotional products so that people can understand the types of products and services your business offers.

3. Establish Your Brand

establish your brand - Educational Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Promotional items are an effortless way to promote your brand logo and increase brand awareness when it comes to events where multiple companies and businesses showcase their offerings.

Furthermore, by having creative promotional items, it can also help establish your business as innovative in the eyes of other companies.

4. Cost Effective

Promotional items are often considered as an inexpensive method of marketing your brand, contrary to the common belief that they are costly. When properly budgeted and strategically utilized, promotional items can be more effective than other marketing techniques such as social media or digital marketing.

Benefits of Educational Promotional Products!

1. Rising Industry

The education field is a rapidly growing industry where promotional items are in high demand. It may seem that businesses have little to do with schools or universities, but that perception is not accurate. Educational institutions have come to realize the importance of advertising to better serve future generations.

As a result, there has been a significant increase in demand for promotional products that help increase the exposure of educational organizations. Authorities have come to understand that these items are greatly appreciated by parents, students, and staff alike.

2. Useful Items

When properly selected, the most popular promotional items in the education industry are those that will be well-received by students and teachers alike. For example, items such as water bottles, with the school or college logo, serve as a practical way to show that the institution cares for its students and staff.

Other stationery items commonly used in educational settings, such as pens, notebooks, and pencils, are also in high demand as promotional items.

3. Ingenious Marketing

Competition is present in all industries, and the education sector is no exception. With so many options available, it’s crucial for educational institutions to attract and retain students and parents. One effective way to do this is through marketing efforts, specifically the use of promotional products.

Educational promotional products are a proven and effective way to increase brand awareness for an institution. One of the key advantages of using promotional products is that they offer a tangible reminder of the institution’s name and message, which can help to build long-term brand recognition and loyalty. Additionally, using promotional products as a marketing tool can help to attract new customers and clients, while also helping to retain existing ones. Overall, promotional products can be a valuable investment for any institution looking to increase its visibility and reach.

4. Budget Friendly
Promotional products are a cost-effective way to reach and connect with potential customers. By carefully planning the type of promotional items to use and purchasing them in bulk, institutions can maximize their return on investment. These giveaways not only help to increase brand awareness but also create a positive impression on the recipients, who will likely appreciate the value of the items and remember the institution’s name for future reference. Additionally, recipients may also recommend the institution to others, further expanding the reach of the marketing campaign.

Educational professionals such as teachers, lecturers, and support staff play a vital role in the industry, yet they often go unrecognized and unappreciated. Showing them appreciation through the use of practical and enjoyable promotional items can be an effective way to express gratitude. These items not only serve as a symbol of recognition, but also provide a tangible benefit to the staff members, making them feel valued and appreciated.

5. Useful Incentive

Educational professionals such as teachers, lecturers, and support staff play a vital role in the industry, yet they often go unrecognized and unappreciated. Showing them appreciation through the use of practical and enjoyable promotional items can be an effective way to express gratitude. These items not only serve as a symbol of recognition, but also provide a tangible benefit to the staff members, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Types of Educational Promotional Products!

Here are some of the most popular items that can be used for promotion in the educational industry;

Stationery: Essential items such as pens, pencils, notebooks, staplers, tape, erasers, and sharpeners are always in high demand in the education sector. They are frequently used by students and staff members and are essential for day-to-day operations in the education field.

Bottles: Sturdy custom bottles which are designed ingeniously not to feel extremely heavy are one of the most preferred promotional products, especially among students

Kits: Promotional kits designed specifically for teachers are highly valued in the education field as a form of recognition and incentive. These kits are a great way to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of educators.

Other options are backpacks, wallets, drawstring bags, electronic gadgets, masks, sanitizers, and wet wipes.

Top 10 Benefits Of Branding Your Business With Travel Promotional Items!

Products bearing the logo, inscription, and mascot of another product or brand are considered promotional products. They are traditionally used for familiarizing a company’s logos, message, specific causes, and goodwill by establishing a good relationship with existing and prospective customers. Once a logo is printed on any product, it becomes worth possessing as and commemorative piece and souvenir.

The conception of Promotional Products

Travel promotional items are products that are conveniently used while traveling. These may include travel mugs, power banks, cooler bags, emergency auto kits, trunk organizers, and others

Benefits of Travel Promotional Products for Branding

  • Developing brand awareness is the key. With more considerable exposure and broader visibility, people know better about a brand
  • People like to retain a logoed and branded item for three reasons. These are i) tokens of a company’s appreciation for their contribution. Ii) For utility and aesthetic value. iii) As a long-lasting connection with the company.
  • Measurable Results: The direct and indirect impact of travel promotional products can be measured in terms of financial benefits. You will notice a significant increase in your revenue, profitability, and ROI.
  • Goodwill Builder: Promotional products come free to the recipients, and hence they develop a kind of goodwill for the organization
  • Act as complementary to similar strategies adopted for the promotion of a brand.

Top 10 Benefits of Branding with Travel Promotion Items!

1: Travel Industry

travel industry - travel promotional items - Optamark Graphics

It is the fastest growing Industry, and hence travel promotional items will meet the need and urge of those going out for a travel. They carry promotional products while traveling and remind them of your brand. Constant exposure while traveling creates a more profound impression. Moreover, promotional products are priced to suit any budget. Choosing according to the target audience’s preferences, likes, and dislikes would be best

2: Heavy Residual Effect

heavy residual effect - travel promotional items - Optamark Graphics

Your marketing effects will spread beyond the target audience. How? Your customers will move to different airports, public transport, railway stations, and foreign destinations with promotional travel items. Your logo and brand imprinted on the Travel promotional items will be exposed to an unreached audience. In addition to this advantage, you can get travel promotional products of various themes and ideas with varying price tags. You can find them beneficial as mailer gifts, tradeshow swag, and corporate gifts.

3: Consistent Utility

consistent utility - travel promotional items - Optamark Graphics
Promotional travel products are designed to yield some practical utility that is required recurrently. If the product has a genuine utility value, the recipient of the promotional product may like to present the same to his friends or relatives. The utility increases with the change of hands, leading to more exposure and visibility. This, in turn, adds to the increase in revenue and profitability.

4: High Functionality

The custom travel items include duffel bags, water bottles, neck pillows, and eye masks that people may like to carry during long air flights. Another functionally rich item is the billboard. With the live photos of brand ambassadors or celebrities, these boards are put on high visibility spaces at prominent places such as hotel lobbies and airport lounges. People passing through the billboard are attracted to look at the brand and recall it when they need the particular brand.

5: Positive Impressions & High Visibility
Travel promotional products are value-added gifts and have practical utility. When your message is viewed more, the brand gets positive impressions. The major components of the travel industry are holidaymakers and travelers. They visit different airports, holiday spots, and hotels. You can select such travel-oriented spots and distribute travel promotion products to get better brand recognition.

6: Power Banks

A tech-savvy commuter first needs a Power Bank in his travel Bag. While on a long trip by car, a car charger is a must-to-have item. It keeps the traveler prepared for any untoward eventuality and stays connected with the outside world. Since people tend to use smartphones, tablets, and ipads, they will highly appreciate getting a power bank as a gift. Your brand will be in front of the community of business travelers and stay connected with your brand.

7: Emergency Auto Kit

While traveling by vehicle, emergent situations may arise anywhere at any time. What people need most in such eventualities is an emergency auto kit. You can launch this product in driving schools, car dealers, auto spares stores, insurance products, and more. If a promotional product with your logo and brand is with your customer, he will remember and recall you when needed.

8: Cooler Bags

You can distribute this custom cooler bags to traveling executives to keep their snacks and drinks fresh and well-chilled. Since the recipients will like to retain this for future utility, your brand gets exposed for a long time. This item is particularly beneficial for picnickers. It is also suitable for summer camps, festive sales offers, and road shows. This item comes in different shapes, models, and sizes.

9: Trunk Organizers

Travelers want the slightest annoyance to find out their travel supplies while traveling. That requires the items to be segregated separately while packing for the travel. The trunk organizers perform this function most satisfactorily. The car interior could be kept clean and intelligent. Your logo gets displayed on the top of the trunk organizer. It ensures maximum exposure and is suitable for travel agencies, hotels, and spare shops.

10: Travel Mugs

While on a journey, access to a cold beverage or a hot drink provides a great sigh of relief. The travel tumblers imprinted with your logo and brand can be well-accepted by any traveler. The travel mugs are reusable and eco-friendly. They are suitable for road shows, summer camps, new product launching, and conference


Business commuters are increasing daily, creating a demand for travel promotional products. The travel industry is the best touch point for launching promotional products. Before selecting an item, you should find its relevance in suiting a specific occasion or a targeted audience. Your ultimate goal should be to make the recipient’s travel more enjoyable and memorable.

How Do Promotional Healthcare Products Make A Difference?

With the multi-specialties healthcare center dominating the healthcare market, it has become imperative to launch promotional healthcare products for frontline workers, staff, and doctors. Free promotional products act as great incentives for the recipients.

Digital and traditional advertising are the means of launching your marketing campaign. If you take this advantage, you make a difference in keeping them satisfied with your company’s services. Similarly, existing and prospective customers will be attracted to come to your health center.

Promotional healthcare products connect your healthcare practice and facilities to prospective clients. The generalized promotional products are of smaller monetary value and carry your logo, slogans, brand message, and particulars of the website. This information facilitates establishing contacts with you. These business gifts are given away when rewarding or commemorating any event. They are used in marketing and communication campaigns.

Healthcare Promotional Products

healthcare promotional products - promotional healthcare products - Optamark Graphics

A study by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) evidences that the healthcare industry stands among the 10th rank using promotional products. A further study by Georgia Southern University shows that the recipients of the healthcare promotional products develop a better perception of the giving healthcare center.

When positively convinced, they recommend your business to others. Another PPAI study reveals that because of the utility and aesthetic value of the promotional products, the average recipients use them once a week for four years.

Healthcare Marketing Point

healthcare marketing point - promotional healthcare products - Optamark Graphics

After completing any continued healthcare or rehabilitative milestone, you can pass on promotional products to inpatients. Other occasions to give away promotional products are healthcare fairs, community events, athletic screenings, sports, conferences, and trade shows. The choice of the products should be made what the target audience needs and would like to use and retain.

Benefits of Promotional Products

  • It helps in increasing your brand image and brand reputation. It establishes your brand name and logo and leaves a permanent imprint on the minds of the recipients.
  • The recipients feel that their contribution has been duly acknowledged and rewarded. So, they develop loyalty for your brand by availing of their services from your healthcare centers. But the promotional item should be resourceful and have proper utility and desired functionality.
  • Your customers keep engaged with you for an extended period.
  • The promotional items develop an emotional attachment to the brand. At the same time, customers are urged to reciprocate on receiving a gift by visiting your center as and when the need arises.
  • The recipient of any resourceful item may like to present the same to some of their friends and relatives. Thus, your brand gets more exposure and visibility.
  • Satisfied customers may like to give referrals of your organization to others. This increases your clientele and the consequent revenue.

Selecting the Products

selecting the products - promotional healthcare products - Optamark Graphics

In the healthcare industry, gifts may be required to be given to individuals purchasing healthcare products or medicines, patients, or pharmacists. These items serve as an incentive for rehabilitation, for discharged patients, and as a token of thanksgiving to revisit your health center or clinic.

Every individual has their likes and dislikes; therefore, you should conduct consistent research to determine which promotional products are currently in demand for any specific audience. The ultimate choice is it must be relevant to your brand.

Selecting a Distributor

There are a plethora of distributors in the promotional product market. Some are small with limited items, and some operate on a large scale, claiming to have “anything that your want.” Whomsoever you select, you should give due consideration to the following factors.

  • Varieties of items, traditional, technological, and innovative
  • Quality of the items and quality of printing the logos and brand
  • Themes of items, innovativeness, and variety should be taken into consideration
  • Adherence to supply deadlines
  • Quoted and tagged price
  • Quantity Discounts and other incentives
  • Exchange and replacement facilities
  • Referrals and reviews
  • Utility and longevity
  • Customer care and after-sales services
  • Samples and adherence to it while actual supply
  • Word of mouth or consultation with your friends and relatives
  • Location; you may like to encourage local dealers. Moreover, carriage and freight may be comparatively less
  • You can establish a long-term connection with a local dealer. Google search will help you in this context.

Common Promotional Product

1. Artwork: You can upload artwork electronically or obtain it from freelancers such as Fiver or Upwork. A good logo or brand artwork should be printed on the visible space of the promotional products.

2. Color: Standard colors are used, keeping in view the cost-effectiveness. Color matching your company may cost more.

3. Overruns and underruns: The quantity may be higher or lower than the requirement. Due care is taken for proper stitching at the time of imprinting. This decreases the chances of the products getting defective.

4. Production Time: Due consultation should be made with everyone connected with the promotional products. The deadline should be indicated so that the products are available to you before being distributed.

5. Sample request: You should insist on a sample of the promotional product for which the quotation has been received. They should be compared on receipt to see that the quality conforms to the sample submitted.

Suggested Items

Traditional items include key rings, pens, notebooks, fridge magnets, mouse pads, water bottles, mugs, and hats. In addition, you can consider giving the following popular items:

  • Hand and spray sanitizer
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes
  • First-aid box
  • Cooling Gel
  • Aromatherapy pack
  • Bandage dispenser
  • Exercise gym ball or stress ball
  • Towel
  • Duffel bag
  • Jar gripper
  • Yoga Mat


Health and education are the two major areas where people are prepared to spend money. But with the uprising of many health care centers, large and small, you must take appropriate measures to establish your brand in the market.

The best means of achieving this objective is distributing appropriate healthcare promotional products. They will make a difference when considering enhancing your marketability and revenues.

How To Market Promotional Products In 2022 Like A Pro?

When launching a new product or service in 2022, you should act as a professional; otherwise, you may miss availing of the beneficial aspects of marketing promotional products. Why? Because there are many of your competitors that are equally striving to win over prospective customers.

You should design and distribute promotional products so professionally that you steal the opportunity to your advantage. Depending upon your audience, industry, and offerings, there is a low cost of promoting new products or services in the following 12 practical ways.

1: Offering Exclusive Preview

offering exclusive preview - marketing promotional products - Optamark Graphics

Your new customers may intend to recommend your products or service to their network of friends and acquaintances. As a pro, you need to adopt a customer engagement strategy by organizing an in-person or virtual launch party, demo, online tour, or preview of your offerings.

You can also ask them to test the products and furnish their feedback. This in-person contact reinforces how much you value them, thereby acquiring loyalty.

2: Make an Earmarked Introductory Offer

make an earmarked introductory offer - marketing promotional products - Optamark Graphics

This offer may include the following.

  • Discounts on tagged prices
  • Vouchers or coupons accompanying purchases
  • Complimentary business encouraging joint promotions
  • Reduction of rates on package or bundle
  • Doubling the points in loyalty programs
  • Offering freebies that could be used for referrals

Customers having limited purchase power due to the limitation of time or inventory will have a more urgent sense of urgency to buy.

3: Adopting Google My Business

adopting google my business - marketing promotional products - Optamark Graphics

On the GMB dashboard, create an offer or “What’s new” post, which expires every seven days. If you have a special introductory “offer,” you should set a time frame. On both posts, you should ask for CTA and include a picture.

You can also upload photos of new products or services to your Business profile through the Photos tab of GMB. Follow the guidelines of Google for sizes of photos and optimize your Google listing for getting maximum visibility. You may post some FAQs on the Q&A section of the GMB account.

4: Adopt email marketing

Statistics reveal that 76% of email subscribers respond to the email message and make purchases. For email marketing, you may announce the launching date in advance. It may be a customer-exclusive or subscriber offer. Tips for email marketing are below:

  • Highlight your offer in the subject line.
  • Instead of its features, emphasize the ultimate value.
  • For increasing open rates, use pre-header text.

5: Run a Social Media Contest

Facebook contests bring an average of 34% new customers. The winners of Facebook and Instagram should be given the product/services free or at a discounted rate. The particulars of such contests should be announced across all your marketing channels, such as your email newsletters, websites, social media channels, and paid ads.

The contests become better ways of fun and engagement for your new offerings. Consequently, they will drive more traffic to your website.

6: Write a Blog Post

Post a landing page on your website wherein you can make your new offerings or upgrade to an existing platform. Your objective might be to keep your existing customer engaged or to re-engage your sleeping customers.

A blog post on the newly-launched item may include features, technical particulars, and benefits. Besides including it on a landing page, you may share the link through social media channels or your emails.

7: Host an Event

Events generate opportunities of interacting personally with new prospects. This creates an atmosphere of better understanding and mutual trust. The events may be as simple as open house information sessions at fitness centers, salons, spas, yoga studios, and retail stores. If other businesses are located in your location, you may opt for sidewalk sales to draw larger crowds. The following virtual events are compelling.

  • Demonstrate your products along with their features on Facebook Live session
  • Run a recorded or live Q & A session
  • An influencer centering the event

8: Allowing Trade-ins

A trade-in program will be more appropriate if your new product is an up gradation of an older one. In this program, consumers may buy a new product as a token of possessing a similar product.

You may also resale the trade-in products provided they have appropriate utility value. You may use such items for your future giveaways.

9: Offering a Complimentary Upgrade

The utility value of a product may get diminished on use, but service-based organizations may not face this constraint. Therefore, if your service-based organization, such as a salon, gym, spa, or consulting firm, you may offer a gradation of your existing service. For instance, you may add a new facial or massage at your spa.

You may add new fitness gear to your existing gym. You may provide a complimentary but probably temporary upgrade for your existing customers.

10: Sharing Customer Reviews

Utilizing customers to promote your products is a tactical way of marketing your products and services. You can take advantage of this by upgrading your product or offering the products for a free trial. After that, you can ask such a prospect to write an online review for your product or service. This will be the best testimonial in support of your product/service.

11: Post on Social Media

Post advertisements about your new products/services on your social media and share them with their profiles. It builds an organic FAQ and enables prospects to ask questions and get satisfactory answers. You can use a custom hashtag if you have a loyal following and a niche audience. The user-generated content can be used to draw more people to your new product.

12: Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has billions of active users daily and thus is an excellent window for exhibiting your new products or service. The personalized data provided voluntarily help target specific audiences, with various factors such as age, gender, location, marital status, profession, interest, and many more. You can get options for the budget, type, and duration of the campaign to accommodate your goals.


Promotion of a new product or service should not be just a matter of pushing some promotional products; instead, it should be designed and distributed with the incorporation of all professionalism as explained above.

Pros & Cons Of Professional Promotional Products For Business Branding!

You may wonder why any commercial organization, start-up or established, should spend so much on promotional products when no immediate tangible return is expected. You must understand the introductory human psychology of “reciprocity,” based on the “give and take” concept. Receiving is always associated with an accidental feeling of gratitude or obligation. The recipient is urged to return in the shape of buying the products or availing the service of the giver of professional promotional products.

There are many but few cons of the promotional products. They should be professional, implying they should be part of a well-planned marketing campaign. Moreover, you must give due consideration to the target niche, clientele, the type of your business, current market trends, and the market’s geographical location. Any other extraneous factors that directly impact marketing and advertising in the business environment should not also be ignored. Launching of professional promotional products has the force of inviting accelerated business.


1: Boosting Brand Visibility

boosting brand visibility - professional promotional products -Optamark Graphics

Your brand, logo, and messages get imprinted on the promotional products in the conspicuous space with attractive color and design. The value-added promotional products become worth possessing and retaining. For instance, you can give away drinkware, apparel, intelligent devices, stylus pens, and notebooks.

Your brand is visible to the recipient as well as to the onlookers nearby. That gives a permanent impression on your customers about your brand. They identify your brand by seeing your logo and will be urged to use your products.

2: Customer Retention

customer retention - professional promotional products - Optamark Graphics

The act of receiving something tangible or intangible is associated with an act of reciprocity by remaining loyal to a particular product or service. When you give away promotional products, your existing and prospective customers react by sticking to your product.

Despite attraction, persuasion, and allurement, they do not switch to competitors’ products. This retention capacity comes without any demur from your customers. Thus, you get an edge over your competitors. They establish a spirit of “we won’t leave.”

3: Lead Generation

lead generation - professional promotional products - Optamark Graphics

Your prospective customers have many options, offers, and attractions before them. Visitors to your site are many and varied. But what matters most for the growth and success of your product is the number of leads that have been generated.

Your competitors may be alluring them to go in for their products. But once they accept a promotional product with your logo, they feel attached to your brand. The promotion products, such as apparel, writing materials, or a mug, are sure to meet some of their everyday utility. So, potential buyers are transformed into loyal customers.

4: Cost-effectiveness

Small businesses struggling to expand their marketability may not afford more financial stake on advertisements such as billboards, email marketing, social media marketing, and other electronic media.

Compared to that, promotional products can fit any budget. You can get a wide range of products of different materials, colors, quality, and sizes. The flexible payment plans on mutually agreed terms ease the financial constraints.

5: Versatility

Promotional products match various functions, events, clientele niches, themes, and specific targets. You know which item you are to give as a promotional product. Thus, it prevents unwanted expenditures and thus saves costs.

You can employ one item in different sets up for new branding or acquisition. One item can match the needs of adults as well as kids. In that case, you do not have to acquire different merchandise for different events or among various age demographics.

6: Establishes Healthier Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is established through the interaction of give-n-take. By giving away tangible promotional products, you get customers’ loyalty. The relationship is more personalized and strengthened.

They are pleased to recommend your products to their friends and relatives, thereby multiplying the visibility of your logo and brand. They accept your brand as an authority in its respective niche, thus boosting engagement.

7: Competitive Advantage

Your competitors may also adopt marketing strategies for alluring potential customers in the competitive market environment. But certain specific features give your products get an edge over your competitors.

These are the utility, functionality, and aesthetic value, moderate-value, time-specific, adequately designed and logoed, prestigiously given, and after-distribution contacts with the prospects.

8: Long-term Brand Exposure

Promotional products create a kind of bias in the minds of the customers. Hence, your brand will nestle down in their minds over a long period. They will never know the pros or cons of other competitive products; moreover, your product goes beyond the traditional and target customers. This creates a strong brand reputation and enables your brand to stand out amongst the crowd.

9: Conformity

Usually, promotional products are designed to align with the company’s philosophy. Customers have the option of deciding which philosophy they would like. Promotional products are not just freebies given away. It also reflects the current mood and space in the prevailing societal environment. Hence, they conform to the requirements of the contemporary modern world.

10: Creativity

Creativity knows no prejudices. So there are ample scopes for coming up with the best designs that may be unique to the brand. The prospects get intrinsically intertwined with the company’s image, representing its ethos and values. Customers will be prejudiced to buy from you with a deep emotional attachment to the brand.


The cons elements will creep in if due consideration is not given to the following factors.

  • If they lack utility and aesthetic values
  • If they don’t match the occasion
  • If the quality and value are not moderate
  • If they are not presented appropriately
  • If more items are acquired to match different occasions
  • If frequent contact is not established with the prospects


As mentioned above, the pros and cons of giving promotional products give you the scope of designing your next marketing campaign. If you have tried other means of advertisements, you should adopt giving away appropriate promotional products to a target audience.

Why does Corporate Gifting Become Essential For Most Businesses?

In the present-day world of stiff competition, every business is trying to attract customers to its brand. Among various means of alluring customers, one of the effective ways is the gifting of tangible and intangible products.

The corporate sector is one step ahead in this business concept. It creates a touch-point with clients, employees, or prospects by gifting tangibles such as clothing or intangibles such as concert tickets or airfare.

The Importance!

It creates a personalized connection between the giver and receiver of the gift who gives away corporate promotional gifts, highlighting a specific brand of product or service. It creates a feeling of satisfaction among the employees and clients as a token of appreciation. It generates a powerful experience.

Consequently, the employees give the best of their efforts, and the clients don’t switch to other products. In both cases, an atmosphere of “loyalty” is established.

The Psyche behind Corporate Gifts!

The Psyche behind Corporate Gifts - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Every human action is guided by the psyche working behind it. In the case of promotional gifts, the recipient acquires a sense of ownership over a tangible or intangible product. This, in turn, triggers the psyches of reciprocation and trust, resulting in the endowment effect. An obligatory feeling urges the recipient of the corporate gifts to stick to the existing brand and become loyal to it. New clients receiving the grants will go in for the product.

Reciprocation of Prospective Customers!

Reciprocation of Prospective Customers - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Prospective customers have the option to go to any brand. But, once they have a personalized experience with you by receiving and utilizing corporate gifts, 80% of them would prefer to do business with the gifting company. The gift becomes a great motivator if given in the desired shape and form at the right time.

Reciprocation of Existing Clients

Reciprocation of Existing Clients - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

The existing clients realize that their loyalty has been acknowledged with appreciation. They will be urged to continue business by becoming brand evangelists. A study shows that consumers having an emotional attachment to a brand tend to have a higher lifetime value of 300%. The gift strengthens the current relationship.

Reciprocation of Employees

Employees are the most valued assets of any corporate organization. Their best contribution leads to the success of the business. When they receive well-designed and exclusively-personalized corporate gifts, they become assured that their employer has appreciated their efforts. The sense of belonging motivates them to add to their productivity and the company’s success.

Once the employees are motivated, they do the job of motivating external stakeholders such as existing and prospective customers. The corporate gifts could be given away on the following occasions.

1. Company Events include Recognition of Service Levels, Years of Service, Milestone years, or completion of skill-up gradation program.

2. Personal Events such as completion of a degree or certificate program, Personal members or new family member, specific personal achievements, or a new home.

3. Special Recognition rewards an employee who went the extra mile to achieve the company’s goal. This may include a suggestion in the process or operation of a machine or procedure that yielded substantial savings in cost.

Statistics Related to Corporate Gifting

There are many reasons for the effectiveness of Corporate promotional Gift. Direct mail has drawn the personal attention of the recipients and triggers psychological and emotional attachment. The following five points show how corporate gifting brings about positive effects.

  • Almost 81% of the receiver of emails open, scan, and go through their emails.
  • About 75% of the recipient of mail has a strong emotional expectation of receiving something special; hence, they scan the direct mail.
  • 79% of clients find it convenient to read mail rather than going online.
  • 38% of the recipients of mail confirm that the physical contents of the mail give an opinion about the sender. The production values of mail constitute the value of a brand intuitively and more deeply.
  • Compared to campaigns without mail, sales campaigns that include direct mail have 27% more chances of delivering a top-ranking performance. Similarly, they have 40% more chances of delivering acquisition levels of top rankings.
  • The endowment effect emerges from physical contact. This is because a sense of ownership is established, which translates into a higher valuation.

Clients Sharing Statistics

1: Alleyoop

It is used for small gifts such as branded socks and eGift cards to increase sales and phone connection rates. They achieve a 20% increase sales by sending a gift before a scheduled call. Moreover, they increased the meeting completion rate by 20%. Inspired by this result, they initiated sending direct mails on behalf of their clients. The result was a 45% reply rate and a 25% conversion rate.

2: AlterG

It is a medical device Company. It sent promotional tumbler and Amazon gift cards to prospective customers. The small gifts generated an ROI of 4347%. This initiative resulted in 34 new opportunities and a pipeline value of more than a million dollars.

3: Live Ramp

This company used Sendoso for adding touch points to their event invitations. Their response rates increase by more than 30%. There was also a decrease in response time by over 90%. Their conversion to meetings increased to 35%.

Trends of Corporate Gifting!

Corporate gifting is further evolving with the growth of direct mail marketing and sending gifts. The following are the specific areas of growth and change.

  • The B2B sector will grow almost ten times on investment.
  • Gifting to employees and prospective customers will consolidate into a single brand initiative. This, in turn, will improve brand perception and recognition.
  • Gifting may move into other departments of the corporate sector, such as HR and Customer Care.
  • Growth will be supported by automation and improved personalization. Moreover, the items selected for gifting will be more sustainable and inclusive.

Legal Aspect of Gifting!

Due consideration should be given to the mandatory value of the gifts for government employees. Similarly, due care should be taken for guidelines and policies set by employers.


Corporate gifting is oriented towards internal as well as external stakeholders. It has tremendous power for increasing your sales volume and the consequent profitability. It would be best to plan your sales campaign by consulting your marketing division, HR, and Customer care departments.

Why Use Real Estate Promotional Products For Business Promotions?

A real estate deal is not a smooth sailing affair. It involves several uncertain factors, such as searching out the prospective clients, convincing them of the facilities, amenities, and prices you are offering, and, most importantly, creating awareness about your brand. Your tasks will be greatly eased out with real estate promotional products. These are also beneficial when you are planning to expand your existing business.

There are other means of advertising your brand. These may include electronic media, displays on hoardings, email marketing, television commercials, and other media. But, giving away real estate promotional products have longer visibility and a deeper impact on the minds and psyche of prospective and existing clients.

In the real estate market, location suitability is essential in attracting clients. This must be kept in mind while designing and planning your marketing campaign. You are to select a practical item and imprint your brand and message on them. People are more inclined to get a custom gift when you close a deal. By generating new leads, you win the confidence of clients.

By offering freebies, you generate a feeling in the clients’ minds that you care for them. That can be technically termed “ego satisfaction.” Clients then must approach you when they need any home, be it outright or on a rental basis. The freebies may be a fire extinguisher, custom key chain, a tool kit, measuring tape, pens, bags, travel mugs, hats, calendars, or a document folder. Your logo on these products makes you singled out from the crowd.

A unique gift creates a memorable impression for the recipients. The selected items should be of good quality with proper functionality, durability, and longevity. It should be worth presenting to others so the recipients can pass on your promotional products to their friends and acquaintances. The more your products change hands, the more visibility it gets. Consequently, your brand gets exposed more. Thus promotional products pave the way for brand awareness. Clients who want to buy or sell real estate will favor you with their inquiries.

Importance of Using Promotional Products!

Importance of Using Promotional products - Real Estate Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

The digital world has transformed marketing into a more competitive and dynamic one. It would be best if you came closer to your prospective clients to get an edge over your competitors. And the best and most effective way is to offer them freebies or promotional products. When you attend any tradeshow or exhibition, clients want tangible promotional products. Moreover, you establish a personal touch with your clients. The following are the reasons for opting for a promotional product.

Reasons for Promoting Products In Real Estate Industry

1: Increase Brand Awareness & Recognition

increase brand awarness and recognition - Real Estate Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Advertisements for any goods or services without being supported by any tangible benefit may not probably draw the attention of people looking to own or rent real estate. But when they get some gift that adds to their everyday utility, they would remember your brand and when they need it.

Promotional products inspire existing clients to stick to your brand and prospective customers to get allured to enquire further into your real estate’s location, amenities, and prices. This, in turn, adds to your sales volume and overall profitability.

2: Strengthens Loyalty of Customers

Strengthens loyalty of Customers - Real Estate Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Give and Take is the go of the world. If you give something tangible to your clients, they will always reciprocate as a token of acceptance of your gift. The promotional products create a feeling of familiarity and a sense of trust for your brand. As a result, they will be least inclined to your competitors’ products. Once satisfied with your dealings, they will help increase your popularity through Words of Mouth (WoM). They may also recommend your brand, thus adding to the marketability of your products.

3: Enhancing Direct Conversation with Potential Clients

Traditionally, a personal or visiting card serves the purpose of getting introduced to potential clients and for future contact in case of need. But, as time passes and the clients are flooded with tangible gifts from other companies, they ignore the visiting cards. It is here that the promotional products come to provide a great sigh of relief. It becomes an entry point for conversation. The prospective clients clearly understand your work culture and business procedure. They can thus take appropriate action for buying or selling their real estate from you.

4: Extended Longevity of your Marketing strategy

Utility and functionality are the two major factors determining your promotional products’ acceptability. For instance, if it is a calendar, the recipient will be urged to retain it till the end of the year. If the promotional product is a hat or cap, the recipient will prefer to wear the same all the while. Your logo printed on the products has a visual impact on the onlookers, who may account for your prospective customers. As long as your promotional products are in use, your marketing campaign will remain alive and convey the intended message.

5: Reaching to New Audience

By getting suitable promotional products, your existing clients adhere to your brand. At the same time, if any of their friends and acquaintances have a chance to visit them, they become aware of your brand. In turn, they may pass on the message of your products to hitherto un-accessed audiences. For instance, if you have given a reusable bag as a promotional product, a newer customer may notice it along with your brand, logo, and message. He may thus be urged to contact you when they want to buy or sell any real estate in the future.


For the reasons mentioned above, you must have realized the need to give away promotional products as a real estate agent. So long as they are deriving the utility value as well as the aesthetic value of the products, they are psychologically urged to remember your services and the brand of real estate you are dealing in.

Why Are Business Promotional Products Crucial In 2022?

Any business organization is not charitable; therefore, you cannot think of giving away something without getting something.

Why is Corporate Gifting Crucial?

corporate gifting is crucial - Business Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Corporate gifting is a long-term business benefit disguised as “charity.” This is where the concept of corporate gifting may be subjected to question. What tangibles will you get immediately in return for a corporate gift. You may also ponder over how much you should spend in the shape of Business promotional products.

How do the Benefits Come?

benefits of products - Business Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Nothing comes free in this world; therefore, if you are parting with any freebies for Business promotional products, you establish your entity and identity with the internal and external business stakeholders. As Internal stakeholders, employees play the most crucial role.

The external stakeholders are existing and prospective customers. On receiving the gifts, they adherently or inadvertently reciprocate by adhering to your brand or opting for it. Consequently, your sales, profitability, and ROI increase. The ultimate benefit in monetary terms may be in multiple of your investment on freebies.

Purpose of Corporate Gifting

purpose of corporate gifting - Business Promotional Products - Optamark Graphics

Business thrives on the relationship based on the concept of “give and take.” The medium is distributing presents of different prices, forms, and styles. In 2017 alone, corporate gifts totaled $22 billion. This has an increasing trend. The facility is given as a token of what benefits have been received or are expected. The personalized gift is a touch point of the company’s connection with the customers or employees.

December is the end of a calendar year, followed by New Year’s Day; it is chosen for corporate gift-giving. This period marks the signing of any new commercial deal or contract. Corporate gifts are also distributed when a new product has been launched, or unique market regions have been approached. Besides, donations can also be given away during the trade fair, exhibition, workshop, or other business events.

Corporate gifting also encompasses employees for commemorating an important event, remarkable achievement, or suggestions for cost reduction. While gifting government employees or high-profile corporate executives, the policy or ethics underlying gifting should be kept in mind.

1: Improves Customer Relationships

To keep yourself abreast of your competitors, it is rather a need for your business to grow by retaining the existing customers and alluring the prospective customers. The current customers realize that you have acknowledged their adhering to your brand. Similarly, you get introduced to the prospective customers and continue the relationship for further business.

Corporate gifting may also be taken as a means of thanksgiving for the patronage you received from your existing customers and employees. A personalized note tagged with the gift enhances the value of giving manifold. To a conscious mind, any favor becomes obligatory to return. This subliminal desire to produce leads to mutual trust and dependability. The stronger the relationship, the higher will be your financial return.

2: Increase Productivity

Most employees have the attitude of “let go.” They put the minimal effort as will be officially required of them. But once they receive a corporate gift for their hard work, they contribute the best of their actions. Besides inspiring the rewarded employee, the gift becomes a motivator for other employees. The productivity and consequently the profitability will increase.

The motivated employees will provide improved customer service, generating more satisfied customers. When employees wear or use a uniform promotional item, they feel the organization’s sense of belongingness. Their common pride causes the feeling of community living and deepens the bondage of togetherness. The cumulative effect is the increase in productivity of the organization.

3: Publicity of the Company

Gift-giving always goes with a “giver’s image” and thus increases the image of your company. The brand and logo of your company on a gift box are exposed not only to the recipients of the gift but also to the onlookers who happen to be near or around them. The recipients may present the gift to some friends and relatives. Thereby, your brand gets more exposure and publicity.

You can send promotional items to prospective customers by mail or in person. It is observed that after a year of receiving the gift, 66%of the recipients recollect the name of the brand featured. Similarly, 24% of prospective customers are converted into new leads while pursuing new businesses.

4: Boosts Your Company’s Reputation

A gift recipient develops an emotional attachment with your company and your brand. Thus your reputation as a considerate and compassionate organization is established. Therefore, it is a smart move to launch corporate gifts and establish your reputation in the market. This, in turn, adds to the credibility and marketability and the consequent profitability.

Words of mouth spread faster than any other advertising medium. Once people are aware of your reputation, they recommend to their friends and relatives to opt for your products besides becoming loyal to your brand. They may also come forward to give positive reviews in the media, which will attract other customers.

One of the best marketing strategies is “referral,” which increases revenue without financial involvement. One who refers also does not have to spend anything. This is where the “brand reputation” works. Statistics reveal that 27% of the recipients of corporate gifts unhesitatingly extend references for branded products.

Those who work hard for the organization expect that their extra effort is recognized and rewarded. When you give gifts to such employees, you establish a kind of goodwill with your employees. Therefore, the proficient professional will be attracted to join and work for an organization having a good brand reputation.


Give and take, or “reciprocity,” is the primary corporate giving concept. It becomes obligatory to return in some form or other when you receive something. Just as you get the self-satisfaction of giving, the recipients satisfy their “ego” by receiving something tangible or intangible. In the case of corporate gifting, they return by buying your products and service.orpor

Top 5 Promotional Ideas for Food & Beverage Industry In 2022!

Marketing strategy has an impact on consumers. And it’s challenging to think of another industry that affects many people. People working in the beverages and food sector feed America (as well as the rest of the globe). This comprises the producers, employees, and businesses that cultivate, gather, create, refine, and market its goods. It also encompasses the retail companies, eateries, and other places that offer and serve beverages and Custom food products.

If you work in such a field, you should be pleased with yourself and deserve our appreciation. However, you must also take steps to safeguard and expand your share of this crucial industry. Yes, that begins with offering top-notch goods and services. But it also focuses on how well you communicate who you are, how much you have to give, and what makes you unique. Do not even rely on luck with that.

Top 5 Marketing Concepts for the Food & Beverage Sector in 2022!

Food and beverages sector in 2022 - Custom food products - Optamark Graphics

The clients you care about will continue to think of your company because of promoting goods and services. Shoppers at supermarkets may be the intended audience for some businesses. Other businesses might be more focused on engaging the distributors and wholesalers that provide supermarket chains with their produce and perishables. Individuals may also want to discuss the quality of Custom food products with food trucks, suppliers, or restaurant owners.

These practical promotional marketing concepts will assist you in succeeding with all of the consumers, as mentioned above.

Enhance the customer experience for your company.

enhance the customer experience - Custom food products - Optamark Graphics

Yes, having a good blog influences how customers perceive your items by engaging their “visual palette” with high-definition photographs, animations, and other video elements is crucial. However, building a website with a portion food and drink theme is simple. The same goes for employing a photography studio to produce top-notch visual material. Then how can you stand out from the crowd with limited website design finance?

Through integrated e-commerce and dealing with customers, many e-commerce companies understand to enhance customer experience. How you improve website users’ user experiences will determine this. The following is all you could do to promote your beverage and food company using your website:

  • Create a website that is genuinely focused on serving the needs of  promotional  beverages companies.
  • Incorporate a blog into your website and update it frequently with reliable information.
  • To participate in your blog, invite food bloggers.
  • To allow appointments for tables, store tours, farm tours, kitchen tours, etc., use a plugin.
  • Using a specialized mobile app provides the same customer experience.

Local SEO/Google My Business

If your firm is local, you must create and maintain a GMB (Google My Business) account. It affects how many nearby clients discover you because they can browse for companies like these on Google Maps and check out your information. For clients to locate you, you should have eye-catching images, several connection options, and updated opening times.

Local SEO is essential because it concentrates on raising your rankings in local searches. Local SEO helps visitors identify local businesses when looking for lunch or taco restaurants, for instance, if you own a taco truck in Dallas.

React to evaluations

As was already noted, replying to unfavorable reviews can be an effective restaurant marketing technique.

Always express gratitude to reviewers for a quote and give a favorable review when engaging with them. It is also an excellent opportunity to interact with diners and transform them into devoted regular contributors.

Beginning your response to a negative comment by expressing gratitude to the reviewer for their effort and time is also a good idea. Next, you must express regret and commit to doing better moving forward. Acting as a kind host and maintaining a cordial, business-like tone will help your restaurant develop respect for openness.

It demonstrates your willingness to face your shortcomings and turn them into an opportunity to grow.

Even if a consumer had a bad experience, you might be capable of winning them back by contacting them individually and providing them with a gift voucher if they’re open to giving you another try. It can be a particularly thoughtful approach if you’re working with a food blog writer or Yelper with such a sizable following.

Think Visually

think visually - Custom food products - Optamark Graphics

The success of food and beverage advertising techniques depends on having appealing, compelling graphics. Since your potential consumers and prospective cannot smell or taste your items through your advertisements or marketing strategy, you must entice them with exciting pictures to convince them to visit your store or buy the item.

You may build the brand you have to sell things by investing in videos, high-quality photography, and graphic design for packages, including stunning content on social media. Consumers are drawn because of the flavor and taste, but the graphics encourage new customers to enter.

Make your stuff original.

There are other content options than blogs. Partnering with brands and companies of food and beverages offers you the chance to have joy with your marketing and branding. After all, most of these businesses aim to encourage social interaction at the bar or the dinner table.

In addition to blogging, you can look into influencer marketing and collaboration. Addressing influencers’ businesses on social media may be the perfect solution for spreading the word about what you have to offer without breaking the bank. You may also think about collaborating with a comparable, non-competitive brand in your industry to create a fun product or event.


Over the past couple of years, beverage and food retailers have had to be exceptionally agile and adaptable. We salute that! Those innovative tactics can still be advantageous to you in the years when the industry gradually recovers to something close to what it was before the pandemic. Keep the tactics mentioned above in memory for 2022 and others to ensure that your company survives and thrives regardless of the future.

Corporate Promotional Gifts Are Important For Businesses Today: WHY?

Corporate giving is very important in the business world. Corporate gifting is a clever way to improve business relationships in every circumstance, whether you want to thank your staff and clients, inspire them, or engage them.

It improves the return on investment for a firm and fosters strong relationships between loyal customers and employees.

Giving makes a favorable impression on the recipient and builds a long-lasting business relationship. Branded corporate gifts help businesses stand out to draw in customers and clients and keep partners and staff. Giving gifts at work can make everyone happier.

Giving gifts to employees at work encourages engagement and boosts productivity. Giving business gifts serves two functions:

A. Long-term partnership
B. Joyful workplace

Reasons in Favour of Corporate Gifting!

1. Morale within the Corporation

Morale within the corporation - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving gifts to employees at work is a great method to boost morale. It is a wonderful way to express gratitude to your staff, creates a friendly environment, and strengthens team ties. Corporate promotional gifts can be personalized and tagged with the employee’s name and the organization’s emblem to increase brand loyalty.

2. It is a token of Deference

it is token of deference - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving clients, vendors, and staff branded corporate presents shows that the company values and appreciates its commitment.

Both in their personal and professional lives, it should be beneficial to them. Examples include travel bags, power banks, Wireless earphones and many more items that can come in handy in daily use.

3. Be distinct from the competition

be distinct from the competition - Corporate promotional gifts - Optamark Graphics

Giving designer labels to B2B companies and staff will help the business stand out from the competition. The team needs to be recognized with practical gifts rather than just a pat on the back. They will want to offer the company repeat business as they grow to value it more.

4. They are a great way to express gratitude to loyal customers

Long-term clients can get custom gifts as a token of appreciation for their ongoing patronage. Although it is not necessary to give them gifts, they will recall that the company cherishes working with them. As a result, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation and encourage them to keep doing business with you.

5. Improve sales

Giving branded and personalized business presents to staff and customers directly influence sales and income. Additionally, they will feel more appreciated if the presents are tailored to their preferences.

They will also realize that purchasing the company’s services can benefit them. By doing this, people will feel they are getting a tremendous return on investments and are more inclined to return.

6. Increasing the positive vibe at work

When business presents are given out, the workplace atmosphere improves. Giving corporate gifts raises the mood of an organization. This is because customers and staff feel appreciated, and the company is dedicated to collaborating with them.

Giving clients business presents with your logo will encourage more candid communication. They will be more likely to conduct business with the firm.

7. Exposes the brand well and raises awareness

Sending presents to your company contacts is one of the finest ways to raise awareness and increase brand recognition. These business presents can be personalized to the recipient’s preferences.

Additionally, it may bear the name of the recipient as well as the emblem of the business. Since it shows the brand’s healthy work environment, especially when the presents are used in a public setting, this results in favorable brand promotion.

8. Lower expenses

Giving branded, promotional gifts is one of the least expensive forms of advertising that provides a quick return on investment.

Corporate gifts are a wonderful advertising way because they typically contain useful items. This demonstrates your organization’s degree of dedication and may also benefit you with outside business.

9. Encourages team unity

Giving corporate gifts to employees and clients is a great way to forge deeper company ties. One of your goals when presenting a gift should be to set the recipient apart from others and show your appreciation for who they are.

10. Chance for constructive dialogue

The clarity in communication is recognized to be fostered by businesses that use corporate promotional gifts to stay in touch with their clients and staff. Employees are more likely to trust their employer and provide candid feedback if they get corporate presents. The success of the organization depends on this input.

Between managers and employees, a corporate giving culture fosters trust. Additionally, it inspires confidence in customers, who will become devoted to the business.

Corporate Promotional Gifts!

Corporate gift-giving enhances relationships between managers, staff, distributors, suppliers, and customers and has numerous advantages that can help your company accomplish better.

You will start to recognize the ability and strategic significance of gifts and branded items as you learn how to use them effectively throughout your company. When it comes to creating a brand on a tight budget, the tried-and-true corporate promotional gifts is your best corporate giveaways have the important function of keeping your brand in your customers’ minds for a very long period. Here are some alternative approaches and advantages to employing corporate presents in your company.

Promotional corporate gifts, regardless of their shape, color, or material, are essential for retaining the brand’s name, logo, and messages in the recipient’s mind. Promotional products for businesses, such as t-shirts with company slogans or coffee mugs with logos, boost sales and elevate the brand’s value.

Corporate promotional products that are entertaining and useful are affordable marketing methods and ways to distinguish in a fiercely competitive business environment. Regardless of the type and scale of the business, it has become a very effective worldwide advertising method. Corporate promotional gifts have repeatedly been shown to be a game-changer and a money-spinning tactic for various firms.


The significance of gift-giving in business culture should now be clear to you. After all, for any corporation to succeed at a high level, strong team bonds and fruitful commercial partnerships are crucial. To demonstrate the business connections, you care about, distribute gifts on various occasions.

Choose from culinary delicacies, personalized household products, electronics, or intangible gifts like gift cards or vouchers.

Top 10 IT Professional Gifts That Can Make A Mark In 2022!

Giving gifts to coworkers, managers, and other coworkers and employees can be a challenge; many people have difficulty choosing the right gifts. For those looking for fresh and creative ways to show someone you care, several small businesses are available that can help. These 20 companies make it easy to give gifts at work, from mobile gift cards to personalized gift baskets. Professional promotional products are usually goods people go for, especially in this digital age.

Electronic devices are always a nice gift, even if you’re puzzled about what to get someone for their birthday or holiday season. Why? If they have a certain set of interests, they will nearly always be able to locate something that will satisfy their needs and preferences. If they are given gifts, no one will be snarky about receiving a new pair of high-quality headphones, an improved backpack for their favorite gear, or a few new devices.

Consequently, we’re constantly on the hunt for the most innovative and cutting-edge technological gifts to include in our gift guides. If you’re looking to spend a lot of money or only a few dollars on a new device, you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your tech list.


1. Sleep Aid Device

A slew of amazing tech gadgets are making their way into the sleep arena, and the Dodow device is no exception. With the help of timed light, the user can learn how to fall asleep using a metronome-style technique. According to the company’s website, more than 500,000 customers have already tried and loved the product.

2. Smart Device

smart device - Professional promotional products - Optamark Graphics

With all of the fitness monitoring devices on the market, why wouldn’t there be a hydration tracking device available as an option? Additionally, who doesn’t benefit from being reminded to drink more water from time to time? When it’s time that you have more and more water, this bottle will emit a brilliant light to remind you to do so. This is the quickest and most straightforward method of improving your overall well-being.

3. Apple 4k TV

Support for 4K video has been added to Apple TV’s most recent version, which has four times the pixel density of regular HDTV and hence provides more richly detailed and sharper content from sources such as Netflix. It is also possible to capture videos with a high dynamic range (HDR), which results in videos that appear more realistically shot due to the increased contrast between the images.

4. Photo Printer (Portable)

You can’t go wrong with this tiny photo printer by HP Sprocket Select as a present for the Instagram fanatic family member or friend! The sleek device can print images of 2.3 x 3.4 inches on tear-resistant and waterproof paper with stunning results. The Sprocket mobile app allows users to make changes to their photos before they are printed. In augmented reality, you can even interact with printed images.

5. Wireless Folding Power Bank

wireless folding power bank - Professional promotional products - Optamark Graphics

This battery pack from Otter box is a terrific tech gift for someone who is always running low on power. A USB connector and wireless coil (charging port) for compatible devices are included in this charger. Because of its folding design, you can take it with you everywhere you go and use it as a portable charging stand. Besides the gold embellishments and textured finish, this product has the usual durability you’d expect from the brand. This 10,000 mAh battery pack has enough juice to recharge most smartphones two times.

6. Tech Kit Compact Pouch

tech kit compact pouch - Professional promotional products - Optamark Graphics

A techie’s dream present is the Bellroy custom Tech Kit Compact, which keeps all of its charges and cables neatly arranged. It’s a great way to keep your home or business organized while you’re on the road. The eco-friendly woven cloth used by Bellroy is available in various hues. Antimicrobial properties make basalt the best option.

7. Smart Calendar

In addition to allowing you and your family to sync all of your calendars in one handy location, this sleek digital calendar/photo frame will enable you to organize grocery lists, to-do lists, and other things to keep your household running smoothly.

8. Connecting Cube

As a unique take on a traditional toy, the Rubik’s Connected Cube makes for an unforgettable holiday gift. Due to Bluetooth connectivity and companion software, the interactive gadget teaches players how to solve challenging 3D puzzles. Players can also track their progress toward solving the mystery with the help of the toy’s smartphone app. If you’re a fan of the Rubik’s Connected Cube, you may also play against your friends.

9. Temperature Controlling Smart Cup

This Ember cup is ideal for someone who appreciates both coffee and tea as a gift. With a mobile app, you may change the temperature of any beverage at any time, and it’s easy to do so. Thanks to an in-built rechargeable battery, the temperature may be maintained for 1.5 hours. The Smart Mug 2 only holds 10 ounces and must be washed by hand. Black or white are the only colors offered.

10. Smart Reusable Notebook

Usually, it is reasonable to suppose that the Rocketbook smart notepad will impress the students and sharp note-takers that are significant to you. People can capture notes in an old-fashioned manner and scan them for quick sharing or cloud storage thanks to various colors and a low price. We also appreciate that it comes with a microfiber towel for cleaning down the pages, which is a wonderful addition. Additionally, a Pilot Frixion pen is included in the package and the Rocketbook’s dot grid sheets.


A high-tech version can now replace almost everything you use daily. Whether you live in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, you can grow plants. Poor posture is the result of a year or more of WFH. Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Thus, professional promotional products, especially tech gifts, are the way to go this year.

Your loved ones deserve more than a basic gift card, regardless of your relationship with a tech fan or your spouse’s experience in the industry. It’s always better to give a meaningful gift than shopping in the electronics area. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you to make things easier for you. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, we hope our vast list of tech gifts has been of help.

4 Types of Fonts- How to Choose Fonts for Promotional Materials

One fallacy in marketing and communication that has definitely been relegated to the past is that content is much more important than aesthetics. Current consumer practices show that this could not be further from the truth, as many people come to value the manner in which a message is presented almost as much as the message itself.
After all, a truth, poorly expressed, is a lie. Whether this expression is in the clarity of the words used or in the design of its presentation, one thing is certain: design and delivery matter.
One crucial consideration in graphic design is fonts. What fonts should I choose? How big should the text be? In this article, we will go over these questions and more so that you can make better decisions about the design surrounding your messaging.
The Four Font Families
There are four major font families, and they are characterized as follows:

  • Serif. Serif fonts include older styles, such as Times New Roman and Baskerville. They are characterized by the little tails at the end of each letter, with the belief that these little tails actually increase readability. They are often used to give a sense of formality to the body of the text.
  • Sans serif. Sans serif fonts are known for their straight lines. Verdana and Helvetica are some examples of these fonts. These days, they are growing in popularity because they are versatile and positively received. They are also regularly used as titles and headlines because of their boldness.
  • Script. Script fonts look like natural handwriting. Some of the most popular examples are Snell Roundhand and Brush. These are normally used for more creative businesses and establishments, such as coffee shops and bakeries, as they bring a sense of the familiar and casual.
  • Display. Display fonts include all those highly decorative fonts you see, and they are used very sparingly unless appropriate. Wingdings is a special example of display fonts. Other fonts of this family have seen use in horror movies and science fiction.

How to Choose a Font
Every graphic design project relies on a certain tone or mood, so the fonts and typefaces you choose should match the mood you’re trying to achieve. As such, horror fonts like Chiller wouldn’t really fit the promotions of a medical blog, but they might be appropriate for the promotions of a horror podcast.
Make sure to examine a font on its own and against the rest of your materials to make sure it’s an appropriate fit. If you are still not sure, show it to someone else and get their opinion.
Now, depending on how you intend to deliver your message, try to look at it from different angles. If it’s meant to be used for a billboard or poster, try looking at it from a distance. Does it look too bland? Is it difficult to read? Does it stand out too much?
The right font will give you satisfactory answers to all of these questions and deliver your message with ease.
Final thoughts
Whatever message you hope to deliver, and whatever industry your business is operating in, it is critical to employ good design techniques in all of your promotions and related materials. Choosing the right fonts, sizing them correctly, and positioning them well are all elements of good graphic design practices.
If you’re looking for a graphic design partner for your business so you wouldn’t have to worry about fonts at all, send us at Optamark a message. We have the expertise and experience needed to help deliver your message accurately and beautifully.


Benefits of Promotional Products and Franchise- Reap from Optamark!

For a business, it can be strenuous at times to arrange financing for advertising. But just because your rivals spend millions, does not mean you too are required to do that. One can even benefit from various economical and effective forms of advertising. One such field of marketing is a fully promoted franchise.

Promotional Products are especially noticeable with an advertiser’s logo, name, or message imprinted to increase brand awareness among customers. Promotional Products are the most powerful advertising tool as they allow a brand to interact directly with the target audiences. It is the only marketing exercise that allows your brand to have direct physical interaction with people, promotional products create the most indelible brand experience.

A study confirms that about 90% of the product recipients remember the name of the advertiser’s brand. About 80% of them do business with the advertisers and 85% of people love receiving them. Promotional products do work!

Optamark Graphics provides commercial merchandising for brands to create a remarkable image in the industry. We provide a full range of branding products services for your business growth. Optamark serves cutting-edge printing, branding, and promotional products needed by the business to create a remarkable statement of your brand. We create eye-catching visual design and content though our promotional products which will boost your brand image.

We believe “products are made in the factory, but the brand is created in mind.” The human eye catches more than human ears strongly adhering to this, we create the best visual appearance of the brand, which will result in customers visiting your brand again and again. The design industry has changed tremendously and is continually evolving with the latest technology and equipment. Optamark is proud to have an avid interest in staying up to date with all the latest innovations, to ensure we leave no loophole in promoting a business through top-notch branding solutions.

Almost anything can be branded with the company’s name or logo and then used for promotion, right from a pen to a handbag. Optamark offers you a variety of promotional items such as bottles, eye mask, selfie stick, mugs, plastic bags, journal book, bags, sunscreens, umbrellas, and many others for you to choose the right product for your audience. Promotional products are the best tool for boosting user experience and interaction with your brand and eventually your business.

Advantages of Promotional Product Advertising:

  • Amplified image marketing
  • Promote better relationships with customers
  • Budget-friendly marketing tool
  • Boost brand visibility
  • Lead generation
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Ability to stand out among your competition
  • Reach beyond your intended audience
  • Favorable ROI

Why Choose Optamark?

  • The one-stop destination for design and content
  • America’s fastest-growing company
  • 3 decades of expertise and experience
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Custom solutions to individuals

Optamark welcomes the ones who looking to start their own business with the fastest growing industry. We welcome you to own part of Optamark and efficiently run your own business. As an Optamark franchise owner, we take your success as our priority and to stand by you in your journey with Optamark. We efficiently deliver results that make the brands shine. With the highest quality printing and promotional products can fuel your brand reputation. Whether you are a product manufacturer, graphic designer, promotional product distributor, we have your back when it comes to delivering a wide spectrum of commercial branding products may it be postcards or any other branding products. No matter what size company you have, we can achieve everything your business needs to be highlighted. In Stamford, promotional products have been served from a home-based service franchise, you can contact us today! With Promotional Product advertising, create a brand experience that lasts.

Using Promotional Products To Elevate Your Sales And Developing a Strong Customer Base

Question: How can you use your current customer base to increase sales and build your future customer base?

Answer: By using the most cost-effective form of advertising in Stamford, Promotional Products!

By giving promotional items to current customers, you will create long-term relationships with them. You will create new customers by word-of-mouth advertising from your existing customers by handing these out. You will increase sales by using them as a giveaway when someone buys a specific product. It will also increase return visits from your current customers.

First, you got your customer to most likely buy a product or service or spend more money that was not their original intent when they walked in your store. Then this offer creates an “upsell”, and you accomplished it without pressuring your client.

Second, you just gave away a promotional product that is reusable for your customer, and in many cases even longer since it is something they can use. It is more “free advertising”.

Customers love to get something for free, especially when they were planning on buying something from your store in the first place. This helps you in creating repeat customers for your business. Now you have “upsold” two customers, possibly created free “word-of-mouth advertising”, and picked up a new customer who will likely help you to gain more new customers down the road. And the process continues on and on. This is only one of many scenarios that could take place with just one promotional product you hand out.

You could give a promotional product for each holiday throughout the year. On Valentine’s Day, try handing out a heart-shaped box of candy. St Patrick’s Day is always a perfect time to try a beer mug or shot glass. Then you got your final Holiday ” Freebie” of the year, where you can print “Seasons Greeting or Happy Holidays on so many different cool things to hand out. Every time you hand out a promotional product, you just gave a current or new customer a valid reason to continue to choose your business over your competitor’s. You have created more sales by offering a special that most likely was not on your customer’s list to buy. What’s exciting is that you will begin to build and maintain a customer base that will look forward to doing business with you for years to come, and maybe even make a friendship or two that will last for years.

When you sit down to plan your advertising budget for your business this year, think about what a simple promotional giveaway can do for your business. Be creative and use promotional items and apparel that do the following;

Will appeal to your customer base? Is it a product that your customer can use more than just once, and is visible to other potential new customers?

Does it fit with what your business has to offer? If you have an auto repair business, try a License Plate Frame, Pocket Screwdriver, LED flashlight key chain, or Ice scraper.

Think about how many Promotional Products you will need to order. How many people visit your store on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Figure out how many are usually return customers and how many are potential new customers. This way when you order for a particular special giveaway like a “January Special” or Holiday, you have enough to hand out throughout the entire month. Always ask your Promotional Merchandise Sales Person to give you ideas and figure out these questions if you need help. If you have an experienced sales person who knows what they are doing and wants to keep you as a long-term client who continues to re-order, then they will be happy to help you.

If you are looking for useful quantified promotional products distributor or quality printables in Stamford, we highly recommend you to browse the services of Optamark.

Choosing Promotional Products to Last

Using Promotional Products has been noted as one of the oldest methods of marketing. Different from radio ads and posters, promotional products have a physical purpose and is usually something that can be used repeatedly. The best promotional products are the ones that can withstand the test of time.

When looking for lasting promotional products look for those that are high quality, usually made from good quality material. For example, leather is a high-quality material that is known to last for ages. Leather journals, coin cases or business card holders are sure to grab attention and last a long time. Items that are made from metal, stainless steel or glass are also good options for long lasting.

Promotional drink ware is a nice way to send a lasting reminder to your customers about your company. Not only will it last long, but it will more than likely be used regularly. Another great idea are kitchen utensils. Useful kitchen utensils are always a favorite to customers especially if its something unique.

Items that are of high quality AND useful are sure to make lasting impressions in the hands of your customers. At Optamark we vow to always provide the best quality in all our goods, both promotional and printed. Check out our products here.

Need to Reach Us Here are Many Great Ways to Connect

Optamark is one of the leading names when it comes to digital printing and promotional products. The kind of diverse products and services which we offer makes us a name to be reckoned with. This is why we are undoubtedly running high on a long list of steady clients.

If you too are looking to give your business an upper edge, we would like you to reach out to us. We care deeply for all our clients and therefore offer different ways to connect to us.

No matter what is your need and even if all you need is to know a quote, we are here to help you out. Give us a call and our skilled staffs will analyze your need and demand and get back to you with the right price estimate.

For those who are far away

In this digital age, we know that the world is no longer restricted with demarcated geographical boundaries. This is why we are also available on Skype. Give us call and we can even schedule a chat. This means that no matter where you are, we are going to be right there top help you with our excellent solutions.

Buzz us

You can also give us a call and conveniently reach out to us as well. With one ring, we will be right there at your help and assist you with our cutting edge services. Not only this, with the advent of social media, you can find us on all the leading social channels too.

So, no matter which channel you want to use, feel free to reach out to us. We treat every project with due respect and diligence and make it a point to offer nothing but the best of services to one and all.

So, check out the kind of projects we have done in the past and get in touch with us. We are sure that our services will not disappoint you as we are the undisputed leader in the field we work in.

Be Creative and Different with T-shirt Marketing

Still you don’t have any of the t-shirt or hat presenting your brand? Dude, you are very late in that case. Yeah, t-shirt marketing has been doing rounds for a while now and trust me, it is going to earn you a lot more revenue than you ever thought of.

You must have seen a lot of people wearing branded t-shirts with their company’s logo or name printed on it, haven’t you? Well, it is a cool way to make people aware about your company and see the user base growing. Just think of people sporting a smart tee with your name on, it sounds just so awesome.

When it comes to marketing, loads of ways are there like caps, mugs, bags, water bottles, mats and beverage holders etc. Why not add t-shirts also in the marketing realm as it is a cost effective marketing trend prevailing these days. While a smart entrepreneur is he who knows how to effectively use t-shirt marketing because in today’s ad-choked era, it is actually difficult to lure the customers towards your brand.

Make your Employees Wear T-shirts Featuring your Brand

All what matters to the company are the employees working under it. Make your employees wear tees and market the Promotional Products or services in their own natural way. It would definitely be a win-win situation if they do the marketing in conferences or corporate events. T-shirt marketing is a silent advertising campaign as you don’t have to speak rather people find you themselves if your t-shirt is creative enough.

Carry the T-shirt Everywhere

When you are not working, carry the t-shirt with you. Place it on the back of the chair so that people can notice. Or while travelling, you can fold it and place it in such a way that the brand logo or name is clearly visible to others to get noticed.

So make the most out of every opportunity you get and think outside of the box to capture maximum market in an easy and fun way.

Promotional Products And Its Multiplier Effect On Your Venture

Managing the funds when you have commenced a small scale industry is the prime motive. You cannot just keep dividing your attention to every marketing avenue that you come across. But then again, you need a solution for the promotions of your business; be it with a restricted budget but it has to be productive. So for those who want a solution that has a multiplier effect on their business, I have got a solution in my kitty- its Promotional Products. So how can the promotional products have rewarding effect on your business?

Needless to say but these techniques are sure shot for restricted budget promotions. The best part of investing in these products is that these become constant method of promotions in the world. Once you have invested in any of the technique, it will serve you for the longest period of time. The only heck in this is if you are not doing promotions of a particular event.

For instance: if your company has just started to provide some new service and you want people to know about it then the first thing to come to your mind will be banners and fryers. So both these are promotional products. But to be more specific, when a company makes an extra effort and buys promotional mugs, t-shirts, etc. then there is more probability of getting positive reception from the buyers.

You might know that every buyer like free perks and gifts and these promotional products not only make space in the consumer’s house but also in their mind. And that is how you are able to implement a result generating marketing strategy. Next time when the buyer has to buy same niche product, they will have the logo, name and offerings of your brand quite clear in mind. I would recommend Optamark as it is the best company for the respective niche.

Productive Ways To Increase The Sales Of Your Brand

Well, the significant increase in the market opportunities have invited many small and large scale industries to take their business online. But at the same time, it has become quite demanding to be able to make good amount of business out of it. Today when a buyer goes online, there are millions of websites that are waiting for them to fulfill their needs. Then how to make your brand do better than others in conventional industry as well as online market? A brand with goodwill has to make least efforts to attract the customers. Their credibility in the market does all the work for them. So if you are a neophyte in the industry then these are some productive ways that can help you in increase your sales:

  • It is mandatory to work hard in making the brand familiar to the audience. Suppose you are a new soap brand then it will be advised to make some sample soaps for your buyers and give these to them as a gift. It can go with some other product but this strategy always works out.
  • Endorsement will always work wonders for your company. Invest in every kind of endorsement as you can
  • Create some subsidiary products such as promotional products. Whatever you are selling, accommodate the sales with some other promotional and printed products such as brochures describing the upcoming range, fryers, etc. and distribute them among buyers.
  • Contact a professional printing company such as Optamark and get some large banners printed for on-street promotions.
  • Keep the prices of your products to the minimal so that people don’t have to think twice before picking up your product from the shelf.

This is inevitable that you will have to make much effort in order to achieve your vision but these techniques will definitely help you in reaching where you want to be.

Scale new heights and success with Optamark

Business is all about introducing the ‘right’ product at the right moment and for the right customers. Apart from this, the other critical area for gaining attention and developing the ‘brand’ value is marketing and promotional of the product. The need for an appropriate business strategy and commercialization strategy is venturing deeply into the market, which gives the benefit of building a large pool of customers. Optamark, which began as a printing boutique three decades ago, today transformed into a matured one-stop solution provider for all the marketing needs of industry. That includes any industry.

Optamark uses cutting-edge technology to promote the product. The success behind every story is the creative team that functions as a ‘team’ that collect latest news, updates, and creative ideas to market the product with the least capital involved. That’s right! Optamark offers innovative solutions that are happening, captivating, and least expensive of all. The reason is the use of the technology available in our hands. We are a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. We collect data about the product, the business strategy of the company, and develop a marketing solution that is effective in every way.

Building a successful brand value is important for a company that is new in the market. We provide you the opportunity to utilize the creative solutions that we offer to market, promote and sell your product to the maximum customers. The secret of our success is the intelligent approach towards your requirement. Our solutions include data analysis, developing promotional products, web design and development, strategy planning and marketing, Bizhub solutions, and logistics. We have everything that you need. Request a quote today to begin the process that will build a strong foundation for your company. Let us help you in helping your business scale new heights and taste the sip of success.

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Invent and Reinvent Yourself with Optamark

The importance of business is providing customers with unique, innovative, and productive goods/solutions. Creating the ‘brand’ value and image of a company requires time and marketing solutions that help in logistics. Promotional goods are an excellent way to let know about the new product or business in the market. However, a careful approach is necessary during the initial stage of planning. At Optamark, we provide you all the facilities and solutions that pose as a foundation for your future growth.

Creating promotional products

Promotional products are not just any other products. They send a message to the audience about your company and the product that you intend to sell. Therefore, it is vital to think creatively and use all the available source to reach to the audience. Optamark, which began as a printing solution provider, today is the one-stop service provider for all the marketing, strategy, brand development, and logistics answers. We create promotional products that speak on behalf of your company. We collect the needed information such as the product itself, the targeted audience, their age group, location (if any), and the future goal of the company. We club all the information to arrive at an innovative idea of a strategy that will help you build the ‘brand’ image in the competitive market.

Create your identity

Optamark understands your requirement and assists in the entire phase of creating the ‘perfect’ strategy. Flourish your business and create a mark in the market by reaching out to the customers. Let us show you the way towards success by designing a platform that works best for your company. The creative team at Optamark invents new ideas, as the requirement is unique to every industry. They work as a ‘team’ and ensure that you have everything that forms a base for all your future needs.

The Optamark mark in marketing strategy – promotional products

The digital printing arena is changing rapidly with new technologies and requirements from the clients. Although the printing solutions fulfill every need, delivering high-quality service at an affordable price is still a dream for many. However, we at Optamark, consider lucky to give unique and individualized concepts of marketing the digital print media.

Reaching to the targeted audience is important for any company to boost sales, create a brand, and achieve success. One of the effective medium is using promotional products. These promotional products are helpful in establishing identity. Optamark uses the strategy in an effective medium and tailor it according to your requirement. We believe in delivering a quality solution at an affordable price and in an efficient manner.

Optamark achieved success within a short period, thanks to the creativity and the continuous zeal to do something unique and new. We believe in delivering high-quality products, coupled with the right marketing strategy and price. We focus on delivering the promotional products to the end-users rather than choosing a distributor. Additionally, our development team collects the required information before creating the artwork for the product, the concept of marketing, and the logistics to deliver it to the appropriate people.

Optamark has come a long way since its incorporation in the early 20th century. Our success lies in the compassion that we possess and the determination to overcome hurdles in offering unique, high-quality services that benefit our clients. We send the right message to the audience through the promotional products. We understand the importance of an engaging marketing strategy. Therefore, we strive hard in a creative manner to offer unique solutions to keep away from the regular crowd and competition.

Consult our team today to find out about the exceptional opportunities that await you for climbing the success stair and do a remarkable business.

The Importance Of Promotional Products

There are a lot of business firms who invest heavily when it comes to promotional products. Have you ever wondered the need to do so? Why is it that so many firms are willing to put in major money for the sake of promoting their content in such a hard hitting manner? The answer lies in efficient marketing and management.

At Optamark, we strive to offer the best promotional products that have the power to actually take your firm to a new pedestal. If you are looking for ways by which you could push your firms to newer heights and you want to promote it in a way that your potential customers could gain a larger picture of how you’re the best firm for them, seek our services.

When you are opting for promotional products, you need to ensure that the quality of these products should be top notch. When you manage to keep the quality intact, it will send out the right message and so you should make it a point to take a look at the different ways by which your promotional products can help you stay at the top of your business.

Products that speak for themselves

The promotional products that Optamark sells aren’t your regular run of the mill stuff. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most innovative designs and the products have been tailored in the finest manner. This will allow you to make the most out of your need to take your business to a larger mass and thereby reach a great audience too.

When it comes to promotional products, we have a lot of different designs and styles of products which mean that even if you are looking for something radically different, you are likely to find something which shall suit your need and budget in the right manner.

What Makes Optamark The Popular Choice?

Optamark is one of the top names when it comes to offering a complete package pertaining to online business. We have been serving a plethora of clients ranging from web development to web design and even their printing needs and marketing services as well.

What do we have to offer?

At Optamark, we have a wide range of different services to offer. Our solutions include web design and development services. Apart from designing your site in an apt manner and developing it with the implementation of apt technical proficiency, we also specialize in offering business hub solution and strategy marketing services too.

Having been in the industry for long, we know what it takes to climb to the top. We will implement some of the finest marketing strategies which can have a positive impact on your firm and thereby help you climb to the top.

Apart from this, we also specialize in a wide range of different products too. So, make it a point to look at the array of products which we have to offer and based upon those, you can come to the right decision regarding what are the products and/or services which you are looking to avail.

If your focus is to improve the scope for online business and you want to promote your brand and make it count, the best thing to do is to be sure that you are opting for the finest promotional products which can be of help. With the right set of products, you will be able to make a difference to your sales number.

One of the golden rules which you need to adhere is that you should never compromise with quality because inferior quality of products will lead to negative reviews and hamper the growth of your business in the long run.

The Things To Know When Opting For Promotional Products

When you are looking to promote your products, it becomes extremely important to be sure that you are putting in your money in the best choices. Let us see the main things which you need to know for the sake of being sure that you are buying the best promotional products.

The quality

Quality will always be the key when it comes to buying the finest promotional products. The main aim of buying these products is to promote your firm. Imagine, if you pick cheap quality products, what kind of impression will it project? This is why you should be a sticker for quality.

Keep it creative

There is no dearth of promotional products which you can use. It becomes important to be sure that you are coming up with new and creative ideas for such products. If your promotional product is out of the box and creative, it will surely help in improving the overall response which your brand will get.

The perfect price

Of course, we have a budget to adhere to. This is why we need to be sure that you are finding products that well suit your budget. When you keep an eye on the budget factor, it is going to help you plan the perfect promotional stuff at the estimated budget as well.

How do we help?

At Optamark, we have worked in this industry for so long that we are well versed with the dynamics. We no longer need to fret about the different aspects of how things should run. This is why you should make it a point to explore our diverse collection of stuff and then choose what seems to be apt for you.

If you have any special requests or suggestions, you can always chip in and we will try our best to help you.

How Crucial Are Promotional Products For Your Business?

There is immense competition in the world of business and with so many firms out there catering to the crowd, it is very important to stand out. As a business entity, you need to invest heavily in marketing and one such aspect is carving your own name.

In order to do so, you will need to opt for promotional products. All those firms who are well established and manage to get good sales turnover are known for their impeccable brand image. So, you cannot undermine the kind of importance which the promotional products would have.

What Are The Top Products That Could Lead To Improved Business Output?

The field of business products is extremely big and whopping and there are too many styles of products to pick from. However, let us focus on the key products which you could choose to push your brand image and make it accessible.

Business cards

When you are approaching new clients, it is important to have the right business cards. The business cards will help in projecting the perfect professional image and it should be designed in the apt manner. At Optamark, our main focus is upon designing business cards with a difference which is catchy, creative and professional.


If you are targeting online sales or even if you are on the lookout for good offline marketing promotions, you would need banners. We specialize in making some of the best banners that have been tailored as per the client’s needs. No matter what you are looking for, our company is sure to offer you the befitting design.


It is important to have a well designed brochure that contains apt information about the details of your firm. Brochures can be aptly used for promotion of different events and discount campaigns.

Choose any of these products and pioneer your firm to greater heights.