How To Market Promotional Products In 2022 Like A Pro?

When launching a new product or service in 2022, you should act as a professional; otherwise, you may miss availing of the beneficial aspects of marketing promotional products. Why? Because there are many of your competitors that are equally striving to win over prospective customers.

You should design and distribute promotional products so professionally that you steal the opportunity to your advantage. Depending upon your audience, industry, and offerings, there is a low cost of promoting new products or services in the following 12 practical ways.

1: Offering Exclusive Preview

Your new customers may intend to recommend your products or service to their network of friends and acquaintances. As a pro, you need to adopt a customer engagement strategy by organizing an in-person or virtual launch party, demo, online tour, or preview of your offerings.

You can also ask them to test the products and furnish their feedback. This in-person contact reinforces how much you value them, thereby acquiring loyalty.

2: Make an Earmarked Introductory Offer

This offer may include the following.

  • Discounts on tagged prices
  • Vouchers or coupons accompanying purchases
  • Complimentary business encouraging joint promotions
  • Reduction of rates on package or bundle
  • Doubling the points in loyalty programs
  • Offering freebies that could be used for referrals

Customers having limited purchase power due to the limitation of time or inventory will have a more urgent sense of urgency to buy.

3: Adopting Google My Business

On the GMB dashboard, create an offer or “What’s new” post, which expires every seven days. If you have a special introductory “offer,” you should set a time frame. On both posts, you should ask for CTA and include a picture.

You can also upload photos of new products or services to your Business profile through the Photos tab of GMB. Follow the guidelines of Google for sizes of photos and optimize your Google listing for getting maximum visibility. You may post some FAQs on the Q&A section of the GMB account.

4: Adopt email marketing

Statistics reveal that 76% of email subscribers respond to the email message and make purchases. For email marketing, you may announce the launching date in advance. It may be a customer-exclusive or subscriber offer. Tips for email marketing are below:

  • Highlight your offer in the subject line.
  • Instead of its features, emphasize the ultimate value.
  • For increasing open rates, use pre-header text.

5: Run a Social Media Contest

Facebook contests bring an average of 34% new customers. The winners of Facebook and Instagram should be given the product/services free or at a discounted rate. The particulars of such contests should be announced across all your marketing channels, such as your email newsletters, websites, social media channels, and paid ads.

The contests become better ways of fun and engagement for your new offerings. Consequently, they will drive more traffic to your website.

6: Write a Blog Post

Post a landing page on your website wherein you can make your new offerings or upgrade to an existing platform. Your objective might be to keep your existing customer engaged or to re-engage your sleeping customers.

A blog post on the newly-launched item may include features, technical particulars, and benefits. Besides including it on a landing page, you may share the link through social media channels or your emails.

7: Host an Event

Events generate opportunities of interacting personally with new prospects. This creates an atmosphere of better understanding and mutual trust. The events may be as simple as open house information sessions at fitness centers, salons, spas, yoga studios, and retail stores. If other businesses are located in your location, you may opt for sidewalk sales to draw larger crowds. The following virtual events are compelling.

  • Demonstrate your products along with their features on Facebook Live session
  • Run a recorded or live Q & A session
  • An influencer centering the event

8: Allowing Trade-ins

A trade-in program will be more appropriate if your new product is an up gradation of an older one. In this program, consumers may buy a new product as a token of possessing a similar product.

You may also resale the trade-in products provided they have appropriate utility value. You may use such items for your future giveaways.

9: Offering a Complimentary Upgrade

The utility value of a product may get diminished on use, but service-based organizations may not face this constraint. Therefore, if your service-based organization, such as a salon, gym, spa, or consulting firm, you may offer a gradation of your existing service. For instance, you may add a new facial or massage at your spa.

You may add new fitness gear to your existing gym. You may provide a complimentary but probably temporary upgrade for your existing customers.

10: Sharing Customer Reviews

Utilizing customers to promote your products is a tactical way of marketing your products and services. You can take advantage of this by upgrading your product or offering the products for a free trial. After that, you can ask such a prospect to write an online review for your product or service. This will be the best testimonial in support of your product/service.

11: Post on Social Media

Post advertisements about your new products/services on your social media and share them with their profiles. It builds an organic FAQ and enables prospects to ask questions and get satisfactory answers. You can use a custom hashtag if you have a loyal following and a niche audience. The user-generated content can be used to draw more people to your new product.

12: Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has billions of active users daily and thus is an excellent window for exhibiting your new products or service. The personalized data provided voluntarily help target specific audiences, with various factors such as age, gender, location, marital status, profession, interest, and many more. You can get options for the budget, type, and duration of the campaign to accommodate your goals.


Promotion of a new product or service should not be just a matter of pushing some promotional products; instead, it should be designed and distributed with the incorporation of all professionalism as explained above.

Why Do The Best Technology Companies Offer Tech Giveaways?

Retaining a blog post, toiling on SEO, holding regular web shows, and participating on Twitter are just a few of the many channels internet trade calls for. Although you may not have considered it, giveaways can be a powerful marketing tactic.

Compared to other marketing methods, your enterprise in freebies will be just as profitable, if not more so. Listed below are a few factors that may influence your decision to host tech giveaways; let’s read them:

Giveaways can be a powerful strategy for advertising your company.

Freebies are appealing to everyone, and many individuals like the opportunity to share them with their colleagues. Therefore, although there are only a limited number of fortunate medalists, you can be sure that the giveaway successfully grabbed some prospective customers’ vigilance.

As a result, you and your corporation will get more visibility by participating in social media competitions and giveaways. Before organizing one, here are a few explanations of why giveaways might benefit your business.

1. Helps Create a Sense of Place

helps create a sense of place - Tech giveaways - Optamark Graphics

A giveaway could help create a sense of community and a real relationship between a business and its clients. By collaborating on a campaign, industries can broaden their audience. Additionally, if you can connect with your audience’s passions, you will come across as more fascinating.

Those who care about the atmosphere will keep in mind your contribution to our organisation even if they choose not to participate in the movement. You might develop the follower-ship of committed clients with the help of these sincere ties. You might collaborate with a non-profit fighting environment modification to publicize your offer. Participants in the campaign must have followed the group on social media platforms.

Promotional awards may be provided by different neighborhood organizations, creators, producers, and influencers. This will create a sense of congregation around nearby allures.

Additionally, comprehensive marketing is becoming more and more significant. Running a virtual competition with a prize for the prime three participants can help you make your customers feel appreciated. You might devise a campaign to target an underrepresented group of the population. It will result in more reservations.

2. Possibilities for Cooperation

Possibilities of Cooperation - Tech giveaways - Optamark Graphics

You will develop stronger business ties and gain prestige if you partner with another small business proprietor to provide freebies. Promotional giveaways and contests are suitable publicity strategies to support a team effort. If you put together a comprehensive reward package, your corporation and other neighborhood businesses will benefit.

It is a wonderful chance to interact with a dominant consumer source and expand your own. Strong professional connections can help small enterprise owners boost virtual reviews and consumer referrals, which can help their corporation’s impression. For instance, you might post a transactional package for small lodging investments.

If your hotel lacks a kitchen, it might be able to collaborate with nearby restaurants and other businesses. A joint venture may also include yoga studios and specialized health spas. Both parties will gain from this trade and see a rise in their income. During situations when your tavern lacks a kitchen, it might be able to collaborate with nearby restaurants and other businesses.

A mutual endeavor may also include yoga departments and specialized health spas. Both groups will gain from this trade and see a rise in their income.

3. Brand Recognition among Consumers

Brand recognition among consumers - Tech giveaways - Optamark Graphics

Your trademark’s or commodity’s possibilities of prevailing as notable increase as more communities discern it. For instance, word-of-mouth marketing occurs when a person you know labels you in a social media post where you can enter to win. It’s a good idea to have a giveaway if you want people who aren’t already following you to see and engage with your entry.

Additionally, the post can be seen by your Facebook companions, who might then decide to enter the competition. You have a larger possibility of someone discovering your trademark or goods even if they have never comprehended it before.

4. Invest your money wisely

Freebie marketing for your company could be a simple and affordable strategy to spread the word about it. Budgeting is recommended so that you can cover the prize price, the time required to sell it, and the time necessary to oversee the contest.

5. Effort and time are saved

Comparatively speaking to other virtual transactional channels, operating a giveaway is rather straightforward. However, a giveaway movement only needs a small time commitment.

6. Accelerate the Number of Transactions

The next logical and essential rung is to grow your exchanges once you have gained attention and your subscriber root due to your tournament. Tournaments are a great way to deflect leads into paying customers for your business, especially in the topic of the medallists, who have just tried your product for free and are likely to purchase extra if they are delighted.

Promotional things bring in more customers because they encourage website interaction. By offering something for free, you put yourself one step ahead of your opponents who may have been looking for it all along. Your customers will be more likely to purchase further merchandise from the group after obtaining a gift from the enterprise.

Run tournaments and devote freebies to encourage visitors to stay at your brand instead of being towards one of your rivals’. Even if they are uninterested in your prize, individuals will still pay attention to you. Buyers will return to reserve your space as their perception of your business increases.

7. To Gather Leads

A game of chance is a fantastic strategy to attract new clients or subscribers. It serves as a sneaky tool for generating leads.

8. Return the Favour to your Backers

Do you have a technique to express gratitude to and award your proponents? Launching a tournament is one way to show your appreciation for your consumers.

9. Have a Good Time

Everyone appreciates the possibility of winning! Nothing makes you happier than notifying your champions they have gained a victory. Operating a tech giveaway could be enjoyable compared to other promotional strategies.

5 Shades Of Influential Business Marketing (Optamark)

As much as you want your business to do well among the competitors, the more marketing strategies will call you towards them. Marketing- a subject that has grown its lengths and breadths to a massive scale and with every passing moment, we happen to welcome new things. Considering the ever-admired strategies of marketing, there are certain things that have always been a rising sun in the niche. Let’s take a look at 5 Shades of influential marketing:

Printing Solutions

Well, as far as I have studied, printing solutions never went out of vogue. These are budget friendly marketing tactics that are followed by every large and small scale industry. This niche has been branched into major sub categories. It is inevitably the first marketing choice of every entrepreneur.

Search Engine Optimization

As we go deep in the marketing online, SEO is something that has become a sole means of survival. These are some set of strategies that are to be followed to attain maximum visibility among the customers.

Content Marketing

This one has recently got major acceptance in the industry. There was a time when people never focused on content marketing. But lately it appears that nothing in this world is possible without content marketing.

Social Media

As social media in current world has received gigantic acceptance, this one has also worked spectacularly in raising the bar of every business enterprise. This one can give unbelievable results to all the brands that follow its strategies acutely.

Events and Launches

Events and launches is one of the conventional ways to promote a product or newly launched business. This strategy can never go out of run.

You can refer Optamark Solutions if you want to avail finest services in commercial marketing.

Most Preeminent Strategies For Business’s Promotional Endeavors

Product promotion is a mandatory task for spreading awareness and inveigling customers. Soon before you make the outline of your newbie online business, it is essential to take care of the marketing strategies. Online marketing is remotely different from the conventional kind. This varies from company to company as some of them thinks a single strategy is enough to give them needed exposure.

On the other hand, there are companies that believe in opting as many ways as possible to lift their business aloft. Many of us are also unaware of the strategies that actually work. So this is what our article of today is based on. Take a sneak peek in the most preeminent promotional strategies for your business:

Social Media

Social Media has however turned to be the fundamental way to promote business. You have got a gamut of fine options comprising Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. People use these platforms quite a lot these days and so it is effective to sell products here as these websites gives you plenty of exposure.

Mail Order Promotions

For all kind of online involvements, you need an e-mail id that can help you in signing in everywhere. Mail order promotions refer to direct sending the promotional content to the email id of the recipient. This also works wonder.

Brand Promotional Gifts

For brand promotion, gift sounds like a brilliant idea. You can have great promotional products been gifted to the customers. You can spread the news about the possibility of winning gifts on availing your services.

Customer Referral Incentive Programs

You must have seen websites offering incentives to the people who refer their brand to their friends and fellows. This promotional strategy is trending the most and bringing a lot of business to the businesses.

Optamark can give you best promotional services that can help your business rise and shine.