10 Best Travel Promotional Items That Work Best Or US Travelers!

It must happen. People will continue travel despite an increase in COVID-19 instances. People will be moving since flights are still taking off, and highways are still available. You’ll probably still have clients traveling, whether it’s for urgent personal matters, necessary business, or simple trips with loved ones.

Today, more than ever, traveling safely is a top priority; therefore, consider giving them a travel promotional items to keep them safe if you have clients, staff, or customers you know traveling. When selecting the ideal promotional presents for travelers, consider this pre-departure safety checklist. This will keep your gifts thoughtful and sensitive, which will make them more appreciated.

Travel Promotional Items!

1. Hand sanitizer spray

A good-fashioned hand wash is something we value more than ever right now. Even though we’d prefer to keep our hands clean at all times, sinks aren’t exactly portable. The ideal alternative is a good hand sanitizer. In public spaces with plenty of frequently touched surfaces, custom hand sanitizer is needed to keep hands clean. But when traveling, carrying a bottle may be cumbersome.

It fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag, or even wallet, thanks to the travel-sized “credit card” design. The 68-ounce sanitizer jar has a citrus smell and retains the solution. The adjustable features are the finest part. It comes in ten colors and may be imprinted with either a one-color direct print to spread or a full-color process decal. The 20 ml or.

2. Touch tool

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There were coordinating sweat-suits at first. Then came fashionable face masks. No-touch devices are currently the essential social distancing item.

You “never have to touch a common surface again” with the help of this metal device. The Touch Tool enables you to operate non-knob doors, press buttons, use an ATM, and prevent additional infections.

3. Portable water purifier

This kind of food-grade silicone/plastic water bottle features a built-in filter that rapidly eliminates most water-borne germs, allowing you to fill up wherever you are rather than purchasing new bottles. The bottles are convenient for trekking, camping, and hiking and are sold on Amazon in various brands and capacities.

4. Packing Cubes for Luggage

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The goal is to save road space. Packing cubes might make it much easier for your travelers to pack more into their baggage. The easiest approach to keep your baggage tidy when traveling is to use packing cubes. Packing cubes make it possible to fit it all into your luggage like a nice puzzle, whether you are checking a bigger bag or packing a carry-on suitcase.

Travelers may divide their luggage into different sizes with this 3-piece packing cube kit. They may store their critical PPE safety supplies in one pouch, their clothing in another, and their electronics in a third. Additionally, they are simple to collapse, which frees up room in the bag or backpack. The sizes of the pouches range from medium to huge.

5. Portable power bank

Most people utilize power banks since they can become completely blank when their battery dies in the middle of the day. Power banks are becoming the most popular electronic accessory worldwide due to technological advancements.

Power banks are battery banks that would provide your quick phone power whenever and wherever you need it. People who are constantly on the road and don’t have long to charge their phones the day before a crucial trip might greatly benefit from having power banks.

Carry this useful portable gadget, which normally takes 4-6 hours to charge, to avoid powering your phone at the airport or other public locations. The best is one with a 10,000 mAh or higher capacity.

6. Wireless charger with UV sanitizing

It employs the technology of UV light to break down molecular connections that hold viruses and bacteria’s DNA together. Because of this, wireless chargers are a must on the list of promotional travel gifts. Without their electronics, travelers won’t go very far.

The amazing thing about UV light is that it safely sanitizes electronics without running the danger of water or fluid damage. Mobile phones, watches, keys, and other tiny yet often handled things may be sanitized with this charger. It has a Type-C input cord and may be imprinted in full color with a logo.

7. Advanced PPE Travel Kit

Masks, gloves, and wipes are increasingly considered essential travel items. However, bringing all of these PPE items might not be easy.

This kit is equipped with a personalized travel pouch that may be imprinted with a spot color logo in the hues of your business. More hand sanitizer, ten disposable 5-ply face masks, ten packs of wet wipes, three pairs of latex gloves, and a bonus item—a stylus pen with your company’s logo—are all contained within.

8. Travel blanket

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A travel blanket and sleep mask package is a good place to start. It also includes a pouch for convenient carrying along with a carabiner, plush, and silky flannel custom blanket. It also comes with a sleep mask made of polyester satin (100%) and an elastic strap for a snug fit. A heat transfer or printed logo may be added to the bag to make it unique.

9. Wireless earbuds

Wireless earphones are both stylish and practical. They include silicone ear tips and a single sport, performance-style cord connecting them, allowing them to be worn comfortably and remain connected at all times.

Travelers won’t need to bother about additional cables thanks to Bluetooth technology. They also have a panel with playback control buttons, which makes switching between songs and using the phone simple. The ear tips of the earphones may be personalized with a full-color printing, and they are available in black or white. No need to search for their technology.

10. Passport holder

A passport holder or cover might be just as important for foreign travelers as a sturdy wallet. Why? Because everywhere you go, a sturdy surface or case is one of the finest instruments to secure your passport. Similar to a book cover, a passport cover protects your passport. It can be customized.


Promotional products for travel are the ideal method to take advantage of the numerous brand-building opportunities these passengers provide. Promotional products for travel help customers remember your business. It begins a customer’s lifelong relationship with a brand.

Make a traveler into a lifetime customer by using promotional goods for travel. The entire economy benefits greatly from international travel. Travel-related promotional goods may go everywhere people go since people love to travel, and so many business meetings, seminars, and summits are happening worldwide.