Trending Tech Products

Today tech is our lifeline. Our daily lives revolve around some form of technology, whether it’s our phones or laptops, our tech is always with us. For this reason, tech related products have recently been trending in marketing. It’s simple; place your company’s logo on the one item your clients have with them every day. Here are some of our favorite tech products:

Bluetooth Key Finders

Have you ever ran out the door without realizing that you left your keys or wallet behind? Chances are if you’ve done it, then your clients or employees have too. A Bluetooth finder is the perfect solution, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With more than enough space for a logo or slogan, Bluetooth Key Finders are the perfect marketing tool. Clients will never forget the company that sent them a promo item that eliminated their stress of losing keys or a wallet.

Wireless chargers/power bank

So many of our devices require a charge more than once a day. So much in fact that power banks have become universal. Power banks are great promotional items for employee appreciation gifts or as an innovative product to increase brand reach.
At Optamark we have tons of different wireless chargers, however this one incorporates an an integrated Apple Lightning cable and an integrated micro-USB cable, so that staying charged on the go can never be easier. Carrying cables is a thing of the past, not only are the cables built in for effortless charging but wall prongs are built-in for effortless recharging.

Fitness trackers

Activity trackers are a simple way to keep an eye on health and fitness goals. Digital watches that track daily steps, calories, sleep and more are now a hot commodity. As there has been an increasing popularity of health challenges and active office initiatives, activity trackers are not only timely, but they have tons of space for a logo or slogan, increasing your brand awareness.For example, our pedometer which comes with a fitness band but can also be easily removed from strap and attached to a shoe or placed in your pocket. Tracks up to 99,999 steps, distance, calories burned, activity time.This is only a small handful of our amazing Tech product line at Optamark. Give us a call or send us a message to find out about all of our tech promotional products.