Top 10 Benefits Of Using Tech Giveaways In 2022!

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Internet marketing requires a lot of attention to various channels, such as maintaining a blog, working on SEO, doing monthly webinars, and engaging on Twitter. Giveaways may be a very effective marketing tool, but have you thought about using them?

Your investment in giveaways will yield as much, if not more, benefit than any of the marketing channels. Here are a few of the reasons why you might want to consider running tech giveaways:

When it comes to promoting your business, giveaways can be a great tool.

Everybody likes the chance to get something for free, and many people like the chance to give it out to their friends. So even if there are just a few lucky winners, you can be confident that the giveaway has already done its job by attracting the attention of a potential consumer.

As a result, you and your hotel stand to gain exposure through contests and giveaways on social media. Here are a few reasons why giveaways might help your company before we get into the nitty-gritty of holding one.

  • Opportunities for Collaboration

When you work with another small business owner to deliver freebies, you will strengthen your business relationships and gain a positive reputation. To promote a group effort, promotional freebies and competitions are appropriate advertising tactics. It’s a win-win situation for your hotel and other local companies if you put together a comprehensive prize package.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect with another company’s existing customer base and grow your own. If small business owner has strong business relationships, they may be able to improve their company’s image through improving customer referrals and positive online evaluations. For example, you might put up a marketing package for small businesses in the hotel sector.

Your hotel may be able to work with local eateries and other establishments if it does not have a kitchen. Yoga studios and custom health spa centers might also be partners in a joint venture. This transaction will benefit both parties and increase their earnings.

  • Awareness of a company’s brand

The more people see your brand or product, the more likely they will become familiar with it. Hosting a giveaway is a great strategy to get individuals who are not currently following you to notice and interact with your entry.

Word-of-mouth advertising, for example, is when someone you know tags you in a promotional post for you to win something. As a bonus, your Facebook friends may notice the post and decide to join in the contest. Even if someone has never seen your brand or product before, you have a better chance of them noticing it.

  • Builds a Sense of Place

A giveaway may foster a feeling of belonging and a genuine connection between a company and its customers. Businesses may expand their reach by working with others on a campaign. In addition, your audience will find you more engaging if you can appeal to their interests.

Even if they don’t participate in the campaign, those who care about the environment will remember your support for our charity. With the support of these genuine relationships, you may build a following of devoted customers.

You may team up with a climate change group to promote your offer. Those who have followed the organization’s social media account may participate in the campaign. This simple yet powerful suggestion might be used with other local persons or organizations. Find a partner with the same outlook you have, and work together to grow your community.

Other local groups, artists, innovators, and influencers may participate in promotional prizes. A feeling of community will be built around local attractions this way. Furthermore, the importance of inclusive marketing is growing. You may make your consumers feel valued by holding an online contest with a prize for the top three entrants. You may plan a campaign to reach a segment of the population that is underrepresented. Bookings will increase as a result of it.

  • Boost the number of transactions

Once you’ve raised awareness and increased your subscriber base due to your contest, the next natural and required step is to boost your sales. Contests are a terrific approach to convert your company leads into valued consumers, particularly in the case of the winners, who have just sampled your product for free and are likely to return to buy more if they are satisfied.

When giving anything out free, you’re putting yourself one step ahead of your competition since they may have sought it all along. After receiving a present from the firm, your visitors will be more inclined to acquire other products from the brand.

More clients are drawn in by promotional items since they entice them to interact with your website. You may give your guests a reason to stay at your hotel rather than your competitors’ by running competitions and offering freebies.

People will notice you even if they have little interest in your reward. As your brand awareness grows, customers will return to book your room when they are ready.

  • Save your hard-earned cash.

Promoting your business by giving away freebies may be a cost-effective and straightforward method to get your name out there. It’s best to budget for the prize’s cost, the time you’ll spend marketing it, and the time you’ll need to manage the competition.

  • Save time and hassles

Running a giveaway is relatively simple compared to other online marketing platforms. On the other hand, a giveaway campaign requires a comparatively little investment of time.

  • Expand your network

To grow your Facebook and Twitter following, you might consider running a giveaway.

  • Obtain leads

A sweepstake is a terrific option for gaining new customers or subscribers. It’s a hidden weapon for generating leads.

  • Give back to your supporters

Is there a way you may show your appreciation and reward your followers? You may demonstrate your gratitude to your customers by launching a contest.

  • Enjoy yourself

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to win! There is no greater delight than telling your winners they’ve won. Running a tech giveaway may be fun compared to other forms of promotion.


Increasing social media use has made freebies and competitions for promotional purposes more popular than ever in the hotel business. From the necessity and advantages of promotional products to how to organize a giveaway or competition, you now know all you need to know before hosting one. For your marketing strategy, you may use our examples of promotional items and services, or you can come up with innovative ideas.


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