Top 10 Giveaway Ideas For Promotional Events & Trade Shows In 2021!

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Nowadays companies from all over the world are taking advantage of trade show marketing. And there is no other lesser way to make an impact. When you start, it is very important to define goals and objectives clearly. Simply attending the show is not worth it, you have to give the goers some reason to interact with the company. You have to stand out to reach the full potential of the network.

If you are interested in impressing your customers, invest in giveaways like the dry bag backpack. Try to be the hottest in trend by handing out at a trade show that they never saw before. Before you decide the one you want to, take some time to think about a promotional product’s intention. It helps you in increasing your marketing dollars in the right way. Here are the top 10 giveaway ideas for promotional events and trade shows of 2021:

1. Smartphone Wallet

Smartphones are dominating the mobile market and will stay in the future. What is the better way to provide value to the visitors who offer a Smartphone wallet? You have to make sure it features the company logo and works with the company’s vendor style and colors.

The attendees can hold cash, debit or credit cards, licenses, and more on their wallet’s backside. It is a convenient and great space saver, especially for business travelers. For you, smartphones are a cost-effective and lightweight way to make an impact on the attendees.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Wherever we go from an office to any outing, you can see people carrying reusable water bottles. Have reusable water bottles as a great promotional giveaway for the trade show. It can draw a lot of traffic to space with the eager to get their hands on this eco-friendly bottle.

For attendees, it can be used instantly to stay hydrated when they walk the trade show floor. Reusable water bottles come with a lifespan and can be used after the show is over. It is a green giveaway for trade shows to reinforce environmental friendly brand messages.

3. Tote Bags

You can see tote bags with brand names at various trade shows as the giveaway staple. It helps the attendees to carry all the things they snagged from the trade show, especially as the attendees will get a lot of brochures, swag, product samples, and personal possessions.

So they can use tote bags to put all this stuff in one go. They can again use it for buying groceries, carrying items to work, gym or beach. Tote bags are made of high-quality materials, so they are durable and long-lasting.

4. Pens

When was the time you got a lot of pens? Despite this digital era, there are some moments you cannot think of without a pen. Choosing the best quality pen, you afford for your budget creates a positive association with your brand. Pens come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to match the brand personality.

5. USB Charger

Trade show attendees cannot roam with chargers everywhere. But still, they may want to be connected with their workplace through text, calls, and emails. With constant communication, the battery life will go, and attendees scrap to the nearest outlet. If you keep a USB charger as your giveaway, it provides a lifeline back home to the attendees when they are in need.

6. T-Shirts

T-shirts are said to be the most sought-out trade show giveaway item. Attendees would love to hunt around and collect printed T-shirts while walking through the show. Utilize a t-shirt with your company logo as a giveaway and ensure that the trade show closet is flushed with attendee traffic.

f brochures, swag, product samples, and personal possessions. So they can use tote bags to put all this stuff in one go. They can again use it for buying groceries, carrying items to work, gym or beach. Tote bags are made of high-quality materials, so they are durable and long-lasting.

7. Product Samples

Product samples can be a great giveaway to prospects. It is one of the most beneficial ways to show off your merchandise. Also, you can attract qualified attendees to the booth. Attending may become more receptive if you can give a sample product on the same floor.

They get the chance to try it first-hand before purchasing. You can explain to them about the product in a better way and make a purchase decision instantly.

8. Gaiter

In the masks era, you can consider giving a brand named face covering at the trade show. Try to choose the one that is versatile and long-lasting. Attendees should be able to use it as a face mask for a longer norm. It protects them against outside germs and offers a different style to try beyond a traditional mask. A reversible and customizable design offers endless style choices.

9. Custom Journal

Currently, in any trade show, writing journals are highly in demand. Despite advancements in technology, notebooks and planners have increased in sales. Jump on the trend and impress youngsters and the old generation by investing in customized journals. Choose solid and professional-looking colors like black or navy.

10. Touch Tools

Touch tools are a new and unique type of giveaway that every trade show has now. It is a small and compact tool used to avoid contact with any highly touched surfaces like buttons or door handles. You can use them to press or pull objects safely. In the current situation, this is one of the objects people want to carry all the time, so make it a good giveaway with maximum brand exposure.

At times, picking the perfect giveaway for a trade show can be challenging. But if you do it properly, you will be sure to get an amazing return as traffic and attendees engage with the brand. When you use any marketing effort, try to keep your goal in mind and avoid logistical and budget snags to become successful. Try your luck with these top 10 best giveaways.


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