Top 10 Healthcare Promotional Products To Boost Your Brand In 2021!

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If you are in the healthcare industry and want to boost your brand in 2021, your promotional products need to be Corona-oriented. With the second wave of Corona causing heavy tolls in India, it has become demanding and effective. As a marketing expert, you conduct the exercise of giving away promotional merchandise to draw the customers’ specific attention.

It becomes more effective if the recipient can use the branded promotional products for a specific purpose and a good period. Consequently, consumers keep engaged with the brand. Typically, in the healthcare industry, those associated with promotional products are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, senior consultants, patients, relatives of patients, and pharmaceutical traders.

Why Giving away healthcare promotional products?

  • It is a low-cost method to reach potential customers. Small businesses, start-ups, and corporate houses can adopt these marketing tactics. Statistics reveal that 80% of consumers retain one to 10 promotional products for more than two years in the U.S.
  • 85% of recipients of promotional products start a business with the advertiser.
  • 83% of people like to have a promotional product that has an advertising message.
  • The promotional products can draw 500% more referrals from customers who are satisfied with the gift items
  • The ultimate objective is brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Masks may be single-layered, double-layered, tripled-layered, or four layers. But, the masks with more layers are more protective to Covid-19 viruses.

1. Double-layered

It is reusable with two layers of materials. It has an integrated metal nose frame and elastic straps, a replaceable filter pocket, and an adjustable toggle. The outer layer is 100% cotton layer, and the inner layer is 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex. The soft interior lining ensures comfort, and one size fits small to large heads.

2. 3-Ply with Filter Pocket

It is a 3-ply face mask made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. It comes with a replaceable filter and adjustable ear loops. A bendable metal nose bridge reduces the gaps over your nostrils and stops the entry of viruses and other undesirable materials. It comes with a replaceable and adjustable filter.

3. N95 Respirator Mask

This medical grade is clinically tested to prevent viruses, bacteria, infection, chemicals, dust particles, chemicals, pollen, and smoke. The medical-grade carbon filter of PM 2.35 filters out and traps inhaled air molecules from bacteria, viruses, and deadly particles. It ensures the blockage of viruses to 95.5%. The adjustable metal nose frame is fixed on a piece of foam to provide comfort while wearing.

4. Touch Screen Tool

Touch screens of mobile phones and tablets are always infected with germs, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. These also abundantly stick to common public surfaces. When you touch them, you fall victim to the associated diseases. When you use a touch screen tool, you don’t have to touch them. It is a plastic edge made of conductive plastic and does the following function.

  • Breaks direct contact with germs
  • Allows free touching of the screen, doorknob, button-pusher, and door opener
  • Since it is made of plastic, it does not make any scratch on the screen it touches.

5. PPE Kit

This kit contains everything needed to protect and take medical care of any organization like banks, NPO, paramedical staff. The kit contains the following.

  • Gloves 1 pair
  • Disposable face mask 3-ply: one number
  • Hand Sanitizer; pack of 0.9g
  • Imprint area 2.75″ X 1.75″
  • Item Size 4″ x6″
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging is recyclable and is hence eco-friendly.
  • Available in multicolor of Red, blue, orange, and green

6. Sanitizer Clean Pen

It is a 10ml anti-bacterial Clean Z pen. Besides the ease of carrying the essential quantity of hand sanitizer, the 2-in-one pen writes with touch-n- write flow of any reputable brand of pen. The top of the pen has a small reservoir of sanitizer, which you can refill as and when the stock exhausts. You spray the sanitizer when you hold a phone or touch the keyboard. The ease of application has made this pen popular amongst students and those who write with a pen.

7. Eye-catching videos and healthcare news

Informative and educative content creates awareness among your patients about diseases and creates trust and dependability in your healthcare organization and your products and services. The videos need to offer a solution to the common questions of the patients. It may not probably be within your knowledge that good video content may rank 1 in Google? Your best health promotional product for 2021 may be eye-catching videos, infographics, and attractive images about healthcare services.

8. Bright Color Palettes

You can think some gift which is highly personalized in respect of comfort and mood. The trend of 2021 calls for a perfect balance between neutral colors that signify personal comfort, and the popping out of colors will be the way to brighten the mood. The recipient will like to retain for the whole year of 2021 because these colors are likely to dominate your aesthetic domains in home décor, promos, and apparel.

9. Forehead Thermometer

One thermometer comes in one packaging with a full-color imprint of your brand message. It indicates the body temperature without making any physical contact with the body. The sensitivity and responsiveness of the thermometer provide immediate core temperature as Liquid Crystal Display in the event of Covid 19. You can use them at room temperature. Avoid using sunlight. FDA approves it.

10. Disinfecting Sanitizing Canister

These disinfecting wipes are available in a generous package of 70 sheets per canister, having the capacity of eliminating 99.0% of germs. It is made of non-woven fabric that contains ethanol, quaternary ammonium, EDI Ultra-pure water. Other active ingredients include Didecyldimonium Child viruses and Benzalkonium Chloride. It has no bleaching hypochlorite.

The global trend indicates that COVID 19 protective merchandise still draws the attention of potential recipients of such products in 2021. Besides, a digital approach in the shapes of videos and contents will leave a strong impression about your products and add to their marketability. Thus, the direct utility of digital promotion will be yet more innovative and effective.


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