Top 10 Promotional Travel Accessories & Gadgets To Use In 2022!

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Traveling would entail unplugging from technology and simply taking in the scenery in an ideal world. A perfect world would be one where no one sat on the armrest, talked loudly, or enjoyed a fish plate during the journey. Unfortunately, there are occasions when taking pleasure in the travel necessitates packing a lot of soothing distractions in your carry-on.

Why do customers enjoy receiving promotional travel devices and equipment? The proper present for your consumers might be an excellent method to promote your business while they’re en route to their final destination.

Yet, what are the best gifts? When you’re on the road, it’s reassuring to have a little touch of home with you at all times. Protective gear is an excellent promotional travel accessory, especially in light of COVID-19’s need for more safety vigilance. Right now, let’s make a list of everything clients should bring on their next trip, including promotional travel items and safety precautions.

Promotional Travel Accessories & Gadgets to Use

Everyone has a go-to travel packing tip that they swear by. If your baggage goes missing, you should have an extra set of clothes in your carry-on. Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. If you bring too much, you won’t have anything to buy when you arrive. Maybe it’s just me, though. However, when packing for a trip, everyone has a game plan. The following carry-on necessities should be included in your packing list:

1. A Travel Backpack

Having a Custom backpack ready to sling over your shoulder is always a convenience, whether you’re traveling to the beach, the city, or up a mountain. You will be able to display your company’s logo on this bag everywhere it is used because there is plenty of space for you to customize it. Invest in a bag with plenty of compartments for all of your travel essentials, and make sure that the zippers and materials are of excellent quality and resistant to slashing before purchasing.

2. A Case for your passport

Passport cases are an essential travel accessory for most people at some point in their lives. In addition to causing issues at immigration, a dog-eared passport makes for a terrible airport selfie, thus donating a passport case serves an essential purpose. Travel agencies and tour operators can use this type of giveaway to keep their brand in the minds of potential customers whenever they plan a future trip. A variety of materials are available, including vegan leather passport cases. There are ones that include pockets for things like business cards and boarding passes so that travelers can keep track of their belongings while on the road.

3. Toiletries

Travelers on work or pleasure rarely leave the house without a well-stocked toiletries bag. When they arrive at their hotel, the last thing anyone wants is shampoo-soaked swim shorts, so make sure the bag is waterproof to keep everything else safe. With the new restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage, it makes perfect sense to include a toiletry kit in your promotion or giveaway. Pack sunblock, lip balm, a manicure kit, shampoo and conditioner, and pillboxes for your trip away from home.

4. A Wellness Travel Bag

International travel has made us all more aware than ever of the importance of staying healthy and well when on the road. A wellness travel kit is an excellent gift for trade fair guests or traveling employees. Include hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and sometimes essential oils for motion sickness in your wellness-themed swag kit.

5. A Packaging Set

Offer a clothing organizer as part of a premium packing package for business travelers in particular. You want to know that your suits are safe and undamaged in garment bags when you get to your destination after a long flight. A travel essential, a carry-on bag organizer keeps used clothes and liquids separate from the formal dress, and by including one in your deluxe set for your travel giveaway, you demonstrate a thorough understanding of your target audience’s wants and needs.

6. A Gadget Organizer

Because few people travel without their electronic gadgets, a travel tech organizer is a valuable promotional item to consider. It’s inconvenient to sift through tangled cords to pull a tablet out of luggage when going through airport security. Consider your recent trip’s gadgets: smartphone, tablet, power bank, charger, stylus pen, external keyboard, and flash drive. Simple pouches with your company’s branding on them make excellent trade fair or conference giveaways.

7. Travel Pouch

Having a modest, eco-friendly travel pouch on hand while on the road is a valuable giveaway item. We’ve found a travel pouch to be one of the most helpful travel accessories because it keeps all of your essentials close to your hands, such as your phone, boarding pass, hotel room key, and credit cards. When it comes to putting your full-color logo on the pouch, there is plenty of room for creativity and coolness, which can help you garner airport or “going out to explore”-related social networking material for your business.

8. Water Bottle

The water bottle is a long-time favorite among swag receivers and a popular search result. Tourists from nations with poor tap water can considerably benefit from having their refillable water bottles. Tumblers and travel mugs should be supplied to tourists and others who like to wander off the beaten path.

9. Reusable Set of Straws

stainless steel straw set is a great suggestion to help raise awareness about the harm caused by single-use plastic. The reusable straw set is next on our list of recommendations for travel promos or gift boxes. Our trans-Atlantic friends call them bum bags. They fit in any drawstring daypack or fanny pack and can be cleaned in a hotel sink with the provided cleaner.

10. Hammock That Can Be Packed

A foldable hammock is the perfect combination of fun and usefulness. A hammock between two palm or pine trees is a must-have for summer vacations. A journey in this hammock will generate a lot of intriguing user-generated content.


These are our top 10 picks for your next vacation promotion or giveaway. Having a clear picture of who you’re attempting to reach and their individual travel needs will allow you to select the best products for them. You may cater to many customers, from business travelers who require a new start upon arrival to national park adventurers who prefer everything to be right at their fingertips. If you’re looking for something unique, intriguing, or just plain practical, we’ve been in the promotional gift industry for a few decades now, and we understand where to get it from.


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