Top 10 Real Estate Products To Focus on Millennial Customers This year!

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During this pandemic, real estate business owners compete hard to draw customer’s attention and make a brand identity. Competition is high with every passing day, so the companies are finding some aggressive strategies for marketing. They have to keep an eye on their small budget too.

Real estate promotional products are proved to be useful for promotion. It is said to be the most cost-effective way, and consumers love them. Before you choose a product to use for your real estate business, look into these things first:

  • Establish the goals that your plan of marketing intends to achieve
  • Try to make a complete analysis of real estate marketing
  • Compile the competitor analysis of marketing
  • Calculate the exact amount you want to spend for marketing material
  • Do your research and get a better understanding of the targeted audience

Here are the top 10 promotional products that can be used in real estate:

1. Key Ring

When you hand over the keys to a new house owner is one of the exciting moments of everybody’s life. Make the client remind by taking advantage of this pivotal brand opportunity using a memorable keychain with a logo. Custom key chains are the best promotional products that are looking forward to giveaway.

2. Brochures

The customers will notice if you give them a beautiful and well-designed brochure that targets any particular market segment. It is also important to print the piece unique and with the highest print quality. Select the right design and image for the cover. Your aim should be to grab the attention of readers. After that comes the content part. You can include materials that show drive sales, bring awareness, or boost purchases.

3. Business cards

Business cards are the one that puts fast and last impression of your real estate company on the possible customers. It is always important to keep them in hand. You can imprint a large variety of businesses today with different features. You may not need an expert in deciding on a business card, so you can hire an expert to create the best one.

4. Notepads

Your logo imprinted notepads are an excellent choice for real estate promotion. You can design them at the very reasonable price you can ever imagine. Who does not want such a thing in their house? But it should be a high-quality one to become worthy of having it. Many people like to keep notepads in their office or house, which complements any digital real estate marketing. They can double remind your service in a better way.

5. T-Shirts

A t-shirt as a promotional gift is a great way to ensure that the real estate brand and logo are visible to the customers. When people wear this imprinted t-shirt with a logo, the company’s brand message is passed through people. So it is a walking advertisement of the business. Thousands of people can see the brand and logo of the company with this t-shirt design.

6. Water Bottles

The drinkware can be used as giveaways for real estate promotion products. It is great to distribute stainless steel bottles, BPA-free water bottles, custom mugs, plastic tumblers, and other regular items for daily purposes. They can give a high number of impressions. Such promotional items are great for the price with a huge selection. Cost can get higher with large volume, so save them for key events or that you host with high-quality leads

7. Customized Lamp and Power Bank

Real estate brokers or agents can use an imprinted lamp or power bank as eye-catchy promotional merchandise and spread awareness about the business. If you go for high-quality and durable lamps, they last for longer years. Frequent use ensures a higher number of impressions and helps to get more clients in the real estate business.

Power banks have become a basic necessity of today’s younger generation to charge their smartphone and other gadgets wherever they want. Most of them use power banks while traveling. So a real estate client will be love to have a stylish power bank as a gift. They want it to charge their phone frequently, so make sure to add your company logo for maximum visibility throughout the day.

8. Office Supplies

Office supplies like a pen are the least expensive kind of promotional product you can ever get. For this reason, you can use such items everywhere like open houses, realtor events, or casually kept a handful of pens in your bag. It helps to distribute such pens among your colleagues or friends.

There are many other office products such as pencils, customized planners you can use in any professional setting. Not only in the real estate business, but many people work in flexible working situations. So to have a planner with a logo imprinted is crucial to stay on top of a task. You can create a customized planner, the products you can see on someone’s hands for a long time.

9. Magnets

Magnets are useful to stick something on the surface like a refrigerator door. Think about a magnetic business card to keep in one place and reminds the client about your business. You can go for a house-shaped magnet that has the contact information of your business. It can easily draw the attention of clients consistently. There are calendar magnets to use as promotional products with real estate logos to stay throughout the year.

10. Wallet

People easily misplace things in this modern speedy world. They always like to carry their smartphone and other gadgets every time. So in this way, you can help them keep their costly items safe in one place with such a wallet. The wallet should have compartments to keep cash, credit cards, and business cards for quick access.


When you plan to become an expert in this advancing real estate industry, you must use effective marketing strategies. So these printed materials easily draw the attention of the buyers and provide better customer leas than you expect. These promotional items can put a memorable impression for a long time and helps to build the brand identity.


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