Top 10 Travel Promotional Items That Can Prove The Best Giveaways!

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Suppose you have in mind to giveaway travel promotional items, even the second current if COVID 196 has no constraints. Whether by air or by road, traveling is inevitable for some people to meet essential work because of family emergencies and visits for essential works.

Hence, now is the right time to give promotional items to your clients, customers, and employees you know are going out of the home to ensure a safe journey. After calming down the first current of COVID 19, the Second one is gaining momentum at a speedier rate. Hence before departure, the following safety list features need to be taken into consideration

The following are the must-to-be precautionary measures:

  • Farthest possible social distancing
  • Wearing a facial mask to cover the nose and mouth
  • Frequent washing or sanitization of hands after touching common surfaces or door handles
  • Packaging of essential PPE
  • Don’t touch commonly-touched surfaces.

The following promotional travel accessories will be of great utility value for the recipients

1. Hand Sanitizer Spray

For use at home or office, you can use hand sanitizer spray coming in bottles. But, this may be too bulky and odd to carry with while travel our. Hence, opt for anti-bacterial sanitizer in a flat spray that comes in a credit card’s shape. As recommended by CDC, the solution is at least 60% alcohol-based. You can carry the credit card design sanitizer in your wallet, pocket, or even your purse. The citrus scent of the sanitizer will keep you refreshed. You have ten color options to choose from. Print the logo of your choice

2. Advanced Travel Kit for the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

This kit connects one more sanitizer, a pack of ten numbers of wet wipes, ten numbers of 5-ply disposable face masks, three pairs of latex gloves, and a stylus pen with your logo. These items are suitably placed inside a custom travel pouch, with your company’s name over it and its color. As these are arranged systematically, you can locate them easily as and when required.

3. Touch Tool

Touch surfaces are the most vulnerable places responsible for spreading CORONA 19 But when you travel out, you need to touch many surfaces. You can avoid contact while traveling with the help of Touch Tools. These are small tools that limit your hand’s physical contact with germ-infested and commonly-touched surfaces. The small hook grabs the door handles or press bottoms. You can open the restroom door or get money from the ATM and thus create social distancing by using the logoed tools.

4. Ultra Violet (UV) Sanitizing Wireless Charger.

Electronic devices are must-companions for travelers. Wireless chargers and portable chargers can be the best promotional products for travelers. The UV Clean Wireless Charger uses UV light technology for destroying the molecular bonds. It holds bacteria and DNA Viruses together. The UV light cleans and sanitizes the devices without endangering the device to any water or liquid damage.

5. Travel Blanket and Sleep Kit

It is a combo of safety as well as comfort. Hence, as a promotional giveaway, this item will highly impress the recipients. The soft flannel blanket takes care of the luxury and comfort. It comes in a carrying pouch that has enough space for imprinting your logo or brand message. The sleep mask is made of 100% polyester satin. An elastic strap makes the mask fit comfortably over your face and nose. You can further customize the bag with a silkscreen logo

6. Collapsible Water Bottle

Water is the surest companion for a traveler. But the water bottle becomes a burden when you don’t need it for its primary function of carrying water; hence, collapsible water bottles are considered one of the most popular travel promotional accessories. Such bottles could be packed in a briefcase or even in a purse. It measures just 3″ when not in use. And when used, it can carry 20 ounces oz of liquid. It comes with a tethered cap and a looped handle for ease of carrying.

7. Packaging Cubes for Luggage

Traveling cubes facilitate the saving of space while packing suitcases in an organized manner. It is a suitcase with three pieces of packaging cubes. Travelers can sort out their luggage according to the sizes of the items. They can use the first pouch of the cube for keeping clothes, the second one for devices, and the third one for keeping the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They are of different sizes and colors. The smaller cube is of black colo9r, and you can brand it with a digital print transfer. All the cubes are collapsible.

8. Tech Travel Organizer

In the present-day techno world, devices are so varied that they will get cluttered while packaging for traveling out unless properly arranged. The tech travel organizer named “Ruckman Roll” sorts out this problem and is considered the most popular cost-effective travel giveaway. The traveler can keep all cords, tech necessities, and accessories and stow them away in the suitcase or backpack. It has four straps inside for organizing devices. It has a further leather strap to hold it all together.

9. Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds do the best function if the traveler has forgotten his headphone and feels the urge to listen to music. These silicone wireless earbuds are highly fashionable and can be worn comfortably. There will be no need for an extra cord. There is a panel with playback control buttons. This eases the changing of music or taking of phone

10. Travel Backpack

The Presidio backpack is both sturdy and spacey. This giveaway item suits those who make frequent travel by road. It has provision for carrying laptop or tablet. Along with charging cord pot, it facilitates working online even while moving by car or other vehicles. It has 126 pockets along with a dedicated pouch for carrying wallets and confidential financial documents. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps and load stabilizers coupled with a sternum strap.

With the increasing trend of the second stream of COVID-19, the above promotional items for travelers are sure to impress the recipient, thus aiding your marketing campaign.


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