Top 5 Tech Giveaways That You Should Consider For Your Employees!

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Who doesn’t like getting free stuff, particularly when the promotional goods are branded tech equipment? In today’s technological environment, one cannot avoid technology promotional products because it has become an integral component of daily life. As a result, use the chance to promote your company with branded freebies and keep your clients in mind.

Branded tech giveaways freebies are ideal for trade fairs, conventions, and conferences, or they may be given to your workers as a thank you for their hard work and devotion; they will remember you as an excellent employer. Special events, staff appreciation, and client gifts—all of these occasions are ideal for ordering bespoke, exceptional promotional presents that elevate your brand (and perhaps your budget).

Virtual Event Giveaways

Virtual events are anticipated to continue indefinitely. They are not only handy for participants, but they may also save corporations a significant amount of money. Remove the venue, entertainment, and refreshments costs, and savvy marketers will have more leeway in their event marketing budgets.

Including prizes may be a great way to get people enthusiastic about your event while also increasing brand knowledge in novel ways. When choosing virtual event freebies, consider products that will help make your event more interesting. Consider promotional gifts that your attendees may make use of throughout the event.

Not only will this engage your brand, but it will also bring people together even if they are physically apart. Remember that you’ll most likely be delivering these things in a package. So, while choosing your items, take size and delivery expenses in mind.

Technology-Related Giveaways

The greatest promotional goods are utility, and tech giveaways freebies have their section on this list. However, aside from their utility, tech gifts are among the most popular promotional items. They are among the most useful promotional items available.

So, why are tech-related freebies essential for savvy marketers? One of the primary purposes of giveaways is to enhance brand awareness, and one efficient method to do so is to give away valued items. Quality items that are helpful and valuable are more likely to be used frequently and displayed.

Good, Better, Best Promotional Items

Instead of categorizing promotional products based on price, savvy marketers should develop “good, better, and best” categories. This will assist you in staying organized and on top of your freebies throughout the year. Some goods, for example, can be distributed to anybody, while others should be designated for sales representatives who are meeting with prospects. Make categories with 3-5 goods, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Work-from-Home Promotional Products

More people are increasingly working remotely—companies are shifting away from traditional office settings and working from home or co-working locations. Smart marketers may capitalize on this potential by giving away promotional goods that remote employees can use. Products that are beneficial and make remote working simpler will be favorably received.

Items That Promote Brand Ambassadors

The capacity of promotional items to extend brand awareness beyond the people to whom they are given accounts for a portion of their power. Smart marketers will select things that have the potential to be used in high traffic areas, attracting a wide range of eyes to their branded freebies.

This technique will increase the ROI of your promotional goods. It also allows you to make use of pre-existing resources. Consider gifting any of these goods to your employees and team members to kickstart your brand awareness initiatives.

Top 5 Tech Giveaways!

  • Power Banks

    This gift is ideal for trade show participants since they rely on them to stay connected, collect lead information, and traverse the exhibit floor. A power bank keeps them charged throughout the day. A bespoke power bank may be tailored to meet your company’s marketing budget.
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    The popularity of promotional Bluetooth speakers is growing. They have a battery life of up to 10 hours and are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled audio players. It also includes a built-in microphone for phone conversations or conference calls.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB Flash Drives are still popular as tech giveaways; regardless of how many Flash drives one has, acquiring the correct one at the right moment is worthwhile. People pre-load data and images before attending a conference, but the promotional item will remind them where they saved the material.
  • Luggage Tracker

    Losing baggage may ruin a person’s day, but not anymore, thanks to the luggage tracker. Users clip the tracker to their backpack, download the app, and let Bluetooth take care of the rest. These freebies are excellent thank-you presents for taking part in a demonstration.
  • Wireless Earbuds

    VIPs can be given wireless earbuds. Customers may use the noise-canceling function to accept calls while remaining hands-free, and they can even listen to their favorite music while wearing the headband.


    So, what makes a promotional item worthwhile to have on hand? The following are the most important aspects to consider when ordering gift items:

    • Usefulness
    • Quality
    • Creativity

    When selecting which things to stock up on, keep these important takeaways and items in mind. These must-have gift items can help you effectively advertise your business.


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