Simplifying Company Storefronts for Businesses

How businesses are using our storefronts to streamline across all channels

Complete experience from product ideation, order management, fulfillment and tracking all in one.

This concept isn’t just about concentrating your print and promotional collateral into one place. Rather, it offers a more relevant service that brings a full spectrum of customer initiatives into a single application. What does this do for fortune 500 companies and venture backed startups alike? It institutes a high level of efficiency and optimization. We'll create an online store to give your community the ability to purchase their advertising and marketing tools from a central location with an easy-to-use program built to your specifications. Not only does this encourage more use of your branded materials, it also promotes brand compliance. You control the offering of different materials, marketing collateral and price points to specific regions. Also, we give varying levels of access to your users. This includes by division, department, location and management level.

The various types of client we serve


Single Person Ordering Storefront Easy Order/ Reorder form Public Store Personalize Branded Templates


Multiple Locations / Department with Branded store Department specific templates with approval process Single Sign On (SSO) for user authentication


Corporates having Unique Needs Flexible Platform to integrate multiple technologies Integration with ERP via Punchout for Ordering


Integrated MIS, CRM, SSO, Accounting, Hot Folder, Direct Mail, Punchout

Types of Customer You can Serve

Branded W2P For Corporates

3 Steps Easy Order / Reorder

Profile Auto Personalization

Mass Personalization using CSV/EXCEL

Department / Location wise Manager

Corporate Admin Panel with Complete Control

Key Features of Branded Storefronts

✓ B2B/Corporate Management

✓ B2B/Private Storefronts with Subdomain

✓ B2B Specific Products, Pricing, Department, Approval Management

✓ B2B Specific Shipping & Addresses, Tax/Vat, Language & Currency Options

✓ Department or Brand Specific Template Personalization (Brand Control)

✓ Department-wise Budget Configuration

✓ Inventory & Fulfillment

✓ B2B Admin – Manage Orders, Users, Templates, Content, Reports

✓ B2B Profile Management & Auto-personalize Branded Templates

✓ B2B & Department specific email notification

✓ B2B Sign-up Option with approval process

✓ Multiple Payment & Invoice Option

✓ Role-based B2B Admin Access