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Is Direct Mail back? No, it actually never left

Some of the traditional issues with direct mail is the lack of necessary technology to deliver above average results. I would like to share our knowledge and experience that was obtained during my 35 years of direct mail experience. Our services will target your message with bullseye accuracy to save you money and make your current program more efficient. We have achieved the highest level of Soc 2 security so you can be confident your data as well as your collaterals are private and secure.
Your organization can take advantage of our vast experience in the Healthcare Industry to streamline the process and eliminate waste, which is critical to success of your campaign.
Learn how the incredibly powerful tool of Direct Mail Marketing can be an excellent way to get your message across to the proper targeted audience. Let us share with you our experience as well as Optamark’s solution to manage your direct mail campaign.

A Successful Direct Mail Program That Works.

Your success depends on your ability to communicate your message, It takes a lot of time and research to create the right program for your business. We make it easy to get your Direct Mail campaign off the ground in just six steps:

Immediate ROI on your direct mail

Over the years Direct mail has encountered competition to get your message out with electronic alternatives such as e-mail blasts.



Direct Mail coupled with e-mail marketing can work together to help increase your response rate even more. We work with you to develop a targeted, customized campaign that utilizes dynamic creative messaging, cohesive design and compelling calls-to-action.
Through technological advancements and data analysis, we are able to get the exact message in front of the right person. In addition to our website designs, we create both static and video marketing pieces that can be used through all channels of communication including social media, direct mail, billboards, etc.
Want to learn more about how Direct Mail combined with e-mail can be an incredibly powerful lead generation tool and how our software solution makes managing your direct mail programs so much easier?

Convenient and Affordable

When it comes to marketing, our most important goal is to help your business thrive.

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Every mailer is analyzed for postal analytics and optimal delivery, savings, and results.

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