Products that inspire.

With A Finger On The Pulse Of Current Retail Trends… Our Insights & Innovations team creates products that inspire action by leveraging customer experience, trend analysis, and the application of data analytics.

We do our due diligence to understand the needs of our clients, what their brand stands for, and what they seek to accomplish with their marketing campaign. We then quantify success in ways that can be objectively measured and evaluated.
Cultivating knowledge, developing understanding, analyzing data, and measuring results are the foundation for every merchandise program we put into action. This approach maximizes our chances of success and gives our clients insight and visibility into their brands that no one else can offer.


Bringing concepts to life.

Optamark’s in-house Design and Engineering teams provide the insight necessary to transform ideas from concept to reality. We combine expertise developed through formal study with decades of practical experience in manufacturing thousands of different products. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide invaluable guidance through each phase of the design process.


Perfect partnerships with trusted manufacturers.

Optamark graphics works with hundreds of local as well as overseas manufacturing partners to develop and manufacture extraordinary merchandise, promotional products, and retail-ready consumer goods.

Our success comes from developing a deep and intrinsic knowledge of each factory we work with, allowing us to partner with the right manufacturer for our each client. We’ve spent years developing our internal factory database, the most comprehensive and extensive profile of local and overseas manufacturers in the industry. This allows us to leverage relationships with over 1,500 overseas factories utilizing a dedicated team of sourcing professionals to vet, verify, and select the perfect partner on every project.


Ensuring Brand Integrity Through Supply Chain Transparency.

We employ a team of independent quality control personnel who maintain a physical presence on every production line. This unparalleled supply chain visibility is the key to uncompromising product quality. Our Quality Control and Testing teams take a hands-on approach to product integrity, ensuring both quality and safety.

We combine highly qualified people with exceptional process – Optamark is ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system. Our ISO 9001 certification reflects a system that ensures continuous quality improvement and product perfection. This dual-pronged commitment to safety and quality protects our brands and their customers.


Right Place, Right Time. Every Time.

Beneath The Surface Lies A Our Robust Ecosystem Working Around The Clock To Ensure That Your Products Reach Their Destination On-Time, Every Time.

We do so with the benefit of state-of-the-art distribution centers featuring over 2.5 million square feet of global storage space that fulfill over half a million orders annually. A fully mechanized 55,000 square foot robotic warehouse allows for rapid distribution of complex orders with exacting precision.


Online Merchandise Programs Tailored To Your Business.

We Create Customized ECommerce Platforms That Look Great, Are Easy To Use, And Serve The Business Needs Of Our Clients. Design, utility, user experience – those are the pillars of an effective eCommerce platform. Every eCommerce platform designed by our dedicated team of programmers is tailored to serve the look, needs, and audience of our clients.

These comprehensive eCommerce solutions are an integral component of an effective merchandising program. By seamlessly integrating the eCommerce front-end with our robust fulfillment ecosystem, our clients are able to order whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, leaving us to do the heavy lifting.

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