Customer Service

Why Optamark

Unlike many other franchise systems in the industry, our customer retention rate is built in at greater than 80%. This is largely due to our customization and personalization of web portals that allow for quick and easy re-orders for your clients thereby creating a system that operates independently. Because we help provide you with the tools to consistently innovate and provide faster quotes and service, you can expect a steady growth rate for your company and a dependable income stream.

How Optamark Works

With global partners in China, India, and multiple locations throughout the US, we can quickly service your needs to supply eye-catching promotional products, merchandise, and packing to create powerful and memorable statements for your brand. We know the importance and need for automation when brand purchasing and can work with you to create custom solutions to manage the process with ease.

We believe that an exceptional package will create a memorable first impression. That’s why we spend thousands of hours choosing our items to bring you a curated selection of only the highest quality swag so that you can be sure to build packs that match the quality of your brand.

Why franchise with Optamark

Many Optamark franchisees choose Optamark because they are seeking a simpler way to generate revenue while increasing flexibility in their lifestyle. The hallmarks of our business system support those goals:

  • Low-cost operational model does not require a storefront, making it easier to get up and running thereby decreasing the time to break-even.
  • Majoirity of the services can be performed by Sales representatives, leaving the franchise owner the time and focus to manage, grow and enjoy their business.
  • Our franchise management team focuses on continuously improving the business system, to increase operational efficiency and raise our franchisee profit margins.
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