Optamark has a widespread brand footprint and we are still expanding in other regions throughout the country. Optamark is planning on adding even more locations in expansion markets and available territories nationwide.

Optamark also generates growth by providing an excellent value proposition for franchisees. Since Optamark does not require the franchisee to purchase their own machinery, we can provide access to innovative technology and equipment to help run the business, greatly increasing efficiency and profitability. Optamark offers a home-based business model franchisees do not take on costs, delays or risks associated with operating a retail location.

Initiatives supporting the continuous improvement of our best-in-class customer experience include:
  • Mobile software platform
  • Direct Pricing and an Online Store Front
  • Regular Vendor Updates
  • Best-in-class Equipment Technology and Product Mix
Points of focus include:
  • Start-up ease: no retail location required, no costly outfitting
  • Competitively low start up costs.
  • Strong unit-level economics with adjustable gross profit margins
  • A simple, scalable business model
  • Recurring revenue streams, enabling investments in growth

*48% of total franchisees that responded to survey attained or surpassed this Gross Profit Margin, of Optamark businesses that operated for one full year or more as of December 31, 2016. There is no assurance you will achieve these results. This is not an offer to purchase a franchise. Offers are made by a franchise disclosure document only.

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