How Many Promotional Products Do You Need for Trade Shows & Conventions?

How Many Promotional Products Do You Need for Trade Shows & Conventions
How Many Promotional Products Do You Need for Trade Shows & Conventions

How Many Promotional Products Do You Need for Trade Shows & Conventions?

With more in-person events on the horizon, is your business ready to join in? If yes, it’s important to figure out what goodies you want to give out to people who stop by your booth. But here’s the thing: deciding how many promo products to order for each event needs a bit of planning. That’s why we’ve made this guide.

Keep reading to find out how to decide on the right amount of promo products for your next trade show giveaways, conventions, or events.

Step One: Consider the Number of Attendees

Consider the Number of Attendees

When choosing which marketing materials to order, start by estimating how many people you expect to attend the event. Typically, the organizers can give you an estimate based on past years. But remember, this number isn’t set in stone. Consider factors that could affect attendance this year.

After the challenges of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, there’s good news: attendance at trade shows and conventions is bouncing back in 2024. Many organizations across various industries are keen to participate in in-person events again. As attendance grows, it’s crucial to also keep an eye on similar gatherings in your industry. This helps you spot any significant increases that could impact the event your company plans to attend.

Step Two: Determine Your Swag Goals

Determine Your Swag Goals

The number of custom promotional products your business gives out at an event depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re just handing out branded goodies without any extra steps, you’ll probably need a bunch. In this case, people walking around with your branded stuff are already spreading the word about your brand.

But if there’s something interactive involved, like signing up for a contact list or playing a game, you won’t need as many products. Instead of giving out lots of the same thing, you might offer a variety of items.

Step Three: Plan Your Booth Setup

Plan Your Booth Setup

Now it’s time to think about where your booth is located in the convention hall and how you want to arrange it. If you’re near the entrance or in a busy area, you’ll probably need more promotional items compared to if you’re tucked away in a corner.

Also, think about whether attendees can help themselves to the items like grab bags on a table, or if someone from your booth needs to hand them out. You’ll likely use up more items if they’re easily accessible, so be prepared. And remember, having eye-catching custom trade show displays can attract more visitors to your booth.

Step Four: Match Your Printed Marketing Materials

Match Your Printed Marketing Materials

Another important thing to think about is how well each item goes with your printed marketing materials. For instance, if your company is giving out promotional calendars, do they match your business cards? Or if you have brochures, maybe you want to grab their attention with something big, like a coffee tumbler or a laptop bag.

Think about what people usually carry around at trade shows. Then, figure out how to pair your informational materials with the fun stuff to catch their eye.

Step Five: Think About Future Events

Think About Future Events

The cool thing about most promo items is that they don’t expire. So, even if you end up with extra, no worries! You can use them at future trade shows and events. When deciding how many of each item to get, don’t hesitate to buy in bulk to make the most impact.

Why buy in bulk? Well, besides getting more impressions, it ensures you won’t run out. Plus, buying in bulk lets you spread the cost across multiple events in the same year. And trust me, bulk pricing is usually better than ordering small batches.

Step Six: Plan Your Spending

Plan Your Spending

Finally, it’s time for your company to decide how much money you can spend on promotional products. Think about whether you can splash out on fancy tech gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, phone chargers, or laptop bags. If not, you can always stick to smaller items like sticky notes, coffee mugs, pens, and notebooks.

And don’t forget about packaging! What will you use to package these goodies before giving them out? Will you need totes or plastic bags to make swag bags? Are you thinking about buying any of these items in bulk? Considering these things carefully is key to planning your budget wisely.

Bonus: Don’t Forget Staff and Office Needs!

Don't Forget Staff and Office Needs!

When you’re ordering stuff for a convention or trade show giveaways, it’s not just about what you give to attendees. You also need to think about what your staff might need.

For instance, think about shirts with your business logo on them. Custom Pens, notepads, and other things your team can use at the booth are also important for giving off a professional vibe. So, before you place an order, make sure you’ve got everything your staff might need for the event.

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