How to Maximize ROI for Your Event Using Wide Format Printing Services

How to Maximize ROI for Your Event Using Wide Format Printing Services
How to Maximize ROI for Your Event Using Wide Format Printing Services

How to Maximize ROI for Your Event Using Wide Format Printing Services

Are you preparing for a big event or tradeshow and want your brand to make an impact? Wide-format printing services might be the perfect solution! This approach allows you to produce large, custom graphics that will attract the attention of attendees, ensuring your event becomes a highlight.

Wide-format printing is ideal for large events. It allows you to produce big, bold signs that showcase your brand’s personality. Plus, it’s an excellent way to combine all your advertising elements, ensuring everything looks cohesive and professional.

Take, for example, a local music festival that used wide format printing for their banners and posters. This approach not only made the festival more visually appealing and professional but also helped draw in a bigger audience. It’s a perfect example of how wide-format printing can strengthen your event branding and improve investment returns.

What Is Wide Format Printing?

What Is Wide Format Printing?

Wide-format printing is a great tool for bringing your large-scale ideas to life on various materials like vinyl, fabric, and solid boards. What’s impressive about this method is its ability to produce really large graphics while maintaining excellent image quality – your prints remain sharp, vibrant, and clear.

These printers are incredibly adaptable and capable of creating a range of shapes and sizes. They’re ideal for creating striking banners for trade shows or unique backdrops for events. Large prints like these are great at drawing attention and conveying your message.

Pairing these large, impactful prints with smaller marketing materials makes an even stronger impression. This combination ensures that your event, its organizers, or sponsors stay at the forefront of attendees’ minds. Wide-format printing is more than just about size; it’s about creating a lasting impact and ensuring your message is noticed.

What Events Can Benefit from Wide Format Printing Services?

Wide-format printing services are incredibly flexible and can make a significant difference at a variety of events, such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Festivals
  • Local Community Gatherings
  • Corporate and Private Parties
  • Pop-up Events
  • Weddings
  • Political Campaign Events

For example, wide-format printing can be used to create visually striking banners, posters, and window displays. These not only welcome people to various events like community gatherings or trade shows but also guide them where they need to go. Additionally, these printing services are great for making informative signs and posters for important events, such as political rallies or community blood drives.

How Can You Brand an Event with Wide Format Printing?

How Can You Brand an Event with Wide Format Printing?

Event branding is about using a variety of methods to highlight your brand during live events. This can be achieved with standout logo designs or a color scheme that’s distinct to your brand. A smart way to create a consistent brand look is by crafting custom signs with wide-format printing services.

Wide-format printing is a kind of printing that can handle really big sizes, from 20 inches up to 120 inches – that’s as big as 10 feet! It’s perfect for making things like banners, posters, and graphics for trade shows.

Signs with visually appealing graphics and bold colors are fantastic for attracting people to your event. Once they arrive, these large printed items are essential in guiding attendees, and informing them about the various activities and opportunities available at the event.

Maximize ROI Using Wide Format Printing Services:

Maximize ROI Using Wide Format Printing Services

  • Wide-format printing involves creating graphics on big materials, perfect for various events like community gatherings, festivals, and trade shows.
  • Using large-format printing can boost your event’s return on investment by giving your brand a unified and striking look.
  • These big printers are fantastic for making eye-catching signs that draw people to your event.
  • The wonderful aspect of this type of printing is that many of the materials used, such as those for trade show booths, banners, and signs, are durable enough for multiple uses. This not only benefits your budget but also reduces waste.
  • Optamark Graphics offers top-notch printing services that can play a big part in making your next event a hit.

5 Tips to Elevate Your Next Event

1. Start Marketing Early:

Start Marketing Early

It’s really important to start promoting your event early, whether you’re using social media or paid ads. This early stage is also the perfect opportunity to think up and plan out the overall experience you want your brand to offer.

2. Create an Online Presence:

Create an Online Presence

Even though most of your branding work will happen at your event, setting up an online presence with a good website and social media ads can boost your success. It’s key to ensure that everything, from start to finish, is easy and enjoyable for your users.

3. Draw In Attendees From the Start:

Draw In Attendees From the Start

Using large signs and branded accessories that reflect your brand’s personality and provide information about your event is a fantastic way to draw in and engage attendees right from the get-go.

4. Use Consistent Branding:

Use Consistent Branding

Everything you create for your event, from large signs to printed items like brochures and business cards, should match your brand’s style. Using the same colors, fonts, and design style across all these elements helps to give your event a consistent and seamless look.

5. Invest in Small Details:

Invest in Small Details

Paying attention to your brand is as crucial for small things as it is for the big stuff. When you’re making smaller items for your event, like napkins, flyers, or nametags, remember to make sure they match your brand’s style.


No matter the size of your event, using bright, top-quality graphics is key to drawing in customers, sharing information about your event, and boosting your return on investment. At Optamark Graphics, we offer a wide range of custom large-format printing options, from trade show booths and display signs to window wraps and even promotional items like pens, table covers, and shirts.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Just share your design ideas for the event, ask for a free quote, and get advice from our design experts. Once your designs are printed and ready, we even offer professional installation services.

Our skilled printers and designers are with you at every step of your event planning, making sure your products make an impression!

  • How can I ensure my wide-format prints stand out?

Use bold colors, and clear messaging, and place them strategically for maximum visibility.

  • Are wide-format prints reusable?

Yes, many wide-format prints, especially those made with durable materials, can be reused for multiple events.

  • What’s the best way to incorporate branding into wide-format prints?

Use your brand colors, logos, and taglines consistently across all prints to reinforce brand identity.

  • Can wide-format printing be used for small-scale events?

Absolutely! Wide format prints can be scaled to suit the size and scope of any event, big or small.

  • How do I choose the right material for my wide-format prints?

Consider factors like indoor or outdoor use, durability, and the overall look you want to achieve. Your printing partner can guide you in making the best choice.

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