Make a Statement: 6 Clever Ways to Use Branded Apparel in Event Promoting

Make a Statement: 6 Clever Ways to Use Branded Apparel in Event Promoting
Make a Statement: 6 Clever Ways to Use Branded Apparel in Event Promoting

Make a Statement: 6 Clever Ways to Use Branded Apparel in Event Promoting

When planning your upcoming event, a striking promotional approach can spark conversations and boost attendance. Branded apparel is a powerful tool for this, effectively combining promotion and brand recognition. Surprisingly, about 90% of recipients remember the company behind a branded item.

So, put branded apparel to work for your company. Here are 7 clever ways you can use it to make an impression with your event promotion, ensuring that potential customers remember your brand’s name and are curious about it before the event even begins.

1. Offer branded apparel as a giveaway item

Offer branded apparel as a giveaway item

Ever thought of your attendees as walking advertisements? Well, with branded apparel, they can be! Imagine hundreds of people sporting your logo, creating a living, breathing billboard. This is a great way to get noticed, and the more unique your apparel, the more eyes you’ll draw.
It’s a fusion of fashion and marketing, where each apparel acts as a canvas showcasing your brand, turning heads, and sparking conversations. This approach not only boosts awareness during the event but also creates a lasting impression, as these walking billboards continue to promote your brand long after the event concludes.

2. Quality Matters: Choosing the Right Material

 Quality Matters: Choosing the Right Material

Keep in mind that the quality of your branded apparel mirrors the standards of your brand. Comfort is key; nobody likes to wear scratchy or uncomfortable clothes. By choosing high-quality materials, you not only enhance your brand’s image but also boost the likelihood that people will continue to wear your apparel long after the event. This ongoing usage extends the reach of your brand and reinforces a positive image in the minds of both the wearers and those who see them. High-quality apparel is not just promotional gear; it’s a long-term investment in your brand’s visibility and reputation.

3. Themed Attire: Aligning with Your Event

Themed Attire: Aligning with Your Event

Themed apparel is more than just enjoyable; it’s a clever tactic. Matching the theme of your apparel to the event, be it a sports gathering or a tech conference, builds a compatible and visually appealing atmosphere. This approach aligns the attire with the spirit of the event, creating a sense of unity and belonging among attendees. It’s similar to narrating a story where your brand plays the leading role. This strategy not only makes the event memorable but also strengthens the connection between your brand and the theme, leaving a lasting impression on participants. This way, your brand doesn’t just participate in the event; it becomes an integral, unforgettable part of the experience.

4. Limited Editions: The Exclusive Touch

Limited Editions: The Exclusive Touch

Everyone likes feeling special, right? When you offer limited-edition clothing, it makes people want it more because they know not everyone can have it. It’s a smart way to make your guests feel important, like they’re part of a special group. At the same time, they help spread the word about your brand. This kind of clothing is not just a gift; it’s a way to get your guests excited and talking about your event and brand. Plus, the rarity of these items means people are likely to keep and wear them long after the event, keeping your brand in sight.

5. Hashtags and Selfies: post their branded apparel on socials

Hashtags and Selfies: post their branded apparel on socials

If there’s no photo, it didn’t happen,” right? So, pick apparel that looks good and is photo-friendly. This way, people will want to share pictures of themselves wearing it on social media.

Think about it: over 4 billion people use social media worldwide, and each person at your event probably has a group of friends and followers online. When they post photos wearing your branded clothes, lots of different people will see it, which is great for getting your brand known.

To encourage this, you could offer special deals, codes for free stuff, or other gifts if people share photos wearing your brand on Facebook or Instagram. They can get these rewards at the event itself for joining in.

6. Outfit your event staff and employees

Outfit your event staff and employees

When they’re working the event, your employees or event staff will benefit from being in uniform. This not only makes it easy for your team to stay more organized, but it also makes it easy for eventgoers to identify them and ease the confusion.

Let your team have a say in the apparel they’ll wear at the event. If it fits your company’s style and the event, think about splitting your staff into groups with different colored outfits. Dress them in t-shirts, polo shirts, or other clothes that match your company’s look.

The key thing is to make sure the staff’s clothes are different from what the attendees are wearing. This way, people will easily spot your team and approach them for help. It’s a great way to start conversations between your staff and the guests.


With the right plan and some quality branded apparel to help you pull it off, you’re just a few steps away from promoting a successful event.
The six examples above will help get you started, enabling you to build anticipation, encourage higher participation, and get the best return on investment (ROI) for branded merchandise you purchase when producing and promoting your event.

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