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An expensive television commercial or billboard takes a brand’s visibility wide and far, but there is a catch. The customer gets only a few seconds to catch a glimpse. If the brand does not attract the customer’s attention within this short duration, the advertising campaign will fail to yield the desired results.


This is where marketing promotional products come into the picture. They are small but fruitful. And the reach is deep and personal. Devising an advertisement strategy around marketing promotional products goes a long way in promoting company, corporate, brand or events. 


Do not get blinded by the digital overdose. Marketing promotional Items  have always been an integral part of a company’s promotional plans and remain so to this day. When the requirement is beyond the instant impression, promotional marketing items hold the key.


They say, in the USA the first-ever promotional products were commemorative buttons that were part of the George Washington 1789 election campaign. This was followed by advertising calendars and wooden rulers. The promotional products market got organized by the late 19th Century. Since then, there has been no looking back.

At Optamark Graphics, almost anything can be branded with the company’s logo or message and merchandised as a promotional item. While apparel and wearable items have always been in high demand, in recent times environment-friendly and renewable material-based promotional marketing items are drawing a lot of attention.

Achieve these targets with promotional marketing materials:


Business or company promotion is a continuous process. The theme and subject of television, custom print products  and billboard commercials may change every time. But once-designed marketing promotional Items can be reproduced for years to attract new customers.

These are handy tools for putting across the benefits of your products or services to the customer. It ensures long-run campaigns, brings in new customers and helps achieve targets and profits.

Small functional items act as a voice to send out the brand message loud and clear. They may come in small packets or size, but the potential of promotional marketing materials to increase brand awareness, disseminate appropriate information, increase customer traffic and build sales and profiles should never be underestimated.

Physical branded products last long. Make the initial investment in promotional items and let returns keep going for years. It is a simple way to leave a positive impact and strengthen bonds with the customer.


Years of experience make Optamark Graphics a leader in providing any assistance in coming up with the best designed marketing promotional Items.


Always keep the basics in mind while selecting the right designs. With promotional items as a vital channel in the marketing strategy, keep the message short, stick to the brand color, and pick useful products. It makes the promotional campaign versatile.

For bang for your buck, standing out from the competition, building customer loyalty, and raising the brand profile, marketing promotional products are a one-stop solution.


For streamlined processes

Enter Optamark’s fantastic web-to-print customizable portal. This concept isn’t just about concentrating your print and promotional collateral into one place. Rather, it offers a more relevant service that brings a full spectrum of customer initiatives into a single application.

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