In this video Tarang Gosalia, CEO of Optamark Graphics is presenting an opportunity to the candidate who wants to join a company as an affiliate marketer. Starting from where his parents were the owners of a franchise called Sir Speedy Printing. It was based on a small brick and mortar model. They intake the information in the US, analyze the work, and offshore that in operations in India. After his graduation, he observed it because of his interest in the marketing business, and from there he started providing other products and services like printing services like business cards, employment kits, etc. promotional items, sending them to brokers, digital marketing services, etc. In the company, there is software created for individuals like freelancers, consultants, brand manager for an effective run of the business where anyone can work as an affiliate or a franchisee owner. An affiliate is the person who generates leads for the company and once he/she will gain experience, they can own a franchise. An Affiliate will be selected on the basis of three qualities.
1. Should have Tenacity and wherewithal to run their own business.
2. On the basis of experience.
3. Hunger or want to grow.

After this he/she will be getting an access to the platform called OPTAHUB. (it is like amazon where you search and buy the products and also sell it as a wholesaler)

As an Affiliater, their main responsibility will be generating quality leads for company’s product and services. It can be done by digital marketing services offered by the company itself.

>They will have to enter their basic information for sign in to the system.

>Under the column marketing, there are different packages like email marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, etc. will have to narrow down what audience we want to attract and generate leads.

>Then the most important thing, they will have to create an estimation project to show the client. The project will allow you to find the product or services of the company. Make an estimation by entering all the required details and send it to the client with the name of the franchisee on it under the name of Optamark Graphics so both can work strategically as one united front to help grow the business.

>For each and every process you do, you will get dedicated reps virtually helping you on preparing your estimate both digital and printing and promotional.

>Once we have all the information and created a project. we would set up a company store front for the client for free. Where they can go and place the order of any products or services they want.
If we want to customize the product for the client like art work, size, color for any product. it will take only few minutes to create an estimation for the client and there is markup calculator which gives you flexibility to know how to be able to price the jobs.

It will give you the exact idea of price cost to MSRP cost and also They have a network of vendors and affiliates in the site for effectively source stuff trying to give you an actual marketing plan.

The candidate will have to just go and nurture the leads, conduct sales, and enter orders in the system. Everything else will be done by the company like back-office support, administration support, cost of goods sold, etc. And the candidate will get 35% commission on each job they do.

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