How to Navigate Pricing and Portals?

Continuing the conversation post sale and consulting, it’s time to build the portal. After each item is cross verified, proof and audited, the portal is presented to the client, which we review in this video.
Here is a video that covers the PITCH:
Minutes of Meetings
2:05: Pack & Pull pricing. 
5:13: Our print shop is extremely versatile.
5:32: Storefront and usage explained. 
7:00: Print example and pricing based on quantity that is needed.
7:48: Add to cart, get the file, we’ll print it out on demand and get it out for you guys.
9:57: Promo items and appropriate quoting. 
11:26: Inventory – current level and reorder level.
14:03: We can make any conceptual product happen in terms of whatever you need- apparel, promotion products, a custom piece, you name it we can source it. 
14:41: Based on the user the billing gets assigned to them that way – admin access can see orders placed by whom and what department with all order history. 
15:45: B2B storefront so you need a login so the general public doesn’t get in to it.
19:39: There is no additional cost to add products to the storefront – you don’t have to order it right now, but we’ll have it ready to go and put it into inventory.
First we give the client login credentials and then go about the storefront and users experience.
We take an example of a client whom is:
Industrial Scientific

From brochures, promo, and tradeshow, we can make any conceptual product happen in terms of whatever you may need in this customized ordering system. 

Apparel, promotional products, and custom pieces, you name it, we will source it and add it to your portal at no additional cost.

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