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Do you want to print advertisements
and flyers for your company? Are you finding it
painful to create new designs for your calendars and
publications? Is an eye-appealing graphic
layout for your promotional products
what you are looking for?

Optamark is the
right place for you!

We not only publicize your messages explicitly throughout the world to attract new customers, but also create a unique design to reflect the status of your business. We work to give a lasting impression to customers. Our loyal dedication to automating your marketing supply chain has created a lot of happy clients.

Why choose us?

Well, in simple words, we provide the best print of your products and services which you won’t find anywhere else. We provide an All in One Solution!

Types of featured products and services we perform

We provide exceptional forms of Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, Presentation folders, Calendars, Catalogs and journals , Labels and stickers And the list goes on…Whatever you want to print, we have it within our grip!

We turn your dreams into substance

You dream of creating a unique catchy digital print of your promotional product to heighten your business, and we turn it into reality with our years of experience and skilled staff.

Creativity is at its pinnacle

We are known for our creativity in print technology. We use best in the industry softwares to mold and give a new shape and layout to your old files, flyers and any marketing collateral.

High Quality

Customers are assured of the high-quality control results from us. Having close well-bonded relations with the production and manufacturing partners helps in creating a product with a refined quality fit to serve your business model.

Reasonably in budget

We produce our work at a very cheap rate. You are saved from hiring a print department with a lot of personnel working in it. We help in diminishing a good amount of cost from acquiring a print department to handle the company’s promotional products.

Create the best brand image

We help in creating the best brand image and your logo for enhancing your business on different social media platforms. The logo is the single most identity of a business. It’s the logo that people recognize.

Good impression!

A well-developed graphic design for your website and your products can build your relationship with your clients and leave a good impression. This will slowly conceive a way for businesses to step forward.

Pack and pull process

One thing that really sets us apart from other print services is our customer service. We take pre-printed items from our warehouse, pack them up and ship them all on the same day.

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technological products

What makes us
different from others?

You might be wondering how we have established ourselves in print for the last several years. Whether you are mid-sized or multinational, you can apply any of our state-of-the-art solutions to bring your message to market. We use technological innovations to suit our needs and satisfy our customers.

Heatset web

Web printing is exemplary for direct mail, magazines, custom booklets, card carriers, brochures, and even door hangers. We guarantee your product is completed swiftly, efficiently and on budget.


Digital print

We always keep up with the latest technologies that are obtainable in the market. With hundreds of paper stocks, copious special coatings, and even security inks, we have everything that you need. Our highly intensified digital press can handle larger files than you can dream of.

Retail packaging and folding cartons

We have absolute expertise and experience to superintend packaging solutions to effectively protect and elevate your product.

Eight color H-UV press

We have our own innovative eight-color H-UV and Conventional sheetfed which provides us phenomenal advantages in printing the best for our customers.


1. Faster print with instantaneous-dry ink
2. Consistent ink expense so your print job will look flawless
3. There are several options for special coatings, and varnishes
4. Ability to print 120,000, four color flyers in an hour – which is a plus in finishing your project on time.


Perfect finishing touch

Our work ends with a perfectly impeccable finishing touch like icing on a cake. Our finishing touch combines:

✔ Perfect binding
✔ Folding
✔ Stamping
✔ Die-cutting
✔ Stitching
✔ Gluing
✔ Embossing
We ensure our work will make you stand out in the crowd and get ahead in the competing market.
We are well known among our equals and we provide the best graphic design, printing, and promotional products that you need to intensify your business worldwide and help in making your business dreams come true!

You design it and we will create it!

We only offer a customized shower of trendy tops or glam up your coats but also every other type of apparel including masks and other garments that you aspire into your closet.

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