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4D Lenticular Prints

Want your prints to have a new dimension? With 4D Lenticular Prints create an illusion of depth for your customers.

Overview :

The message is displayed twice in the print. This illusion created to fascinate the customers is called 4D Lenticular Prints. The images give an impression of being moved on tilting or viewing them at various angles. It is an engaging way to display supporting messages, before and after photographs specially if you are a car dealer or groomer, visual aid projects, business cards, and so on.

4D prints have the capacity to grab your attention by pointing towards the details that you have been looking for even without the knowledge of having it in the print. This ninja technique is not only affordable but also unique and therefore can be used as a widely accepted marketing tactic. One of the mesmerizing things about 4D prints is whether a small sheet of paper or a huge billboard, 4D lenticular print has an equal effect in both the cases.

Some features of 4D Lenticular Prints with us :
  • Custom sizes.
  • Availability of Several stock sizes.
  • Availability of numerous coating options.
  • The backing is printed in normal 4 color processes.
  • Total thickness with 4D plastic viewer and backing is 21pt.
  • The 4D effect will be on the front.
  • Our lenticular sheets are 75 Lenticules Per Inch.

Why Optamark ?

Optamark is a one-stop solution satisfying the essentials of numerous verticals. We have the capability to provide an ideal product for an exquisite presentation of your venture. We want to style your business card with our excellent 4D lenticular print services for the clients and the customers.

Free Delivery for the Locals

Avail our free local delivery service for a lot of locations thus saving a lot of time and money.

Impeccable Printing

With our skilled professionals putting hands on top-class production equipment, experience an exquisite quality print.

The Turnaround Race

We are aware of the momentum of the market and therefore we offer a speedy turnaround time with same day delivery in a few locations as well.

Direct Mailing

Not an expert? Have a tight pocket? So what? It is not even expected for escalation of your business. We are here to help you. Just provide the mailing list and we do the rest.

Estimated Delivery Date

The estimated delivery time solely depends on the order, the type of artwork on the card depending on your venture, the number of copies you require, shipping method, and where the request is destined.

Product Specification

An ideal size is 125″ bleed for 4D prints.

We have two choices for the size : 3.5 X 2 and 4 X 6

For the image flip we have two options :

1. Two Image Flip
4/0- Both the images for the front
4/4- Two Images in the front one at the back

2. Three Image Flip
4/0- All the three images at the front
4/4- Three for the front and one for the back

Round Corners :

Either 1/4″ Radius or 1/8″ radius

Type of Paper Description
21 Point Absorbent Surface and 4 Color printing

Note: For 4D lenticular print there is no coating option.