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Optamark makes sure that with your brand awareness your marketing message is spread widely across. Therefore it introduces a customized Write-on Wipe-off message center and a scribbler at your service.

Overview :

If you are thinking to invest on an item it is normally for the product branding of your business. Logos are considered to be the face of the company. Logos are impactful and memorable. Imprinting your business logo on a board marks your presence in the market. This creates an identification and recognition of your business in the market. Optamark aids in distinguishing your products and services from others by providing a competitive edge over the others. We imprint your logo and effective messages on your products in such a way that your clients and consumers get a clear view about what can be expected from your company.

Optamark has two kinds of boards in its kitty to offer you:
1.Write-on wipe-off message center

Whatever news you want to show this illumination write-on wipe-off message center will help to grab the attention of the readers. Hang it on a hook or use the easel on the back. It is white and features a flashing blue on/off illumination, a strong magnet on the back (for use on filing cabinets and refrigerators), and it measures 4 3/8″ x 4 5/16″ with an imprint area of 1 1/4″ x 3/4″.

Love to share your thoughts? Scribbler is there for you! It is simple to jot down your thoughts on the scribbler by scribbling the note on the stick anywhere dry-erase the whiteboard. The notes can be easily jotted anywhere- fridge, desk, car dashboard or console, bedroom wall, bathroom mirror, etc. It has a bold dry-erase marker with convenient eraser cap. Slot for easy storage of marker. No adhesive, non-magnetic, movable, reusable, washable. Patent Pending. Due to its flexibility, it conforms to curved surfaces as compared to other whiteboards. Sticky Pad Technology grips most smooth surfaces including vinyl, wood, metal, plastic, laminate, etc.

Why Optamark ?

Optamark is a one-stop solution satisfying the essentials of numerous verticals. We have the capability to provide an ideal product for an exquisite presentation of your venture. We want to style your business card with our excellent counter card print services for the clients and the customers.

Free Delivery for the Locals

Avail our free local delivery service for a lot of locations thus saving a lot of time and money.

Impeccable Printing

With our skilled professionals putting hands on top-class production equipment, experience an exquisite quality print.

The Turnaround Race

We are aware of the momentum of the market and therefore we offer a speedy turnaround time with same day delivery in a few locations as well.

Estimated Delivery Date

The estimated delivery time solely depends on the order, the type of artwork on the card depending on your venture, the number of copies you require, shipping method, and where the request is destined.

Product Specification

Depending on the size, shape, and material of the boards you have selected from our range, we serve for the imprinting as well framing your essentials. If you have a board of your own and want to get it customized, we are again there for you. You can bank upon us for a reliable imprint service. For a detailed specification, browse through our products available with all the relevant information.