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Bottle Neck Hang Tags

Bootle Neck Hang Tags are an ideal method to showcase products to the audience & attract them. They picture-perfect option for bottles, jars or anything with a slim neck. One can use it as a promotional tag, label, coupons, etc.

Overview :

As the name suggests, Bottle Neck Hang Tags are located on the neck of any bottle. Most of the times you will find such tags on the bottles of beer, wine or spirits. However, you can place them on the other beverages as well. People nowadays are also utilizing these tags for perfume or body wash. One can also use it in Gifts to add a touch of personalization.

Bootle Neck Hang Tags can be a great option for investment. In fact, these tags are proving to be highly effective and the costing is that much not high. With the help of these tags, one can track the ROI using barcode or promotion codes. Easy to use and understand. That is the reason why they’re getting popular with every passing day in the market.

Key Features Of Bottle Neck Hang Tags
  • Highly suitable for wine & beer bottle
  • Great option for vitamin & supplement
  • Facility for customization
  • Plenty of coating options
  • Helps to attract customers
  • Brand image front & center

Why Optamark ?

In the field of Digital Printing, you will not get a better option than Optamark Graphics. The experience and the knowledge that we have got by working in the field for the last 25 years helps us to create some of the world-class solutions. Over the years, our aim has been to provide services that can help business to grow and maximize their ROI.

Top Quality Print

By partnering with us, you will ensure a top-quality print which will be customized as per your own requirements.

Free Of Cost Delivery

We never charge any money for any of our printing delievery and we’re following this rule for the last 25 years.

Direct Mailing

You don’t need to be a technical expert to deal with us. Just mail us your requirement and avail a classy solution.

Less Time-To-Market

We know the time & money you’re investing in us and that’s why always we focus on keeping a fast turnaround time.

Estimated Delivery Date

Normally, you will see a fix estimated delivery date in any industry. However, in the printing industry, you can’t fix the delivery date. The delivery date depends on a variety of factors such as Shipping Method, Location, Level Of Customization, Quantity, Features, Type Of Paper, Level Of Finishing and many more things.

Product Specification

Optamarks offers you with three types of pocket options for Bottle Neck Hang Tags:

  • Spot UV
  • Matte
  • UV Coating

There are three types of paper that you can choose from:

14 PT Uncoated Traditional card stock and allows you to directly write on the card.
16 PT C2S Thicker & heavier than 14 PT. Mostly utilized by customers.
18 PT C1S Thicker & heavier than 16 PT. Mostly utilized by customers.

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