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Hang Tags

Want to build your brand and stand out from the crowd? Then, opt for our customized printed Hang Tags. Hang Tags are not only about the product, but they also reflect your business ideology & thinking.

Overview :

Are you someone who is in the field of retail? Then, you must be knowing a thing or tow about Hang Tags. We’re in the digital era, but printed Hang Tags are something customers often search for while shopping. In addition to offering essential information about various products, they help you to boost your brand and also take it to the next level.

In a laymen term, Hang Tags are nothing but the label that you see on the piece of clothing. It comprises information such as manufacturer name, type of fabric, instructions, etc. Hang Tags are not for showing price, they represent your brand value. Therefore, it becomes place it at the right location. Nowadays, companies are investing a lot in this area.

Key Features Of Hang Tags
  • Standard & custom sizes
  • 32, 48, 64 & 80-point thickness
  • Color seam option for center
  • Premium white stock
  • Option for customization
  • Drilling & die-cutting option for custom tags

Why Optamark ?

Optamark is an all-in-one store for printing services. Be it Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Wide-Format Printing, Screen Printing or DTG Printing, Optamark is at the helm of everything. Over the last 25 years, we have worked with a variety of business verticals and provided them a world-class solution related to Hang Tags.

Free Delivery

Save your time & money by partnering with us. We offer free local delivery at numerous locations across the globe.

No Need Of Expertise

You don’t have to be an expert in your business. Just mail us the details & we will provide the best printing solution.

Best In The Business Print

Our highly qualified printing professionals will ensure the best in the business print as per your specific needs.

Quick Response

We know the time you’re investing in us is vital. That’s why we try to deliver the products on the same day of order.

Estimated Delivery Date

There is no fixed date for the delivery. The date will vary depending on your shipping method as well as the delivery destination. The delivery date will also depend on the type of product you need, the level of customization, quantity and many more thing.

Product Specification

Optamarks offers you with three types of options of custom Hang Tags :

  • Aqueous Both Sides
  • Aqueous One Side
  • Aqueous On Front Only

Note: Custom tags have an option for Drilling & Die-Cutting.

10 PT C1/S Cover The glossy coating on one side, unglossy on others.
100 LB Classic Crest Cover Best in performance, quality, compatibility & availability.
100 LB Gloss Cover Thick premium cover with glassy soft luster on both sides.
100 LB Matte Cover Coated with low-glass or dull finish.
100 LB Uncoated Cover Heaviest cover stock and more absorbent surface.
12 PT C1/S Cover The glossy coating on one side, unglossy on another.

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