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Header Cards

Looking for a custom Header Cards solution? Then, why wait for anything special to happen? Connect with Optamark Graphics. We’re one of top-notch Digital Printing agency that provides high-quality Header Cards solution.

Overview :

Header Cards provides you with the most effective way of showcasing your products to the audience. There are two significant purposes which can be served through the use of Header Cards – Sealing the poly bag and Product Branding. Header Cards are getting popular with every day due to their cost-effectiveness. You can also hang it on a stand or a rack.

Many businesses are utilizing Header Cards to use their merchandise bag as a cost-effective form of packaging. Generally, you fold the Header Cards into half and then, utilize it for sealing the bag. Header Cards are a perfect option for startups and store owners who want to pack their products in a rapid manner. There is also an option for UV coating.

Key Features Of Header Cards
  • Highly suitable for Foods & Snacks
  • Great option for Games & Toys
  • Facility for high-level customization
  • Plenty of coating options
  • An ideal option for displaying the products
  • Perfect finishing and UV coating

Why Optamark ?

Optamark Graphics is one of the top-rated Digital Printing Agency that provides customized printing solutions to various business verticals around the globe. Over the last 25 years or so, we have created some of the most fascinating printing solutions that can help business to grow. Here’s a list of reason for which you should choose us for Printing.

Less Time-To-Market

We know the time & money you’re investing in us and that’s why always we focus on keeping a fast turnaround time.

Client-First Approach

We treat each of client as our valuable asset and therefore, we do everything possible to make them happy & satisfied.

Top Quality Print

By partnering with us, you will ensure a top-quality print which will be customized as per your own requirements.

Years Of Experience

We have been in the industry for the last 25 years and based on that, we’re able to provide quality solutions to all.

Estimated Delivery Date

There is no fixed date that you can associate with the delivery of a Header Card. The reason behind that, delivery date depends on the shipping methods and delivery location. In addition to all these, delivery date makes its basis on many other factors as the level of customization, quantity, features, type of paper, level of finishing, etc.

Product Specification

Optamarks offers you with three types of pocket options for Header Cards:

  • UV Coating
  • Spot UV
  • Matte

There are two types of paper that you can choose from:

14 PT Uncoated Traditional card stock and allows you to directly write on the card.
14 PT C2S Thicker & heavier than 14 PT. Mostly utilized by customers.