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Tear-off Cards

Want to promote your company and product/service? We bring you the concept of Tear-off cards, a 2-in-1 promotional piece allowing to print the info in the postcard area and using the split part for business or memberships, coupons, and so on. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Overview :

“Convenience at its best”-This tag line is well-suited for Tear-off cards. If you are looking to haunt your customers’ minds for long, then opt for Tear-Off cards. The card has two parts. One is for the info related to your products, services or business and the other part serves your customers with memberships, tickets, coupons, etc. This multi-purpose card leaves a mark behind due to these advertising tactics with convenience.

Thus, in other words, the tear-off cards serve you with great flexibility and thus passes the information to your customers about your business. This enhances brand visibility and gives a competitive edge over others in marketing, products, events, etc.

Features of Tear-off cards you get with us:
  • Gloss and Matte Paper Stocks
  • Direct Mail Process
  • Numbering
  • Custom Die-cut

Why Optamark ?

Optamark is a one-stop solution satisfying the essentials of numerous verticals. We have the capability to provide an ideal product for an exquisite presentation of your venture. We want to style your business card with our excellent counter card print services for the clients and the customers.

Free Delivery for the Locals

Avail our free local delivery service for a lot of locations thus saving a lot of time and money.

Impeccable Printing

With our skilled professionals putting hands on top-class production equipment, experience an exquisite quality print.

The Turnaround Race

We are aware of the momentum of the market and therefore we offer a speedy turnaround time with same day delivery in a few locations as well.

Direct Mailing

Not an expert? Have a tight pocket? So what? It is not even expected for escalation of your business. We are here to help you. Just provide the mailing list and we do the rest.

Estimated Delivery Date

The estimated delivery time solely depends on the order, the type of artwork on the card depending on your venture, the number of copies you require, shipping method, and where the request is destined.

Product Specification

Optamark provides the following coating options for Tear off Cards.

  • Aqueous Coating
  • Full UV on Front Only
  • Matt/Dull Finish
  • No Coating on Either Side
  • UV Coating
100 LB Non-coated Cover Our 100 LB Uncoated Cover is the heaviest Uncoated Cover stock we have with more absorbent surface and option for four-color printing.
120 LB Matte Cover Our 120 LB Matte Cover is coated with a low-gloss or dull finish. All Cover stock have a more rigid feel than the text, and is also known as "card" stock.
14 PT Mostly business cards are printed with a 14 PT “extra thick” card stock. Printing business cards on a 14 PT card stock will save your money.
14 PT Natural Our 14 PT Natural stock has a light cream color with a smooth finish. This elegant paper is made from 30% recycled materials.
14 PT Pearl Metalic Our 14 PT Pearl Metallic is a unique stock that shimmers in light when viewed from different angles. The stock itself is embedded with Pearl fibers that give the paper an overall smooth, metallic look.
14 PT Uncoated Our 14 PT Uncoated Stock id a traditional card stock and allow for writing directly on the card.
16 PT Our 16 PT stock is a little (about 15%) thicker and heavier than 14 pt. This stock is most commnly used by the customers