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Trading Card

In search of a printing solution for student base? Then, opt for Trading Card. You can utilize these cards with any type of book that students are reading. A great option for designing & finding cover page characters.

Overview :

A Trading Card is a smart card which is made up of thick paper. It comprises an image of a person or a thing along with its short description. There are a variety of Trading Cards available in the market. You can choose any one of them as per your specific needs. Nowadays there is a trend of Modern Card which can contain autographs or DNA sample.

Traditionally you can associate Trading Cards with sports like baseball. However, over the years Trading Card has evolved tremendously and nowadays you can see Trading Cards for non-sports activities such as Cartoon, Comic, Series, Films, etc. People are making use of this product to their advantage and they’ve got great rewards with that as well.

Key Features Of Trading Card
  • Useful with any type of book
  • Useful for bundling multiple cards into one
  • Helpful for explaining knowledge & skill
  • Excellent for narrating stories
  • Plenty of coating options
  • Exceptional quality for printing

Why Optamark ?

Are you looking for a firm that can provide customized printing services in any business vertical? Then, Optamark could be your ideal choice. A known name in Digital Printing, Optamark helps clients to make customize printing products which can take their business from zero to hero. Our world-class infrastructure ensures that you get the best results.

Direct Mailing

Just mail us the requirements & we will provide you with printing solutions that align with your business methodology.

Top-Quality Printing

We have a first-class team of professionals on board which help us to provide quality world-class printing solutions.

Free Local Delivery

We provide free local delivery at many locations to all our beloved customers and save their valuable time & money.

Less Time-To-Market

We know the time-to-market matters a lot. That’s why we offer same day delivery of the products in many locations.

Estimated Delivery Date

There is no fixed date for product delivery as we’re in the custom printing business. However, we try to deliver the products as soon as possible to minimize your barrier to entry in the market. The delivery takes its basis on various factors such as Location, Shipping Methods, Quantity, Customization, and many more things.

Product Specification

Optamarks offers you with eight types of coating options for Trading Card:

  • Full UV on Front Only
  • Matt/Dull Finish
  • No Coating
  • No Coating on Either Side
  • Spot UV
  • Spot UV on Back Only
  • Spot UV on Front Only
  • UV Coating

There are four types of paper that you can choose from:

14 PT Printed with extra thick Cardstock that helps you to save money.
14 PT Uncoated Light color scheme with a smooth finish. Made with recycled papers.
16 PT 15% thicker than 14 PT. Famous among the clients.
18 PT C1S Thicker & heavier. Widely utilized by customers.

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