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“It’s not about making products. It’s about promoting the products.”

Your products represent your brand, and your brand is recognized by its logo. The sole purpose of every business is to maximize sales, additionally, it’s important to have people recognize your brand. We believe the best way to boost sales is to let the world know about your brand with the best promotional practices.

Moving forward below are the key features that you will have with our branded storefronts:

Website DashboardSales & Store Overview
The website dashboard allows you to see a quick overview of your websites recent
orders, new customers, and recent quotes.
Here you can find in-depth statistics about your sales figures, and store overview. This will allow you to easily check your websites orders.
Modify Order ArtworkViewing Invoices
You have the ability to modify your customers ordered artwork before sending it to the printer.Access sent invoices easily by downloading them from your admin area for accounting purposes.
Top 10 Hot Selling ProductsJob Status Page
Your admin dashboard will display the top 10 hot selling products in your website within a 12 month period.Manage each individual job status within an order, according to where it is currently in production.
Configuration SettingTheme Setting
Manage the questions in your “contact us” form, the number of products, templates, & images displaying in the front end, change your checkout methodYou can manage your website & corporate theme settings here so that your corporate customers have their unique corporate look
Manage Product Pricing and WeightBanner Setting
View your pricing at a glance and easily edit the mark up on each product. Manage your products weight and additional options all on the one page.You control your website banners. Set the dimensions , change slide transition time and banner effects.
Create Your Own ProductManage Product Style
Easily set up your own product to have full control over the specifications. This feature allows you to set up a product that you print inhouse, or a product you outsource to a third party supplier.It is easy to offer product promotions, identify your top selling products and make special offers. You can also easily arrange the order in which your products appear on your website.


Add your logo, contact information and more to our blank storefront presentation.
Add them to your website, emails, marketing materials, proposals or post them to your social media sites.

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